Web Comics that I suggest... Part 1

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Web Comics that I suggest... Part 1

Postby Tyraelis on Fri May 06, 2005 11:00 pm

I'm a connoisseur of webcomics, so I don't just take any story. Some of these are anthromorphic, or "furry" comics, but I chose these on their story (as well as artwork). Oh, and I'll mention if I've ever seen anything mature or more serious than PG-13 in any of these.

Some of these will be categorized by update schedule, although I haven't been able to determine the updating basis for a few. Abbreviations of days: Monday=M, Tuesday=Tu, Wednesday=W, Thursday=Th, Friday=F, Saturday=Sa, Sunday=Su.

First, the finished webcomics:
It's Walky!!! (this has finished the main story, but it's going back and exploring the original part of the story with better at now... so start from the beginning- currently on a TuThSa basis)
Kid Radd- an awesome pixel-based comic, was very good and a well-laid out plot, one of my all-time favorite comics with great characters and jokes. It was also animated, another plus.
Unicorn Jelly- a very long comic that had visible improvements in art quality, but one of the most surprising endings I've seen in any story. The plot goes beyond what was expected.

Daily updates:
Sluggy Freelance- hopefully evryone reading webcomics has heard of this one. It's AWESOME. (and the archives date back to 1996!- almost always daily in the archives as well)
Kevin and Kell- one of the oldest anthromorphic comics out there, and a good read for those who don't judge the furry comic world by VCL images.
Squidi.net- a site with "A Modest Destiny," their longest-running comic with a good plot, but not too surprising. Has pixellated blood and gore. But nothing too bad.
Ozy and Millie- another "furry" comic, really good though. Has no real storyline that is dominating the story, but is politically funny in subtle ways. Also does social commentary.

Anyways, that's part 1 of my webcomics list! Part 2 will come either tomorrow or Tuesday afternoon- I've got AP test studying to do one Sunday and projects to work on on Monday (as well as the aforementioned AP test). Expect a longer list, this time of Semiweekly comics.[/url]
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Postby Charlie_Brubaker on Mon May 09, 2005 3:26 am

Phil Likes Taco - http://philtaco.keenspace.com/

Cortland - http://cortland.keenspace.com/

Station V3 - http://www.stationv3.com/

How Not to Run a Comic (not really a webcomic, but still...) - http://hownottorunacomic.keenspace.com/

A shortlist of my favorites.
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