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Guys, if you were in this situation with Karen, you would....

Act the exact same way.
Consider it, but decide against doing anything rash.
Consider it, and let her seduce me.
Like Karen said...Lose control and GO FOR IT!
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Postby Sassy-fras on Fri Sep 29, 2006 8:23 am

Stella Polaris
Sebastian wrote:
Beanie wrote:
Maritza Campos wrote:
But I wonder, myself, how are they supposed to discuss sex aspects as a couple, if at the minimal mention or implication of sex he gets angry.
I submit this as evidence against getting angry at "minimal mention or implication." He doesn't seem bothered by the physical flirting and playing around at all. I think he just doesn't appreciate being groped and requested to drop his pants already plz, and THEN gets angry.

Mmh, interesting that "girls are trasparent to you" "I wish" part.
I don't think he is referring it to Karen there.

I get the vibes he's talking about Aggie.

Or maybe he's talking about his MOM!!!??? :o

Edit: I tried three times to quote people properly. I'm sorry for my lack of HTML knowledge. :oops:
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