AAR 94:"Hockey: It Brings People Together" 3:11-15

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AAR 94:"Hockey: It Brings People Together" 3:11-15

Postby jeffk on Sat Jul 02, 2005 5:27 pm

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Taking some time off from the speculation and overanalysis of previous weeks to watch a little hockey with the crew. Plus one.

3:11: Just so we don't forget Ryan's geek credentials.... "Well, you won't be able to access any I/O devices." :-)

Gonna be a pretty quiet week, one might think.

.1 and .2: The next gathering is announced.

.3: I missed Joe's "quote/unquote" gesture until I saw it mentioned during the forum dive. "Social nitwit"....*sigh* Ceilidh, Ceilidh, Ceilidh...isn't it a bit early in the relationship (or whatever you want to call it) for this sort of thing?

.4: The wrong person points out that fact. And, in turn, Joe and Ryan point out that fact. (But Ryan, wouldn't it be hard for Helene to crack a whip with both of her arms around Alan?)


.1: Check out Alan's glare as Joe scores another point ("sweet babboo"...<snerk>).

.2: "'Guest,' eh?" Ryan quietly makes the week a lot less quiet.

.3: Remind me never to play cards with Ryan. Talk about a poker face....

π: Now for one minor detail--making sure the "guest" is available. And we learn another one of Deirdre's deep, dark secrets.

Well, "dark" anyway. Probably not deep, unless the carpet was really plush and the glass was really full. But you know Ryan had to be thinking, "Not again!" for a second or two.

.1: The crowd's coming in.

.2: Hey Joe, is it OK if I wear your Sens jersey, given that I've already gone up into your bedroom and rummaged through your closet for it? :o

Fortunately, Joe's distracted by the door.

.3: And then everyone's distracted by the door. This strip is a cornucopia of priceless expressions. I'm not sure which one's better--Ceilidh stuck in mid-jersey-tug, Joe stuck with one eyebrow raised, or Helene hiding behind the door in shock.

.4: No, Deirdre's deer-in-headlights expression is better. Although DD&R's lady-on-the-gentleman's-arm pose is pretty close, just because it's so old-fashioned, romantic, and just plain sweet.

But when Deirdre first showed up--assuming you could even picture The Geek To End All Geeks showing up at someone's doorstep with a highly attractive woman four years his senior on his arm--would you have pictured Ryan to be mildly cross at the attention and general dumb-struck shock? Or Deirdre to be speechless about it?

GAS: I think I like Deirdre's line best :-)

Forum Dive:

9585: 3:11: Hooray for the return of Ryan OS! He's still One of Us, even though he has a girlfriend. We (i.e. All of Us) exchange secret handshakes, passwords, and code numbers.
9586: Halloween KeenSpace event; Keenspotters invited.
9587: Josh asks how he should handle the GAS strips w/in the archive. Leave them in the strip archive? Move them out of the strip archive and into the guest art section? Maybe with a link to the appropriate strips if the GAS was connected to the then-current story line? Consensus on the board seems to be "whatever's easiest for Josh".
9588: Another happy reader gets his Avalon book!
9589: 3:12: "Whi-TSSSH" questioned and explained. DW gets upset at Josh's mad onomatopoeia skills, while flaunting his own mad x skills; this eventually gives way to the next great textual sound effect challenge (easily grossed-out readers beware). Why is Ryan so upset at the interruption? (I wasn't sure either, until I read this thread. As ticked off as I get when someone interrupts me in computer/mind-meld mode, you'd think I'd recognize the symptoms in someone else.) Ceilidh does seem a little controlling here, doesn't she?
9590: Any plans on a second Avalon book?
9591: Where will the Avalonians go to college, and in what programs?
9592: Desperately seeking the Avalon Centauri mod (in vain).
9593: Live pictures (link broken) of the Avalon graduation. Oh...you were expecting the one in Canada?
9594: What was everyone's reaction to C&J hooking up? Was there a reaction? And since Ceilidh's got Ryan on the list, does she also have Deirdre? (Assuming she was really paying attention at TH, which she probably wasn't.) And Noctua's curiosity is satisfied only a couple of days later.
9595: Anime North travel coordination.
9596: Dryer sheet sightings.
9597: Bring on the hockey jokes! Which everyone does.
9598: 3:12: Is "social nitwit" a bit harsh, or is that just a female thing? Or is this just a continuation of the "friends insulting each other" thing? Affectionate ribbing is taken way out of context. Oh, and "Keenspotter Supreme" after only 15 posts? Apparently Keenspot "didn't think people would post so much." :roll:
9599: 3:13: So...who's Helene's friend? (Probably a product of Alan's snack-crazed mind. The possibility that it could be something else is apparently a product of our twistiness-crazed minds. Case in point.) And how will Ryan break the news to Deirdre that he's RSVP'd for both of them?
9600: 3:13: "Sweet Babboo" appreciation.
9601: Dingo incident discussed. Branches into a discussion of Australian stereotypes ("Australians of any gender don't do the 'gentleman' thing. Consult the English cricket team for details") before going off the rails.
9602: Ugliness from #avalon spills onto the board, and vice versa. Skip it.
9603: Looking forward to 3:15....
9604: Pi strip: Someone catches the numbering. Deirdre's just teasing Ryan in .1, right?
9605: Sample versions of next strip, designed for maximum twistiness.
9606: 3:14: More speculation on Deirdre's reaction in .1.
9607: Popups?
9608: Avalon soundtrack, anyone?
9609: A link to something called "dancingbush.swf", and apparently we aren't talking about Nancy's favorite hideout. I don't know if it's broken or not, because I couldn't work up the nerve to click on it....
9610: 3:15: The Avalonians find out about Ryan's guest, and the board justifiably goes wild over their expressions. Why is Ryan so ticked off? Apparently I'm not the only person who wondered exactly how Ceilidh got her hands on that Sens jersey. And if you're taking that comment and running straight to the gutter with it, well, you're not alone. And although I don't know if Deirdre's comfortable enough with Ceilidh and the other OAC females to partake in girl talk, I suspect that DP is spot on. Although Avalon ChiHawks Fan may also be right.
9611: How much posting is not enough?
9612: 3:15: The lady-on-one's-arm gesture is very nice--in the strip, and in real life, even if such behavior is interpreted differently in the latter case. How to reduce the risk of such behavior being interpreted differently, and instances when such behavior should be interpreted differently.
9613: Enterprise debuts, and the board debates its merits and shortcomings.
9614: 3:15: Wow--Deirdre's that tall? (Not that anyone's complaining, mind you.) Charlahack explains everything.
9615: Approval for the Mists of Avalon GAS, even if it missed an extra Python quote or two.
9616: Helene's "friend" and "sweet babboo" come up for discussion again. "Peanuts" pop culture, times 174. (OK, maybe only two or three out of 174.)
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Postby GrassyNoel on Sun Jul 03, 2005 6:45 pm

3:11 Ryan, Ryan, Ryan ... adding a GUI is selling out. On the other hand, you could be a capitalist oasis in the red sea that is Communist Canada ! That's it's own kind of cool.

3:15 Rabbit, meet headlights. But a very pretty rabbit. Ryan is one lucky geek.
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