AAR 84: "The Farewell" #3: 2:186-190

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AAR 84: "The Farewell" #3: 2:186-190

Postby jeffk on Wed Dec 08, 2004 8:17 pm

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Damage report, all stations!

This week, we see some of the fall-out from last week's party.

Zero to freak-out in under 1 second. Not bad, indeed.

Haven't studied enough? She's done more studying than Joe!

And probably the rest of the class, combined.

Mmmmm...Magical Studying Skittles....

Joe (quickly) walks away from one freaked-out female...
...to seek advice on another freaked-out female from a non-freaked-out female. So he thinks.
Psychology is a what?!? From Alison?
Even-tempered Alison bawls out Iain? Cool, calm, and controlled Alison in a blue funk? Level-headed, analytical Alison dismisses psychology as a crock and herself as screwed up? Did someone secretly replace Alison with Folger's Coffee Crystals, or something?

And Joe mistakes her despair for a cheap shot at him. Usually, it is a cheap shot--this is the same woman who thought it was so nice to see him and Ceilidh not dating--but look at her body language, Joe! Have you ever seen her in the dumps like this?

Although come to think of it, Joe didn't know what to say if Ceilidh asks, "Am I fat?" Joe doesn't need advice; he needs glasses.

No, Joe, you can't assume random and outlandish possibilities. That's our job :-)
Today's psychology lesson. Examples are left as an exercise to the reader...
...or to Joe. The light's coming on, but as we'll learn tomorrow, he's not quite there yet.


Erm, Joe, I already said you can't assume random and outlandish possibilities!

And Alison utters the Three Magic Words that makes the webcomic world go round. Beating the birthplace of PSL by a couple of years.

Alison's figured out that Iain triggers something that she hates about herself, but she can't quite put her finger on it. She doesn't elaborate...

...probably because Joe derails the conversation right here.

On second thought, last week's argument was about trying to score with chicks, so I guess I can see why Joe would think that.

Hrm, well that's certainly soothing and understanding of him! With compassion like that, I'm really worried about Phoebe's yearbook now.

On second thought (again), Alison would have said the same thing to Joe. And she wouldn't have stammered and "ummm"ed around it, either.

Forum diving time:

Plenty of Alison-speculation and ComicCon talk. Oh, and chopping.

9157: 2:186: A couple of posters are being driven crazy by all the jumps between plot threads. We went from Operation Cheer-Up-Phoebe to the farewell parties without finding out what happened with the yearbook; then we went from the Alison/Iain fight to finals with no explanation of the fight yet. Josh apologizes for the plot bounces and schedule slips, but explains that he wrote himself into a corner because he's got several plot threads going simultaneously--hence the jumps back and forth--that all tie into the end of the school year. "Right now it's obvious that final exams are happening; in a few days, we'll see other stuff happening as well." (Considering the "other stuff" that happens in the weeks to come, I wonder if Josh was able to type that without laughing diabolically.) This seems to satisfy the board, except for Coota, who's banging his head against the wall playing "guess the plot twists" so his movie script can stick pretty close to canon.
9158: Avalon 5 art gallery. mzacher's A5 strips. Josh offers a couple of suggestions on depicting Ceilidh in a kilt, or whatever the female equivalent is called, leading to a discussion on kilt/skirt/whatever lengths for women, what's worn with it, what's worn under it, and what appears with it. (Aeire: "But cleavage, yes.")
9159: CNAnime 2001 planning.
9160: 2:187: MisuGoddess reacts happily, which branches into a discussion on Pixy Stix (which isn't Pocky). And why is Ghada perpetually freaked out over her grades?
9161: Web site update from lostfactor.
9162: 2:187: Skittles--both "plain" and "magic studying". What's your favorite Magic Studying Candy?
9163: TW posts his ten-step method for catching up on back issues of Avalon. Josh wonders if it's possible to set up a registration system that remembers the last comic viewed so you could start where you left off.
9164: Overlooked pokes.
9165: 2:187: More Magical Studying Candies, plus Magical Studying Caffeine Delivery Systems.
9166: How do you place rush CafePress orders?
9167: RJ Shep has an Avalon movie poster; where can he post it?
9168: The Alice webcomic is looking for guest art on the weekends--any takers from the Avalon fanart contingent?
9169: coldacid's too broke to make CNAnime.
9170: Kaoru drew a quick picture of Phoebe smiling (no links) "because drawing depressing things non-stop will drive you insane." Reading depressing poetry too--bad depressing poetry, even more so.
9171: Whatever happened to the Avalon Code, or the Lynch Vault? (Someone rescued the Code from the Google archives, and JHU Battousai pops in long enough to say he'll put the Vault back up once school starts and he can get on a server without disk quotas.) BunnyThor attempts to become Phoebe for some unknown reason. (Something about oil--and I refuse to contemplate further.)
9172: RJ Shep posts his Avalon movie poster. Check it out, and marvel that someone actually predicted a plot twist. :-)
9173: Ceilidh suddenly becomes less important over at BBoCS. (Don't use the link in the topic; they've moved, and some scum^h^h^h^h outfit has commandeered the domain w/ anti-spyware spam.
9174: Josh apologizes for the delay in updates; he's in his new apartment, and his computer's still in pieces. (A couple of days later, the cable-modem guy shows up just a little before Josh does, so Josh has to reschedule.)
9175: Elmo works up some fan art that's a cross between Joyce and Helene (link broken). Disorganized foolishness breaks out, causing Fool to attempt to guide it into organized foolishness (so he doesn't have to do all the work anymore).
9176: RJ Shep posts his "Funky Ceilidh" wallpaper.
9177: Still no cable modem connection for Josh; alternatives discussed.
9178: KeenSpot panel (including Josh) at ComicCon.
9179: Quattro organizes a round or two of Diablo II.
9180: Avalonian Big Brother, as envisioned by Maboo. Random comment leads to questions and answers about okonomiyaki. Who says the Internet isn't educational?
9181: Fall-out from some random moron who used HTML to play holy hades with the forum layout.
9182: "The Visitor, or Alison's Folly." coldacid starts up an attempt to spend two weeks hitting on Alison. Er, a fanfic, I mean.
9183: Sandra returns after moving (and forgetting her KeenForum password).
9184: Random moron mentioned in 9181 returns. Boardies beat crap out of random moron.
9185: Apparently, after thinking it over, David Willis decides that Iain was right about Alison needing a boyfriend. coldacid's willing, but he'll have to stand in line.
9186: The Namek joins the board with the usual deluge of poking.
9187: Happy birthday to the U-Sisters and Fool!
9188: 2:188: Board speculation goes into overdrive. What's with Alison? Is she angry because she doesn't care about Iain? Because she does care? Or was the fight with Iain just a symptom for a bigger problem? Cannonshop: "Fundamentally, people who get 'Into' Psychology are just smart enough to realize that they themselves are incredibly screwed up. This means that Allison has known for a while that she's fundamentally screwed up." (Mostly right, although it looks like Alison's just beginning to realize she's fundamentally screwed up.) coldacid offers his services <cough> as an Avalon cast member to keep Alison company. And WTF does Joe mean, what does he say if Ceilidh asks if she's fat? Dynonychus: "Not only is Ceilidh not fat in the slightest, but she's also easily angered and fairly violent"...or did he just want to hang out with Alison? Is Joe going to do a better job of showing sympathy, given that Alison's listened to everyone else's problems? Could Alison be the third "farewell"? Or maybe just the old, sensible Alison? Then 2:189 appears, throwing Jungian shadows into the mix. Is she a player like Iain? Or has she stayed away from the relationship-go-round because she feared she would become a player? Or is she jealous because she can't be that forward? And then comes 2:190...does she harbour PSL for him, protestations to the contrary?
9189: The boardies see how long they can make a group-effort sentence.
9190: Colored versions of 2:188 through 2:190 from davey3000.
9191: Discussion threadfor this week's colored strips.
9192: 2:188: If Joe's worried about handling the "am I fat" question, does that mean he recognizes there's something between him and Ceilidh now?
9193: Punkey joins the board so everyone can poke away.
9194: Ceilidh fan art from mzacher.
9195: Maybe Alison becomes the third farewell when she flies to Australia to tell Iain she loves him? Or maybe the third farewell is simply Alison telling Iain "farewell"? Did she realize that maybe she has viewed herself as above the fray of relationships, and maybe Iain had a point?
9196: coldacid posts his Avalon Fan Militia picture from Anime North (link broken).
9197: Tech thread for "The Visitor".
9198: Josh's personal web site is down; he needs to reassemble it after the move.
9199: Where's Ryan and Dierdre? Dynonychus' guess that they "need to have a wee talk about some issues" is most accurate. That, and Rob's "sweaty snugglebunnies" hypothesis.
9200: 2:190: Perverse Sexual Lust harboured in webcomics. (As opposed to webcomic forums, which is where it's usually harboured.) DW gloats over the spread of PSL, but stops gloating upon realizing that Josh got the phrase into an actual webcomic before he did.
9201: Coota's looking for a guest artist.
9202: NegZero works on a guest strip he'd forgotten, while Strangeone threatens all and sundry with pasta.
9203: lostfactor web site update.
9204: Where are the Keen comic updates?
9205: Who's the Third Farewell? Alison? Deirdre, in a big fight? Deirdre, to finish college? Someone's virginity? Dent argues that Alison's apparent depression "doesn't mean she's leaving. If that was the case, this strip would be nothing but Hel
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