AAR 95: "Hockey...Together" #2: 3:16-20

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AAR 95: "Hockey...Together" #2: 3:16-20

Postby jeffk on Wed Aug 10, 2005 8:57 am

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Our crew recovers (sorta) from the shock of Ryan's guest long enough for hockey.

.1: Ceilidh has learned her lesson...if a good friend changes her looks, don't run off in a flurry of embarrassment; ask her about it!

.2: I switch between contacts and glasses myself. In theory, there's not a lot of work involved with contacts, especially with the new and improved cleaning solutions and lenses that have come out over the years. But when you get up in the morning, and you've overslept a bit, or you're in a hurry, or your allergies are acting up, sometimes it's easier to grab the specs and go.

And if you're fighting depression like Phoebe was, I can easily see where contacts would be just one more thing to deal with.

"Um...they're in the other room" recovering from the heart attack...

.3: ...by giving Ryan a silly-question headache.

.1: Ryan's having second thoughts about going public. Feebs' not surprised at Deirdre's appearance, but Deirdre's surprised at Feebs. (Or maybe DD was trying to change the subject for Ryan's sake, lest the questions start getting...personal, as predicted in last week's forum. Or to keep people from asking Phoebe how she found out about DD&R, which is pretty much the same thing.)

.2: Hmm...she's not denying she's "dolled up."

And Gar signs on as an Inquisitor.

.3: Miss Grape Juice Stain is so busted :-) And Ryan wishes he had a tape recorder so he could save himself the trouble. "Yes, we really are...eight months...that's none of your business..."


.1: Looks like Ceilidh still needs to have that talk on boyfriend maintenance, or something.

.2: Also looks like we've found Ghada's replacement...or does Alison have more on her mind than schoolwork?

.3: I can just picture what went through Alison's mind when Joe invited her to the party. "I don't want to go; I want to stay here where I'm in control...I'll just say I'm working...but Gar's liable to tell me to go hang out with my friends, but she wouldn't understand...HOCKEY! That's it! I'll tell Gar she can stay home and watch the game!"

Between Deirdre and the hockey game, everyone in the strip appears to be too distracted to wonder about Alison. The board wasn't distracted, though.... (Since Joe's the only person who knows about Alison's "shadow" problem, I wonder if he wondered about Alison, despite--or maybe because of--his caffeine comment.)

3:19: Gar sounds pretty disgusted at the lack of fighting.

Helene line.

3:20: It's also nice to see Phoebe and Joe talking like friends again. I'm not sure if it's nice to see Gar rub it in Alan's face, but it's sure a lot of fun.

Forum Dive
Invasion of the Lateral Thinkers

9617: 3:16: "Phoebe in the Sky with Contact Lenses!" And, presumably, a better outlook on life. Phoebe in glasses vs. Phoebe in contacts. (Personally, I lean toward Phoebe in contacts, but that's primarily because it's easier to see her eyes that way.)
9618: Deirdre-related wishful thinking: PSL, or merely wishful thinking?
9619: 3:16: What's Deirdre thinking? Readers try to figure out the look on her face.
9620: 3:16: NOBODY expects the Avalonian Inquisition! Maybe Ryan did, but it's certainly not making the experience any easier. What was everyone's off-screen reaction--a continuation of the long awkward silence, the same three or four questions every time someone else shows up, or all of the above? More "glasses vs. contacts" Phoebe talk, with a couple of votes for "either one--doesn't matter--at least she's confident enough to get dolled up and handle DD's smart remark about it, and that's a good sign." Why didn't everyone bombard Ceilidh and Joe with questions?
9621: Why Phoebe looks better in contacts, or "I'm not (always) mad; I'm just drawn that way." What sort of twistiness can the New, Back In Public, Dolled Up Phoebe generate? How are we going to get everyone paired up when there aren't enough men to go around? Is it necessary for everyone to get paired up? Is the "lesbian theme" going to be necessary to make the math work out? Or do the guys need to get out there and win one (or two or three) for the Gipper?
9622: Why was Joe startled by DD&R? Didn't he know already? Or did he have enough clues to even suspect?
9623: No need to do something here...not sure if you shouldn't read this or post to it.
9624: Kudos for today's DW-colored Newsbox of 3:15.4. Highly satisfactory. Josh posts it, along with other Newsboxes (Newsboxen?) including "Blinking Ceilidh" and "Violent Girls".
9625: 3:17: Ryan slowly goes mad(der) as Gar joins the Inquisitors. Bad blood between Gar and DD, or just embarrassment over the lack of contact and/or grape juice stains?
9626: Poster comes to the board to vent--and ask for advice--after an under-age initiation prank turns extremely sour (not quite as sour as it initially seemed, thank goodness).
9627: 3:17.2: What is Phoebe doing? Josh confirms that she's sitting down and fixing her dress as she crosses her legs. (I eventually arrived at that conclusion on my own, but I confess that it took a couple of minutes. I'm also surprised none of the Phoebe-PSLers asked Josh to move Gar's voice bubble to the right so it wouldn't block the view of Phoebe's legs.)
9628: "Doughnut" or "donut"?
9629: Josh announce that he's figured out how to tie together a number of storylines covering most of the year. And just when we think he's turned nice guy, he lets his mask slip and revels in his ISB-ness. The benefits of crossovers.
9630: 3:17.1: Why is Alan looking at Phoebe like that? And where could it lead? (You know, with perfect 20/20 hindsight, it's amusing to read the wild speculation on the boards, like romantic possibilities for Phoebe and Alan, or inquisition-triggered seizures for Ryan. But given the twisty history of this strip, it's perfectly natural to want to cover all possible bets. Witness the "Shortpacked" boards, where we've finally settled down enough that we only engage in wild speculation once every two or three strips. The height of paranoia...if not for Josh and DW's demonstrated capacity to hide evil plot twists in full view.)
9631: Josh decides to increase the tasteful-pr0n levels. Result: the 458th Strip Gala. (The thread is technically work-safe, but the links are anything but.) Some links are broken, some aren't, and some are archived in the Avalon site's art section. You'll have to check which links are which. I had to check the links, because I take my responsibilities as an AAR archiver seriously. (Don't laugh...I checked all the links, even the guy pics and the just-plain-wrong pics <shudder>. I even read the articles, er, discussions on good drawing vs. mindless imitation.)
9632: New Internet catch phrase (link broken).
9633: Newbie mrniss checks in.
9634: 3:18: Could Phoebe be Gar's daughter? See "wild speculation" comments above :roll: OK, this was probably meant as a joke, but sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between satirical wild speculation and actual wild speculation :-)
9635: 3:18: Whoa, is Alison starting to withdraw from friends now? Is she trying to do something about the accommodating facade she's always presented until now? Is she merely studying hard to hit some academic goal with non-academic motives? Josh: "I have to admit that we haven't been given enough info on Alison's activities lately to understand what she's up to.... But that'll change soon."
9636: 3:18: Should we make anything out of the apparent seating arrangements--specifically .3, where Ceilidh apparently isn't sitting next to Joe, but Helene is--or is it just the viewing angle?
9637: 3:18: New poster gets confused by Gar's appearance.
9638: 3:18: Ceilidh's "evil chick nagging look" is not a good sign. Why is Alison working long hours? Airline tickets to Australia? (Bzzzt) Money for one final New Year's bash? (Bzzzt) Money to pay for the carpet cleaners after throwing the last punch bowl, er, New Year's bash? (Bz...<snerk>)
9639: Canada "eh" jokes.
9640: 3:19: "Helene for sports commentator of the year award" :-) More hockey jokes, fan taunting, etc. Should hockey be allowed in places that don't have year-round ice?
9641: Symbolism in Avalon. The Symbolism of Sideburns, Dryer Sheets, and Nudity in Avalon. The Symbolism of Laying It On ThicK, in Regards to The Symbolism, etc., etc.
9642: Why is Ryan wearing a Red Wings jacket? Mzacher defends his choice by citing an anonymous source. Slight distraction from hockey to the footy.
9643: Anyone up for forum games? Josh suggests "sideways thinking" riddles a la Mindtrap, and Freemage suggests an alphabet game. (Either that, or Freemage just wants Alison.) Beware The Game and The Rule.
9644: Warm-climate substitutes for hockey.
9645: Lateral thinking puzzle from Josh. This thread is horribly mixed up; the initial post (man lights match, realizes he's going to die) is here. (I hope--some of the individual-post links haven't been working when you actually try to use them.) At least one instance of horizontal thinking.
9646: Rejoicing over hockey, and bigger matters.
9647: Lateral thinking puzzle: airplane and mountains. More horizontal thinking.
9648: Two lateral thinking puzzles from Divinewind: running man in uniform, and dead body and water on floor.
9649: Someone confesses (off-site) to practical joke re: GBS strips. Fair amount of heated reaction until Josh says he's talked to the perp.
9650: Lateral thinking puzzle: Albatross soup.
9651: Coloring help wanted for another webcomic.
9652: Lateral thinking puzzle (getting off the island in the lake) invaded by earlier lateral thinking puzzles.
9653: Symok starts a Quote Thread. Lots of good quotes...can't decide which ones I like most.
9654: Cellar door lateral thinking puzzle.
9655: Lateral thinking: glass of water in a bar.
9656: Doctor Zignot stories.
9657: Do they TP trees in Canada?
9658: More lateral thinking puzzles.
9659: Fanart from ChaosReactor, probably this one.
9661: Why is Canadian Thanksgiving earlier than US Thanksgiving? Branches off into discussions of currency.
9662: More ChaosReactor fan art, in honor of Josh. Links are broken, but this was probably the second pic. This and/or this was included too.
9663: Lots of lateral thinking puzzles.
9664: Wapiko's computer is fixed!
9665: Mornington Crescent game doesn't quite get started.
9666: More (Canadian) Thanksgiving confusion.
9667: Newbie SabrStrykMkII signs on....
9668: ....and posts a lateral thinking puzzle.
9669: NOT WORK-SAFE: ChaosReactor's late Gala entry.
9670: Fan art from Consul (link broken).
9671: 3:20: DP approves of Leaf (Leafs?) smashing.
9672: Any thoughts on Geddy Lee's solo album? (No. Well, no replies, anyway)
9673: 3:20: Poor Alan :roll:
9674: Wapiko returns with more potato chips (teriyaki this time) and more lateral thinking (elevator/stairs on sunny days, elevator only on rainy days). Brief digression on Japanese abbreviations.
9675: Wapiko resumes the "dead dogs" puzzle from the original "board games" thread.
9676: Lateral thinking: walking in straight lines.
9677: In an attempt to change the subject from lateral thinking, Josh asks the board: how many of you think that Alison needs Iain to resolve her psychological problems? Or just needs Iain in bed? Or is Alison simply full of it? (Actually, he's just curious why everyone on the board seems to think everyone in the strip needs to pair up with someone. And why on Earth do people think Alison ought to pair up with Iain?)
9678: Aside introduces maddening new Rule. Crazy driven posters result.
9679: Do any of the Avalonians have acne? At least one poster hopes not, invoking the "Been There, Done That, Got A Drug Info Sheet Big Enough To Wear As A T-Shirt" clause.
9680: CTRL-A meeting coming up.
9681: Hockey taunting.
9682: Fan-art from chrisracer. (Link in thread--and on Avalon art pages--broken)
9683: Is Phoebe on her way back to stability? Or is it time for someone else to get the spotlight?
9684: Lateral Thinking: Dead people in a cabin.
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