Didn't see that coming! 24 Oct 07

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Didn't see that coming! 24 Oct 07

Postby Cyberbard on Wed Oct 24, 2007 5:30 am


I figured that Alli would get some harsh words from Em, but I wasn't expecting Em to threaten her with termination. However, I can understand why, given that Alli almost committed a felony in public! I was expecting a warning; not a suspension. Still, this should knock some sense into Alli.

As for finishing the next issue of Chix, I'm betting that Em asks Max to do the art. Art isn't Tom's thing; he's said so. That leaves Max. Now, Max won't take over drawing Chix because that will cause too many problems on the home front. But he might finish one issue, if only to keep Alli's job secure while she cleans up her head.

Things aren't looking good for Alli at the moment, no matter what angle you take.
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Postby atristain on Thu Oct 25, 2007 7:46 am

Looks like you were right all along. And Max saw that it would cause A LOT of troubles with Alli.

He could ask if it was Ok to Alli, if he was talking with her...

OMG! That would only leave Bryan to finish the issue! :o

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Postby Cyberbard on Thu Oct 25, 2007 10:34 am

If he plays his cards right, Max could convince Alli to let him finish the current Chix issue if he points out that (a) doing so will keep Em's company financially solvent, which we know is very important to Max, and (b) keeping Chix on schedule will keep Alli's job secure, which is important to her (or should be...). For the reasons he pointed out today, Max doesn't want to permanently take over Chix. It's also not the type of strip he wanted to write.

Unfortunately, if Max does finish the issue, and the art gets rave reviews (with a 30% increase in sales to boot), then Max and Em are in a real pickle. Bryan wouldn't hesitate to point out who's art is raking in the bucks. And he would do so at the most inappropriate time, and in the most embarrassing and painful way possible.


If the sales remain stable, then Bryan will keep his trap shut and everyone will stay happy. We hope.
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