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Postby crypto on Thu Mar 18, 2004 2:41 am

Scotch Irish on my mother's side, german on my father's, with who knows what else mixed in.

What I like to do with the died in the wool, If you don't worshi this way, you are damned chistiens is to point out that the early church borrowed heaps of Pagan symboles for their new religion.

Where do you think we get the X-Mas tree, easter eggs, heck the date of Christs birth?
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Infuego wrote:
crypto wrote:

We can dream can't we? Actually, I'm picturing Skunk on Ellen on Nan on skunk action.

Ooh, best idea I've heard today! Or read, i guess...

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Postby tankus on Thu Mar 18, 2004 3:03 am

crypto wrote:Where do you think we get the X-Mas tree, easter eggs, heck the date of Christs birth?

Sorry, not to disapoint you, but the pope never said anything about the date of the birth being the 25 decembre. It's only to CELEBRATE it... But yeah maybe you are right, I don't know much about origine of christmas trees or easter egg (in fact, even while I was a kid, I always wonder why did people ate chocolat for jesus' death :o)
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Postby bloodeye on Thu Mar 18, 2004 4:18 am

Doctor Emmit Brown wrote:Orange on St. Patty's Day? Oooooo... you're risking a lot there. I had a teacher once who swore she'd hate any students who did that. Some of the more aggressive Irish might not take to kindly to such a scene, and might show you the error of your ways with big burley fists.

As a healthy 6'5" mix of scoth-irish, highland german, and viking swedish, can't say as I was too worried. Espically not around here.

Now yes, if I were in an area that had a pack of lumbering dock-workers who spent there evenings at O'Patty's pub, drinking and punching each other for fun, then yes, I would use much more caution.

But around here, the troublesome element are the same kids I used to teach knife safety to in boy scouts. And they all know how sharp I keep my knives.

All day, had but two people who really even noticed. Neither minded much, figured it made more sence than wearing green for no reason.
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Postby ShadowFox on Thu Mar 18, 2004 5:08 am

crypto wrote:
Where do you think we get the X-Mas tree, easter eggs, heck the date of Christs birth?

I was under the impression they couldn't figure out exactly what day Jesus was born on so they decided to place it around the time of Pagan festivities(winter solstice) in a effort to phase out older religions with Christianity.

I remember seeing something on the history channel about where the tradition of the Christmas tree actually came from. I know the evergreen played a role in some Pagan religions, but its acceptance in to the actually Christmas tradition was not till sometime later than 1000 A.D.

On the other hand I have no clue where the Easter Egg tradition comes from.....
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Postby GrassyNoel on Thu Mar 18, 2004 11:00 am

Well, I didn't wear orange yesterday, because I had to go to work. But it would've been fun to see if I'd get harrassed.
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Postby gwalla on Thu Mar 18, 2004 5:25 pm

crypto wrote:But then I'm a Lutheran, and not a hard core Cathlic like my one friend. Who's mother, oddly BANED her from seeing Passion.

Probably because Gibson is a "traditionalist Catholic", part of a small splinter group that denies the authority of the Second Vatican Council and is therefore not part of mainstream Catholicism (in other words, heretical).
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