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Postby Archanon on Sun Apr 29, 2007 6:34 am

Name: Archanon

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Alternate Dimension)

Personalitities: (Male, Archanon) Somewhat aloof, but also chaotically minded. Always gets involved in things he really doesn't need to.
(Female, Archa) Appears whenever Archanon is TG'd. Mischevious, almost to the point of being evil, and similar to Archanon in just about all other ways, though she prefers physical force where he uses magic.
Both are telepathic and remain present in the mind when the other is in control.

Powers: Ability to control and manipulate energy from just about any and all outside sources. Draining them completely can cause them to shut down, die, collapse, vanish, etc. depending on the source. Drained energy powers his spells. Uses physical weaponry in the form of a large, sentient tome that aids him and can transform into various weapons that can be controlled mentally. (Also can use various weapons that are stored in his backpack, but this mostly happens when Archa is the dominant persona.)

Equipment: Sentient Tome, shapeshifting, mental control. Backpack of holding, contains various powerful weaponry and assorted other items, many of which were 'borrowed' from their home dimensions.
Previously seen weapons: Black Runic sword, Silver Runic sword, Shieldbreaker, Woundhealer.
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Postby Chief_Petty_Officer_Klerk on Sun Apr 29, 2007 5:21 pm

For any RP board unless otherwise stated

Name: Gregory (CPOK) Klerk (everyone calls him CPOK(No-one knows where or how he got that nick name))
Age: *classified* but he appears to be in his mid teens (15 - 16)
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 70kg
Hair color: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Gender: Male

Appearance: Often seen wandering around the town in Navy blue shirt and trousers/shorts (depending on the season), pair of black steel capped boots, has a tattoo of a 16 point compass on his left hand, standard R.A.N haircut, rolex watch on his right wrist, and wears a pair of glasses.

Background: Very little is known about CPOK and his past or what happened before he arrived at his current location.

Abilities: military (naval) tatics, advanced small arms knowledge, bush survival skills, some negotiation skills, extensive knowledge on NBC WMD's, uncanny knowledge about retail, some anime martial arts fighting skills, military police deploma, knows nothing about magic at all, limated knoladge about exotic (ie alian) weapons, knows how to drive a wide range of military and civilain vechials and aircraft.

Equipment he carries on him at all times: Ruger .357 magnum, 3 x flashbangs, 4 x non-lethal stinger grenades, 3 x frag grenades, 1 x laptop, various blank looking access cards, 1 x MP badge, various text books relating to high school life. this is all stored in a old battered backpack. Occionally he carries a black briefcase, but no-knows what is in it.
CPOK Cameo!
Another CPOK cameo!
CPOK in a comic strip!
*Well, CPOK, you're definitely scary. - Dotty
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Postby Kaura on Mon Apr 30, 2007 8:03 am

Kaura Nighthawk
Formal Affiliations: Board (CEO - Scary Paperwork), FLEET (Captain), Darktek Industries (President)
Informal Affiliations: [CLASSIFIED]

Age: Indeterminate (physically late 20s)
Race: Quasihuman (cybernetic/clade gestalt)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 485 lbs (full clone: 185)
Physical Characteristics: Outwardly stock Northeastern Chinese. Thick, wiry hair, black iris, no scars. Half-grin almost always present. Cybernetic eyeballs have a tendency to flicker light blue when in the middle of a scan or transmission. Upper-body synthskin a shade paler than actual flesh- minor heat damage to the pigments. Torso, lower-body flesh-colored ceramic plating.

Gear (normal): Charcoal-gray custom Armani suit, specced for high-endurance use, temperatures up to 15k fahrenheit, lined with kevlar and titanium chainmail sheets- if you're going to fight, you might as well look good, eh? Standard FLEET gravitic jackboot (what's "down?"), silver cufflinks with the Board thunderbolt logo (antiproton grenades), thirty-five shot gauss pistol specced at .025c, three spare cartridges of tungsten gauss bullets, one Rationality amplifier, three HR grenades, one folding knife (4.5" blade), one "The Science of Discworld"

Gear (combat): "Death Tax" powered armor, fifteen short-ranged laser-targeting antiproton rockets, four area-denial High Rationality explosives, two HR emitters (ten foot effective radius), one magrifle (fifteen bunker-buster osmium bolts, specced at .1c, fifty antiarmor tungsten bolts, specced .075c, three reloads each), twin three-foot gravblade emitters, HR amplifier, gravboots

"Gear" (space): Assorted ships of the Darktek stellar navy.

History: Board member and FLEET operative. Controls FLEET's Scary Paperworks division with an iridium fist, and is thus responsible for the gross majority of the Board's socioeconomic foundation as well. Best known for his counterassaults against Infernal economic meddlings- outbid and outmaneuvered the hosts of Hell during the Dark Crackers fiasco, blockaded demonic tamperings in the film industry, and personally supervised the growth and development of not four but five esoteric but locally praised Mom and Pop restaurants, including one authentic Japanese cuisine restaurant.
Often- very often- seen in Board warthreads, field testing the latest locally authorized Darktek wares. Known to be a clade unit- one whose singular identity is spread out amongst multiple hardware, ranging from clone bodies to computers- but rarely shows more than one in any given situation.
Came into EGS Main at approximately the time of the EOU Invasion, as the Boardies surged in with starships and Big Frakkin Guns in the name of mutual defense. Discovered Mayhem soon afterwards, and immediately recognized it as yet another testbed for experimental designs... and most probably a whole new market.

Powers: Possesses an inherent Rationality field, originating probably out of adaptation to the physics of EGS Main and Mayhem, granting resistance against most forms of magic and quasiscience. As any transformation is likely to be (fatally) incompatible with his body's cybernetic components, an add-on amplifier has been installed as a precaution- even a meager gender change is likely to shift all sorts of necessary things painfully out of place. Can be used offensively- a dense rationality field is a corrosive agent against most spellworks, though such utilization is limited to his powered armor, and only with physical contact with a magically based apparatus.
A full-clone body, however, has a much weaker Rationality field. The relevant submind has expressed... much displeasure at being used as a TF tech test subject.

Weaknesses: It's a resistance, not an immunity. A bullet to the amplifier, a TF beam to the head, and suddenly he's leaking blood and coolant everywhere! The destructive interference to primarily magical apparatuses also makes it difficult to operate machinery when he actually wants to- thus the continued utilization of full-clone bodies.

Other abilities: Radar, infrared, visual light range scans. Radio transmission. Built-in remote hacking suite (effective radius: 4 ft), enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, endurance. Can cook Italian and Chinese like nobody's business.
Sharing 1st Place w/ HK for "Most Likely to be in a Warthread" (2004)

NaNoWriMo Charity- Think of the poor, illiterate kids in Southeast Asia!

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Postby The_Mighty_END on Tue May 01, 2007 10:52 pm

Name: James "Psycho" Phoenix

Species: Hanyou (Human/Demon)

Age: 70 (appears 19)

Height: 5'10".

Weight: 190lbs.

Eyes: Brown (Normal), Blue (full-Human), Blood Red (Full Demon).

Hair: Long dark brown, often kept in a ponytail.

Face: Square and heavyset, often unshaven with a semi-defined beard growing, a metallic faceplate covering the right half of his face, as if to hide some terrible scar of some kind.

Clothing: Long & flowing jet-black trenchcoat with silver highlights and titanium chains for belts, black full-arm glove on left hand/arm (most of the organic skin and flesh has been burnt away, leaving a sickly-looking arm that is similar to that of the T-800 from Terminator), black with steel-rim combat boots, black Metallica T-shirt with dark blue pants, a 22K Gold ring with a 30K Ruby on his right middle finger.

Gear: Tessaiga, Tensaiga, Thunderfury - Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, CoIH (Cloak of Infinite Holding),

Bio: To come later....

If anybody finds any flaws or things that could be done better (don't even think about the bio, that's currently in the works as it is!), don't be afraid to try and help with them.
Here's my newbie pack:

1x TF Gun
1x Squirrel Teddy
1x Cookie in a shiny wrapper
6x cans of unlabelled soda
1x dead fish
1x Fire extinguisher
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Postby Undone101 on Wed May 02, 2007 6:47 am

Name: Harato
Race: Human
Age: 22
Height: 5'9"
Rank: Commodore

Most of his body is covered by a LEGEND suit, hi-tech sentient armor. The suit is capable of direct communication with the battlecrusier Lightning, enabling the user to hack his way into most systems and get intel from the ship. The suit also enhances physical strength as well as speed, but has no self repair system. Harato has a plasma rifle intergrated into the suit's right arm, but favors the dual bolt pistols given to him by Teleros.

The battlecrusier Lightning is equiped with 4 large plasma cannons, and a main cannon dubbed " The Yamoto Gun", capable of causing significant damage. The ship has around 1000 total crew and civilians, but only 150 soldiers: 100 light infantry, 40 heavy infantry, and 10 "Special Units" who deal mostly with magic and the occult.
Also has 2 APCs and 4 portable turrets for large scale operations.

(if there is anything else i should add, tell me please) :oops:
1 TF Gun 1 Fire extinguisher
1 Squirrel Teddy 2 Bolt Pistols
1 Plasma Rifle
1 shiny wrapper with cookie crumbs in it
6 cans of unlabelled soda
Battlecrusier: Equiped with quad-plasma cannons
and the dreaded Yamoto-gun
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Postby Ankhareon on Fri May 11, 2007 5:18 pm

ok, here are my third set of Bios for my characters, up to date with the crossover wars

Name: Andrew 'Anky' Kazan
Gender: Male (usually)
Age: 16
Height: 1.7m
Weight: 58kg
Eye colour: Blue
Hair: Gold, short, spiked forward
Species: Shapeshifter (biologically a werecat)
Favourite Food: Bacon Carbonara
Favourite Movie: Equilibrium
Favourite Character: The Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)
Clothing: Colbalt blue t-shirt with a dark grey X design, Dark grey pants, mid-grey shoes

Anky is usually very calm and methodical. Unless of course he finds something he's interested in in which case his mood will become rapidly more enthusiastic. He is a martial artist and prefers armed melee combat (ie with a blade of some sort). He owns a TF gun which he tinkers with a lot in order to program in new forms (it currently holds dozens of forms, not including variations, many if not all of which he and Anya were zapped with multiple times by Raen). He also enjoys drawing and sketches things often.

After joining Mayhem, Anky was quickly zapped into nay number of different forms, almost constantly (as is the norm), most of them involving some kind of TGing. While TGed, he began to develop another personality, born of his impulsive side - he found being female a good excuse to be more impulsive than usual. This got to the point where Anya actually manifested as a second person in the same body, active when he was female, but dormant otherwise. However when both were dormant - IE - him dreaming, the two 'souls' for lack of a better term were able to converse and quickly figured out:
a)Why Anky never remembered anything he did as female
b)Why Anya never remembered anything when male
By about a month, the two were having conversations while sleeping regularly, and established that they felt as if they were living a half-life each. They briefly contemplated splitting themselves, but decided against it because neither felt ready and were somewhat afraid of the consequences, though Anya desperately wanted to be real and Anky desperately wanted his full life back (it could be days, weeks even before he regained control). They agreed to spend one day as each and all was well until Raen came along. He threw a Dewitchery diamond at Anya, splitting the two.Then Raen, being the mischievous creature he is, started TFing them left right and centre in a vain attempt to confuse them too much for revenge to be carried out. Revenge was carried out via smoke bombs, Anya's zapping, some pummeling and a chipmunk.

Notable abilities
-Can switch between any number of forms and either gender (as a result of being dewitchery-diamonded) at will and can combine multiple forms.
-Due to his shapeshifteing nature and the after-effects of the diamond, every time he is zapped with a new form, it is added to his repertoire.

Crossover Wars
Anky is a notable character in the crossover wars for two reasons
-He is the official Bunny Seer and a member of the OfInt
-He was captured by Head Alien after the Waffle House Gunfight along with Ajac, Stardrake and Jstone
-He was the bunny to arrest Death Bunny and provided evidence for the prosecution

Name: Anya Kazan
Gender: Female (usually)
Age: 16 biologically, 1 chronologically
Height: 1.7m
Weight: 55kg
Eye colour: Blue
Hair: Gold, shoulder length with two large strands at the front
Species: Werecat
Favourite Food: Prawn Tempura
Favourite Movie: Kill Bill Volume 1
Favourite Character: Alfred Bourdon (The Prestige)
Clothing: Colbalt blue t-shirt with dark grey stripes running down the sides and arms, Dark grey pants, mid-grey shoes

Was the female form and is now the female duplicate (or twin if you prefer) of Anky after an incident with Raen and a dewitchery diamond. Anya is naturally very Cheerful and hyperactive, but unlike Anky when she finds something interesting she becomes very focused and thorough. While the details of her life up until now are identical to Anky's (being the same person and all) she prefers unarmed combat and never uses the TFG any more (having been zapped by Raen with every form it had, thus gaining the ability to zap people with all those forms and any she is zapped with afterwards). She is currently trying to figure out her new life now that she is separate from Anky, although is still adapting to being permanently female.

As a side effect of her low inhibition, she reacts violently to losing any more of it (ie, being V5V5ed, drugged, hypnotized) and will go on a bloodthirsty rampage, to the peril of all those around her. Luckily she cannot think properly in this form and can be outsmarted. This happened during a fight with Squata, in which she was pacified via catnip while in werecat form.

While TGed, Anky began to develop another personality, born of his impulsive side - he found being female a good excuse to be more impulsive than usual which eventually manifested as Anya who took over while he was female, but was dormant otherwise. However when both were dormant - IE - him dreaming, the two 'souls' for lack of a better term were able to converse and quickly figured out
-Why Anky never remembered anything he did as female
-Why Anya never remembered anything when male
By about a month, the two were having conversations while sleeping regularly, and established that they felt as if they were living a half-life each. They briefly contemplated splitting themselves, but decided against it because neither felt ready and were somewhat afraid of the consequences, though Anya desperately wanted to be real and Anky desperately wanted his full life back (it could be days, weeks even before he regained control). They agreed to spend one day as each and all was well until Raen came along. He threw a Dewitchery diamond at Anya, splitting the two.Then Raen, being the mischievous creature he is, started TFing them left right and centre in a vain attempt to confuse them too much for revenge to be carried out. Revenge was carried out via smoke bombs, Anya's zapping, some pummeling and a chipmunk. She will not tell you what the chipmunk was for.

Notable abilities
-Can assume a werecat form at will.
-Can fire beams of energy from her hand (as a result of being dewitchery-diamonded) that transform whoever they touch into any number of the forms that she has at her disposal.

Crossover Wars
Anya is a notable character in the crossover wars for two reasons
-She took on Squata in an attempt to recruit her for the EGS Defence Force and almost succeeded
-She leads the bunny Elite Strike Force
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Postby Archanon on Sat May 12, 2007 10:51 am

Ankhareon, I just realised how very similar our characters are... Not to mention names... This is the second time something like that has happened. And I know you came first, so I'll just mention that I developed Archa/non completely separately on the Wotch forums.
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Postby Ankhareon on Sat May 12, 2007 10:20 pm

hey you're right, apart from the fact mine are two different characters and have different personalities/abilities
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Postby Archanon on Sun May 13, 2007 6:41 am

Well, so are mine really, just still in one body.. I didn't mean to sound pompous about it though. Sorry, I never get tone right >.<
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Postby Ankhareon on Sun May 13, 2007 2:23 pm

hehe, don't worry - that was my point, and tone doesn't carry well over the internet so if there was any pompousity I didn't see it
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Postby Cheez on Fri May 18, 2007 4:50 am

My character for the Unsung Heroes of K-Site RP:

Name: Joseph Molov
Age: 23
Hair: Long, brown, messy. He has a thick beard.
Eyes: Blue
Appearance: Around 6 foot 5, muscular build. Wears standard Enlisted uniform. He has replaced his standard-issue boots with a set of paratrooper boots he looted. He has darkly tanned skin.
Class: Enlisted
Weapon skill: Any, as long as it's not too difficult to use. He has three frag grenades, a Mauser C-96 pistol, a FAMAE S.A.F submachine gun, a fire axe and a combat knife.
One Special Skill: Better-than-normal reflexes
Bio/history: The son of a pair of Enlisted soldiers. As were their parents, their parents, ETC. His family has been in the military since long before the War. His Mauser is a family heirloom, and he'd never even think about trading it in for a newer sidearm. He got the FAMAE from a corpse, as he preferred it to his issued rifle, due to its rapid rate of fire and small size. He is usually friendly and cheerful. He enjoys combat and, when not on a mission, is often found training. He scavenges when he can, and is not squeamish about searching the dead. He has several rings on both hands (none on his trigger fingers or thumbs, but at least 1 on every other finger).
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Postby Ankhareon on Sat May 19, 2007 3:11 am


Name: Cortanya
Age: 0
Eye colour: Gold
Hair/body: Blue, semitransparent and with what appear to be arcs of electricity jumping from some points of her body to others, occasionally manifesting as sparks
Species: AI
Appearance: Usually a derpcounterfeits of Anya, but completely blue and with gold eyes. Her form and 'clothing' vary and may change spontaneously depending on 'her' mood.

Cortanya is an AI who looks like Anya, but has Anky's personality - 'she's' logical, extremely intelligent and nigh-omniscient, which is perfect for 'her' job as a reporter for MNCAN.
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Postby swiftnebula on Mon May 21, 2007 12:03 pm

This could be a rp character for anything really, as the magic within his blood makes him liable for dimensional crossovers and leakages...
I havent used him yet, and i really want a magic rp with him, as he's basically who i play as in the Sims 2...

Name: Swiftie Nebulous

Age: 16

Species: Human-Fairy cross

Hair Colour: Cosmic Blue

Wing Colour: Gold

Eye colour: White, no pupils, no Iris (think 'Batman', and you're there)

Experience in combat: Woodland creatures and occasional elven bandits

Likes: Fighting evil, techno music, rock and roll, dance, coca cola, ice cream, sugar, beer, beer with skittles in it, fishsticks, and magical/SF webcomics,

Dislikes: Evil, Britney Spears (same thing really...), immortality, bland boringness, saurkreaut (sp?), pickled onions

Bio: Swiftie appears to be a regular human, but when your mother is six inches high and you have golden wings that make it difficult to get into clothes, you cant hide some facts! Living at home most of his life, S.N has recently ventured out into the wide world... Where he found predjudice and danger towards cross-breeds such as himself... He searches for a true home, and finds only peace in the chaos of battle. Due to the mana levels within him, he has truly lost his home dimension, a place where dwarven people and humanfolk despise the fairy people.

Although Swiftie loved his secret home underground, he knows that adventure is waiting for him...

Starting Inventory:
1) Basic Human clothing- trousers, shirt, worn sandals
2) a magic sword of unknown properties
3) a locket containing earth fromhis homeworld- from this he draws his powers, mostly undiscoverd as of yet
4) a few marbles
5) a backpack (how would he hold this stuff without it???)
6) an old letter from his father, who was missing for the past decade (left when S.N was six...)
one TF Gun
one cookie wrapped in shiny plastic
one squirrel teddy
one dead fish
six cans of unlabled soda
one rubber stamp depicting a broken brain

remember these wise uryomoco words:
Ura ieal vuco ulo voremt geh ac
Ill leave you guys to work it out...
but if you're still unsure...
check this site out:
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Postby FourWiseLords on Tue May 22, 2007 3:17 pm

For the Purposes of the Wars...

The Four Wise Lords(Will Not be played alot, considering how powerful they are)

Character name(s): Lord Of Courage(Soul), Lord of Power(Body), Lord of Wisdom(Mind), Namless
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180-200 lbs. for Courage, Power, and Nameless. Wisdom is female, therefore, unknown.
Hair color: Unknown
Eye color: Unknown
Background: No one knows when the Lords came to be. All that is known is that they have shown up several times in the past, and participated in several major events. No one knows what they truly look like as the only way to tell them aparthas been through the colors of their robes, Gold for Courage, Blue for Wisdom, Red for Power, and Grey for Nameless. What little is known about them shows that they are able to travel to any dimension they choose at will. The three named lords have shown great ability with magic, and Power and Courage have shown great aptitude in martial combat. The Namless Lord, however, continues to be something of an enigma.

Character name: Commodore Jergo Gorthasson
Age: 212 (Physical age:32)
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 212
Hair color: N/A
Fur color: White, with patches of black along his shoulders and back.
Eye color: gold
Background: Jergo is a member of the Kau'Loss, a race of beings that came to be when the Shadow Legion was originally formed. A genitically created race of Human, Seal, and Lupine hybri-anths, they were one of two races created to be cold weather warfare specialists, though the races have branched out since then. Jergo, a veteran of many of the Legion's battles, is the leader of the Expedtion to support Operation:Lagomorph, and personally commands the Expedition's Space Fleet.

Expedition Space Fleet: SLS Imperitrix (Carrier, holds up to 200 assorted Fighters and Bombers), SLS Crimson and SLS Everest (Battleships), as well as 4 Heavy Cruisers, just as many Light Cruisers, and 6 Tin Cans(Destroyers), as well several Gar II Fast Attack Transports.

Character name: Captain Eri Mavrik
Age: 124 (Physical Age: 23)
Height: 9'6"
Weight: 358 lbs.
Hair color: none
Fur color: Golden Brown
Eye color: Deep Brown
Background: Like Jergo, Eri is a member of the Shadow Legion. Unlike Jergo, however, Eri is one of the Kau'Tauk, the other group bred as Cold Weather Specialists. The Kau'tauk are a mix of Bear, Walrus, and Human. Eri leads the ground troops, including two squadrons of Shrike-class Aerospace Fighters. Including the squadrons, the Ground Troops of the Expedition make up 400 people in varying fields.

Organization Name: The Shadow Legion
The Legion is a large group of Extra-Dimensional Mercenaries, well known for finishing any mission they contracted for, and never are bought off. Originally formed by a vampiric Rogue Dimensional Guardian from Human Telepaths and his own Childre, the group grew to extraordinary size when they gained control of highly advanced gene-tech. The Resulting creation of the Kau'Los, Kau'Tauk, Draconids, and Drakkan have lead to several worlds being colonized by the Legion, giving them resources enough to create a spacefleet that rivals many nations. Though mostly fighting for fun and profit, they have also been known to fight for free when in the "Interests of the Legion", or more correctly, in the interests of it's shadowy and enigmatic founder, the assassin known as the Shadow Dragon.
Liason to the Shadow Legion

My EGS Inventory:
A TF Gun, A Cookie, A Squirrel Teddy (With Nuts), Six Cans of Unlabeled Soda, A Dead Fish, A note with "Hi" scribbled on it, A pair of c-cup silicone fakes complete with adhesive and solvent... (Thanks alot BtEtta. -.-; ), A Can of Peas, A map of Panama, 12 Fresh Tomatoes, A Live Trout, A Fishy Stick, A Halo 3 Shield Generator, A Shiny HubCap, A Can of Mackerel, A Bowl of Wax Fruit, and A Sledgehammer.
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Postby Amon Star on Wed May 23, 2007 12:49 pm

For Swift Nebula's Fantasy RP.

Name: Sebastian the Ochre.
Age: 111
Species: Human
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Milky White

Bio: Sebastian is a powerful wizard. He's used his magic to extend his life, but can't stop the ageing process. As a result, he looks & acts like a geriatric old man (think the old man from Family Guy, but Sebastian isn't a pervert). However, he can still see, despite his cataracts, thanks to a certain deal he once made.

Sebastian has an impressive array of powers & an incredible collection of item, ranging from tomes to swords to rings. However, knowledge has always been his primary objective.

Sebastian prefers to act indirectly. He fully understands the dangers of reckless use of power. Therefore, he will normally only act when he feels there is no other alternative.
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Postby Amon Star on Thu May 24, 2007 2:56 am

For The Villains RP

Name: Luther Robert Lambeth
Real Name: Geoff Howden
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Human with Spirit ancestry
Height: 5' 11"
Eyes: Baby Blue
Hair: Bald

Powers: His main power is mind reading. He hears the thoughts of those around him as easily as he hears the words out of their mouths. This originally caused him problems, but he has since learned to filter out & control the ability. It works up to his normal hearing range.

He can also probe the recesses of some ones mind. This however requires time & either physical or eye-to-eye contact. Also, the victim feels like they are being violated & is aware of who's doing it.

He also has limited mind-control. However, it has the same restrictions as above & is no more potent than hypnosis, ie, he can't make them do anything that they REALLY don't want to.

Physically, he's in top condition. 20-20 vision, healthy, athletic, etc. He's not excessively strong or agile, he's just a good all-round specimen. Though he has to work at maintaining his condition, it doesn't come to hard for him.

Skills: Luther has very little combat training. He can probably fire a handgun at most. However, he has very good general knowledge. He knows a little bit of everything. This, combine with his telepathy, means he can hold his own in conversation on most topic.

Two areas of knowledge that he excels at are Finance & Law. He knows what to do with money & how to get away with it afterwards. He's also a qualified lawyer, but he only did this so he could defend himself if he ever went on trial.

History: Luther Robert Lambeth wasn't born with that name. He was born Geoff Howden & to poverty in some inner-city slum. He never knew his father, who was no don't one of his mother's clients. To her, he was just a bigger benefit cheque, as where his siblings. To him, his family was competition.

Desperate to escape his past, Geoff through himself into his school work. It being a rough school, this made him a target. Though always a healthy child, he has no stomach for violence. However, he soon learned that he could buy protection with his intelligence by doing the school work of the biggest bullies. To this day, he prefers manipulation to force.

His powers kicked in at Puberty. Suddenly hearing the thought of everyone around him was very disorientating at first. Luckily, he was spotted by a social worker that recognised the symptoms. He was enrolled into a special school that taught him how to control his gift, as well as offer him a better education. He was also placed with foster parents. That was another lessen for young Geoff right there. People would only help you if they thought you could be useful.

Life went a lot smoother until Geoff was 21. By then, he had acquired a good education, had a good job lined up & had saved a good bit of money. However, as a known telepath he found his freedom unnecessarily restricted. So, he killed himself. He faked his death in a car accident, changed his looks & fingerprints through a black market plastic surgeon & emerged one your later as Luther Robert Lambeth, socialite & corporate raider. He's been living the high life ever since.
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Postby Dekupower on Sun May 27, 2007 5:29 am

Name: James "Jay" Robinson
Occupation: Works in a music store and is a guitar tutor.
Age: 22
Gender: male
Personality: Very easy going. Jay believes in having fun above anything else. He is very agreeable and is very easy to get along with.
Appearance: 5' 11" long brown hair which is tied in a pony tail in the back. He has green eyes which he wears glasses for. He wears an unbuttoned plaid button down shirt over a plain white t-shirt and always wears jeans and tennis shoes.
Notes: He has a tendency to quote music lines during every day conversation.
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Postby aquapunk0 on Sun May 27, 2007 6:51 am

name is always the same in every RP. appearance may vary in wing/clothes.

Name: Aqua
Occupation: keeper of ultimate truth. a very bored keeper of ultimate truth
Age: ????? who knows? as old as the ultimate truth, i'd guess.
Gender: FEMALE
Personality: perpetually bored, a bit depressed at life in general. once you get to know her she tends to open up a bit.
Appearance: flame red hair, which hangs down to the waist, deep emerald blue eyes, pale skin, quite tall, slender figure but deceptively strong. red feathered angel wings, folded behind her, which sprout from her shoulder blades.
Clothes: Black trousers, a black shirt with red flames on, a black leather jacket, and black leather ankle boots. her wings come straight out from the back of her clothes, although she does have a set in which she uses a corset-type mechanism to hide them.
Background: first created to guard ultimate truth, she was happy at first, as there were three others who were almost identical to her. then the great war happened (so long ago it was wiped fro the face of the planet), and she was split from them. she feels her life has gone steadily downhill since then.
Powers?: control over the element of fire.
using the truth, she can learn things without people telling her that. she does have a reluctance to use this, though.
she took psychic training, and has very strong mental defenses, although bypassable to naturally gifted psychics.
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Postby Ankhareon on Wed May 30, 2007 11:40 pm

Villains RP

Name: Leon Agate
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Height: 2.1m
Weight: 90kg
Eye colour: Lucid green
Hair: Ranges from white to black depending on his mood
Species: Human Mutant
Clothing: Pure white bodysuit with blue trim, white half-cloak
Description: Cruel, yet charasmatic leon has the ability to appear the nicest man in the world until you anger him. At that point his hair turns black and he has been known to effortlessly destroy entire platoons snt to capture him. He speaks with an aristocratic, vaugely South African accent.
Ambition: Total control over the worlds mineral supply
Notable abilities:
- His hair colour matches his mood. when it turns black, run
- Superhuman strength, speed and agility
- He can pass through solids as though the were water
Lair: Runs a large platinum mining business in the himalayas to fund his evil operation, his base however lies within tropical Hawaii, disguised as a resort. His Lair, however is a cave in Vietnam, hidden within the forests which leads to an underground worker city
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Postby Amon Star on Thu May 31, 2007 4:10 am

Colonies of Sol RP

Name: Lee Mei
Hair: Blue-black
Eyes: Dark
Age: 33

Appearance: Mei is tall & slender with the hard-muscled body of a martial artist. She wears her hair in a bob with straight cut bangs. She has arching eyebrows over almond shaped eyes that can skewer a man at twenty paces. She normally wears fatigues & combat boots, but can dress up if needs be. She always has a concealed weapon upon her person.

History: Mei was born in the Chinese segment of known space. Her parents were both members of a Tong (if they're still around). Her brother, Biming, was killed in a gang fight & Mei might have died the same way if she wasn't drafted into the escalating conflict.
The young girl was quickly singled out due to her previous experience & sent for commando training. After passing with flying colours, she took part in numerous secret & highly dangerous missions. She earned many commendations during this time.
After the war, Mei was planning on making the military her career when she received word from her mother, Anaya, that her father, Junjie, had been brutally murdered by a rival gang. Mei took leave to attend to 'family matters'. She & her mother avenged her father's death, but were arrested her murder afterwards. Nothing could be proved, however, & they were both freed. However, the military didn't like the scandal & issued her discharge papers. She then used her wages from the war to move to another system with her mother.
Mei has worked in security since then.
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Postby Cheez on Thu May 31, 2007 9:55 am

In the Villains RP

Name- Jared 'Jarhead' Brown
Age- 38
Gender- male
Species- human
Height- 6'7
Eyes- black
Hair- Would be dark brown, but is shaved bald.
Appearance- the term 'built like a brick s***house' definitely applies to him. He's one big ugly mass of muscle. He has tattoos on his upper arms. He wears army trousers and a green Tshirt (when not in uniform, if Ivan's henchmen wear one) and his dogtags.
Personality- Violent, quick to anger, but does as he's told. He's the kind of guy whose idea of a fun night out is to find a group of innocent people and beat the stuffing out of them.
Powers- Other than being very strong and having high pain tolerance, none.
Weaknesses- He's pretty thick.
Job- Henchman/minion/whatever you want to call it
History- An ex-Marine, he was dishonourably discharged after hospitalising an officer and two military policemen in a fight. He went into the mercenary business for a few years, fighting for/training various groups in Africa, South America and occasionally Europe, before finding a permanent job as Ivan's bodyguard. He enjoys violence. He's also not above a little bribery/ betrayal if he thinks he can get away with it.

In Swift Nebula's Fantasy RP.

Name- John Gregorisson

Age- Around 30

Gender- Male

Appearance- 6 feet tall, green eyes. Short, messy brown hair and a stubbly beard. Wears old, cheap clothes which are often dirty. Usually smells of horses or horse dung.

Occupation (at start of RP)- Has a job cleaning out the stable of an inn

edit- made 2 more characters in the fantasy RP:

Name- Garzhvog

Age- 27

Gender- Male

Appearance- Orc. 7 feet tall, heavily tattoed with symbols of Cruach. Darker than usual skin. Wears a crude iron breastplate, iron scale mail shoulder and upper arm armour and iron greaves. Has a broadsword slung over his back and an axe and a morningstar hanging from his belt.

Occupation- Follower of Cruach, warrior.

Name- Fiachra

Age- Around 2-400

Gender- Male

Appearance- Human. 6'2. Wears black robes, his chin and white beard just visible under the hood. (Similar to these robes, but his entire face except for his chin/beard is covered by shadows. Carries a black staff, the head of which had been carved into the shape of a dragonlike monster devouring a man.

Occupation- Follower of Cruach, sorcerer
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Postby FF7Kotrt on Thu Jun 14, 2007 9:44 am

Fort Mayhem and All other stories.
Name- Jaxom Aden (Also known as Kisata Orinawa)

Age- 17

Gender- Male (Female as Kisata)

Species- Human

Height- 5'10

Eyes- Brown

Hair- Brown

Appearance- Tall, slightly overweight (Jaxom)
Short, Skinny, Other facts change depending on mood when becoming Kisata.

Personality- Calm, Friendly (Jaxom)
Varies (Kisata)

Powers- Technically, he has the equivilent powers of a god. However, those powers, as well known, take tons of energy to use. Due to that fact, the character does not completely know he can do this. Also, due to a problem with his energy build, he is not able to use most types of energy reserves.

Weaknesses- Unless in the specific form as Kisata, Jaxom/Kistata is extremely weak physically. Also, Most of the time Jaxom/Kisata cannot stand causing pain to others.

Job- Healer, Spell Crafter
Varies (Kisata)

History- Not much of a history. Boring life, Boring school, the only thing not normal here is when Jaxom/Kisata made their first spell, and that's how they got started traveling. Unfortunately for him/her, This is the second stop.
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Shadowwing's bio

Postby shadowwing on Tue Jun 19, 2007 8:16 pm

anywhere you see me, this is me, unless otherwise specified.

Name: Shadowwing

Gender: male,

Age: late teens - early twenties,

Species: human,

Height: 5' 3",

Eyes: dark blue,

Hair: untamed blond-brown, avg. 3" length,

Facial hair: none, ever, (well, besides eyebrows,)

Skin color: pale caucasian,

Normal physical appearance:
normally seems to wear a green t-shirt and tan pants, regardless of weather. if traveling, often wears a dark brown, floor-length, hooded cloak.
wears a gold ring on second finger of right hand, gem on top of ring(about 1cm) matches avatar, 5 small(about 2mm) gems(red, brown, blue, white, and grey) are spaced evenly around the main gem.
skin on back of left hand is darkened(sort of like a deep tan) in a pattern of three equilateral triangles(1" ea side) stacked to form a larger triangle. triangles glow slightly when controlling elements(top(nearest knuckles)=fire, lower right=water, lower left=earth, center(undarkened)=air).
when using magiks, wields a staff of redwood topped with a spherical diamond. staff is smooth and straight like a cane, diamond glows when channeling magik.
various other items may appear when in use.

Personality: normally calm, friendly, curious about new abilitys/gadgets, sometimes unpredictable,

Quirks: tends to toss together random syllables when annoyed. likes the numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 13. occasionally uses pieces of various accents. has an affinity for Balance.

Power: main power is the ability to consciously duplicate the powers/talents/skills of anyone he meets. can also duplicate some small items, complete with any magikal effects it may have(i.e. if i dup' the DWD, you will have two DWDs that both do what the original did), cannot duplicate whole living creatures.
for distance travel, has collected an item allowing him to teleport in flares of purple light. can also turn into wind(he calls it "wisping"). wisping cannot pass through airtight barriers, or vacuum, but it is fast enough to avoid getting sucked up by any suction device.
his shirt and pants are actually a 1cm thick skintight spacesuit, capable of changing it's appearance, that contains, among other things, a coms device, and an inertia-less FTL drive, that allows highly maneuverable personal flight in or out of atmosphere.
full list of collected abilitys/items too extensive to list in full here, will be described around when used.

Preffered fighting methods:
non-lethal methods include: a powerful sleeping spell. a spell to encase someone in a hardened shell of air, immobilizing them but not preventing breathing. and an EMP gun.(not a zat gun,) also quite skilled in various forms of martial arts.
other methods include: various elemental attack spells(channeled through staff). various high-ROF guns, especially some modified, collapsible, "mini-guns". is a master in using twin katanas, which are enchanted never to dull or break. also quite skilled in various forms of martial arts.


i'll add more when i have time, think of it, or when necessary. :)
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Shadowwing's Bio
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Postby Nikolai on Thu Jun 21, 2007 3:09 pm

I figure I'm going to need to make one of these things for Mayhem...

Name: Nikolai Kion (Kye-on)
Gender: Male
Age: 19, looks about 22
Species: Human
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 46 lb.
Body: Slender, but not all that thin. Lightly muscled.
Skin: Light tan
Hair colour: Brown, very slight tinge of red
Hairstyle: Usually somewhat messy and ungroomed. Combed hair with center leaning heavily to the left (his PoV) when attempting to look presentable.
Eyes: Blue-green outer ring with a dark brown, almost black, center. Makes the iris look a bit bigger, often with a serious/sleepy look.
Personality: Cheery and lighthearted, but sometimes quick to anger. Serious when he needs to be, but playful when he doesn't. Doesn't mind being made fun of, or being the victim of a practical joke. Usually very upbeat about any situation.
Hobbies: Birdwatching, hunting, camping, archery, swimming, video games, blacksmithing, woodcarving, photography.

Warm weather clothes: Brightly-coloured swimming trunks and a polo (matching the colour most dominant on the shorts). Prefers blues and reds.
Cold weather clothes: Black, or deep-coloured, pants with a similarly-coloured shirt. Prefers blacks and deep blues.
Accessories: Usually wears blue-rimmed sunglasses outside, even at night. Sometimes wears a nickel-sphere choker for luck.

Specialty: Manipulating "ethereal" energy, which emanates from some living creatures (including himself). Latent ethereal energy often causes light to become polarized, and is easy to spot if trained to see polarized light.
Main ability: With some concentration, he is able to manifest a set of ethereal wings on his back. The wings stretch out to about 16 to 20 feet tip-to-tip. The wings quickly manifest themselves almost as though they were the flames of a gas stove, emanating from his back. They glow a colour chosen when manifested (often navy blue), and fade into smoke when they are no longer needed. A shirt does not cause any disturbance when manifesting or using the wings. The wings become destabilized if something passes through a large portion of them, fading away.
Other abilities:
Ethereal Aim: With a bit of concentration, can wrap a small amount of ethereal energy around an arrow, which allows for slight adjustment whilst in flight (+/- 2 degrees).
Ethereal Solidification: Causes a body of ethereal energy to become a solid almost instantaneously. Concentration does not need to be held to keep the energy a solid, but it does need to be held to move it around. The blocks can be absorbed for small boosts of most kinds energy or magic, or used as a wall. Solid ethereal energy is about as hard as Styrofoam at the weakest (low amount of energy in the area), steel at the hardest (densely-packed pockets of energy).

Other attributes: Very light body, mainly to allow flight.
Bones are thin, hollow, and light, with strings of bone strung throughout the inside for strength. Bones are as strong as a normal human's.
Body fat is kept to a minimum, often being consumed through flight or wing manifestation.
Smaller muscles to reduce weight.
Very nimble, able to contort body in ways normal people can't.
Can jump roughly 2-3 times higher than a normal human.

Proficient in: Staves, daggers/shortswords, bows, some pistols and guns.
Typical equipment: usually carries no weaponry. Carries a dagger in a clip-on sheath and a short bow and a quiver of 5-10 arrows on his back only if he's expecting trouble or is out hunting.

Excels in: Marksmanship, speed, stealth.
Strengths: Light, nimble, quiet, dexterous, flight, above-average eyesight and hearing, highly proficient with bows, quick minded, large lung capacity.
Weaknesses: All abilities require some degree of concentration, tight spaces, has weak muscles, easily distracted, limited flight time, loses some proficiency with all weapons (except bows) while flying, slightly claustrophobic.

History: **To come, I have yet to do some roleplaying to test him out.**

Fun facts:
He likes to carve the birds he sees from pictures taken whilst birdwatching. He has a collection of about 50 species, all painted by hand. He makes extras and sells them for some money.
Makes all of his weapons himself, using whatever he can find. He often raids local junk heaps in search of useful materials.
The wings do not forcibly disappear under water, but they do not hinder swimming either.

Ethereal Energy information: Ethereal energy emits from some creatures and plants. Primary sources of ethereal energy are as follows: most coniferous trees, some shamanic magic (mainly transformation/summoning), animals related to shamanism (mainly wolves), magic dealing with shadows or darkness, and rarely from humans.

If there's any holes, or questions about ethereal energy, PM me and I'll fix/answer them as soon as I can. :)

Edits are listed here in order of occurrence, and lists what's changed in underlined text, followed by where the change is in brackets.

Edit [Unknown date]: Decided the ethereal energy ability should actually do something other than look cool, it now allows for slight adjustment in flight (Fun Facts -> Other Abilities). He DOES paint the carvings by hand (Fun facts), as he's quite dexterous (Strengths). He has the ability to jump roughly 2-3 times higher (Other Attributes) than a human can.

Edit [6/24/07]: Made a few wording changes (Weaknesses, Strengths). Added 3 new sections (Specialty, History, Edits).

Edit [7/6/07]: Added in the fact that his wings destabilize when something passes through them (Main Ability). Added a new ability, Ethereal Solidification (Other Abilities). Added information about ethereal energy (Ethereal Energy Information).
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I also have an art thread!
Assign me dinoriders, help me take over the world of dinosaurs, MUHAHAHAHAHA!
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Postby RamDragon on Thu Jun 21, 2007 11:37 pm

I'll need this eventually, and since I use the same char for almost everything, here's him.

No real name, due to unspecified lifespan and swiss-cheese memory
Gender: Male
Age: Looks mid twenties, but undetermined
Species: Humanish (testing indicates that he is post-human, having been genetically manipulated to include draconic and alien DNA)
Height: 5' 10" before the horns, 6'3" including them
Weight: 300 lb.
Body: Average build, looks about 190 and well muscled
Skin: Very slight tan, but evenly spread with no lines.
Hair color: medium/dark brown. Turns dark blond in the sun.
Hairstyle: even length all over, wavy but covers ears and hangs down
Eyes: Most often light green, but they change. Color change can indicate mood change, but there is no clear correlation between mood and specific colors.
Personality: Outgoing. You need to be when you loose your pants as often as RamDragon.
Dress: Most often in bluejeans and a grey-green T-shirt with biker boots, but when the weather is cooler he puts on a long black leather trench.

Extraordinary abilities?: Fire retardant. his horns are impervious to everything, and even resist transformations. Unfortunately his neck has a rather human strength, so he's carefull when he uses them as weapons.
His skull is also inordinately hard, being connected to the horns.
He can produce fire on a limited basis, and can control most forms of energy within five feet.
His limited transformation ability allows him to sprout wings and a tail, both draconic, to allow for flight, but the form is very draining to maintain. When he looses control, he may take on a more draconic appearance, sprouting scales around his face and shoulders and changing the nature of his horns to a very clearly copper dragon type. In dragon-form he is just under 7' tall, weighs 600 lbs and can flex muscles to deflect most attacks, however he has the mind of an animal and looses most of his magical abilities. Where he sprouts scales they act as nearly impervious armor.
In addition, he has freakishly strong legs. If he can get something on his back, he can carry it. It is unclear what the upper limit of this strength is.
Amended: Following a RESPAWN incident, Ram was duplicated with his soul split between him and Rena. Since Rena was the original body, she retained the Dragon form, while Ram now transforms into a small gremlin-like creature with unknown abilities.

Proficient in: marksmanship with many types of firearms. Broadsword and rapier type blades, limited magic (but is proficient in technology-augmented magical devices), hand-to-hand, and running-the-hell-away.

Excels in: survival, hiding, hunting, and pissing that thing off that is about to kill us all. Thinking outside the box, using unremarkable items to do the remarkable.

Weapon of Choice:
Claws when he's got em, swords the rest of the time.

Human. Except for freakishly strong legs and those horns, RamDragon is human. Despite an almost terminal allergy to hot lead, coherent energy beams, and anything sharp and fast, he has an uncanny ability to keep his important organs out of it.
Despite being skilled at running-the-hell-away, he lacks the sense necessary to use it at the appropriate times and tends to get in a lot of trouble before he thinks of running away.

Spends off time repairing magical devices and writing scrolls. He has a set of magical armor that goes with his Angelic Sword (he received form a Seraphim) that helps him maintain control of his transformations. The sword erupts into holy fire at the calling of a control word, and is ideal for dispatching incorporeal beings. Despite his ability with firearms, he does not maintain his own armory, so his weapons change form time to time.

Gender: Female
Age: Looks early twenties, but undetermined
Species: Humanish (testing indicates that he is post-human, having been genetically manipulated to include draconic and alien DNA)
Height: 5'8" before the horns, 6'1" including them
Weight: 194 lb.
Body: Average build, looks about 120 and well muscled
Skin: Light tan, darker than RamDragon's
Hair color:light brown. Turns blond in the sun.
Hairstyle: Short for a girl, but stylish and spiky in the back to make the art interesting.
Eyes: Most often light green, but they change. Color change can indicate mood change, but there is no clear correlation between mood and specific colors.
Personality: Outgoing. Quick to anger, tends toward overkill. Usually listens rather than talks.
Dress: Black jeans, dark-blue t-shirt, both worn tight. She has a pair of thick-souled leather boots with all the buckles on them and flames on the toes. She's taller than Ram when she's wearing them. She also wears a long, fitted leather trench coat with flames along the hem.

Rena is the result of a RESPAWN accident caused by RamDragon's carelessness. His reluctance to update his profile regularly resulted in an early RESPAWN across dimensions. The corpse, however, was preserved and eventually revived. The fact that the corpse was able to be revived resulted in a split-soul scenario. As Rena was recuperating, Ram felt it necessary to hit her with a TF ray produced from his POST. She's still quite upset about that.

As a result, Rena's abilities closely match RamDragon's with the exception of her transformation. It is speculated that she still transforms into the Dragon form because she is the original body, while Ram is the duplicate.
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