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Postby DarkShive on Sun Mar 19, 2006 9:59 am

This forum is a place to discuss the going-ons at

This forum is rather open, as any number of topics could result from the blog posts and the like, but I ask that "roleplaying" and "game" threads be taken elsewhere (such as EGSMayhem).

As with the EGS forums, if one gives me story and/or project suggestions here, it should be considered the same as giving me permission to use the idea. Please note that I am simply referring to things like "oh, Dan, you should do such and such" or "Dan, it would be cool if _____ happened in one of your projects", or "I think this might happen in Dan's story next". This would NOT apply to someone talking about their own work, ie "I'M making a comic about such and such". On the flip side, if one said "Dan should make a comic about such and such", that would apply, etc.

The entire reason for the rule is that some people claim authors steal from them when they correctly speculate what might happen in future stories, or suggest things the author has already considered, which is annoying, because they usually reach that conclusion as logically as the author would have. An example of this is when someone suggests the use of a so-far-unused Shakespearian character to Greg Weisman of Gargoyles. That character may not have been used yet, but it's logical to conclude that it's probably already occured to Greg Weisman to consider using the character (who has included a great many Shakespearian characters in the past, most notable being MacBeth). Nonetheless, according to a website of Greg Weisman, some fans still give him a look of "hey, you're stealing my idea!" when he says he's already thought about it when they suggest using a new shakespearian character to him.

Pete Abrams of Sluggy Freelance avoids parts of his forums as a result of this sort of thing (ie people speculating correctly then getting mad at Pete over it), and I don't want to have to do that. I like chatting in my forums, hence the rule.

Also, don't feed the trolls. If someone is trolling the forum, ignore them. If they need to be dealt with, I will deal with them and their posts myself. I have administrator status at the Keenspot forums and can ban trolls if necessary.
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