AAR 77: "I'd Talk To Someone" #2, 2:156-160

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AAR 77: "I'd Talk To Someone" #2, 2:156-160

Postby jeffk on Wed Sep 29, 2004 7:39 pm

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If last week's theme was Phoebe's "I'd talk to someone, but...I don't have anyone to call", this week's theme is Deirdre more-or-less telling herself:
"I'll talk to someone; I just can't tell him everything yet."

.1: A serious relationship discussion...initiated by the guy?

But seriously...in last week's threads, the readers commented at length at R&DD's apparent openness. Here we see proof of that. For Ryan, anyway.

.2: Wow...can you imagine the Geek to End All Geeks saying this a year or two ago?

.3: Heh...Ryan's right. Although someone in last week's threads mentioned that Ryan's probably better off w/ his friends not knowing. Something about Iain bugging him like a kid in the back seat on a long road trip: "Did you do it yet?" "Did you do it yet?" "Did you do it yet?"

.2The conversation's going somewhere Deirdre doesn't want to go.....
.3...but we were so busy trying to figure out what the flip she meant by "bitch, bitch, bitch" that we didn't realize it...

.3: ...but Ryan realizes it now.

.1: No, sadly, Deirdre's not okay, but it'll be a while before we (and Ryan) find out why.
.4: No more angst. Back to reality :-)

So much for geeks being insensitive to what's going on. Ryan's obviously detected full-scale deflection on his BS-meter.

GAS: webrunner
This one's before my time, so I'll leave the commentary to others.

GAS: Brian Malerich
As if the Chart of Endless Twistiness wasn't enough, he even provides commentary! (Although the Chart's Ryan>Deirdre line was debatably obsolete by this time.) And the facial expressions are spot-on, especially the last frame.

On to the forum archives. 63 threads, lots of fan-art, and I even managed to find some of the archived fan-art links this time. (More accurately, I even managed to remember to check the art section of the Avalon web site.)

8860: And we start more or less like last week's threads. Lots of now-missing Deirdre fan art. :-( Although there's a number of helpful hints and (still-live) pointers to assorted drawing tutorials. If you get the drawing bug, this thread might be useful.
8861: Are we being taunted here? Just because we may be just a little obsessed with R&DD....
8862: This week's colored strips, courtesy of davey3000. Now preserved, starting with Monday's strip, in the Lynch Vault.
8863: The colored-strip tech thread, primarily centered on reproducing TH color schemes.
8864: On rambling.
8865: "Keenspotter Supreme": the latest from Taco Bell? Assorted slams on TB meat (or unreasonable facsimile thereof), although the gratuitous IW! quote doesn't appear until the end of the thread.
8866: 2:156: So would you want to be Ryan? (And remember folks, it's "geek" not "nerd".)
8867: 2:156.3: So does "dating an older woman" = "Deirdre wasn't being sarcastic about shagging"? The debate continues (for now). Or is everyone simply arguing in hopes of AvaPr0n from Josh confirming or denying the R&DD stories?
8868: Slappy celebrates Grand Poobah-hood w/ wall-to-wall Kaos (now wall-to-wall question-marks, or red Xes).
8869: So where's Alison? This innocent question spawns a boatload of ugly fan-club acronyms. Tom Servo wins.
8870: 2:157.3: "Bitch, bitch, bitch"? Huh? Several attempts at interpretation (the "sock puppet" theory sounds good to me).
8871: So what's next for Ryan? More speculation on Operation Cheer-Up-Phoebe and the twistiness factor of dragging Ryan into same.
8872: Why are the comic pages so slow? Kaoru and flurf run traceroute, absolving Keenspot from blame. The advantages and disadvantages of Keenspot.
8873: 2:157.3 continues to drive readers mad. What is Deeds talking about?
8874: 2:157.3: Another theory or two.
8875: The lynchers write their own story (more or less) one sentence at a time. Guest appearances by Death, multiple Kaos, penguins, and Joel and the Bots.
8876: I think this pointed to another thread on regaining your board user ID; link's broken, though. In other news, you don't need EMP guns to trash a computer.
8877: OT thread on the evil twistiness of undeserving people who win auctions simply because they have more money.
8878: Upcoming Highland Games festival and gathering of the clans (including MacFarlane) in Maryland. There'll be at least one Ceilidh there, but it's the dance, not the girl. Doesn't stop people from dreaming, though.
8879: 2:157.3: More speculation. Maybe Deeds is just mocking Ryan, which may be a Bad Sign. Maybe Ryan's just mocking her right back, which may be a Good Sign. Maybe it only seemed straightforward until everyone else started posting alternative theories, which may be a Twisty Sign.
8880: More DD art, more broken links :-(
8881: The Burrowing Desert Otter Award. Er...oh, what the heck, everyone else has their own awards show.
8882: Hai-Etlik has a go at coloring Avalon strips, starting with 1:208, 2:25, and 2:2. Original links broken; I'm pointing to the Lynch Vault.
8883: St. Louis beat Dallas. And how did Dallas get a hockey team, anyway?
8884: 2:158: "I had to leave town" rings alarm bells up and down the board, especially combined with the look on Deirdre's face when she says it. What isn't Deirdre telling Ryan? What really happened? More speculation...some good, and some way out there (although part of it was accurate).
8885: Is Deirdre a mother? There's some merit to that theory--based on what we knew then--but it stirs up a ton of questions: If she did have a baby, what happened to him/her? Adoption? Abortion? At home with the grandparents? She wouldn't be shagging Ryan if she'd already had one "oops" event, would she? (Assuming she is shagging him, that is.)
8886: Playoff pool results.
8887: 2:160: Not there yet, but that doesn't stop Lynchers from becoming confused.
8888: Where's Patrick? Is Deirdre hiding her relationship with Ryan because she's afraid she'll run into Patrick? Is she so upset in 2:158 because she's not over him yet?
8889: More speculation on Deirdre and abortion--maybe Deirdre got pregnant, and Patrick skipped town? Is abortion a loaded topic in Canada like it is in the US? (No)
8890: Tim Horton's and Avalonian product placement. Degenerates into another episode of the Great Krispy Kreme War.
8891: Is Josh going to KeenCon? There were conflicting signals on-line. (Answer: Originally "no" due to job uncertainty, now "yes" due to job.) Game planning results.
8892: Davie daWeird fan-art--Ceilidh apparently trades in her claymore for something w/ a higher caliber.
8893: Usa-chan asks if Josh will be posting a Saturday comic, since he'd mentioned he'd try to make up for lost time. (Nope, not 'til Monday.)
8894: DW discovers the Brotherhood of Joshes, but Ucchan takes care of him.
8895: WTF was Tie Domi thinking?
8896: MC Damonk.
8897: Happy Cartoonists' Day!
8898: Davie daWeird tries to figure out why people believe Joe's still pining for Helene. He still wanted her at last year's Valentine's dance, and Phoebe and Alison both think he still wants her...although his reaction to Helene's hug looked more like pain than love.
8899: The Great Glasses Contest. 24 pages. Holy cow. An enormous sexy-war breaks out. (Although as Damonk points out, it's all fun and humor, and fun and humor is sexy, too.) Unfortunately for the contestants, glasses-less Josh sends the squirrels after them in a fit of jealousy. Unfortunately for Josh, he forgot to explain the concept of a "forum". Unfortunately for us, most--but not all, thank goodness--of the links are broken, leaving us to visualize exactly what a Pirate Catgirl Wench would look like.
8900: NegZero DD fan-art, link broken.
8901: Working out details for Avalon gathering at Anime North.
8902: DD fan-art, link broken (but from the comments, I think it's in the Art section of the web site). Speculation over the Lynchers' reaction if Josh were to break up R&DD. Sounds like some would go after Josh, and some would go after Deirdre ;-}
8903: Nrg Spoon colors 2:111-2:114. Links broken, and I don't see it in the Lynch Vault, either.
8904: 2:159.1: Do you really bake doughnuts? (Yeast doughnuts are always fried; cake doughnuts can be baked, but TH fries both cake and yeast doughnuts according to someone who works at TH as a baker. The TH insider also wondered why a front-counter person like DD would be out back making doughnuts...)
8905: 2:159.2: DW takes an innocent action by Ryan, and jumps into the gutter with it. Taking the board with him. As if the board ever needed much motivation to jump into the gutter <cough>AvaPr0n<cough>.
8906: 2:159.1: 200 (two hundred) or zoo (lions, tiger, and bears, oh my) doughnuts?
8907: The Freshman: The Paco's latest filk.
8908: MZacher fan art. Good news: not another broken DD-art link. Bad news: this time, it's a broken Ceilidh-art link. Lostfactor doesn't need a link, and chooses to rub it in. Discussion of Lina's, er, tracks of land.
8909: 2:160: So what is "the truth"? How long was DD at Guelph, how long was she attending school at Guelph, and how long had she dropped out? How could Joe talk to DD--four years his senior--when he can't talk to Helene, and goodness knows what happened between him and Phoebe? (No strong emotional attachment to DD, probably.) Maybe Avalon is Joe's story, not Ceilidh's story as it initially seemed. Or it's the real story of what happened in ninth grade, and Feebs and DD are just as involved as Joe.
8910: 2:160: Brownie points to Ryan for (a) picking up DD's story on his BS-meter, yet (b) not forcing the issue just yet. But does he know the truth already, or does he merely know he's not getting the whole truth from DD yet? And does Ryan think the break-up was amicable, non-amicable, or "too twisty to tell right now"?
8911: Esyla rented two videos to Ceilidh's dad.
8912: 2:160: Discussion over Ryan's reaction to Deirdre's (non-)response. Is he pressing the issue too hard? (Apparently not--he knows she's not telling the whole truth, but he didn't press for more details.) Is he doing the right thing? (It seems so--he's at least keeping the lines of communication open.) Are these two as open as we thought last week? (Ryan: yes. Deirdre: not about Patrick; something happened, but she's not ready to talk to Ryan about it yet.)
8913: Girl-group artwork from negZee; links broken, unfortunately. Now, as some of y'all know, the posting order of the older threads are all mixed up; I'm guessing it has something to do with the various forum crashes over the years. So I open up this thread, and the first thing I see is a comment about the fan-art that would have appeared down-thread if the link hadn't been broken: "*looks at Helene splashing Phoebe* Heehee. *looks at Ceilidh's butt* <missing emoticon> Oh, my. <missing emoticon>" *sigh* Like I said, links broken, unfortunately. Whoops, never mind, I just found it in the Avalon art section. 8-) Oh, my, indeed.
8914: Jen Aside reports that Nick's comics reminds her of a guest strip she's working on. Not sure where the strips in question are located (doesn't appear to be either GAS)--anyone remember where this was located?
8915: Dumas asks if guest cartoonists and fanartists could fill in until August while Josh is busy at work. Josh clarifies that he'll be busy until August 2002, not 2001.
8916: Saturn introduces himself, tells us about a girl at work who dyed her hair-red hair bright-red the day after the Red #4 strip, and invites everyone to watch game 7 on his 53" HDTV.
8917: The Incredible Hatboy's family is going to Canada during their summer vacation--any tourist suggestions? Preferably not Quebec, so his mom doesn't inflict her half-remembered high-school French on an unsuspecting populace. Plenty of suggestions, along with a discussion of Halifax and the contents of its harbour. Dent accurately notes that Saskatchewan is "home to one of the most poorly-named Bed and Breakfast's in the world."
8918: Leafs fans go into mourning, post-game 7. Beware Lynchers bearing puns.
8919: NegZero's latest evil: Sailor Avalon. (The in-thread links are broken, but it's also in the Avalon art section if you dare, as is an mzacher coloring of same.) Reactions range from horror to debates over which Avalon character = which Sailor Moon character.
8920: Leaf-taunting.
8921: (Missing) DD-Pr0n from MizuGoddess.
8922: Assorted fan-art from Tae, including Joe and Ceilidh and Phoebe. Includes a fair bit of C&C for both pics, and a lot of drooling and babbling over Feeb's pic. (Best quote: "Phoebe looks so damn sexy and intimidating, it almost makes me want to wear a leash.")
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Postby Mcfarlane Salsa on Wed Oct 06, 2004 2:04 am


Ryan, dating anyone would make you more popular. Except maybe Joe. He's loser.


Heh, typical girl trying to worm herself out of discussuion by starting an argument. Too bad Ryan's such a flip-flop.


But a clever flip-flop. It's secrets time again. I really like how Ryan is mature enough to notice this feigned lie - notice the raised eyebrows?


Ugh, am I ever famaliar with this situation...


Thankfully, I'm not yet famaliar with this situation. Don't bother asking Phoebe about it though...
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Postby svenman on Thu Oct 07, 2004 7:20 am

2:156 The guy wants to talk about the relationship and the girl doesn't really. Hey, isn't it usually the other way round?

2:157 Yep, Deirdre tries to divert from the subject...

2:158 ...without success. But then Ryan really runs into a dead end and he realizes it.

2:159 But an excuse they were, as well.

2:160 Nope, these two aren't as far in their relationship yet as Ryan would like them to be. This is yet to come, though, as we now know.
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Re: AAR 77: "I'd Talk To Someone" #2, 2:156-160

Postby JHU Battousai on Sat Mar 26, 2005 11:33 am

jeffk wrote:8903: Nrg Spoon colors 2:111-2:114. Links broken, and I don't see it in the Lynch Vault, either.

Both Spoon and I lost our copies in (separate) hard drive failures, so they weren't available to be put into the Vault. If anyone else still has copies somewhere, I'd be grateful for a copy, so I can put them in.
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