AAR 75: Issues and Agendas 5 (2:146-150)

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AAR 75: Issues and Agendas 5 (2:146-150)

Postby jeffk on Thu Sep 16, 2004 12:11 pm

I've enjoyed reading the Avalon Archive Reviews, and I've been meaning to do a thread myself if there were no objections. Looks like some of us are still here, so I'll give it a go.

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Let's see, the last AAR thread was week 74, so on to

Week 75


.1 Let us overanalyze Joe's concern for Helene.... Is this the crush he claims doesn't have? Does he think he triggered Helene's reaction, and he's feeling guilty? Does Joe himself even know? (My bet's on the latter.)

.2 So Joe talked some sense into Helene...not the last time that's going to happen.

I just thought of something. I hadn't expected the strip to end w/ J&H because the relationship seemed so mismatched. No matter what Joe said about the crush he no longer had, his image of Helene didn't seem to be shared by anyone else. (Maybe love is a bit myoptic?) On the other hand, I didn't think Helene saw Joe any differently from anyone else (except Alan, of course). Now I'm not so sure.

AFAIK, no one ever questioned Helene's behavior toward Alan to her face--at least, not up to this point--but I would expect her to be oblivious to such questions. Goodness knows she was oblivious toward Alan's so-called attempts to end the relationship. Yet when Joe questioned her motives in running for president, she took him seriously enough to drop out. Can you think of any other instance up to this point when she stopped a Alan-chasing activity on the advice of a friend? Me neither. Hmmm...maybe Helene already had a higher opinion toward Joe than I thought.

.3 Woo-hoo! Hugs! Not that that means anything, as we discover later when she nearly disables Iain at his farewell party.

.4 Now let us overanalyze Joe's reaction to Helene's hug.... Nope, nothing there but pain.


Just when Joe thinks he's dodged the Helene-election bullet, here comes a nuke in the form of Phoebe and their past. Holy cow, talk about a reaction.


Aaaaaand there go the gloves.

We know Phoebe didn't have a high opinion of Joe, but we never see Joe and Phoebe fight until now. And it gets real ugly, real fast.

"Well, at least one of us got the object of our desires." Ouch. No wonder Phoebe didn't tell anyone the truth about Todd.

Well, we haven't seen Phoebe do anything strange around Ceilidh, but we have seen her do strange things aroundRyan and Iain. Well OK, maybe that's not so strange in Iain's case, but you know what I mean.

.2 Right in one, Joe!
.3 Let's just sit back and soak up the irony of that suggestion coming from Joe.

Forum Diving....

8732 Kaovalon. I guess it's just "valon" now; the Kaos have disappeared.
8733 A bit 'o filk from The Paco called "One night in Av'lon". Like Disreali, I started singing it (in my head, anyway) as soon as I saw the thread title. And it will probably stay in my head for the rest of the day, too, unless a stronger earworm comes along. :-)
8735 Game 3, and not damonk overcomes all obstacles--including a P90, 14.4 modem (eugh) and a French keyboard--to gloat.
8736 Joey Ramone passed away from cancer.
8737 Kaoru's fanart of Ceilidh and Nancy battling. It's now in the art section of the web site, ensuring the preservation of at least two Gratuitous Upper Thigh and Panty Shot Short Skirts(TM). [Edit: Inserted link]
8738 Kaoru has an evil thought--and the Mother of all Understatements, although no one (other than Josh) realizes this yet:
Yes I know he's in Seattle, but I been thinking...
The return of Joe's dad would probably be a perfect twisty plot device down the road.

Reactions range from "Don't give Josh ideas" to death knights to musical parental chairs.
8739 NaKaithus posts an alternate Avalon title card. The in-line image is broken, but the web site link still works. Next: "Avalon:2101".
8740 2:146: Someone misparses Helene's hug as a kiss, but is corrected. Speculations on Alan's physical condition after three years of Helene-hugs. "Joe Sandwich"
8741 An old inside joke surfaces. :o (AvaPr0n warning: The thread is work-safe, but the linked strip in question isn't.)
8742 2:147: Reactions to Phoebe's reaction.
8743 "Kaovalon - A Certain Lack of Chemistry"--Kaos missing.
8744 The Incredible Hatboy figures out Josh's methods.
Hmm...Nancy going after Ceilidh with a pair of handcuffs and some cookies. <shakes head vigorously to get image out>
8747 2:147, Joe, the Trojan war, and the difficulties (if any) of being surrounded by strong, independent, beautiful women.
8748 When will it be Alison's turn to fall in looove? Will she? Should she? Opinions differ.
8749 Eye colors are compared.
8750 BMKnight returns to the board to comment on the twistiness. Karasuhebi notices that Phoebe seems to be avoiding everyone.
8751 "Avalon Became an Internet Star", courtesy of The Paco. Includes wild inspiring kazoo solo.
8752 Coota seeks Mzacher, proposes NGE webcomic. Side discussions on various Evangelion flavors, fanfics, copyright law, and why Coota wants to do this.
8753 2:148: Catfight!
8754 Josh merges Avalon logos with cool glassy CorelDraw buttons.
8755 2:148: What does Joe mean by "at least one of us"? AngelKnight2780 proposes--and Josh confirms--that Joe and Phoebe are still bitter because the former "best friends" suddenly started chasing relationships, and both picked someone else. Josh also confirms that (a) Phoebe doesn't know (at this time) who injured Todd, (b) Deirdre knows about the "accident", but (c) you can't assume Deirdre told Phoebe. Speculation runs rampant, ranging from "out in left field" to "not entirely accurate, but probably closer than the poster intended".
8757 Back to hockey...a sweep?
8758 Cranky Old Man realizes that Josh's confirmation in 8755 raises even more questions, especially in light of 2:148.1.
8759 So what's going on with Phoebe?
8761 2:149: Explanation of "mouse in your pocket" requested and received. Josh says he heard it from his dad.
8762 Kaoru is being driven mad by his job. More madness follows, with just enough actual Avalon content to make it legal.
8763 Mythological names in Avalon, or "Deirdre is a goddess!"
8764 Jen Aside discovers an evil web site. Good gravy. Give me the Encheferizer any day.
8766 The photos thread was lost, so a rebuild is attempted. Branches off to a discussion of "under-21" US driver's licenses, for some odd reason. Most of the in-line photos are gone.
8767 The Paco goes Beach Boys with "Come Down to Avalon".
8768 The book is coming!
8769 Jennet hopes Joe isn't as unhappy as he seems--too uncomfortably close to real life.
8771 KaoruX asks Josh what an Ottawa driver's license looks like.
8772 John Campbell modifies 2:150 just a little bit.... <snerk>
8773 Mzacher responds to a request for Deirdre and Ryan art. (Mmmmmm.... Er, excuse me. Got distracted.) "Kawaii" calls from several people, including some who are normally too manly to say that word. Also a number of comments about the Josh-approved Red Wings patch on Ryan's jacket.
8774 "Make Up Your Mind", from The Paco (now The One True Paco, thanks to forum problems).
8776 Usa-chan admires the book cover. And with good reason, IMHO.
8777 The board recovers from the crash. Some accounts survive, some don't. Damonk verifies he's still around in all his incarnations.
8778 Playoffs status.
8779 2:150: So what's Ceilidh's plan? A double-date is proposed, with various participants suggested for maximum twistiness.

[Edit: Added next/prev links plus one link to the Avalon web archive to replace broken fan-art link in one thread.]
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Postby Mravac Kid on Thu Sep 16, 2004 1:05 pm

Oooh, I forgot all about this :)
And now that you've started it again, I noticed that I forgot pretty much everything about the story... excuse me while I go to re-read the archives about a dozen times to get it all sorted out in my mind :)
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Postby svenman on Fri Sep 17, 2004 12:43 am

I'm in...

Strange not to see a more pleased reaction from Joe to Hel
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Postby Q99 on Sat Sep 18, 2004 6:58 pm

AFAIK, no one ever questioned Helene's behavior toward Alan to her face--at least, not up to this point--but I would expect her to be oblivious to such questions.

Yea, it's the thing that everyone drops hints and assumes she knows how they feel and are just trying to encourage her on the subject.

It's a real thing that I've encountered a couple times: It's obvious to them that Alan doesn't like her, it's obvious to everyone else around them, they just didn't really think that Helene is in that big blind-spot so they didn't actually come out and say it when they should.

And Ceilidh sure likes to meddle, doesn't she?
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