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The teenage years. Friendships, crushes, growth... and hating. Lots of hating.

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Postby Anonymous#1 on Sat Sep 16, 2006 2:10 pm

Ollie_Vera wrote:I consider someone calling me a "cracker" like me calling a black person a "nigger"...

Strange. I've always considered 'white trash' more closely related to 'nigger'; poor white folk/poor black folk.

It doesn't really matter, though. Semantics are silly when the bottom line is toleration. Suck it up, pup. :P
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Postby Miyo on Wed Sep 27, 2006 4:18 pm

Hi, my first time posting, but I've been watching this comic for a while now.

Sorry to bring this old thing up, but I didn't have time (or guts) to post anything until now.

What bothered me a little was all the Aggie bashing. I've already read through most of the arguments and points people have made, so I'll try not to be repetitive. One thing I did notice, that I'm not sure was already brought up, was Aggie's mom.

I can't remember exactly what the main complaint was (something about looking like an activist, but not really being one?), but I think Aggie losing her mother is a very strong reason for how she is as a character.

How old are they? Aggie can't be any older than seventeen, maybe eighteen. Either way, if her mother died three years ago, (it was three right?) then she would have been fifteen, and without a mother, a female role model to guide her through the teenage years.

Just like people have mentioned that a boy needs a good male role model when he has no father, the same goes for girls too. I'm not saying Aggie's dad isn't a good parent, but it's not the same, and if Aggie's reaction to a magazine was that vehement, then she must have been especially close to her mother.

And what did her mother do? She was an activist too wasn't she? Maybe the reason why Aggie is so devoted to activism, is because in a way it connects her to her mother, but then in a way that also distracts her and makes her confused as to what she really wants out of being an activist.

Then again, not all girls need to rely on their mothers, I understand that. But Aggie seemed to care for her mother alot and going through being a teenager alone, though doable, can be very difficult.

So before people say how much they dislike Aggie...just remember that out of most of the characters in the story, she's probably had it a little more rough.

Well, this is just a very crude observation, and I'm not very good at organizing my thoughts, so terribly sorry if it doesn't make sense.
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Postby ZillahLewis on Fri Sep 29, 2006 9:07 pm

Archon Divinus wrote:Actually, the chubby coment has eveything to do with Karen's issues, and yes she is a little chubby. It is an apt discription. People who take offense at it are oversensitive.

Thank you. I thought it was dumb for people to be complaining about that. I usually use chubby as a nice word to describe someone who isn't even outstandingly fat. To me, that's a nearly annoyingly politically correct word. I could see the description being offensive if she had said fatass, but even then, it's dumb for people to get so riled about calling someone fat. People have been getting far too sensitive about that sort of thing lately.

Sassy-fras wrote:*hangs with the dead character*

I love you.

But, ah, yeah, character discussion, right?
Karen, hate. She is completely in anything for herself. Now, Penny and Aggie weren't doing right at all by her when they were trying to make a little mini-me out of her, but there's no doubt that they actually did help her. I just can't get over the fact that she acted like she did.
I'm confused on Sara. Haven't heard quite enough from her to really know.
Rich is a total ass. I don't like him at all. There doesn't seem to be a single cool thing about him.
Stan is another confusing character to me. I'm perfectly aware of how much of a terrible person he is, but out of any jerk I've ever dated or been attracted to, his type seems to always be popping up.
Charlotte is somewhat annoying. I do have a problem with the religious (as opposed to the spiritual), because they tend to be terribly hypocritical. It certainly doesn't help that I'm surrounded by them every day in any place, but, eh. Even still, though, I don't know very much about her.
Everyone else seems to have some sort of redeeming quality about them. The people, in real life, who I can't stand the most are the ones incapable of coming up with a good reason for their actions and attitudes. When a person acts a certain way without a simple, well thought out explanation, it's annoying, immature, and stupid.
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