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Postby Serendipity_EGS on Sat Feb 23, 2008 11:43 am

How did I NOT know this existed?! Seriously, how?!?!

Wowohwowohwow - I'm in a fic! Well, Sere is and thats close enough for me!

Mal, first, an awesome version of Ser you have there - gosh darn it, your Zephyr is really like my Zephyr (as in your version of it). I actually and thinking of one day writing a series of books and fantasy stories about Mr Serendipity Jones and his exploits, and now find you have been writing stuff, that, from that I have read already (not fully read yet) is better than the stuff I could do! ^_^

In fact a little worried now, as your Zephyr similar in ways to mine - can I be accused of plagiarising my own character and ideas?! ^_^;;;; D'oh! Though my Ser would be quite a bit different too, of course, doesn't think of himself as a Sky Pirate (though others might say he's kinda like one!) - though I am thinking of setting it in a none-Mayhem setting (an Earth, in fact. Thats Earth, not Earth though, ok?! ;) )

But this is really awesome and will definitely have a full read through, I may learn how to actually write a story! Well done Mal, I like it! I like it so much that, like your other short story, I think its canon, even if it is also non-canon, regarding Ser (no, I'm not sure how that works either! Just caused mass-head-explosions among canon+non-canon-story-type-fans, as if a million fanboys cried out and where suddenly silenced!)

Great work! ^_^

PS And darn it, mine would have had steampunk elements too. Aww, I feel like I'm a plagiarist now! ^_^;;;;
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