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The teenage years. Friendships, crushes, growth... and hating. Lots of hating.

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Postby Ollie_Vera on Thu Nov 02, 2006 4:28 pm

Either that, or a brilliant comedian. AHAHA
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Postby ann on Sun Nov 05, 2006 2:05 pm

taotu wrote:He's probably extremely confused. As someone wisely pointed out in one of the other threads, it's extremely upsetting for guys when their body is 'enjoying' sexual attention while their mind is telling them it shouldn't be- it makes a lot of guys feel like they actually did want it, even if they can't make that clear in their mind... so- yeah he's disoriented. His body enjoyed it. He didn't.

I absolutely agree with this. I think it's not surprising that Marshall is having difficulty expressing himself here - what he has just experienced would be really confusing and distressing. And I think it's also not surprising that Karen doesn't understand - the idea of someone's body responding like this to stimulation which they are mentally and emotionally really uncomfortable with is pretty incomprehensible, and I wouldn't expect Karen to know that it was even possible. So in her mind, her point has been proved - Marshall can engage in sexual activity and enjoy it without the world collapsing around him so he shouldn't worry about it so much. But to him, this is experience has probably made him even more freaked out about sex than he was before.

Having said that, part of the reason why Karen doesn't understand is that she doesn't really make the effort. Even if Marshall could articulately explain what he is feeling now, I don't think she would bother to listen. To her, having a boyfriend is about having a status symbol, rather than about having the responsibility to care for and support another person when they are vulnerable. Then again, that is what you would expect from a 16 year old in her first relationship.

Marshall must be feeling so screwed up right now, what he really needs is someone understanding and patient and supportive that he can talk to. Unfortunately, it looks like neither his girlfriend nor his mother come anywhere near that. And somehow I doubt if any of his teenaged friends would be mature enough (assuming he has some - I don't think we've seen any)

Although I agree Marshall and Aggie getting together would not be a good direction for this story, I wonder if they might become close friends a la Faye and Marten in Questionable Content, with Aggie always wanting more but knowing that Marshall is not emotionally ready for a relationship? (BTW, QC is awesome)
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