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Postby uberschveinen on Tue Apr 25, 2006 4:44 am


Harken Mikhaelikov

Rank: Ex-Commander
DOB: 1/4/1968
Hair: Unusually golden-blonde
Eyes: Light blue
Race: Caucasian
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 214 lbs
Birthplace: Leningrad, Soviet Union
Date Joined: 4/2/1991

Covert Ops Certified
Special Ops Certified

Appearance: Harken looks for all the world like the man on the Soviet propaganda posters, tall, strong, and with a serious expression, though with a distinctly more German appearance and the sad lack of a moustache (the sole reason he wasn't used for these same propaganda posters). He is a heavy man, but every gram of it bone, organ and muscle. As a sparring partner once said, "his fists are like freight trains, but faster." He has an almost imperceptible and as yet inexplicable limp on his right leg.

Personality: Harken is always calm and collected, in every situation, to the point where some of his partners theorised that he was actually a robot. His analytical mind is always working, and if you make a move around him he knows what, when and why almost before you do. He is quiet and always polite, even on the incredibly rare occasions when he has become angry (only known by his later admission to the fact). He had a reputation for honesty (until his 'betrayal'), and is still regarded as one of the most diligent people ever to pass through the Agency's large double doors. He is also possessed of an immutable set of morals almost as strong as his flying side kick, which caused the greatest amount of confusion (and speculation) after his exit from the Agency.

Bio: Harken was born in the height of the Soviet Union, in a family of high party prestige. He graduated his schools at the top of most of his classes, and was noted by his teachers for his calm nature and formidable analytical ability. Such attributes, combined with his politically influential family, guaranteed him a spot in the KGB academies, one he took gladly. He again showed a great deal of promise throughout his education, graduating in the top ten of the academy, first in the field of counterespionage. He was immediately taken in by the Seventh Directorate, where he earned much fame and notoriety through the capture of dozens of spies, some of which had been feeding extremely valuable information to the Americans for years, and his infamous involvement in the Tenterfield Saddler case. His rising star flew ever higher, until it seemed assured that he would become a deputy chairman and, eventually, the director himself. This was all cut short when on the 30th of December, 1990, he walked out of the bureau offices, caught a plane to Earthian city, and lodged a job application with the newformed Agency. His credentials, defection, and the subsequent collapse of the
Soviet Union earned him a closely-watched place in the newformed group, one he took full advantage of. His career grew at a pace almost equal to that of his ascendancy in the KGB, fueled by his stellar performance record, completing cases quickly, efficiently, without excess force, and most importantly, under budget. This drew the direct attention of the Boss, and a subsequent rash of near-suicidal and high-profile missions, all of which were somehow solved in a manner satisfactory to even the Boss. His rise to Commandership was assured, and he was expected to be next in line once the Boss finally pushed off, when three years ago, in the middle of a deep-cover assignment he abruptly handed in his resignation papers and disappeared, only to reappear days later as the public face of the Marconi Institute, and the bodyguard of its reclusive mastermind. Since his second defection, several attempts have been made to eliminate him, all of which met with catastrophic failure, as has every attempt to bring down the Marconi Institute since that day. He is currently on the Agency's Blacklist, a list of people who any Agency operative is permitted to shoot to kill on sight, in any situation, regardless of collateral damage.

Magical Abilities: None.

Weapons Proficiency
Pistols: Minimal
SMG: Minimal
Rifles: Minimal
Sniper Rifles: Master
Explosives: Master
Blunt Weapons: Considerable
Knives: Considerable
Swords: Considerable
Improvised Weapons: Good
Unarmed Combat: Unsurpassed
Weapon of Choice: 'Eagle's Claw' stance.

Harken is known to almost never use ballistic weapons other than sniper rifles, for the self-proclaimed reason that "The only situation in which you need a close-ranged firearm is one in which you have lost control. If you have lost control, you have failed. If you have failed, your life is not valuable enough to save." He expects sniper weapons and explosives to this ruling, as "With these you are dictating your own terms." His skill at martial arts is legendary within the Agency's trainers, and he is considered to be one of the true masters of Taekwando in the world.

Class A Commercial Driver's License, HAZMAT endorsement, Treaded Vehicle endorsement.

The Marconi Institute
The public face of the Marconi Institute is the largest investigatory corporation in the world. Over half of all the credit card companies trading use it to audit potential customers, the local offices do a thriving business on divorce, affairs and legal matters, and it holds a considerable number of extremely lucrative contracts for many of the government
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Postby Grim Atescu on Thu Apr 27, 2006 8:31 pm


Name: Ethrenel Dulaori
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Class: Rogue1
Race: Human
Str 10 (+0), Dex 15 (+2), Con 10 (+0)
Int 16 (+3), Wis 10 (+0), Cha 14 (+2)
Skills (all Max Ranks):
Hide +5, Move Silent +5, Disable Device +7, Spot +4, Listen +4, Sense Motive +4, Perform Dance +6, Bluff +6, Sleight of Hand +5, Search +7, Jump +3, Tumble +5
Dodge, Combat Reflexes
Class Abilities:
Sneak Attack +1d6, Trapfinding
Studded Leather Armor, Dagger x2, Light Crossbow w/ 30 bolts
Thieves' tools, small steel mirror, switchblade razor, inkpen, 8 oz. ink vial (black), 12 sheets of parchment, signet ring with his patron's insignia on it
Traveler's Outfit
Courtier's Outfit
Backstory: Safely tucked away in my savebox.
Celestial, Common, Draconic, Elven
Metagaming Stuff:
Deals 1d4 damage with dagger on melee attack with +0 to hit. May use two weapons at -4/-8, since both melee weapons are daggers.
Deals 1d8 damage with crossbow on ranged attack with +2 to hit. May also deal 1d4 damage on a ranged attack if a dagger is thrown.
AC: 15, flat-footed 13, touch 12
Alignment: True Neutral, leaning towards Lawful Neutral.
Personality and such:
Appearance: A well-dressed young man, who carries clothes that would not be out of place in a noble's court. He is light-skinned, with bright red hair and blue eyes. The eyes seem dark - though not evil; perhaps "haunted" or "condemning" would be a better word for the meaning of the darkness, but "dark" is still the best word for the look of the eyes.
Personality: Somewhat serious. He is also an adept dancer, and enjoys showing off his craft. He is slightly amoral in his actions; he's pinched a money-purse or two off of distracted rich men when his patron wasn't around, but he's also given some of his gold from working for his patron to beggars and churches (especially the churches of Pelor, St. Cuthbert, Boccob, and Olidammara). He pays lip service to several things.
Distinguishing marks? A scar across his back.
Homeland: Pallon.
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Postby eternaljwh on Thu Apr 27, 2006 9:23 pm

VOR&D as well.

Kaspar Fisk
Desc: Humanoid with many fins, a pair of tentacles from his waist, and a rather large, unfinned tail. Eyes are completely black. Skin is a light blue. Hair is black, about shoulder-length and straight.
Age: 19, Height: 5'9", Weight: 188 lb

Male Ftr 1
Medium Humanoid (Human)
Space/reach: 5 ft/5 ft
HD: d10+2 (12 hp)
Init: +3; Spd: 30 ft, Swim 30 ft
AC: 18 (+2 leather, +2 shield, +3 Dexterity, -1 Vulnerable)
BA/Gr: +1/+6
Attack: Trident +4 Melee (d8+3) or Tentacle +4 melee(d4+3) or Tailscythe +4 melee(2d4+3) or Trident +2 Ranged (d8+3, Range Increment 10 feet)
Full Attack: Trident +2 Melee(d8+3), Tailscythe +2 Melee(2d4+3), Tentacles -3/-3 Melee(d4+1)
AL: ?(N) SV: Fort +4, Ref +3, Will -1
Attributes: Str 16, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 10
Skills: +7 Balance(tail, +3 dex) Knowledge(Nature) +1(2/2 cc ranks), Open Lock +2(2/2 cc ranks, +3 dex but -2 for not having thieves' tools), Search +1(2/2 cc ranks), Spot +4(2/2 cc ranks, Inhuman Vision, -1 Wis), Survival +0(+2/2 cc ranks, -1 Wis), Use Rope +4(2/2 cc ranks, +3 dex)
-4 to diplomacy, disguise, handle animal, gather information from aberrance.
Feats:Weapon Groups(bonus): Basic, Heavy Blades, Picks/Hammers, Spears, Exotic; Aberrant feats: Aberrant Blood(Tail), Inhuman Vision(bonus), Waterspawn(bonus), Darkspawn(bonus); Multiweapon Fighting(bonus)
Flaws: Vulnerable(-1 AC), Shaky (-2 to ranged attacks)
Language known: Common.

Equipped: Trident, Heavy Steel Shield, tailscythe, leather armor(specially made), traveler's outfit
Possessions: Backpack and waterskin, bedroll, sacks (5), hemp rope (100 ft), and belt pouch(contains 10 gp, 4 sp)
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Postby Miss_Sidhe on Fri Apr 28, 2006 4:38 pm

extra-charrie for Wingies RP (if she's allowed :shifty:. If not I will move this post to OOC Bios and wait to stick her elsewhere )

Name: Miu Shiori Kintaro

Sex: Female

Age: 17

Hair: Jet black, poker straight and very long and fine.

Eyes: Espresso coloured and slanted in a feline manner.

Skin: Pale

Wings: Guinea Fowl wings with millions of little white dots on black

Height: 5ft 5

Build: Petite in most aspects with small hands and feet and a light bone-structure.


Basic idea of her looks.

I will update with history and such when I've played her a little more.
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Postby AkaraAri on Mon May 01, 2006 3:22 pm

Name: Miharu
Common Nickname: Miharu-Chan

Physical Description

Miharu is a strange little creature. It looks like a stuffed animal. short stubby legs, short stubby arms, the ability to hover a bit to move around though prefers to be carried.

Height: Approximately ~20 inches
Weight: Approximately 20-25 lbs.
Color: sky blue
Gender: Unknown

Personality: Miharu is very strange, generally almost lost in another world Miharu manages to be upbeat and happy even when the world's shattering around it. Very rarely will you ever see a down Miharu and when you do it's generally because something horrible has happened to one of it's friends. Being small and weak has many disadvantages, and Miharu generally needs saving alot, but has a few special techniques that make it a valuable ally. It's upbeat and playfulness especially during times of extreme sadness can get annoying but it's generally all in good fun. Miharu generally refuses to use a skill if told to do it, and generally won't use a skill unless it's comedic at the time. For example Miharu can mimic voices but will almost never do it for gain of his team, but will use it on his team for a cheap laugh.

History: Not much is known of Miharu and little stupid skills seem to pop up alot, the ability to read almost any language being one, the ability to imitate voices being another. Where Miharu came from is also unknown.

Skills: More than can be said, battle helpful skills include:

summon food: the ability to summon enough food portions for his party
small shield: miharu can summon a very tiny shield around itself to block projectiles or sword, very draining, can generally only be used once per battle
heal minor wounds: miharu can heal minor wounds
translation: can't understand anybody? keep miharu within a few feet of both of you and viola instant babelfish-like translations :)

Miharu's only attack is:
Stun player: touching Miharu's shield with something metal, or touching a miharu that really doesn't want to be touched results in either a minor shock or a complete paralyzing shock depending on how upset Miharu is

known non-battle skills

read language: can read any language
mimic voice: can mimic any voice
hover: lets him float and almost fly around a little, generally not much above your average person (max height 10 ft average height around 8 ft.)
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Postby Serendipity_EGS on Tue May 02, 2006 4:17 pm

Just so its around, here is extra character for Last Post Wins, to help me steal the lead :wink: , and possibly other future threads, a female form of my character Serendipity:

Name: Serenity

Sex: Female

Age: Early 20's

Description: Very similar to Serendipity (See here) but female - is slightly shorter, hair slightly longer. Also has Serendipity's ability to shift to male/female (Including anthro cat-squirrel) selves (likely as not will stay female majority of time!). Robes are different colour - more white and light green, reds, and rose colours too. Has two swords, one long the other shorter, but neither magical - for two-handed style fights! :D

Personality: Is similar to Serendipity - their personalities have changed a little, can vary from child-like to serious - usually happy having fun!

Life Hisotory: "Creation" is explained here. Basically, after created, spent a while trying to sort self out (as you would being your own female duplicate!) and helping brother sort out other issues back where they came from. Then returned with him to the LPW lands!
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Kanamura Nori - SSI

Postby Nori on Wed May 03, 2006 11:46 am

for SSI:

[ KanaNori Character Sheet v1.1.1 ]

Name: Kanamura Nori
Gender: Male
Age: unknown, appears to be mid-to-late teens
Height: ~5'6"/168cm
Weight: ~115lbs/52kg

Nori is a strange person who seems to exhibit multiple-personality traits.
His strange behavior led to him ultimately becoming a social outcast. He
never speaks much of his past in any of his four 'modes' though, and it is
questionable if he himself even knows.

[ Modes ]

For clarity's sake, each 'mode' shall be refered to herein with its own
name. Unless it is somehow brought to attention through legitimate means
during roleplay, these names are only to be used within this character sheet
or OOC. The four 'modes' are Gamer, Ichigo, Vanilla, and Kuro. A single
'mode' lasts as long as Nori is awake, and once he sleeps, he will wake up
in a different 'mode' each time. Certain 'modes' appear more often than others.
None of the different 'modes' are fully aware of each others' existence,
except possibly Kuro, though this cannot be officially confirmed since no
one has successfully spoken with him. They do, however, share some general
knowledge, and thus once one 'mode' meets someone or discovers something,
the others will bear this knowledge as well, albeit in their own ways, though
there have been instances in the past where this has not held to be true.

Gamer Nori is only slightly too wrapped up in the video games he so loves,
and as such his world and the real world are somewhat separate. His solution
to any problem is always one that, while entirely illogical and against
natural physics, sometimes manages to work anyway. Tends to be paranoid.
Gamer Nori tends to "speak" (if that is possible) in "leet". Don't think too much
about it, since there isn't much that can really be taken seriously in what he says,
and it may hurt your brain. This is done mostly to clearly indicate Gamer Nori's
presense, and possibly add to the feeling of him being a crazed gamer.
[ Ability: Pseudoexistentialism ] Gamer Nori's prime defensive skill, this
came to be through an incident in which he stayed awake for two weeks
roleplaying in a chat room, surviving on nothing but Bawls energy drinks and
Skittles. During this time he, in a delusional stroke of insight, developed
a theory he dubbed "the pseudoexistentialist law". He determined (again, in
a delusional stroke of insight) that the name was too long, and thus decided
to shorten it to "Pseudoexistentialism". This theory states that, on the
internet, nothing is real. Therefore, no attacks commited by an opponent can
be considered 'real', and thus they cannot theoretically 'hit' you. By this
logic, one can avoid any attack simply by ignoring it.
It was after he created this theory that he not only got flamed by the
other roleplayers for moding, but also passed out from exhaustion. Ever
since then, his view on reality became (a bit more) warped, and he believes
the theory of Pseudoexistentialism applied to the real world as well. What
no one can explain, however, is how it seems to be working, as so far every
single thing that could possibly have struck him has miraculously missed.
This does, however, have a somewhat serious after-effect. Since
Pseudoexistentialism is a theory devised by Gamer Nori, he must abide by its
rules at all times, lest it be disproven. This means that not only can he
choose to dodge almost anything, but his enemies, in relation to him, can do
the same.
Gamer Nori has found a sort of workaround for this, however, if he
is facing someone of lesser wit.
It involves a spoon.
It doesn't always work.

Ichigo Nori is child-like and tends to speak in third-person. He is
intelligent but naive, and his imagination tends to often be closer to the
truth than he realizes. He tends to be rather inquisitive, his naivete often
causing him to touch upon subjects that would be better left alone.
[ Ability: SAIPEB ] Dubbed the Stereotypical Anger-Induced Psychic Energy
Burst (or SAIPEB for short), this is something that occurs only when
Ichigo Nori becomes highly angry or upset. Due to the rarity of the
situation, and Ichigo Nori's apparent inability to actually remain angry for
any lengthy period of time, use of this "attack" is limited and requires
some strategy. It has been known to have varying effects ranging from
temporarily disabling electronic components to demolishing several city
blocks, depending on severity.

Vanilla Nori is much more "normal" than his other counterparts. His mind
seems to be several years ahead of his appearance, though; He is logical to
a fault, and lets reason guide his every move. As such he is very
down-to-earth, rarely if ever having his head in the clouds. He has a very
realistic outlook on life, accepting things as they are. He is somewhat
apathetic and schizoidal, however, and has difficulty socializing.
This is often furthered by his habit of sometimes speaking in his apparently
native Japanese tongue without thinking about it, though why only Vanilla Nori
does so is unclear.
Vanilla Nori does, interestingly enough, have a somewhat ironic weakness
to cute.
[ Passive Ability: Perception ] Vanilla Nori's advanced perceptive and
determinative abilities give him an edge in determining his opponents'
weaknesses/openings and movements, both physically and psychologically. This
gives him better-than-average evasion and accuracy, and the ability to think
through any situation logically and quickly. This also makes him rather
adept at seeing the unseen, and detecting what is hidden or isn't
immediately obvious.
[ Ability: UMX Grid ] Vanilla Nori exhibits the ability to control energy
siphons known as Ultimatrix (UMX) Gates. There are limits to his control,
however, as he can only create small, stationary, material grids. These
grids are approximately one-meter square, infinitely thin, and unbreakable.
They cannot move, cannot be created inside another solid-state object, and
can only last as long as he can maintain them, which at the rate that they
drain his own energy, is a few minutes at best. The range at which
Vanilla Nori can create and maintain a UMX Grid is approximately five
meters. They can absorb harmful energy, but doing so causes them to drain
even more from Vanilla Nori. Common uses of UMX Grids are as temporary
stationary shields, bridges over small gaps, and walls to block openings.
Vanilla Nori uses this skill only when necessary, however, as it is
believed that by utilizing UMX Gates, one is slowly trading their own life
energy for the power, and will one day be consumed by it.
How Vanilla Nori came to learn this ability, not even he remembers.

Kuro Nori is the fourth and final 'mode' and it is extremely rare that he
ever makes an appearance. Little, if anything, is known about him, mostly
due to the fact that he tends to avoid other people as much as possible in
this mode.

[ Changelog ]

1.1.1 - minor proofreading changes.
1.1.0 - added notes on certain modes' speech habits.

[ EOF ]
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Postby AkaraAri on Mon May 08, 2006 5:24 am

Character orignally from "Mai World" - a work in progress by bobdaduck.

Name: Mai Sorata
Age: 18
Sex: Female

Flaws: Introverted and shy, blind.

Physical Description: mai is not extemely beautiful, nor is she ugly. She is a little meatier than most cheerleaders due to a lack of exercise but is still on the thinner side, due to not eating much. She has beautiful long red hair which is really uncharacteristic of her japanese heritage of which she knows so little. She's approximately 5'4" and 135 lbs. She also has a very standard birthmark on her thigh. The birthmark is not specially shaped.

Special abilities: Mai can see though the eyes of her imaginary friend Kudo. Mai can't remember far enough back to remember when she created Kudo.

Description. Mai is not a very strange teenage girl. She's angsty and introverted, mostly due to being blind all of her life. She was born blind, and is still blind today. Whenever Kudo is not around Mai is actually limited to everything that a blind girl is limited to. She can read braille, and is above average intelligence. She is not a genius, even though she is perceptive. The only reason she's so perceptive is due to her blindness, having to pay attention to every sound, to every smell, to the change in temperature and air pressure just to survive, and not having to worry about seeing has taught her to not rely on her site. She carries a cane around with her and has gotten very proficient at using it. She also has a seeing eye dog named Eloi. (many reasons behind this)

Heritage: Mai was born and raised in America but she has Japanese heritage. She doesn't know alot of her heritage but knows that's where her name comes from. She also has faint hints of asian in her, mostly in her eyes. Both Mai's parents are middle class hard working people. Not having too little money, or having alot of money. Her dad is a network admin and her mom sews hand made quilts. She's learned both computer skills and sewing from her parents.

Hobbies: Mai tends to spend most of her time talking or being with Kudo, though she is trying to branch out and make aquantances now. She also keeps a poetry book of average written poetry. She has tried to get a couple published but they weren't good enough. She won one or two school contests but lost many. Mai also loves to sew her own skirts and t-shirts.

Clothing: Mai sews most of her skirts and shirts herself generally rannging in length and color. She also generally wears stockings to cover her birth mark. She doesn't make them out of need for money but her parents are grateful she enjoys it. Her favorite outfit is a gray skirt medium length, blue stockings, and a black t-shirt with black slipper shoes.

Sub Character Sheet's


Kudo is basically Mai's imagination. It is a little purple amorphus blob. Able to change shapes at will. It's also highly intelligent, and can speak rather well. Mai's only intelligent comrade in this world, and the person/thing that shows her such great gifts as color, and wriitng. Nobody truly understand what color is until they've been shown it.


Sub Character


breed: Golden Retriever

Eloi is a seeing eye dog. Mai never really wanted a dog. She felt they were stupid. So when her parents told her they'd dipped into her college fund to get the seeing eye dog Mai was furious. She then named the dog after a race in a book she read (if you're interested wikipedia "Eloi." The dog seemed determined to prove her wrong. Instead of being hyper and stupid like she expected him to be Eloi is actually highly intelligent and calm. Mai still hates most dogs but finds she can't help but love Eloi.
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Postby Dekupower on Mon May 08, 2006 12:31 pm

Name:Zephyr (zeff-er)
Age: 17
Race: Fox-boy

Appearence:has two orange/red fox ears ontop of his head and a fox tail of the same color besides that Zephyr looks like a normal 17 year old he has brown hair which comes down to his eyes he wears a pair of jeans with a whole for his tail and he normally wears a white t-shirt usually wears shoes but will often go bare foot and Zephyr is 5'11 feet tall.

weapons: Zephyr uses a 40" long version of the buster sword because of Cloud who is his hero.

personality: Zephyr is very relaxed and care free most of the time and dosent like to be sullen. he trys to be very nice to people but can and will get annoyed if your mean to him. in the end he craves attention and needs to feel loved.Oh and he loves noodles.

history: on his own world his race was very comon but as of lat other races came to his land forcing many of his race to leave which soon as his breathren became scarce his appearence was mocked and Zephyr left to find a home where he can live in peace this constant ridicule is often the explanation for his urge to be excepted and loved.
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Postby Jonixlord on Mon May 08, 2006 4:33 pm

for the Twilight City RP:

Name: Trave Quifton
Race: Squirrel-man (I will not be a Squirrel-boy!)
Age: 22
Height: 5'8" (He's part squirrel. Shut up.)
Build: Scrawny
Hair Color: Dark brown
Skin Color: Brown Fur
Powers/Weapons: Trave uses an enchanted Bo-Staff. It has a jem embedded in one end that gives it electrical powers including the ability to shoot a lightningball though it drains a lot of energy, shocking aura which zaps people on contact, and a short burst of speed for the user that can be used once a day.

History: Not much is known about Trave, mostly becasue he can't remember anything past the age of 14. What he does know about his past is that his parents abandoned him when he was a baby. He doesn't put it in his mind, though, and tries to have fun.

Personality: A jokester. Very comfortable around most people. Hates to be around people who can't take a joke. Not easily angered.
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Postby jjs1066 on Fri May 12, 2006 10:44 am

For the Twilight City RP:

Name: Jim

Race: Human, may or may not be a shape shifter. It has been said by some that soon
after Jim moves into a new neighborhood they start seeing a large black and white cat
around that has not seen before.

Appearance: About two meters tall and around a hundred kilos. Late middle age [50+], dark
hair with some gray, same for the beard. gray eyes, wears glasses for reading, very fit and
just a little worn from lots of time on the road. Its not hard to see that Jim had been a
soldier at one time, and now was just another old mercenary. Except that he does not
have that hungry look of a man who does not know where his next meal is going to come

Weapons: Sword, gun and knife, a man
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Postby Jesse_God_of_Awesome on Fri May 12, 2006 6:37 pm

Age: 16
Sex: Female
Species: Hyena, Human
Heritage: She was created by Scroll the Scribe, who used the Essence of Naga the White Serpent and Lina Inverse.
Class: Sorceress
Appearance: She may take the form of a hyena, half-hyena, or human. Think Grace, but hyena. In human form, she seems to be an exact clone of Lina except for a bust and clothing similar ot Naga. In hyena form, she is taller, the same height as Naga.
Powers: Fireball, Ice Bullet, Burst Rondo, Digger Bolt, Lightning, Ray Wing, Dragon Slave, Shape Shifting
Personality: Usually she will take after Naga, but a Lina-like person occasionaly emerges.
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Postby Cameo on Sun May 14, 2006 4:53 pm

If anyone cares to check back five pages, I made some small changes to Mira's bio.
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Postby Kum-El on Sun May 14, 2006 5:40 pm

'Veari' RP:

Name: Bryan Gardener (Bry)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Education: College Freshmen, Biology Major thinking of minoring in Theatre
Appearance (Real World): Roughly average height and weight, but slightly stronger than he looks. His hair is dark black and worn just long enough to cover the top half of his ears, on account of being teased about having 'Spock ears' as a kid. His eyes, in stark contrast to his hair color, are a pale blue. Often seen wearing jeans and a Star Wars t-shirt. In more formal situations this changes to khaki or navy blue slacks and a button up shirt. He also has two parallel scars on his right cheek that slope from up near the outer edge of his right eye down to just above his mouth, relics of a childhood encounter with an escaped panther at a zoo.

Appearance (Veari): The easiest way to describe it is Jedi, though less Old Republic and more a combination of Anakin in episode's two and three and Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi. In addition to the clothing the most obvious change is that his eyes go from a pale blue to what could be called diamond-like, as well as becoming tilted like an elf's. His skills also center around the Jedi he resembles, wielding a lightsaber-like blade capable of deflecting energy attacks and having some rudimentrary telekinesis, which he's working on refining. He's had no luck yet on sensing his surroundings or similar acts of telepathy, but that hasn't stopped him from trying to develop them.

Hobbies: Karate, Star Wars, Track and Field, Amtgard (Running around fighting with foam weapons if you want the quick explaination)
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Postby Grim Atescu on Mon May 15, 2006 11:23 am

Veari RP.

Name: Jonas
[n]Age:[/b] 18
Grade/education: College Freshman
Appearance: Jonas is a tall, physically large young man with long hair dyed blue. He has green eyes, and wears Lennon-style glasses. He often wears a black trenchcoat and blue tennis shoes, and he has clip-on sunglasses. Underneath the trenchcoat, he wears a T-shirt with a print of Agent Smith on it and a pair of old jeans that look ragged and worn. He also wears a black headband. He's often seen reading; his favorite books include The Fountainhead, The Complete Stories of Edgar Allen Poe, and the Harry Potter series. He also tends to comment on movies he likes, and will often use quotes from them to illustrate his points; his favorites are The Matrix (hasn't seen the other two), V for Vendetta, and Lord of the Rings. His favorite actor is (if you haven't guessed) Hugo Weaving.
Virtual self: Jonas's virtual self differs from Jonas in a few ways. First, his hair is actually blue - none of this "dyed" stuff. Second, he doesn't really wear the trenchcoat; his jeans and t-shirt, however, become darker, and his jeans look new instead of beat-up and old. Finally, his virtual self is a little smaller-framed than Jonas. This virtual self "knows kung-fu", as Jonas likes to say, and is able to wield a bo staff very well.
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Postby Dekupower on Mon May 15, 2006 2:29 pm

Veari RP

Name:Zephyr D. Lygon (only teachers call him by his last name)

Age:18 and a half

Grade/education:college freshman (has no idea what to major in will probably go into buisness)

:plain light brown sandles , jean shorts and a white short sleeve shirt he has brown hair which is neat but a bit shaggywhich slightly covers his birght blue eyes. he has no facial hair and does his best to keep it that way as he thinks he looks terrible with hair anywhere but his head, though he looks much taller he is only 5'11 he hates it because he had always wanted to be 6 feet so that he'd be taller than his two (older) brothers so he will always thinks of himself as very short.

Virtual self
:his hair and eye color remains the same so does his height to his great dismay he has a glowing blue helmet which covers his eyes which gives him the ability to sense everything around him with his mind giving him heigtened sight and hearing. he wears a zip up short sleeve shirt with no collor and shorts with tennis shoes. he wears fingerless gloves which can summon into his hands two hand guns that look like glowing blue gun cons. with these guns he can fire repidly with perfect aim as he senses the weak spots on enemys using his helmet.

Hobbies:Zephyr enjoys reading sci-fi and adveture novels which he can read for hours without stoping. His favorite thing to do is play his Fender Starcaster his most prized possesion he hates being away from it and barly ever lets anyone touch it but himself.

Abilitys in the virtual world: his helmet gives him hightened perception for super sight and sensitive hearing. his dexterity is that of a professional gymnest and is nearly a sharp shooter with his pistols which as mentioned before connect with his helmet to allow split secound aiming. if his guns are ever knocked away from him he can focus and resummon them back to his hands.

: He always tries to keep in a good mood and will try and get anyone who is bummed tolighten up. he does his best to be dependable and responsible about everything but school his greatest flaw is he is the true definition of a procrastinator and you will often find him cramming for a last minute exam or paper.
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Postby Atashi-Cloud on Mon May 15, 2006 2:54 pm

Veari RP(Code: Lyoko Redux)

Name: Myste(no known last name)
Age: unknown, but assumed the same as everyone else
Gender: female
Education/College: none, as she literally lives in Veari.
Virtual Appearance(would she have a physical prescence yet?): Myste stands about 5 feet and wears emerald robes that are resemblant of a shrine priestess from Japan. She doesn't carry any weapons, but is connected to the world itself, and can sense XANA's powers when a tower has been activated. Her hair is tied back into a ponytail that is braided and has a large ring to weigh it down in the back.

Abilities: Terrain synthesis, which creates an object made out of the area around them...think like the powers a Geomancer would use and this ability covers it, though the object has to be solid. She can also create illusions of herself, and is the only one who can shut down a tower in Veari to stop XANA. She has no backlashes to her powers as she is intrinsically linked to the virtual world and the computer, and thus is stuck there and prone to attacks from XANA.
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Postby Dave_Cove on Wed May 17, 2006 9:13 am

Name: Dave Cove (aka David Covert)
Gender: Male
Species: Human?
Age: 23 (appears to be around 19-20)
Height: 6'2"
Build: Slim
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Weapons: Spear, Gun, and Energy Distrupter (with a handy stun setting)
Equiptment (other then the weapons listed above) Time manipulating watch, Specialy equipt glasses (like ted but with a safty over the X-ray option....), PAD Computer, and a pocket full of random gadgets.
Abilities: Reality Travle, Shadow walking, Tons of gadgets (a metaphisics stabilizer comes in handy when you have Ellen V-fying everyone...)

BIO: Dave is a Reality Walker who travels with his ship "Reality's End." where he's from and why he is here is a secret he would prefere not to give...
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Postby MysticForms on Wed May 17, 2006 11:19 am

From Here to There and Back Again RP

Height: 6'0"
Weight: about 200lbs
Race: Half cat person
Gender: Male
Power: Can turn into any form that he has "acquired", he does this by touching an animal and concentrating. At the moment he has Hedgehog, Fox, and Squirrel. And an undiscovered part of his power so secret that i don't even know what it is

Appearance: Yellow fur aover all his body, messy Black hair, his fur has occasional Dark Orange stripes on it in random places.

Weapons: whatever his form happens to have
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Postby Cameo on Wed May 17, 2006 5:28 pm

*directs Dave and MysticForms to the off-topic-bios thread*
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Postby kitsune106 on Wed May 17, 2006 7:04 pm

Wingies RP
Drake Chadwick
Age: 18.
Sex: male
Drake is 18, about 5 feet 10 inches, and has black hair and brown eyes. His wings are a bit different, being smaller, shorter and alike to humming bird wings. It is most likely a coincidence that his wings are hyperactive compared to other wignies just as Drake himself is hyperactive. He can hover and even fly a bit backwards like a humming bird, but he pays for it in increased energy used. Due to the shorter wingspan, Drake needs to flap more often to fly, and the hovering and backwards really burn up his energy.

Drake is curious, and has excepted the wings and has some trouble accepting that others would hate him for the wings, but he enjoys talking to the others. When flying, Drake goes as minimal as possible in clothing if he can, as the less weight he has to carry, the better he finds it. He enjoys the flying, although he does find it annoying. Drake is easily distracted at times, although he also has crazy ideas. And likes to ask questions and tries to think about weird stuff. A bit shy, but once he gets to know someone, he can talk their ears off. He prefers sci-fi and fantasy books and sometimes tries to come up with theories for why the wings, although they are usually bizarre and come from random thoughts.

Drake Chadwick Back Story

Drake, before the change, enjoyed some fantasy and sci-fi books, as well as combat games for strategy. He disliked horror books, and was fascinated with books on changes or where humanity has been altered.
Drake was an ADHD 17 year old, when the wings came. He was home in his room when the pain of the wings came, shredding his shirt and causing him to scream in pain as his wings forced themselves out. He was freaked at first at having wings come out, but then he got distracted in them, wondering what he could do with them. He had the foresight to practice over the local pool, but not the foresight to avoid non winged people, not realizing others would resent or hate his wings. Needless to say, he was attacked and only managed to get home. His parents, although also freaked out, were helpful and tried to help. Alas, their willingness to help was used against when another wingie appeared and offered to protect Drake and train him how to survive in the world which was increasingly becoming anti-wingie. Drake and his parents agreed, not knowing that Drake was going to enter an extreme wingie faction.

At the faction, Drake discovered that he was different, as his wings were shorter then normal, although he could flap them faster, more like a humming bird, and was able to hover and even fly backwards. His hovering was more of a controlled bopping up in place, able to fly upwards somewhat in place, although only slowly and the extreme flapping it required really exhausted him. Drake was a bit suspicious about the group at first, but his concerns were put to ease by saying that wingies needed to be able to defend themselves against non wingied aggressors. Drake had not put two and two together yet, and he trained as well he could, not knowing that he would soon be committing a terrorist attack.
It occurred shortly after he turned 18. He was asked to use his ability to hover to plant a device outside of a window at a skyscraper. Drake did so, not knowing that he had placed a claymore mine, which killed the anti-wingy business leader as well as 5 other innocent people. When he learned of what he did, Drake was distressed. His parents had realized him to be a somewhat morally decent person and although he believed in self-defense, what he had just done shook him to his core. He left the group, taking his few belongs and the training he had gotten (basic hand to hand and some specialized maneuvers for wingies to attack from the air), and left, trying to find a sanctuary to go to, and retreat from the world. Drake needed time to come to terms with what he had done and decide on his future. He learned of the apartment complex in nowhere and managed to be accepted, although he is unsure what job he can do to earn his keep.
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adventuring goblins:
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Postby Cameo on Thu May 18, 2006 6:08 am

Veari RP

Name: Simone Isabella Sinclair
Age: 19
Species: Human
Height: 5'2
Build: petite
Hair: Naturally pale blonde, straight, and shoulder-length.
Eyes: Olive green
Skin tone: Light
Gender: Female
Intelligence: Above average
Education: College sophomore

Appearance: Attractive and she knows it; Simone puts a lot of thought and work into looking good, and it pays off. Her small size and delicate features make her seem almost like a doll; one of those Barbie-type dolls with a zillion outfits, although with significantly less deformed... proportions.
On the left we have normal Simone in a typical outfit; on the right, we have Veari Simone. (However, Veari Simone doesn't carry that purse.)

Clothing: Simone's tastes lean towards dressier outfits, with sort of an elegance to them (and her affluent family allows her to actually wear said clothing). She isn't influenced much by what's in style, however, more what she believes looks good. Wears skirts a lot more often than pants, but saves dresses for parties and formal occasions.

Virtual Self:
Nearly identical physically, save for a pair of disproportionate batwings (much too small to fly with; they're essentially decorative). Wears a black, off-the-shoulder, knee-length black dress and lace-up red sandals with one-inch heels.

Personality: Simone is very conscious of her own and others' appearances, and has very little problem with criticizing (usually from a distance) the way complete strangers look. Although she generally doesn't actually say anything if the person in question is a friend, things that go against her sense of style tend to stick out in her eyes.

Putting aside her most obvious trait, however, Simone is very loyal to the friends she does have (she's not that great at making them, although she has some casual friends in the in-crowd) and quick-witted; she has a way with words, which is most often put to work in graphic analogies of people's outfits. She's also very organized and neat, and a 'people person.'

Background: Simone's life has largely been sheltered and relatively uninteresting. She was born into a wealthy family, which combined with her natural social skills allowed her to become popular in elementary school; she kept this status until midway through her junior year, when an incident she refuses to talk about forcibly ejected her from the clique.

Aftwerwards, her life returned to 'uninteresting' status; she got good grades and gained entrance into Generic University; its distance from her old home made it a bit of a fresh start for her, where no one would know about what happened at her high school.

Except for a truly amazing sense of style (not to mention incredible modesty), nothing in the real world.

On Veari, Simone is photokinetic; she can generate sudden bursts of light or create a shroud of localized darkness via psionically controlling photons.
She also carries a concealed dagger, which rarely sees use and exists only in the virtual world. (There isn't really anywhere to conceal it, so it's probable that she in fact stores it in a pocket dimension or dematerializes it and conjures a new one each time.)

Random Facts:
Simone will only tolerate her name being shortened to 'Simmy' if the person doing so is a relative or someone with whom she has a romantic relationship.
Very little is known about what happened in high school, but this is what we've pieced together:
Another girl- Haley Donaldson- was new at the time, and became very popular afterwards.
An inexplicable amount of mustard was found splattered all over the cafeteria on a date close to the incident.
The date has been approximated as between March 5-8.
She skipped six days of school over the next three weeks.
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Postby TeddVerres on Fri May 19, 2006 5:14 pm

I don't care if they Allow me in or not, keenFans RP can expect me to be their!

Name: TeddVerres
Age: 14
Personality: Narcisistic, but helpful. SUffers form the occasional delusion of Grandure, but is normaly level headed. Generous, but VERY accepting of gifts! Easily angered or Depressed. Has a FLare for the Dramatic(In SHort, JUST LIKE ME :3)
Favorite Emotion: Psychotic Anger
Weapon of Choice: Microphone, Blender
Fighting Style:Custom Style Screw Driving(Defence witha Screw Driver)
.....................Staff of Dreams
.....................Custom Style Judgement Ring(Defence with Hula-Hoop)
Flaw: Talks Alot
Skills: Bar Tending, TF Gun Smithing, Research
Appearance: Just liek the real Tedd Verres cept with purple Facial Hair.... BOO YAH!
Hobbies: Bartending, Reading, Gabbing Randomly, Working on TF Guns
Gets a Kick out Of: Serving People "Russian Roulettes", a mixture of Feme Cola, Furry Juice, and SHrink SOda in which the chemicals are mixed so well that the effects are randomized. YOu might drink them with no effects, you might wind up wakier than RavenB(Amount Served:3
People Served: MysticForm(Turned into Female Cat-GirL))
BackStory: Little is known about TeddVerres. Not knowing much of his own past, what he does recall is graphic.....
A Cold Table, a Man who looks just like him, a Tube filled with a Noxious Green Liquid, and the Shadowy Man with the Glasses.......
His good memory only spans to about 3 Years ago, when he woke up outside a bar in downtown Moperville. He was taken in and taught the essentials of Bar Tending. He later moved to the Universe of KeenFans, Searching for his orgins, and to open his own bar! Despite his Graphc Memories of his past, he continues to have an Upbeat attitude.... most of the time. He has told no one about his mysterious past......
Personal Posetions: Ripped Up Report he found next to himself when he first woke up, onyl found this info: Experiment: TeddVerres..... Failure.... Appearance: Slightly Off...... Personality: Way Off....... ABilities: None to Show.....
...........................The Blender his Bar Tending Mentore Gave him
...........................A Book on the History of Uryuoms and Earth Interactions

Ill get into the comics soon enough!


Wow I can't draw.... and unfortunetly this is my best drawing ever!
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Postby MOOMANiBE on Sun May 21, 2006 2:27 pm

Name: Aura Irosa
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9
Species: Human

General Personality: Generally cheerful and bright, Aura loves to make friends. Unforutnately, she's also relatively naive and perhaps
a bit too trusting of others. Deep down, she's afraid of abusing her powers and tries to repeat the mantra of "using them for good"
that's been drilled into her by superhero comics. She very much dislikes fighting and tries to stay away from it.

Abilities: Aura is telekinetic. This does not mean she's psychic. She cannot "sense" anything. She can "shove" things
with her mind, by applying a force to them. thus, when she is lifting something, she is simply "pushing" it up, rather than
holding it. This means that any object she is manipulating can be fairly easily grabbed away.
To use her abilites, she generally requires clear line of sight, as she needs to know were something is before she can move it.
Things that are farther away are harder for her to accurately manipulate -- she has a fair chance of "missing" if she can't clearly tell
where it is in space. Things she knows intimately, like her own body, she can move with her eyes closed. She can also
lift herself with less effort than most objects, allowing her to "fly", although she is still working out exactly how
to control it.
When Aura uses her abilities, her eyes glow a light blue. The power of this glow tends to differ depending on how much effort she is exerting. Her powers consume energy directly from her body, and extensive use can exhaust her -- and make her EXTREMELY hungry.
She tends to have a ravenous appetite after using her abilities.

Clothing: Aura wears the suit that was issued to her when she joined the UFSF. It's form-fitting and adapting, self-cleaning, and runs off
solar power. Having worn it for most of her life, she tends to feel more comfortable when wearing it. However, she does not object to the
occasional casual dress. She refuses to wear shoes, claiming that they're uncomfortable.

Background: Born to middle-class parents in a suburban neighborhood in Cheydan, capital of the United Federation of States.
As a young child, she soon discovered that she could.. push things. not physically, but with her mind. Strange abilities
tend to draw attention. The next day, a government agent came knocking at her parents' door. His offer could not have
been more surprising; It was a job offer. The government was looking for "special" recruits. A next-generation crime-fighting
force. And they wanted her. It was made abundantly clear that if they refused, there was of course no way the government could spare the
officers to protect the family from the anti-mutant rioters that would no doubt be arriving at their doorstep soon.
So she was taken out of school and placed into a training division of the newly-formed UFSF, United Federation Special Forces.
Rather than a strict military company, this was designed from the ground up specifically to hone the special abilities of its
"recruits". At 16, she became a member of the very first UFSF active squad, taking the informal position of second-in-command thanks
primarily to her seniority as one of the first recruits into the program.
She took quickly to the primarily PR-focused duties of the unit -- participating in public events and mainly being seen
as "The friendly face of the mutant population." It was clear to the members of the UFSF that despite their
combat qualifications, they were mainly being used for propaganda. But that was okay. After all, it was an enjoyable job
and she was getting paid, right? Still naive from her relative isolation at the age of 20, she didn't even think to question
the government's rather unsafe practice of experiments.
One night she awoke to a howling noise outside her quarters. Heading down the hall, she found a giant, gaping nothingness where the
rest of the UFSF complex should have been. Of course, she had no idea what it was. It's not often that one sees a rip between
the dimensional walls. She was also unprepared for the suction. A chair caught her in the back as she braced herself, flinging
her directly into the emptiness.

[RP stories will begin here, once I've actually started ;D]

This picture should be used as reference for appearance and clothing.
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Revised August 29, 2006 to include some things that have popped up in the main EGS Forum, mainly in the Abilities/Artifacts and Physical Abilities sections.
Revised September 20, 2006 to finally explain the System/360 HyperCluster and the tendency for the Professor to throw 1201 Alarms
Revised March 24, 2007 to fix broken link (curse you, Comcast) and add a link to some info on the original Sailor Moon S version of the Professor
Revised September 3, 2007 to include info about the devices that protect the lab from intruders
Revised April 24, 2008 to include info about new items introduced in various RPs

Keenfans RP (or wherever the character might appear)

Name: ProfessorTomoe
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 4"
Nationality: Half Japanese, Half American (Central Texas, on mother's side)
Species: Human on the outside (see backstory)
Build: Slim, but not skinny
Hair: Hidden in a jet black shadow most of the time, but it used to be white.
Eyes: Never seen. No visible facial features for that matter, other than a wide grin and a blue aura around his round spectacles.
Skin tone: Usually hidden in jet black shadow, except for his hands which, when seen, are a normal Caucasian flesh tone
Intelligence: Unmeasured
Education: PhDs in genetic engineering and nuclear physics while human (see below)


NOTE: ProfessorTomoe is based upon the character by the same name from the "Sailor Moon S" series (here's a link to info on the original Professor). However, the backstory and other details are different. The appearance is identical except that his head is never seen outside of the dark shadow that surrounds him (he's learned from past mistakes).

General Personality: ProfessorTomoe is quiet when in public. He likes to watch things happen from a distance, and on occasion cause those things to happen (again, from a distance). Rarely deals with other people, but is friendly on the outside when approached. When he does deal with others, it's usually for one of two reasons:

1. He wants something.
2. He wants to affect something.

In the case of #1, he always makes sure he has something to offer in return. The second case usually involves him either setting something in motion or tampering with something that's happening.

He loves to watch things go awry, but he is not necessarily evil. He may jump into a situation and save everybody's skin (from behind the scenes), only to see that they're dumped right into another equally bad if not worse situation. He could be described as "chaotic neutral." Then again, it's not wise to pigeonhole him into that description...

Background: ProfessorTomoe was born Tomoe Souichi in Austin, Texas, to a Japanese father and an American mother. His parents met while graduate students at the University of Texas. The family moved to Tokyo when he was seven so that his father could teach chemistry at Tokyo University. He followed his father into the sciences, earning a PhD in genetic engineering and another in nuclear physics by the age of 32.

The Professor was heterosexual while fully human. He never married because he never had time, but he did have several relationships that ended mostly on friendly notes. Sex is now mostly irrelevant to him, but his human side is still straight.

While collaborating on an experiment with a team of exobiologists and nuclear physicists, he was involved in an accident that destroyed the lab and most of the building it was in. He was the only survivor. The experiment sought to investigate string theory and how the multiple higher dimensions it predicts would affect organic matter. Something went horribly wrong, the upshot of which was that he was now the host of a being from another dimension. This being saved him from death and changed his appearance to what he is now. After a brief furor in the Japanese press over the incident and the (unreleased) fate of the survivor, he disappeared from public life.

He is the host of an alien creature, but not necessarily an unwilling host. The creature (who he calls his "companion" or "friend" when not speaking in the first-person plural) boosted his intelligence to unmeasurable heights and brought him much new knowledge, allowing him to conduct research and experiments in ways he'd never dreamed possible. In exchange, the creature has been able to experience an entirely new universe, and while doing so basically meddle in human affairs as much as it wants. ProfessorTomoe's mind has only been slightly twisted in the fusion, which tends to keep any deaths from his new work down to a bare minimum.

He only has one goal now: find out what happens whenever possible, whatever the situation. Pure cause and effect.

Abilities and Artifacts: ProfessorTomoe used the knowledge he gained from the multidimensional creature to create a way for him to cross distances and dimensions. He uses a device he calls a "PH jumper, " officially an abbreviation for "ParaHyperspace jumper" (but referred to by the few who know of its existence as a "PlotHole jumper"). It looks suspiciously like a remote entry keyfob for a 1996 Saturn SL2. He can use this device to traverse distances up to one Astronomical Unit, or up to almost 93 million miles, by traveling through a conveniently squeezed higher dimension (hence the "PlotHole" nickname). He can also use it to cross over into other higher dimensions, but he cannot move more than the circumference of the Earth when he does this.

The PlotHole Jumper also has limited molecular manipulation abilities. It has been used to reconstitute creatures that one of his grafted appendages has digested (see below for more on grafting). Reconstitution usually requires a trip through a PlotHole into a random dimension, although the target dimension can sometimes be specified if the reconstituted organism isn't too large.

The Professor has taken advantage of the PH Jumper to build a rather large (and now damn near intrusion/detection-proof) laboratory in a "Pocket" dimension off of the current reality plane. This is where he goes when he seemingly disappears for no reason. He has built devices which allow him to monitor and communicate with the base dimension, but he must cross back into this dimension if he wants to otherwise directly interact with it. He has a "storefront" lab in the base dimension, which he uses to build larger objects on contract and to deliver and receive goods.

NOTE: One of several devices protecting the lab is a Dimensional Distortion Field (DDF for short). This field acts on any matter or energy that crosses it without authorization, with devastating results. To date, attempted break-ins have resulted in the culprits being reduced to a fine mist of their bodies' component molecules, although it is capable of wreaking other havoc if programmed properly. The field's effects can be time-delayed, again depending on the situation. Fortunately the Professor usually has a sense of humor (albeit twisted) about break-ins; as a result, the DDF victims to date have been reconstituted with wiped memories (and in one case, sans clothing).

The Professor's "friend" was a genius on several levels in his home dimension, but he was perhaps most skilled in technology based on something most humans would normally consider rather harmless. That technology involves the use and manipulation of marshmallows. These inocuous little treats are in fact highly dangerous objects in the creature's home dimension thanks to a slight difference in the way his dimension's physics operate. The creature has been able to adapt his skills towards marshmallow tech in other dimensions, and he has passed this knowledge on to the Professor. For that reason, the Professor is never without a bag of oddly-colored marshmallows in his lab coat, and you can never be sure just what will happen if one of these "treats" is unleashed.

One can never tell what kind of technology, weaponry, or instrumentation The Professor will whip out at any time. To date, he has utilized the following in various RPs:

* HoloCorder - a device capable of taking a wide range of measurements. Also used to create holographic records of incidents. Can be operated remotely.

* Stasis Bubble Generators - devices capable of encasing targets in stasis fields by way of targetable Stasis Bubbles. Early versions were quite large, but he now has handheld versions which can be combined with other items (see below).

* PlotHole Vortex Generator - a very large version of the PlotHole jumper, capable of creating PlotHoles large enough to swallow a medium-sized singularity. Usually mounted on a vehicle of some sort.

* c-vector Weaponry - perhaps the most devastating item in The Professor's arsenal. A combination of a Stasis Bubble Generator and a PlotHole projection device. Any item hit by this is accelerated at a right angle to the speed of light, effectively removing the target from reality. No target has ever managed to find its way back into reality after suffering a hit from a c-vector weapon.

Physical Abilities: ProfessorTomoe is physically normal aside from his shadowy appearance. He has no special physical abilities aside from those that come from something he's added onto himself in his lab. The exception to this would be speed and reflexes - his "friend" has given him (and his grafted organisms) the ability to react and move faster than the eye can see over short distances (less than 50 meters). This ability, combined with the PlotHole Jumper, usually allows him to escape attacks aimed his way.

His body mass and surface area limit what he can graft or implant. However, his grafting abilites are pretty well unlimited in terms of the organisms that he can fuse to his body. As long as it can shrink down to fit, and as long as it doesn't weigh so much that he can't walk, he can graft it to himself.

The fusion with the alien does allow him to avoid sleep for long periods without mental degredation, but when he goes too long he has a tendency to fall asleep without much warning. He no longer needs to eat, but he occasionally does so just for the experience.

The Professor and his alien friend have implemented one item of technological assistance to maximize the potential of their symbiotic relationship. They have linked themselves on a partial neural level to a massive HyperCluster of computers - specifically, several million radiation-hardened IBM System/360 Model 67 units running CP-67. The systems are spread across millions of alternate dimensions and are linked via cross-dimensional interfaces. The System/360 known in this dimension is an old design which dates back to the late 1960s, but its counterparts in other dimensions are quite different to the point of some being unrecognizable as computers to people from this dimension. The things that link them all are their common heritage (there's an IBM in every dimension, or so it seems) and the lucky coincidence that they all seem to be capable of at least understanding the CP-67 operating system developed in this dimension.

There is a drawback to this link, though. Due to the way the neural link operates, and due to the limitations of the common software that forms the basis of the link, certain sensory inputs can cause the link to experience a buffer overflow. Put simply, too much cute can cause a lockup. Other images that trigger emotional states can have the same result, but cuteness is the biggest culprit. When a lockup occurs, the Professor will issue a "1201 Alarm," an error message from code in the system that dates back to the Apollo lunar missions. 1201 Alarms do not incapacitate the Professor, but they do briefly make him flustered and a bit absent-minded until he can get the link back online.

To prevent (or at least lessen the occurrence of) 1201 Alarms, the Professor has dedicated part of the HyperCluster to a buffer. This area stores images that can be used to counter the effects of overly-cute images (or others that similarly inspire emotional overloads). Most of the buffer data is collected from's imageboards, mainly /b/. The data in the buffer needs to be refreshed from time to time to prevent 1201 Alarms. Rapid sensory input can outstrip the buffer's ability to cope, and to that end the Professor is working on a constant datastream link to keep the buffer fully loaded and refreshed at all times. That link is not yet fully functional, due to problems with keeping certain 4chan imagery out of the stream (mainly /c/, /cm/, and /y/).
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