AAR 83: "The Farewell" #2: 2:181-185

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AAR 83: "The Farewell" #2: 2:181-185

Postby jeffk on Wed Nov 24, 2004 11:15 am

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So this is what Alison meant by "Nnnggueeuh"...

She's a lot more articulate this week...until the last frame, anyway.

[MarlinPerkins]And here we see a Transplanted Male asserting himself outside his home turf. Like many Transplanted Males, he's performing the "Superiority Of My Native Beer" ritual, which he embellishes with a Really Cool Accent to emphasize his exotic nature. Next, Jim will accept the challenge by arguing the merits of a fine micro-brew back home, right after this important announcement from Mutual of Omaha.[/MarlinPerkins]

Whoa! Where did that come from? Does Alison's family own stock in the local brewery, or something?

Besides, point-blank rudeness isn't Alison's style. Dry sarcasm, sure, but not point-blank rudeness.

On a side note, what did Alison mean, "Almost makes me wish I spoke to you in a friendly manner"?
  • Has she been insulting him like this all year? I don't think so. We've never seen her talk to anyone like this before, and IIRC, we haven't seen her talk to Iain at all this year. Besides, she's staring straight ahead. If the two of them had been gleefully trading barbs all year, I imagine they would have been looking at each other during the first two frames. If they had gone past the "gleefully trading barbs" stage into the "mortal enemies" stage, they might have avoided eye contact while "accidentally" cutting each other down, but I doubt they would have been sitting next to each other. Besides, if they hated each other that much, we'd have seen it in the strip already.
  • Has she spoken much to him at all this year, friendly or otherwise? We haven't seen much conversation between the two in-strip, so my guess is that their interaction's been limited to a couple of sentences in passing in the hallway.
  • Was she simply paralleling Iain's comment for maximium comic effect? Maybe, but that doesn't seem to be her style. We've seen her banter with Joe about Ceilidh's relationship and Helene's "native tongue", but it becomes obvious in the next frame that she's not bantering.

Iain's justifiably shocked. He's used to Phoebe's flame-throwing--shoot, we all are--but Alison?

And point-blank rudeness really isn't her style. She's really upset over something....

Shoot, Ceilidh, aren't you interesting in letting the fight run its course so we can find out why the normally-calm Alison is suddenly so hacked off at Iain?


Ah, so this is the shindig for Ghada. And whatever happened with Alison and Iain is still happening.

"Get a life!" "Get a boyfriend!" Are we getting closer to the heart of the problem, maybe? (We haven't seen Alison hiding behind her books yet, so we can't fully appreciate the irony of "Get a life!" coming from her.)

More name calling, and a duel to the death. Or until the food arrives, whichever comes first.

Stuck up? Morally devoid? Huh? We want examples!

And examples, we get! Alison presents her case first. Although methinks she's a little over the top.

"Scumbag" seems a bit harsh, doesn't it? (OTOH, "desperate for attention" sounds about right for Ceilidh. Although it's not nice to use "cling" and "Ceilidh" in the same sentence; she's kinda touchy about dryer sheets.)

Exploiting? You call that exploiting?

Heh. Both of them have a valid point here. ("I healed up just fine"...<snerk>)


Obviously, Iain's miniskirt-chasing last week prompted a lot more than "Nnnggueeuh" from Alison. "Promiscuous" is still a little exaggerated; that would seem to imply a certain amount of, er, success. Unless there's a lot of hidden Iain-pr0n we don't know about. It's slightly tamer than "morally devoid" or "scumbag", though.

And now Iain presents his side of the story....

And scores a direct hit, if Alison is as stunned as she seems. I'm not sure what's better: the look on Alison's face, the casual way Iain drops the argument, or the fact that he apparently doesn't realize how thoroughly he shut her down.

But we won't realize it either, not for a while (although we'll get an idea next week).

AYB rears its ugly head again. And someone apparently understands Ceilidh's roll-call woes.

Forum diving time--fewer threads, but more discussion of the strips:

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9149: 2:185: Hooray for color! [PRAISE | DAMN] YOU IAIN (depending on your take of his reply). Is Iain rude or honest? Why doesn't Alison enjoy life more--is she stuck up, or merely shy and/or reserved? And what is that look on her face in .3: "shocked speechless" or "must control Fist Of Death"?
9150: 2:185: DW Is Not Amused. "Rule #1: Alison is not Mary from Roomies. Alison is The Person Who Makes Sense." Responses:
  • They are hitting on each other, but they're dealing with personality difficulties like honest adults instead of simply trying to pair up. ("Typical. People have been pestering Josh to give her a boy friend and he's twisted us again.")
  • Alison didn't attack because she feels morally superior to Iain, but because she fears he'll hurt her friends. She's the group mother, and he's messing with her group.
  • Iain! Iain! Iain!
  • She's mad at Iain because she's envious.
  • Iain earned double jerk points for cutting off the argument with "Let's eat" without letting Alison defend herself. (Personally, I'm not sure if he did it because he didn't want her to defend herself, because he didn't want to drag out the argument, or because he was really, really hungry. :-) Either he didn't realize Alison had gone blank because his back was turned, or he did realize it he'd made a bigger impact than intended, but decided to let the argument drop without rubbing her nose in it further.)
  • Iain hit very close to home, and from the look on her face, it looks like she knows it. She's The Person Who Makes Sense...Out Of Other People, but she's so busy studying others that she never gets around to living her own life. She keeps out of the relationship twistiness because she sees how much it hurts the people around her. She's adopted the mentor facade so well that all of her classmates look to her for advice...except Iain, who's probably the only person who could have called her on it.
  • Maybe Alison's not stuck up, just not socially adept?

And Fool realizes Michigan J. Frog is the key to the three farewells.
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Happy (U.S.) Thanksgiving!
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Re: AAR 83: "The Farewell" #2: 2:181-185

Postby tappel on Wed Nov 24, 2004 3:06 pm

jeffk wrote:9150: 2:185: DW Is Not Amused. "Rule #1: Alison is not Mary from Roomies. Alison is The Person Who Makes Sense."

I like RJ Shep's analysis of Alison playing a mother figure to the rest of the group. She certainly considers herself emotionally superior to the others, and she also seems to think of herself as their benefactor.

This way of thinking leads to difficulties when she runs into someone with a completely different view of what kind of life is desirable.

2:182.4: "Get a boyfriend!" Although rude, it is true that going out with someone would probably have softened Alison's idealism a bit.

- tappel
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Postby GrassyNoel on Wed Nov 24, 2004 8:00 pm

2:185 Iain's got Alison's measure, sussed her out, sized her up, whatever you want to call it. She is speechless. No-one's ever managed to do that to her before, even people who have known her for years. Then this horrible boy waltzes in and cracks her shell in mere months.

At the same time, she has just realised that she has Iain all wrong. He might have been chasing after Ceilidh and Phoebe, but he was actually studying Alison the whole time.
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Re: AAR 83: "The Farewell" #2: 2:181-185

Postby Doctor Emmit Brown on Tue Nov 30, 2004 7:42 am

jeffk wrote:.2:
Whoa! Where did that come from? Does Alison's family own stock in the local brewery, or something?

Besides, point-blank rudeness isn't Alison's style. Dry sarcasm, sure, but not point-blank rudeness.

Canadians are very particular about their beer. We make fun of the American stuff all the time, mostly because it is weaker than ours. Ever see "Canadian Bacon"? Nobody really gets into a fight over it like that, but it's still not a good idea to make fun of Canadian beer in front of Canadians.
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