11/15/12 - The most horrible(?) betrayal!

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11/15/12 - The most horrible(?) betrayal!

Postby bahamutkod on Thu Nov 15, 2012 4:14 am


Okay, moving past the fact that the Maestro was a one-off joke of a character there to somehow make electric guitars happen in a largely medieval fantasy setting so Mookie could have his damned metal... moving past the fact that his motives and mindset and the like were never established and therefore this moment really means nothing to set an emotional tone for the audience... even moving past the fact that this guy's own characterization--the nervous tic--has been utterly ignored by his creator...

This is the most clunky and uninteresting turn of events in writing I have ever seen.

This is worse than saturday morning cartoon stuff. Instead of infiltrating team Deegan to learn of the "secret passage" and therefore giving the king another edge that might dare to cause a little dramatic tension and be vaguely entertaining... he just up and decides to attack archmage Miranda on a gamble also cribbed from kid shows: that the good guys will never hurt an old friend even if their son is having his cranium torn up by tentacles!

Moreover, come on, Mookie... we like the infernomancer as a villain because he IS A VILLAIN. Things might have been interesting if one of the archmages--just one--actually agreed with the king of their own volition. Barring that, even a throw-away like the Maestro might have been somewhat of an intriguing shocker if we learn that he agrees with the king's methods and is all, "Sorry, Miranda... but humanity needs this and you threaten to doom us all!"

Nope... he's not only enchanted but he PERSONALLY SPELLS IT OUT FOR US. How long have you been on this comic, Mookie? How many times have you been told "show, not tell"?

So we're fed a character that is an un-character there to clearly fulfill some silly author desire--his initial appearance didn't bother me, I can understand a bit of that being in comics--are expected to like him enough to be shocked and dismayed by a sudden un-betrayal that involves just being controlled by the one bad bad guy left in the universe that threatens eternal peace because everyone shares the heart of Deegan, and the most powerful of the protagonists isn't willing to just crush him like an ant despite the fact that her son is in the bad guy's clutches.

Let me just pick at at that a moment longer... her SON. Even if she doesn't know about the tentacles boring into his head, she knows David is willing to kill without mercy to get what he wants. Given her characterizations in the past she should be willing to just say she's sorry to the Maestro and pretty much obliterate him without pause because her family is in danger.

See, as much of a throwaway character as the Maestro is and Miranda's deus-ex-machina power bugs me... I would praise Mookie if he played it that way. it'd prove that the protagonists had to sacrifice their pristine clean hands to get the job done. Given how much he crams any other character into a character assassinating abyss of awful who does the slightest thing that Mookie finds distasteful (I'm lookin' at YOU, Siegfried) it'd be interesting to see how a Deegan is able to cope with acting like the bad guy and knowing full well that they have to in order to survive and win.

Okay, I could go on for ages but there's only one more topic I have to throw in here... does anyone remember if the Maestro was classified as having some supernatural bloodline or is he just a human mage who specializes in lightning? If he's the latter, then Mookie just threw away the ONLY reason the king hasn't taken Miranda's mind away from her long ago. If he can control four of the most powerful spellcasters of any known realm without the slightest hint that he's doing it, he can just reach out and take Miranda's mind without so much as a howdy-doo. Yet he doesn't... because Mookie is writing him as an incompetent fool out of nowhere because he dares to stand against his precious protagonists.
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Re: 11/15/12 - The most horrible(?) betrayal!

Postby SLTE on Thu Nov 15, 2012 6:01 am

Much of your argument is based on the Maestro having irrefutably been enchanted. He still has a chance to prove otherwise. The fact that he was kind of an un-character up to this point leaves lots of room for the possibility of betrayal to exist, and I'll reserve judgement until I see a little more of the story.

Either way, enchanted or not, this didn't bug me that much. It was, if nothing else, a little surprising.
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Re: 11/15/12 - The most horrible(?) betrayal!

Postby Lumino on Thu Nov 15, 2012 8:10 am

Keep in mind, the King is also a master of illusion magic. Perhaps the Maestro attacked her to verify that she is indeed the real one?

Granted his performance doesn't make sense then, but this leaves too many questions in the air. I am pretty sure there is something else going on here beyond what we can see.

Though, one has to think that if the King sent an agent after Milov, how could he miss The Maestro? He is one of the higher profile wizards in the world, and a well known ally of the Deegans.
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Re: 11/15/12 - The most horrible(?) betrayal!

Postby IrishFino on Thu Nov 15, 2012 9:36 am

"LOLJK was totes trollin' you Miranda babe!"
"What the actual fuck?"

The End
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Re: 11/15/12 - The most horrible(?) betrayal!

Postby yuskeyurameshi on Thu Nov 15, 2012 3:20 pm

I have to agree, this betrayal is not necessarily an enchantment. The Maestro may have made them go over Maltak but he wasn't there when Rilian called the meeting. He could well like the idea of Callan not falling. I mean, his own magic could well be in jeapordy.

Besides he's having too much fun here and not resisting at all like the arch-mages. If this is a subtle enchantement then he's still enjoying himself and it was always within him to do what he is doing now. If it's not subtle he's still not showing any sign of resistence like a frown.
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