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Postby Sophacles on Fri Apr 12, 2002 6:42 am

Oh my god, last night I had a party, and there were these girls there that started mud wrestling. So later on when i talked to them they said they wanted to jello wrestle.

Now i gotta have a party next week too.

Hmmm.... htats alot of jello in real life where it costs money.... YOURE all invited to a bring your own green jello party!
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Postby Coldfire88 on Fri Apr 12, 2002 12:54 pm

All I have to say is make sure you are wearing the right clothes. My freshman year one night when I had gotten back from studying (I was a good student once) I was invited by a bunch of guys in the hall to go watch some sorority girls wrestle in Jell-o and as I needed to relax I agreed to go. Any way we get there and those girls are drunk off their Asses. Anyway they are fighting and rolling around in that stuff and Jell-o is flying everywhere. Now me, I am wearing nice clothes and my friend Dan is like, "You want to wrestle with them don't you?" Now I had no intention of going in there but Dan had different ideas He kicked me square in the ass and sent me flying head first into the Drunk girls and Jell-o. Well I spent the next 20 minutes just trying to get out of the jell-o as the girls were covering me in red jell-o and jumping on top of me. I was still in too much of shock to really enjoy myself. Anyway after all of that I had to walk home in 40-degree weather with my nice sweater now hanging down to my knees because it was weighed down with the Jell-o. So I walk through the dorms and I get the funniest looks from every one of them. But not as funny as me walking from my room to the showers fully clothed. I had to shower in the dorms fully dressed because there was no hose. Dan still laughs his ass off when ever I wear that sweater. (I should add that a blue sweater plus red jello ends up looking pink and ridicules)

Coldfire + Sorority Girls + Jello + Alcohol
= Bad, but funny


~Just waiting for that special someone who will pin me just right in the jello
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