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John Kricfalusi animates a Weird Al music video.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2006 6:50 am
by Tyler C. Hendrix
Buy Al's latest CD, "Straight Outta Lynwood," and check out John K's awesome Flash for "Close But No Cigar". There's more things worth checking out on the CD, but I felt like mentioning this one thing in particular. Please delete this topic if you feel it is spamming.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 03, 2006 6:13 am
by Wonchop
Yeah, I saw that. It was pretty damn sweet.
I also saw the video of 'I'll Sue You' by that guy who did Star Wars Gangsta Rap which also was swell.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 6:32 pm
by Domo-Kun
It was wrong, but whatever.