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Postby El SillY on Mon Jan 28, 2002 2:31 am

If it's of any comfort Lee, I always thought Dimmy (from Owlie! officers) was a girl, until I talked to Mike on #larryjesus a few days back...<P>------------------
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Postby BabyJ on Mon Jan 28, 2002 8:04 am

That's my fault! I'f I'd put together a damned cast page by now, and omitted the storyline where Dimmy dates the cutest boy in High School, that misconception would be dissolved!<P>Mike "So many genitals." Leffel<P>------------------
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Postby Angry Ryan on Mon Jan 28, 2002 8:50 am

Larry has a nip in his left ear! Did he always have that?
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Postby LCARS on Mon Jan 28, 2002 10:30 am

He's had it since April 9th, 2001 at the start of the Easter Lobster Returns storyline.
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Postby Lee Herold on Mon Jan 28, 2002 12:34 pm

You know what I just noticed? That Larry's a cat, and not a rabbit. It's like someone just took the snowglobe that is my world, shook it, and then put it in the clothes dryer---except not on that little rack that you can put in there to dry tennis shoes, so that they don't tumble all around and make klunking noises for the entire cycle---but just threw it in there, maybe with a sweater, maybe with a pair of jeans that still had a Kleenex in the pocket.<P>When I was a little kid, I opened the plug on a snowglobe and drank the water, and my mother panicked because the sticker on the bottom said "Made in Korea", so she called poison control because she thought it might have diptheria in it or something. Turns out it didn't, but I learned a valuable lesson: My mother hates Koreans.<P>Damn you, Southworth, for telling me that Larry's not a rabbit.<P>------------------
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