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Postby Yuko no Slayer-Dryad on Fri Nov 24, 2006 9:55 pm

Freemage wrote:
daanton wrote:Funny, Stan doesn't seem to think so, Yuko...

I just hope this strip (or storyline) doesn't teach people that men are superior and women can be played. :-? Or is this storyline a parody of all that chauvinism?

Meh. People can read anything they want into fiction, if they put enough effort into it. So yeah, someone who is already a male chauvinist will take that away.

The only alternative would be to carefully craft the story so that all the women were in all ways portrayed as being inherently superior to all men, and lacking in any flaws.

This would, of course, be duller than dirt, and more irritating than salt in a wound.

The fact is, people can be played, and women are people, and therefore not immune to that fact. We've seen the boys in this strip get manipulated, run around and generally act like idiots--why should the girls be immune?

Thank you.
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