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danger: rambling ahead...

Postby niche on Fri Oct 13, 2006 7:37 am

I'd like to bring up a couple of specific things from the text and/or visuals of the comic that stand out to me. I really hate mystery, plus I do this for a living, so bear with me while I am incredibly dorky.
first thing that has escaped discussion: the word "middlewoman." Wow, so a variant on the word "middleman," which we all know refers to someone who is blocking the path between an aim and a goal. So in this context, could he be referring to all women as "middlewomen" between Rich and Stan? The implications for that are fairly bisexual/homosexual (and should we differentiate between homosexual and homoerotic? Is this love or lust, I mean?) Or, more strangely, could he be using Michelle as a sort of link between him and Rich? There are more possibilities, obviously, but I think this word is strange.
Also, consider the substitution for "luv" versus "love." OMG, that's so weird. Is "luv" a modern day thing? I know I'm in my early twenties and I say "luv" to friends that I definately do not "love," or to people who I feel might take "love" the wrong way. So is it one of these two things for Stan? Does he only "luv" Rich or, even weirder, is he censoring himself in his own daydreams??
And, lastly, since I'm on the topic of Stan's daydreams, I find it very interesting that Stan is dressed like a girl in his own daydreams. Obviously, one can be gay without pictuing oneself in drag- so the fact that he is presenting his mind image in such a feminine way is entirely interesting. Though I have no ideas as to what it could mean...
And I know I said I was done but something else just occurred to me- the two little figures in the last panel are chastizing/ insecure about the images/ ideas in the previous three panels: is this the first time Stan has considered these ideas? Not that it matters if its the first time or not- he might just make a habit of ignoring himself.
I had to get that off my chest, sorry- if i'm gonna analyze a piece of art, I've gotta do a fairly complete job of it. I really liked today's panel.
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