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Postby AccordionDad on Thu Oct 26, 2006 6:10 am

Easy, now, or people will start to think you're on the Republican payroll.

As ugly (beg pardon) as NYS politics are, you have it all OVER us in NJ - the Kean-Menendez advertising has been on TV for over a month and neither candidate has expressed an opinion about anything. They each did two-full-page interviews with our local newspaper. Menendez devoted 60% of his words to trashing his opponents, Kean a whopping 90%.

Personally, I'm writing in Ronald Reagan. Even dead he's better than these guys.
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Postby Johnski333 on Fri Nov 03, 2006 6:01 am

How bout the Paul R. Nelson/Ron Kind ads?

pretty insane -
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