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Postby Drooling Iguana on Fri Feb 25, 2005 11:46 am

Sinkuu wrote:seeing how the Chaos has SPREAD.... :lol:

that is one HELL of a 21-gun salute...

Aeire, you rocked the webcomic world... people are sending you out IN STYLE!

More like a 21 "WHUMP" salute.
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Postby bloodeye on Fri Feb 25, 2005 11:07 pm

I can almost see this become it's own sort of fad... Sorta like how 'Framed' had it's escpaed charecters running thru other people's strips. Will have to see if Abrams notes a little court order appearing for the supposed hit-and-run to Torg or someone. Though seems to have a pretty full plate for himself at the moment.
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Postby imjustaustin on Sat Feb 26, 2005 8:46 pm

Look at all the little tributes! How nice. :) :P
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Postby damicovu on Sun Feb 27, 2005 1:08 am

With Queen Of Wands now fully read,
I considered S*P in its stead.
Then R.K. implied
That Kestrel had died.
Now I think I'll read Sluggy instead. :wink:
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Postby ZotKitty on Sun Feb 27, 2005 1:14 am

I found another thread on this topic before I found this one. Shel_Belle said some of what I had to say (and quite eloquently too), but I just thought I'd cross-post this here, if I'm allowed:

Randy Milholland has already said he'll do no more QoW crossovers.
(http://www.somethingpositive.net/faq.shtml about 13 questions down)

So anything else he might write about Kestrel (including that strip we're all in a flutter about) can be no more than "QoW fanfic", as it were. As far as QoW canon goes, Kestrel is still standing in Kansas looking at a flat tire.

My bet? RM's strip with Kestrel and the accident - never observed by any S*P cast, note - is intended to be a metaphor for QoW ending (one of my best friends did indeed respond to the finale strip by saying "QoW died.")

It's also an I'm-sorry-only-I'm-not nudge to any fans who might want Kestrel to be a part of S*P's regular cast now that she's in Boston, which RM wouldn't be willing to do. How COULD he write Aeire's character convincingly as a regular thing, and otherwise, he'd have to let Aeire co-write S*P, which wouldn't be happy for either of them, I bet.

And, also ... think about it. In the world of S*P, Kestrel DID come get a job in Boston and WAS preparing to move. The crossovers are canon, so some kind of resolution was necessary. Everyone in S*P ended the last crossover on such good terms with Kestrel that, logically, she would have stayed friends with them once she moved and she would have HAD to join cast. But crossovers aren't supposed to do that. They're supposed to END and let the regular cast get back to their own singularly unique brand of havoc.

Solution to this problem? The S*P and QoW worlds, which joined once and so well, now must divide in a logical, plot-fitting manner ... by leaving Kestrel on that Kansas highway, eventually bound for happiness, or at least independence, in an S*P-less Boston; and by leaving Davan and PeeJee walking down the street with their backs to a busy intersection, never realizing that in an alternate universe, they might have had a new friend.

Aeire? Randy? If either of you is reading this ... am I on the right track?
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Postby Ethariel on Sun Feb 27, 2005 8:49 am

And again...

I'm sorry Zot, but your post seems to me like a blatant case of denial.

The authors of both of these strips are both either good friends or at least good on communication, and I doubt Randy would pull something like this without telling Aeire.

Heck, for all you know they could have planned this a while back. Randy's killing off of Kes

A) Complies with his type of humor. I personally found it quite funny. It's a fictitious caracter, and her death is indeed a sad thing. But the comic was funny.

B) Echoes the "things end the day you die" line of the last QoW comic quite nicely.

So all in all I don't see this as any sort of contradiction. Sure you'd prefer to see her gone and happy. But people die, life goes on. That's how it works.
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Postby Beyonder on Wed Mar 16, 2005 5:45 am

rkmilholland wrote:
it was a joke. you know, those things you do when you're not being serious?

that was the whole goddamn point of the note at the bottom, to clarify that I wasn't serious.

Nothing says hilarity like threats of violence against what someone "cares most about."

You're a goddamn riot. At parties, do you threaten to molest the host's pets to break the ice?

Yes, always.
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