A friendship kiss...where will it lead....

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Postby Nick Pavlovski on Tue Apr 17, 2001 11:17 am

And what will others think?<P>Stay tuned...why am I writing Josh's end-of-episode voice overs???<P>
Nick Pavlovski
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Postby Kaoru on Tue Apr 17, 2001 11:28 am

I thought it was just a hug?
I think if they kissed Josh would've made it very clear.
But I could be wrong.
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Postby Strangeone on Tue Apr 17, 2001 11:32 am

Who knows where it could lead...<P>...but for the moment, I think Joe just needs a chiropractor (sp?).
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Postby Rob on Tue Apr 17, 2001 11:46 am

Maybe Joe is starting to understand why Alan is not so enthusiastic about Helene...
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Postby ScrumptiousJack on Tue Apr 17, 2001 11:53 am

Man, Alan must have some rock-hard shoulders by now. That looked painful.<P>I can't wait until Joe and Helene get together. Who knows, maybe he'll be able to convince Ceilidh into making a "Joe Sandwich" with Helene. <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspot.com/KeenBoard/wink.gif"><P>*it is WAY too late for me to think right now*
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