A Royal Awakening (WarHammer Fanfic{ish})

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A Royal Awakening (WarHammer Fanfic{ish})

Postby Loztein on Thu Nov 08, 2007 11:21 am

I only place this here because I wrote it at school, am out of PMing space (Thus can't PM myself) and needed a way to get this to my computer, especially since none of the other more conventional ways would work, except printing it and typing it all at home, which is not what I want to do.

"A Royal Awakening" is actually just a test-run full of words I hadn't heard used as often as I think they should be, which I reworked (Half-hazzardly I might add) into the prologue of a short(ish) story I'm basing heavily off of Warhammer (Though with my own locations, characters, {excusing a notable few, like the Chaos Deities etc...} and the like.) Anyhow, if you do feel like reading it go ahead and do so, if your wondering about some things, (Like the Daemonettes) I like how in the older versions of the Warhammer rules Daemons changing sides and deities of worship was a common enough practice, and thus them turning from their Gods to Undivided is acceptable to me, and an interesting enough prospect.

Anyway its rather short, (Considering I wrote it) and I don't want your opinions on Grammar, etc... Except if you notice a sentence taking forever (a whole paragraph or more) or something of THAT sort, then tell me immediately. Also, this'll be ALL of this story EVER put on Keenspot, unless when I have a chapter finished you want it PM'ed, (This shouldn't be for a good while though) but that is it. Primarily because it deals with the Chaos Aspects of the Warhammer verse, and for the most part their not really appropriate for keenspot. If your wondering, the story itself will be relatively short, being planned for only 10 Chapters, but they'll be a little longer then what I'd do otherwise.

And if your wondering about that ended battle in the beginning, it was one between a few Hordes of Chaos Regiments and a few Beasts of Chaos Regiments. Oh, and if you got word, transferring the actual story into word makes it a little easier to read, but you might have to click ignore all, and add Pauldron. AnywhozzawazCH:1 Orthull's Iron BellieszadiddlysticksofDOOOM the prologue thingy is below.

A swift, turbulent, wind rose from the beaten earth, taking with it blood-covered grass freed of the soil, by the beating of hoof and boot alike. The wind was just enough to fell a mighty warrior by allowing his exasperated legs the opportunity they sought for so long to give way beneath the weight of his muscle and that of his black encrusted plate armor, particularly the massive back plates which thrived in unusual trinkets.
All of the exotic embroidery made of precious gems, the actual gold varnish which covered all but the black trim of his armor and exotic jewels, the other odds and ends he
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