Welcome! Please read first.

Grab a scotch, Guinness or your favorite bottled water, put your feet up and relax. This is the Off-topic pub for the Wapsi fans. Cigar smoking is allowed.

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Welcome! Please read first.

Postby pablo on Wed Dec 08, 2004 2:44 pm

Welcome to the Wapsi pub! This is the Off-topic board for the fans of Wapsi to come and relax, socialize or just look for a shoulder to whine on. There won't be many rules here but what few there are will be inforced. I want the same friendly atmosphere here as on the regular Wapsi forum so here goes:
Be respectful.
You can talk politics and religion but remember, others may have a different viewpoint than you.
Do not link to images they are not work safe without some kind of warning.
And if you do post an image on the forum, please keep the size small.
Trolls and Flamers get one warning.
If you're new and want to say "Hi" please post in the "Sayin' Howdy" thread. (Please don't start a new one)
Mostly, all those good things you learned in kindergarten apply.

And remember relax and have fun! :D
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