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Postby Cranky Old Man on Wed Apr 18, 2001 6:23 am

Okay, Josh actually explained a couple of plot points regarding Joe and Phoebe in another thread. The one I want to focus on is this:
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Joe and Phoebe were best friends for *ages* before high school (2:10, 2:62). All of a sudden they're at that stage of teenage life where you're jonesing for a relationship, and each of them picked someone else. Three years later, they're both still bitter about getting the shaft.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
We all know Joe's side of the story. Basically, he told Ceiliah that they had been just friends (2:62). What's got me is the first panel of today's comic. Phoebe says, "So did you really mean it, Joe? Did you really care about me in Grade 9?" Joe replies, after a little hesitation, that yeah, he did, but that was before she "threw me away for Todd." To me, that suggests that *something* happened; namely, Joe somehow got over his shyness and told Phoebe how he felt about her, but Phoebe *still* went with Todd. Whether this means Joe saw what was happening with Todd and saw one last chance, or that he was too late and Phoebe was already committed to Todd, I don't know. But today's comic also raises some other neat (and dare I say, twisty) questions:
<LI>This means Joe lied to Ceiliah about Phoebe. What else did he lie about in his "confession?"
<LI>Joe's never had the courage to tell Helene how he feels, or even ask her out. Yet, he told Phoebe. Was this before or after the Alan/Helene incident? And what does this tell us about his feelings for Phoebe?
<LI>Ceiliah was Phoebe's closest girlfriend. What will happen now, especially since Phoebe seems really pissed that Joe and Ceiliah are seeing each other? (Love and War, Part 2, probably)
<LI>Finally, when Joe had appendicitis, he called Helene, and only Helene. Whatever happened to that?<P>(By the way, I'm listening to Wolfstone's Half Tail album right now. Perfect for Avalon!)<P>------------------
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