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Postby Angel Tekisei on Fri Sep 28, 2007 9:17 am

Name: Tekisei
Gender: Male
Species: Angel
Age: Don't ask
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Green

Personality: He's a guardian/healer by nature with a kind and gentle heart to go with a protective spirit. Calm, playful, Teki often the way you'd expect a big brother to.

Name's Tekisei, pleased to meet you.
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Postby Kalga on Fri Sep 28, 2007 11:58 am

My second character for Parthenon High

Name: Hel

Apparent Age: 15

Actual Age: As old as Death

Domains: The Underworld, and Disease

Gender: Female

Build: Quite Short

Hair: Black

Eyes: Red

Appearance: Like most of Matthlord's female characters, Hel is quite curved, for their size. She is only about 4'8". He black hair reaches just beyond the small of her back. Hel wears a long black coat, with grey pants, and a red tank top. Attached to their side is a magic bowie knife named Famine.

Personality: Hel, strangely values life more than most people, because she knows how boring the underworld is. Most of the time she can be found with her head on the desk, sleeping. She does have a soft side, however, which she rarely shows. She enjoys playing Go. Despite all this, they are conscious about the right half their face, and their right arm, which is undead, and hide it behind hair at all times. Their arm, has a large glove going up to the shoulder. She is a socially insecure girl who has only one friend, Vladic (my other character), who handles all combat for her. They are very pessimistic, and jaded about the world.

History: After her birth, Odin became aware of the existence of both her and her brothers and sisters. Hel he cast down to her realm in the underworld and gave her authority over all those in the nine worlds who do not die gloriously in battle but of sickness or of old age. However, they do not have full control, and souls sometimes escape, in the form of zombies.
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Postby Tacharan on Mon Oct 08, 2007 2:28 pm

Parthenon High

Name: Karantas
Nickname: Kara
Apparent Age: 15
Actual Age: Unknown
Domains: Love and Loyalty
Gender: Hermaphodite
Build: Average
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'11"
Orientation: Bisexual

Appearance: Shi's often seen wearing a medieval tunic tailored for a rich king or a beautiful dress fluffed out. It's always blue with silver trimming. Feminine looking, beautiful as one could ever hope for, and gentle, hir movements are forever graceful. To watch hir is to watch a dance that puts the Nature herself to shame.

History: Karantas was born to Aphrodite and Hermes. Hir powers favored hir mother's side however hir prowess in battle shi got from hir father. Kar would always prefer to negotiate instead of fight, but sometimes the other person doesn't give you that option.

As a young child, shi would travel the world, bringing love and loyalty to its people. Shi's even found a few loves hirself among the gods and goddesses of hir generation as well as a few mortals, however hir last love broke up with hir recently leaving hir single and a little down about it.

Now it's time for hir to go to school and shi's pretty sure things are looking up. There will be plenty more people to date and who knows, maybe that special love shi's been looking for hirself will show up.

Personality: As young gods go, this one is especially charming. Shi's sweet, innocent, hopeful and always willing to go that extra mile for no other reason than shi cares for you.

Like the domain of love, shi will often exceed your wildest expectations and put a great deal of effort into things, exactly like a young man courting his lover. Shi has a soft touch and soft voice.

Like the domain of loyalty, shi will be exceptionally tenacious, unwilling to accept defeat when another depends on hir. Shi isn't above fighting and the saying that someone is "A lover, not a fighter" most certainly does not apply to hir. This young god is both.
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Karantas and Amyna of Parthenon High. The wikispace is here.
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Postby Tacharan on Mon Oct 08, 2007 2:33 pm

Parthenon High

Name: Amyna
Nickname: Amy
Apparent Age: 16
Actual Age: 499
Domains: Protection and Defense
Gender: Female

Powers: She can conjure up extremely strong shield and embue anything from armor to buildings with durability and strength. If a building or armor is broken, she can fix it fairly easily as well, even fortifying defenses around a castle if necessary. However, Amy is extremely weak when it comes to battling or damaging other people. It's been noted on more than one occasion that she hits like a mortal.

Appearance: Amy has silver hair and blue eyes. Her clothes are usually light and airy since she has no need for armor on her person when she always keeps a magic shield around her...which is a problem since that means no one can touch her or pass her things without her being aware of it.

Personality: Very sweet and exciteable. As of yet she's never been hurt physically or emotionally so her outlook on life is very bright and hopeful. As far as Amy is concerned, the next corner will always bring pleasant surprises and she just can't wait until she can get to them.

Background: She can conjure up extremely strong shield and embue anything from armor to buildings with durability. Her parents are lesser gods in the Mediterranean who named her for their language's word for defence. Her father is the god of guiding soldiers through battle safely and her mother is the goddess of safety in the home. It was no surprise when Amy showed such strong abilities in defence in general.

Both of her parents love her very much, but tend to be exceptionally busy. That never stopped Amy. She happily bothered gods and mortals alike until finally her parents were forced to send her away to school before she disrupted the flow of events as Fate has dictated one too many times and brought doom to their family. Fate is very displeased with her and has had to find round about ways to ensure her plans came to fruition as is right.
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Tacharan means changeling and that's just what I am, a shapeshifter. I'm a natural born girl but I can and will take different shapes, just take a look at my avatar to see what I am today. Oh, and call me Tach!

Here is my page, you can see my inventory there:

Karantas and Amyna of Parthenon High. The wikispace is here.
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Postby Tacharan on Tue Oct 09, 2007 7:24 am

Name: Tacharan
Nickname: Tach
Gender: Varying (born female)
Physical Attributes: Varying
Age: It's not polite to ask a lady her age. :evilgrin:
Weight: See above. :roll:

A gallery of forms she's taken or can take:

Tacharan means changeling and that's just what I am, a shapeshifter. I'm a natural born girl but I can and will take different shapes, just take a look at my avatar to see what I am today. Oh, and call me Tach!

Here is my page, you can see my inventory there:

Karantas and Amyna of Parthenon High. The wikispace is here.
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Postby Kalga on Sun Oct 14, 2007 1:18 pm

My character for Fantasy RP Discthread

Name: Alberio
Age: 25
Race: Lou
Class: Summoner (Black Magic)
Appearance: He has very short bright orange fur, with some black and white highlights. He is not very strong physically, but his small form, standing at only 5'5", belays his skill in combat. He wears black pants, very baggy, with many pockets for the storage of stuff. He wears a dark blue cloak, which obscures his lower face, while the upper face is covered by the brim of a over sized yellow hat. He is a fox type Lou, but with much brighter fur, for some reason. Maybe he dyes it? His tail is bright orange, with a black tip, and he wears no shoes. He has cuts in the hat for his large ears, which stick out of the hat.

History: He graduated from the Magus university, after going their to learn many, many, many violent magiks. Which he did, with a major in summoning and a minor in Black Magic. He wanders up and down the countryside, doing odd jobs, and mercenary work for a living.

Personality: He is rather cruel, and amoral at some times. He belives that black magic can solve all his problems, and so far, for the most part, they have. He is very greedy, and will do almost for money. This isn't to say he is without a good side. He is very loyal to whoever he is party'd with, unless someone else has a better price.
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Postby Doomsayer on Mon Oct 15, 2007 1:18 am

Character one for Parthenon High

Name: Kiera
Apparent Age: 17
Actual Age: Unrevealed
Domains: Fire, emotions
Gender: Female
Build: Medium (neither overweight, nor extremely skinny)
Hair: Red, straight, approximately shoulder length
Eyes: Green

Other Appearance: She usually wears loose clothing (usually in dark colours), although she has been known, on occasion, to wear slightly more

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Postby Doomsayer on Mon Oct 15, 2007 1:24 am

Aaaaaaand...... character two for Parthenon High

Name: Dathesius
Nickname: Dath
Apparent Age: 17
Actual Age: Older than time itself (which is actually not that old, given that time is a relatively modern concept).
Domains: Fate, healing
Gender: Male
Build: Tall, muscled
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue

Other Appearance: In many ways, Dathesius resembles his father, Apollo. Tall and strong, he is a shining example of the perfect non-human. Generally, he is found wearing a toga, but is willing to don more

It's just a jump to the left... then a step to the ri-i-i-i-i-ight! Put your hands on your hips... and bring your knees in ti-i-igt!

TF Gun, Six pack of unlabelled soda, Squirrel teddy, Dead fish, Cookie wrapped in no-longer-shiny tin foil, Herald's trumpet, Shiny hubcap, Can of mackerel, Bag of salt-n-glass cookies, Infinite Scroll of Doom-Ish, Yarnball of confusion, Pair of ooze-coloured sunglasses, Ball of Ekiness, Apocalypse colored life-sized yoshi plushie, Salt-n'-Glass muffin
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Postby Amon Star on Mon Oct 15, 2007 10:21 am

For Zealot's Impasse RP

Name: Corporal Andrew Shane Snow.
Theme Song: Sins of the Father
Age: 21.
Hair: Brown.
Eyes: Hazel.
Off duty appearence: Dresses very slovenly & is often unshaven. Is still clean, however. He has quite a plain face that wouldn't stand out in a crowd, with two exceptions. One, his eyes have a very intelligent look about them. Two, his teeth are perfect, but he rarely smiles.
Class: Enlisted.
Weapon type: T-47 9mm Carbine with attached G-1 30mm Grenade Launcher.
Comabt skill: Mathematics. He can work out the trajectories & vectors in his head for incredible accurate indirect fire.
Character's History: Born out of wedlock to Carol Candy Snow, a poor women from a poor family that disowned her when she get pregnant. The father, Jack Ellis, disappear when his found out that Andrew was on the way. Somehow mother & son survived, but the strain took it's toil on Carol. Though he excelled academically, Andrew Enlisted as soon as he was old enough because he needed the money for his sick mother. His military career was average in all ways, until he was picked for the mobile infantry due to his talent with support fire & his quiet determination.
Any special Notes about the character: The expression 'its always the quiet ones' could apply to Andrew. He doesn't socialize & is a little shy, but the main reason he avoids people is due to extreme paranoia. He assumes everyone is out for themselves & will harm him & his for the slightest advantage. The one exception to this is his mother.
Any special Item they might be keeping on their person: He has pack rat syndrome & is a bit of a klepto, so who knows what is in his pockets at any one time.
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Postby Kalga on Fri Oct 19, 2007 1:44 pm

Name: Donovan "Van" Hibiya

CodeName: Blood Wing

Gender: Male

Age: 21

DNA Mix: 25% Human/ 60% Various Bats/ 15% Uyuom

Personality: Van's a plotter. And a Schemer. He has a plan for any occasion. He is a born leader, and, if was completely human, would have made a good military adviser. He cares for his squad, and sees to it they all get back, every time.

Appearance (Human): His hair goes down to the middle of his back, and is brownish blond in colour. He is about 5'9", and, even in his human form, has long teeth.

Appearance: (Mixed):He is a mix of many types of bats, and has Uyoum blood to try to stabilize the transformation. Since he didn't have as many as Vlad, he is safe to transform, but it hurts more than most. He wears a oversized blue shirt, and baggy grey pants, although on missions, wears a open combat vest instead of the shirt, with holes for wings.has a large, batlike nose, with huge ears, and long bownish-blond hair.(I based him on Vlad's initial appearance.He was seen as a 'test phase' for what would become Vlad in the American branch, and can control what parts he transforms, such as torso only, or growing wings. Because a ten foot wingspan gets in the way sometimes.

Background: Van got his name from a young Japanese geneticist who used to work at the Department until he was 10, named Dr. Naomi Hibiya. She was a mother figure to Van, due to a miscarriage of her own baby at 18. A natural genius, she signed on at only 15, three years before Van was 'born' Abilities while transformed: While fully transformed, he can untransform parts of his body of a limited time. Enhanced hearing, and enhanced sight and smell. Flight due to large bat wings.
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Postby Xepharon on Fri Oct 26, 2007 1:27 am

meh, i'm STILL quite new to all EGS forums at this point, but i got an invite f.rom someone to RP in Mayhem. So this is going to be my character for any RP i'm in. oh the pictures, yeah well, i don't really have any other program other than the default MSPaint. wish i had more...

anyway, here we go:

Common Name: Xeph

Full Name: Xepharon (zeff-err-ohn) Del-Zeir (del-zeer)

Age: 20's

Place of Birth: Village of Aahld, Country of Phealmata

His past: In his mid-teenage years, as a boy, he would hunt to provide food for his family, but due to an injury caused by an ancient trapping spell, which was used on dragons when dragons were a species not yet tamed. The spell had nearly killed him and had completely crippled him. The only thing keeping him alive at that point was the fact that he had a very strong spirit, however, the effects of the trap were rapidly diminishing that energy, and would have left his body as an empty shell basically, and would have left him dead. The only known way to save him was to fuse his body and soul with another creature that possessed a powerful essence of spirit, which turned out to be Xeph's companion, a young white dragon, named Moranz. A ritual was performed later on when Xeph was found, to keep him alive long enough to transport him to a better location to meld the two souls. Once Xeph was re-located, The circle of priests and wizards began to invoke the incantation that would not only save his life, but it would also alter him permanently, physically, and mentally. Once awakened from his near dead state, his first initial reactions were of shock from not knowing where he was at, why his body felt so incredibly different, and "feeling" things he had never felt before. Once he was able to get up and see his new appearance, he was briefly struck with a state of temporary insanity, barely aware of himself at this point, and was able to not kill the ones who changed him, but did injure them quite badly, and he ran home on his first impulse, only to find that everything had been burned to the ground. Searching the ruins of what was once his home, he found but only a few things that gave clues to who/what did it, and a few items to aid him on his journey. Once he finished going through what he could, he ran again, and discovered the ability to fly, using his new wings. To this day, his exact location is a mystery, but many fear that if they were to encounter Xeph, they would meet a horrible fate, based on tales they had heard. They would be wrong.


Height: 5
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Postby Lycan_no_Chaos on Wed Oct 31, 2007 3:03 am

I may not have time to finish this, but I may make brief appearances in the Defense force with the following stats:

Preferred Nicknames: Lycan, Chaos
Secret Identity: Erin
Age: 18
Real Gender: Female
Class/level: White Mage/150, Bard/50, Seer/10, Necromancer/5

Human Form: 5'5" female with blue-gray-green eyes. Hair is dark brown, but it's always fashioned in a buzzcut manner, with only a little bit of fuzz growing.
-a cookie not in a shiny plastic wrapper
- a dead fish
- six cans of Root Beer
- a squirrel teddy
- 1 heavily modified transformation gun
- a bunny outfit from the Lucky Bunny Bounty Show!
- a dbz abriged series box set
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Postby Amon Star on Wed Nov 07, 2007 11:58 am

For the Staring down the Barrel RP

Name: Andy Brewster
Theme Song: Eye Of The Tiger
Class: Enlisted
Age: 17
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Off duty appearance: Normally wears black. Actually clothing varies depending on weather. Is also clean shaven & tidy.
Weapon type: Flame Thrower
Combat skill: Improved Hand-to-Hand. Andy has been studying Martail Arts since a young age.
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Postby Triki on Sun Nov 11, 2007 5:04 am

Name: Trik Ninja

DNA Mix: 75% Human 20% Wolf 5% Huskie
Normal Appearance: Ninja Suit, in all honesty, just imagine Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden/ Dead or alive with brown skin, including throwing knives and sword on back.

Transformed Appearance: Top half of suit is discarded, black fur with a long black mane of hair from head, Eyes turn a bright blue, a muzzle extended with wolf fangs, hands retaining their shape but furring up with claws extending, legs extend into haunches, feet turning to clawed paws. (Think Yugo from Bloody Roar)

Theme Song: Namikaze Satellite
Class: Ninja.
Age: 18

Personality: Surprisingly extroverted for a ninja, Trik (He prefers Triki though) is a bubbly and happy individual, happy to play with friends and is often lazy when there is work to be done. Having finished his Ninja training, Triki left his village after refusing to perform an assasination on a close friend, he is now a runaway ninja, forbidden to return home. In spite of this however, Triki settles where he can, after all, happiness is fleeting, so he follows it!

Triki does have a darker side however, that manifests itself when he transforms, his primal rages eradicating his personality, his enemies seeing little more then a blur of claws and ninjitsu.

Powers: Aside from the already mentioned transformations that boost his agilty and strength but lower his intelligence, Triki is a graduated Ninja, meaning he is an advanced practitioner of the martial arts and excels in Ninja Magic.
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Postby matthlord on Mon Nov 12, 2007 10:19 am

My Bio for the steel spork inn, atleast if I'm allowed to join :nervous: . This is the perfect oppurtinity to try out an idea I had. :evilgrin:

Name: Mia (she has no last name...yet, ain't that spooky?Really Aw...)

Age: 18

Gender: female

Race: catgirl, she will claim different though

Appearance: A picture will folow later. She doesn't wear a lot of clothing, what she does wear however is a bikini top with a cat imprint on the right side, short jeans and boots with fishnet like socks. A bell worked as a cute necklace. She also had fishnets on the ends of her arms, covered half by plate hand guards. Her beige tail had bandages on the end. she had black hair (shoulder-lenght), green eyes and a very normal human skin, if where not for her beige fur ears and tail. To note out to avoid confusion, she has average curves, no bimbo catgirl for you. (atleast average in my point of view :nervous: ) Odd fact: her shadow seems to have no constant shape.

Personality: Upbeat, bubly, and short attention span. Seems to freak out at the mention of the word 'jarn'. Also has a heavy form of racial denial, meaning she will deny that she is a catgirl, even if you where to jank her tail or something like that. Ironicly enough she also acts like one.

Background: Heroine of some sort of amazon tribe somewhere out there. She oneday fought a heroic, overdramatic battle with Kaos, a gelatine-like, shapeless shadow entity resembling a cat. She eventually won, but tthen she realised Kaos was more 'misunderstanded' then evil and thus she sealed it, into her own shadow! Instead of being hailed as a heroine, she was kicked out of the tribe. One reason being an 'evil' entity now rented her shadow as a living place, the other fact being that this ensealment caused her to turn into a catgirl. Thus began her route towards newly acceptment. It didn't take long before she and Kaos became loyal partners. Kaos can slip out of her shadow and use it's shapechanging powers to form tentacles, weapons, ropes and what not for Mia to use. But msot of the time Kaos just slips out of her shadow to cause the mischief any black cat would want to create. Along the route with Kaos, she seems to bump upon 'the steel spork inn'.
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Postby Jesse_God_of_Awesome on Mon Nov 12, 2007 10:54 am

Name: Psycrone
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: Angel / Demon
Appearance: A tall, pale, and muscular boy, Psycrone usualy wear unfade jean shorts. Yeah, that's about it. He has a claw scar across his abdomen and what looks like a bullets wound on his right shoulder. His hair style is sporadic and everchanging but it is always white. His eyes are a deep purple. Leathery wing sprout from his back covered in pure white fur.
Powers: Psycrone has list of abbilities that he took the time to name himself. Thankfully, he stopped screaming their names when he was fourteen.
Mad Attack - Pyscrone covers himself in purple energy that enhances his already considerable physical stats.
Freaky Flames - A limited pyrokinesis. He can conjure and expel fire in a number of creative ways, but he cannot directly control it.
Insanity Zap - A limited electrokinesis. He can conjure and expel electricity in a number of creative ways, but he cannot directly control it. His control is more limited than it is with fire.
Crazy Eye - Laser beam eyes. The best kind. Purple, of course.
Asylum Walls - Energy shield bubble
C Wing - Psycrone can extract his wings back into his body.
Psychotic Meltdown - A release of energy in all directions. Particularly draining.
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Postby Sirtalmor on Wed Nov 14, 2007 5:11 pm

Character name: Sirtalmor
Age: 24
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 205
Hair color: Depends changes from day to day all on its own. ranges from Jet black to Dirty Blonde
Fur color: Golden brown with black spots
Eye color: Dark brown
Background: Once a noble good hearted weilder of the light I am now a out cast having tasted the dark powers of warlocks and the thrill of being a rogue. I still try to do good deeds but mostly to balance the evil i do. I was removed from my world and put into this 1 where I was hit with a random TF blast and now am a Half cat person.
Current form : FV5 Sasquatch with tail and Purple/Green swirl hair * don't ask *
Pack contents
* A TF Buster
* A six pack of unlabelled soda
* A Squirrel Teddy
*yarnball of distraction
* a cotton-candy machine
* An Improved balls of Ekiness
*genuine fake diamond
* An Infinite Scroll of Doom-Ish
* A Dewitchery Diamond
* a shiny hubcap
* A can of mackerel
* a bag of salt-n-glass cookies
* A train ticket to John O'Groats
* A 30-foot tall, animate, time travelling, grayscale yoshi plushi, told that I am its master.
* A grayscale plushie muffin. To be Feed to my plushie so that he may take me time travelling!
* A grayscale yard stick with 7 grayscale inches missing and .99999 grayscale Monopoly cents
* A Turducken, as made by Sarge.
* a yo-yo and some markers
* a Can of Tomatoes
* 1 Uryuom Work Suit
*1 Enchanted Diamond Katana
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Postby The Myotis on Mon Nov 19, 2007 1:59 am

Name: Myotis Sarpentian
Proffesion: Hunter
Species: Male Human (probably)
Personality: Erratic, paranoid, irritable,
Description: Straight dark-brown hair, blue-green eyes, dark eyebrows, sharkfin nose.
Shocking background story: Has learned the ritual of Eden, a shapeshifting ability known only to a few families originating in a certain part of Anatolia. Born in Cabridge Massachusetts.
Wearing: Stained desert camouflage coat, wool mittens, green pants, hiking boots, sunglasses.
"...use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few..."

Inventory - (starter gear) 1TF Gun, 1 Squirrel Plushie, 1 six pack of unlabelled soda, 1 cookie, 1 dead fish, 1 80oz bottle of brain bleach, 1 fire extinguisher, 1 clockwork cube, one small stone statue, EGS$200 gift voucher (Mega-Mall, Mayhem),
automatic anti-hammer system (sucess 40%, backfire 10%), color changing slinky, infinite bag of dice, super bouncy ball,1 ball yarn, Nepeta mouse, Infinite Doom-Ish Scroll, 1 shiny hubcap, 1 can of mackerel each, 1 bag salt and glass cookies, brick (used).
XP - 310
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Postby Amon Star on Tue Nov 20, 2007 3:40 pm

For the War Redux.

Name: John Luke Callahan
Country: Elled (Jodi faction)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Eyes: Green
Hair: Platinum, kept short
General Appearance: A young platinum haired pretty-boy. Looks like a cross between Sephiroth & Genis.
Abilities: Is very intelligent, but not Chiyo-chan's level, & skilled in many areas of Mad Science. However, by not specializing, & by being young, he has trouble with the more complex aspects. In fact, he has trouble with his experiments not exploding. However, when supervised, he is a competent scientist.
He's also good at drawing & sketching.
Personality: Shy, obsessive & lecherous. He has trouble interacting with people unless he's talking about Science. However, he's randy even by 17 yr old boy standards. However, due to his shyness, he normally just stalks the target of his obsession.
History: Born an only child to a rich family in the capitol of Elled. His mother (Linda Callahan (Diver)) disappeared under mysterious circumstances when he was 4. His father (Harry Callahan (no relation)) works for the ministry for regulating Mad Science. (I assume there is one as Elled is still on the map). Therefore, he often wasn't around when John was growing up.
John devoted himself to Mad Science as soon as he could, as a way of fighting the loneliness. However, this caused him to grow even more distant from his father, as John is of the belief that Science should be free. This was one of the given reasons he gave for wanted to join Jodi's expedition. He also claimed he wanted to uncover the Lost Secrets of the Ancients. The truth of the matter is much simpler. He's stalking Jodi.
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Postby The kool on Tue Nov 20, 2007 11:34 pm

Character for TF-RP: Tedd(/Tess) Forces

Name: Tedd
Age: 18
Gender: Male
General appearance: Tedd is highly androgynous, has purple hair, and wears special glasses that have special features. He wears around a blue coat, and a black shirt, and light-colored pants.
Background: Tedd's father works for the government, Tedd rescued Grace and her brothers about a year ago, and many other details shown in the comic. He goes to Moperville North.
Relations: Tedd has known Ellen for many years, and was starting to go out with her about a year ago, when Grace showed up. She liked him, and he liked her, and that threw the whole relationship deal into confusion, and it has remained precariously as such for the past year. He has known Justin for the past few year, ever since Nanase, his cousin, started dating him. Jess he has known only for a few months, since Grace introduced her to him. Recently she found out about the TF, and convinced him to let her work with him.
Special abilities: Tedd doesn't have any special abilities. He can't really use magic. The closest thing to special abilities he has would be his TF gun. He can also speak Uryuomoco
Equipment: He has many, many gadgets, mostly of his own invention, though a few supplied by other Tedds. Among them, the most notable are his TF gun, his stasis gun, his shrink ray, his blaster, and a few Uryuom worksuits.
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Postby Tadpole on Tue Nov 27, 2007 9:33 am

Character for TF-RP: Tedd(/Tess) Forces

Name(counterpart, if any): Grace
Age: 19
Gender: Female
General appearance: Same as in the comic. Actually, her appearance varies with her different forms, so...
Background: It's been about a year since the events in Painted Black. Grace goes to Moperville South, as in the comic.
Relationships: Grace likes Tedd, but unfortunately, Tedd has complicated confusions and conflictions going on in his mind, because he likes both her and Ellen.
Special abilities: Grace has many forms she can shift in and out of, and she can also combine forms. In addition to that, she has telekinesis.
Equipment: Grace doesn't have any equipment, other than the basic stuff like the clothes she's wearing. Of course, since the realization at her 18th birthday party, she's been much better about wearing clothes.
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Postby AcidK on Tue Nov 27, 2007 12:05 pm

Name: Isarg Klancut
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Parasitic Psion Essance trapped in a Humanoid Body

General Appearance:
A tall humanoid figure with dark blue-tinted skin and one erm covered with large metal plates (like an arm-lenth gaunletlet). Always wears baggy clothing

Once a well-known psychic whom had a strange ability to place his "soul" into other minds and control them as well as invade other's minds and take their "souls" as his own. After a while Isarg went insane with the overdose of memories flooding his own controlling mind and, in a fit of insanity, sent all other minds into random objects and clearing his own. This effectively destroyed his own mind, forcing him to remain in a single body and effectively removing all forms of escaping his now mortal body. After a while his mind repaired itself and he gained back his sanity, but with two major flaws: Being unable to change body and only having a fraction of his previous powers.
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Postby yreomyr on Wed Nov 28, 2007 1:49 am

TF-RP: Tedd (/Tess) Forces character

Name(counterpart, if any): Susan (um... Susan)

Age: 18

Gender: Female

General appearance: Same as in the comic but her hair is shorter, still dyes her hair black

Background: Her full name is Susan Tiffany Pompoms (her mother got to choose the first name this time). Shortly after her trip to france Susan's home reality was attacked by one of the Lords Tedd, unfortunately it was very well organized and the reality fell quickly. After some time Susan's family got the attention of a Lord Tedd, both for their wealth and for her considerable skills. When offered a position in his spy/infiltration network, she (at first) declined, when he imprisoned her parents, she changed her mind and became an reluctant member of his cadre. After some time her skills improved, both in stealth and her weapon use, she has even been honored twice by her Lord Tedd, once by the reception of a coveted hedge-cat, this one was a hedge/puma mix she named Jered, and again by given the knowledge of the uryuomoco language. Both of these are primarity status symbols, but Jered can be used as an attack animal, and she often takes him along on her mission as extra insurance. Now she continues her inter-reality work for Lord Tedd secretly hoping that her next accomplishment will merit her parent's release. On a more personal note, she's a lesbian and is unaware of it, her work leaves her little time to ponder realationships, if she were to encounter the right girl in the right situation though, all bets are off.

Special abilities: katana summoning, skilled in it's use, able to call Jered, speaks uruomoco, and, of course, hammer summoning (though she doesn't use that as much)

Equipment: Black uryuom battlesuit, sound dampener, stasis gun, face obscuring thermal goggles
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Postby Sousui_Ookami on Wed Nov 28, 2007 12:10 pm

Name: Keitaro Vietman
Age: 57 (appears to be around 20-25)
Gender: Male
Race: Cyborg/Zombie

Keitaro is the ultimate geek. He is my Curiosity Avatar. Although he is a scientist he is still anti-logical. He is utterly insane and has appeared in many, many RPs I have done. There is a lot more to this character than I will go into (his origional Character takes up 5 pages of Word). He is dead but completly unaware of it. His robotic implants keep him alive and he has no idea that he died over 30 years ago.

He has a lot of trouble keeping his mind on one thing for more than a few moments. His mind is implanted with a sattelite so he is constantly picking up TV and Radio signals and they invade his mind.

His fighting style comes from many places and fighting techniques. The biggest influences come from Rome, Sparta, Japan, Mongolia, Russia, etc.
He does not however, like guns. He has hated guns his whole life, and doesn't truly expect anyone who counts on guns for their fighting abilities.
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Postby Amon Star on Tue Dec 04, 2007 3:31 am

For D-Tech: Test Drive RP

Name: Roland Hall
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Bio: Roland always knew he would be a Doctor. His father disappeared when he was but a babe, under mysterious circumstances. He was subsequently raised by his mother, who was also a Doctor, as was her mother, etc.
After graduating medical school, Roland received to things. The second was the job offer with Dimensional Technologies. The first was a family heirloom, passed down from mother to daughter for generation. This generation, Roland happened to be an only child.
Appearance: Below average faint & build, Roland has spiky red hair & green eyes. He also has a thin Errol Flin style pencil moustache. On some it would looks stylish. On Roland it looks like he's stained his upper lip with something red
Savant Skill: Has an instinctual grasp of all things biological. Which is good, because he's actually an idiot.
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