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'Off-Topic' Bios[Non-Active Characters and whatnot]

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 5:23 am
by Atashi-Cloud
This thread is meant to be a place for anyone who wants Bio information(being used in anything that wouldn't be considered an RP, and the few threads that are like this are only Carrot..? and LPW from what I've seen) to be known. This is also meant for others to chat about certain characters if it needs to be done. I thank you(the anonymous people who've brought this to my attention) for reminding me of this.^^

Oh, and before I forget, this is also the Thread for any 'Universal/Multi-RP' Bios you want to post...I'll prolly post about three, as I know I have that many bios myself. Thank you for checking this out.^^

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 5:40 am
by Miss_Sidhe
Do I need to move mine here since its not officially been approved by the GM yet?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 6:00 am
by Atashi-Cloud
IF you want to...I leave 'em on the Normal Bios Thread...this was mostly meant for everyone who knows their Bio is just for information on their 'forum persona'. But if you want to put it here, I won't stop ya...just make sure you state it's active later...though why you'd do that(which is more work than just posting on the normal Bios thread) is beyond me..^^;

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 6:34 am
by anti-paragon
I guess I'll cut the red tape then.

Multi-use character... well it's pretty much my persona on here. ^^;

Name: Annabelle Rose Pertchin Squirrelypants (Ann Pertchin)

Age: 26

Height: 5'11"

Allegiance and Rank: Gal-Zabor Four star General, and Commander of the Gal-Zabor army.

Appearence: A well toned, but not chisled blond furred catgirl, with green eyes. No longer any noticable scars or tatoos, though there is one tatoo of the Gal-Zabor insignia on her back just below her right shoulder.

Demeanor: Varies, depending on where she is. Friendly most of the time, and sometimes a bit frisky.

Clothing: Ann is in uniform by default. Varies depending on where she is.

Preferred Equip: Varies, but in a battle: Magnum .356, combat Knife, and 10 consealed balanced knifes. Also carries a medipack for the long haul.

Abilities: An excellent marksmen with small arms, knows her weapon of choice inside and out. Also a well trained hand to hand combatant, who relies more on disabling her opponent by dislocating their limbs rather than causing actual physical damage. An experienced medic, and can heal most moderate lacerations and gnashes by herself, while stopping the bleeding for anything she cannot heal long enough to get evacuated.
Her Yogamancy abilities are limited, not due to the fact she does not have the ability, but simply because the magic line of blood in her family has caused nothing but trouble.
Yogamancy: Raise undead: At her level, she can raise undead capable of abstract thinking and smooth movement. Zombies at this level can speak, wield weapons, and think for themselves given they have the proper working organs/limbs to do so. Zombies at this level are suseptable to morale, mind tricks, and illusion spells.
Ann has a second yogamantic spell, but it has not yet been revealed.

Back Ground: No applicable, as it varies depending on where she is, or is not needed.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 6:57 am
by Lucifereacention
Victoria Starr
Status: Inactive

Green eyed, Red Haired girl from Uptown Moperville. Stands about 5'3, wearing normal school clothes; a white shirt, and black skirt down to mid calves under an ever present oversized brown cloth jacket.

History: She was an average high school freshman. She had friends, crushes, a caring family, then one day it all went away. one second she was walking into the girl's locker room after school, the next, she finds herself in some strange alternate dimension. The first stop was a dark place. She managed to find a stereotypical german scientist who gladly sent her to a safer place.

Unfortunately, her new world was slightly less stable. Presumed reality was inconstant, floors turned to ceilings, places became people. She was shoved from place to place in this reality. Her actions were irrelevant to the will behind it. Finally she was forced out of the reality for being too constant. She found that her backpack had been filled with various items, as well as a few notes, normally signed "The Bunnies."

She was safe again, but now she again didn't know where she was. She wandered farmlands until she found a road. When she followed the road, they brought her upon a man calling himself Mosly. He thought her ill-equipped for the world before her, and took her on as an apprentice. Her pay was food, shelter, and lessons as he saw fit. He treated her well, and taught her what he knew of Illusions, and what little of other schools, but not alteration, which was his trade. He told her he was saving that for last. However, before he could teach her these, he'd been called away on business, and during his trip, her luck changed again. A crystal ball in a storage room began to glow. Upon investigation, darkness errupted, taking her, and errupting with the words "Deegan's friends are my enemies!"

When next she awoke, she was next to a man who looked exactly like her brother. He gave her his coat, and asked her story. Upon hearing it, he took her back to his home, asking his parents to give her shelter. Upon seeing her face, they agreed, much to her surprise. Inquiring further she found that in this reality, she had died, and they were still in greiving. This was home. For about 4 weeks. This time she'd gone for a walk in the woods and found familiar writing, like the texts in Mosly's books. She read it out loud, and she again, was gone.

Where did she end up this time? I don't know yet. I could put her in just about any story that would be willing to accept her.

Skills: Illusions, slight alteration, slight conjuration, slight Abjuration

Equipment: 1 worn backpack
1:now stale cookie wrapped in shiny plastic
6: Cans of unlabeled soda
1 squirrel teddy
1 old crumpled coupon for a free "huggle"
1 fish skeleton
1 oversized brown coat
1 oversized wallet including drivers license and $12 US
1 TFG (Still doesn't know how to work it)

Status: Forum Persona
If I'm goofing off, and I say me, you may assume it is this character

Appearing out of no-where
flagrant use of onsen water (think Ranma 1/2 cursed springs)
summoning incubi/succubi in failed attempts at cheering people up
materializing random objects to give as peace offerings, or stave off wraths
shrinking and growing randomly
complete inability to win arguments in armed confrontations, or through any use other than diplomatic reasoning (powers only good for comedic effect, or foolish drivelling)

Current equipment:
1 Cookie
6 cans unlabeled soda
1 squirrel teddy
1 fish for smacking wise asses
6 cans tainted root beer

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 10:04 am
by Sqauto
Well, if you want a Multi-use character.

Squato (either War or MKRP).

Details- Nothing much, I'll leave it open for each semi-RP.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 7:32 pm
by Atashi-Cloud
A Currently Inactive Character of mine: Sera, the Aspect of Courage.

Kingdom Hearts Rp: Aspect of Courage

Name: Sera
Age: 15-16
Gender: Male/Female
At a glance: 6' even, reddish/brown shoulder-length hair, armored
Description in Detail: Sera is a lot like Sora in respects of face and tone of voice, but body-wise would tell you different. Sera is very stable, and hard to knock over, even the strongest attacks only make him flinch. Sera is also a bit more muscular, and can carry fairly heavy stuff, like maybe another Aspect or one piece of a set of heavy armor. Sera's skintone is the same as Sora's and only a few cuts and scars can be seen where the armor and clothing doesn't cover. The armor itself is a set of plated one-shoulder armor and part of a breastplate, both of which look well-polished. His eyes are a silvery-blue, reflecting his calm nature.

Personality: The atypical part of Sera's personality is his utter confidence in himself and others, often extending to his flawless absence of Fear. Sera is very outgoing and almost always meets every challenge head-on, he'll face up to challenges that are also beyond his skill. He gives up occasionally, but it's only when he knows death is imminent and retreat is worth the effort to do so. He'll take anything that's an argument and ignore it, as he tends to let his actions show instead of his voice. Sera's Keyblade is usually mounted on his back.

Abilities: Sera isn't a very magical type person, so his white and black magic skills are fairly low. He makes up for this with the techniques he learns, which are far more valuable in combat than magic. Being 'fleet of foot' and 'quick-minded' he can puzzle out simple and slightly complex things easily, but mostly leaves it to those who are better in such a skill. His combat use is mostly for either pure defensive action, or to hold down the enemy for as long as possible due to his amazingly high endurance. Due to Sera's lack of skill with magic, if he uses it in a situation that calls for it his gender switches at random. This would be a big drawback, if he didn't always have to heal himself after a really tough battle.

Keyblade: Sera's Keyblade, the Shield of Heroes, isn't so much a Keyblade as it appears to be a shield. The keyblade is quite thick, and most other wielders of it would almost fall over from using it. The shield is a dual-function defense and weapon, as it is heavy and durable enough to whack any enemy upside the head with. The insignia is that of a crown on a gold and silver backing, with the atypical chain attached to the grip.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 8:10 pm
by mousekrod
Well, normally not an RP-er, but I do have a character that some might recognize from #egscarrot

Name: Denora
Age: 19
Current Gender: Female (Note the Current part)
Looks: Well, havent really decided that.
Description: At times fun-loving, at other times... mostly Idle.
Status: Married
Other stuff: Eh, whatever I feel like at the time. She does have a nice palace though.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 8:10 pm
by Grim Atescu
A few characters who might pop into interdimensional places from time to time:

Seth Kirintekulor, of the Highlands
A tall, bright-eyed young man with red hair reminiscent of flames. THe eyes are colored green. He wears a black trenchcoat, black jeans, black boots, and black leather gloves. He also has a hat and sunglasses, which he usually takes off when he's inside. He has a very positive outlook on life.
Abilities: Fastest gun in his part of the world.
Possessions: Four revolvers; one has "Kirin" written on the barrel in gold inlay.

Shelly Vanasria, of the Highlands
A young woman, with hair dyed blue - bright blue - and blue eyes. She wears a black leather jacket, black jeans, black silk gloves, and writing-and-drawing-covered tennis shoes. She is overly bright, springy, bouncy, etc. in personality - think Grace before Damien attacked.
Abilities: Healer
Possessons: Black sunglasses, pad and paper, Handbag of Holding

Gien, The Cursed
Also called "Cursed McCursepants". Gien is of indeterminate age, and he has a voice reminiscent of Dirty Harry with a hoarse throat. He's got black hair, a thin black moustache, and a glare that few can match. Claims to be surrounded by bad luck - this is, quite frequently, the case.
Abilities: Cannot be killed by poison, immolation, or old age; must be killed by a wound from a weapon, though he continually seeks ways around it.
Possessions: His wits, his body, his hand crossbow with the word "Gina" laid into the butt in gold fiber, his revolver

Dave, Seeker of People
Dave wears a cloak. His voice sounds like someone grinding ivory, wood, granite, and other such things into dust, and his laugh sounds like a cross between a flu patient with a coughing fit and an AK-47 firing at full clip. It's been speculated that he's one of The Hunters, an ancient race that made deals with Humanity in one dimension or another several thousand years ago. It's unknown how long a Hunter lives, but if what seems to be the case with Dave keeps developing, he's definitely a Hunter.
Abilities: One of the greatest trackers in the world.
Possessions: Unknown

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 8:31 pm
by Indon
Sadly, I don't have either a regular posting time, nor really much time to post, so I can't really take part in any of the RP's on this forum. Nonetheless, I'm going to post a character. 'Cause I can.

This character would be for a low-power Earth scenario (Such as the EGS main storyline, for instance). I can't delete my post in the main thread, I don't think, but I can at least make it short.


Age: 29
Gender: Male
Skin Tone: Pale
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Brown, straight, not-quite-neck length.
Height: 6'4"
Build: Slightly thinner than average.

Stark is a professed occultist, and the last living Priest of Thoth. He prefers to wear darker or more subtle colors to include black, and typhically wears jeans (with at least 1 cargo pocket large enough to hold a large book) and a t-shirt, with a trenchcoat over that (A trenchcoat being the closest socially acceptable thing to a priests' robes in these modern times). He prefers to keep his trenchcoat closed with a sash (included in some coats) rather than with the buttons. He occasionally wears a dark-colored, floppy hat to protect his head from the sun when outside.

Powers and Abilities: Stark is a very well-known occultist, and many wizards, magicians, sorcerors, and the like respect him for his innovative and effective research.

Stark, as the last (and thus the High) Priest of Thoth, carries a copy of the Book of the Dead held by Thoth; this book contains the True Names of all mortal (Defined as capable of death, not simply as capable of dying of age) beings both living and dead. Through this book, Stark has significant powers over demons and other supernatural creatures. Should the book ever be lost or destroyed, Stark has the ability to reach into any repository of text, such as a bookshelf, magazine stand, or box of old books, and pull out a fresh, new copy of the Book.

Other than this, however, Stark himself seems to manifest no supernatural powers. This fact is explained by his peers by asserting that Stark's patron, Thoth, is a dying God and thus only able to deliver limited blessings unto his priest.

Additionally, Stark owns a pistol, which he carries concealed inside a hidden pocket within his trenchcoat; the pistol is legal and he is licenced to conceal the weapon. He is a fair shot, and can competently fire the weapon in one hand.

Personality: Stark is somewhat shy, but is otherwise an easygoing person. He is exceedingly curious, and passionate about scholarship and learning. He 'works' as a historical scholar, making money from contracts primarily with textbook companies. He considers his true profession, however, to be his priesthood. Stark disagrees that Thoth is dying, and will vehemently argue to the contrary, though he has no answer to his lack of powers.

The Book of the Dead: As mentioned earlier, The Book of the Dead contains the True Names of all mortal beings, both living and dead. Only the High Priest of Thoth can read the characters of the book; to all others, the book appears blank. The book can not be written in by any being; ink and dye and even pencil lead run off, and the book is resistant to tearing or page depressions. The book is strong, but not invincible (for instance, a bullet could destroy the book, or fire). If the book is damaged, it loses its' power and becomes an ordinary, blank book. Additionally, if another Book is summoned, or if Stark gets too far away from the book, the Book loses its' power.

The names in the Book supposedly denote all possible information about a being, including every detail of their past, present and future. However, the book is written in a language far more intricate than any human can understannd, and Stark for the most part can not himself understand it either. With his vast esoteric knowledge, he determined limited methods by which he could command or control mortal, supernatural creatures such as ghosts or certain demons, or obtain information about them, but this is his current limit of his mastery of the Book.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 10:02 pm
May pop up connected to my characters occasionally:

Name: Jaguar

Age: looks to be mid 20's. (is rumored to between 100 and 2,000 depending on who you ask, Jaguar itself will not comment.)

Gender: Unknown (I of course know, but I have no intention of reveling it)

Race: seems human

Appearance: androgynous, no clues of gender are visible at all. Of moderate build and slightly shorter than average.
Occupation: tracker, does not work cheep but always finds who he is after.

Personality: highly focused on the task at hand, dislikes small talk and tends to be a bit paranoid if anyone speaks to it.
Also tends to be very short on words and not one for jokes of any kind, annoying it is not recommended if you value your health.
While not threatening to look on it's mannerisms and confidence betray the fact that Jaguar is quite formidable when given a reason to be.
Jaguar's entire family is dead, the circumstances are a mystery but it is rumored that Jaguar had a hand in it.
Samantha, the secretary to the Mademoiselle Black Claw, is one of the few that know it's real name.

Note: will find anyone for any reason, be it rescue, assassination or simple curiosity, provided it gets paid it makes no difference.
Should be referred to as Jaguar or with a gender neutral pronoun, using 'he' or 'she' is taken as an insult.
Has a standing contact with the Black Claw arms ring to find people that skip the bill or cross them.

(I'll be posting some bios on Black Claw later)

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 10:26 pm
by eternaljwh
A similar thread, in the graveyard...

But finally, I post my castfile.

Name: eternaljwh
Nick: jawa
Gender: male initially
initial appearance: human
(Overall effect: young mad scientist)
current appearance: see below
age: 16
height: 5'9"
hair: brown, curly, medium length
eyes: gray
clothes: lab coat, pants, sneakers. For other equipment see sig.
Personality: carefree, rather focused on upgrading TF gun, without help of the remodeling kit. Prejudiced only against bigots. Doesn't particularly care about gender changes.

squirrel teddy
TF guns: shelf (NW), quite-fragmented, Mayhem edition(with re-modeling kit)
6 unlabeled bottles, 6 Mayhem bottles
dead but fresh pike
posters: owls attempting to cuddle with a hedgehog, Kitsune Cheesecake
'make your own tween motion' pack
An assortment of 'Grace's faves' plushies
a bag of 100% Mayhem-grown carrots
copy of Sonic 2
3 twisted knives
specially designed bag holding all of above
Bunny ears, feet, hands...on the snake heads/humanoid limbs.
Tedd Glasses[w/ x-ray mod] (now integrated)
blue dragon familiar(good side), shadow dragon familiar(evil side)

Present form: Green-feathered Half-Phoenix [general]
can now replicate self, set flames to many settings...
f-eternaljwh3: Gal-Zabor.
<Nioi>109: Svensylsquatostan.
2(Ienyr), 4(Vocux), 9(Ven): the Aspect of Youth
5,6: Carrot...?
1: LPW!!!
7: Also LPW!!
<standard>24: Also Carrot...?

Supporting cast: Blue and Shadow dragon familiars: Named Sky and Shadow, respectively, at request of Scribble_the_Scribe. Both are dragons, hindclaws and wings, foreclaws, about 25 cm tall. Sky has acquired some red streaks and spikes that he pops up wherever he feels like, usually along the leading edge of his wing. Sky is approximately my good side, Shadow my dark, mischievous side. My truly evil side is still locked away. Created by Dr. Ehrmann. Sky has a weakness for root beer, is made hyper by it, and will go to great lengths to get it. Shadow has a fondness for brimstone, as it enhances his natural powers and augments his otherwise limited telekinetic abilities. Sky breathes rime, Shadow breathes smoke. (Fire if he's brimstone-fueled)
Saturn: Red minidragon, not bonded. Breathes lightning. Rather evil, but secretly a protector and provider for his younger siblings Sky and Shadow, and also his foster family of pegasi. (See Unc')
Starlight: White minidragon, not bonded. Breath weapon unrevealed. Good-aligned, raised in the Nine Hells by some succubi slaves.
German Bartender: Inventor of the Germahn Flavor Mix. Makes any potion tasty and carbonated.

Dr. Ehrmann: Inventor of the Ehrmann-brand Rocket Boots (and not known for much else.) The evil mad scientist counterpart to Dr. Germahn. Looks similar, except he has a goatee, and wears sunglasses and a black lab coat. Created Sky and Shadow in unknown experiment. Infused them with his first distillation of good and evil, respectively. Turns out he had an apprentice named Knave. Has some dark secret he doesn't want anyone to know about. Is currently figuring out what happened to eternaljwh. Other inventions: BONES(skeletal resurrector), Ring of Illusory Clothing, Shrink Antidote, Darkness/Light extractors, and thus also Essence of Darkness and Essence of Light, transformational sandwiches. Recently revealed to be female.

Major Knave: Leader of the Omega Troop, aka Omega Team, which was recently taken out by Dahoughtonuk. Former apprentice of Ehrmann, decided to use power for good instead of evil. Sardonic !@#%, but an incredible commando. Destroyed Ehrmann's second lab. (Ehrmann is currently on his third, which has lasted 20 years against heroes, however, Knave has not himself tried it.) In love with General Ann Pertchin.
Omega Troop: Ten, Skeletal. Two specialists have been identified: Ninja, Sniper.
Pilot: Not actually a member of Omega Troop, a twelve-year-old with incredible flying skills.
Ninja: Nox: Moxie
Medic: Bones: Leech
Sapper: Disassembler: Fuse
Sniper(f): Hawkeye: Peeps
Fireman: Pyro: Sparky
Mechanic: Gearhead: Grease
HWGuy:<Loose> Cannon: Lead

Grammar/Spelling Nazis: self-explanatory.

Person At Computer: Yours truly. [Voices and their alter-egos:]
Voice 1: Main command.
Voice 2: Reason.
NPACA and UPACA between them...
Voice 3: Perversion.
the great urfushngh?bah!
Voice 4: Spare voice.
Voice 5: Kraggi's autobot.
Not Transcended:
ExtraPACA: Revealed to be a catboy (temporarily) in BDay comic.
KittyPACA: fEllenCatgirl.

Kaptain Keybeard: The pirate, once in search of his legendary lost Grog. Uses insults from Monkey Island. Is Elsewhen's future, as a lizardwoman, in Svenpirania as female (first name is Kaime there)
orig. Desc:A headrag-wearing hookhand with a peg leg and an eyepatch, an eyepatched parrot on his shoulder, appears.

Extra Army: Miscellaneous people. Numbers used, in no particular order:
1: took the lead once.
54: took the lead once.
65535:Took off her glasses to enter superhero mode for the lead.
3.5: Used like demonic duck as a distraction for the lead.
42: Used device to inform Restaurant patrons as to Altair's past.
33: TF goon blasted eternaljwh with FV5.
333: Offered as a sleeping platform..
7: Brought silver tray with TF guns for TF duel that never occured.
11010011<Binary...=211>:Logic man in carrot..?. Exploded.
Epsilon: aka Continuity Man. Has a squeaky mallet.
c100<hex:49408>: aka Mysterious Voodoo Man, extracted child from HelenNet. Graduated from Extra status, attempted brainwash of Lomgren.
392: Offered suggestion as to multisided volleyball.
4, 8, 72: As a team, went to Carrot...? while Knave went rampant with Germahn's formula.
1345-1349 lost their rightful places in Count to a Million.
666: A duck! Used as distraction in Last Post from f-eternaljwh3 and Kraggi's antics.
dead<hex>: Skeleton in the Dark, Dark room. Killed by f-eternaljwh's holy fire inadvertently, will take legal action.
247: Mistaken person who grabbed Lommy.

Altair, Ghost: real chars.

Svenfield: Svenpire's minion.

Phantom Voice: PAC Impersonator. Gave ChibiVOR tips on how to act like him to be PVA...
Evil Little Voice

Butterfly Girl: Princess of the Meadow. Trained as a priestess of the fertility/nature god. Loves Lomgren and is sort of looking like him, thanks to the operation MVM did...

Nonah: Lake dweller in Redstone Lake. Dark-blue hide above, white below. Dark blue hair when in human form. Not particularly modest...but does nudity in a way that isn't obtrusive. 6.5' tallish when human. Has something odd in her past...something that causes an inner dialogue. This something was revealed to be that she is, in fact, half-demon. Shimmering red hair when in half-demon humanoid form. Has wings, a barbed tail (which is about three feet long), but no horns. When in half-demon lakedweller, she is often dark-red above, black below, has vestigial wings, in addition to normal lakedweller features.

Sayobi: Nonah's nth ancestor. Daughter of she of the Golden Heart.
Vlyntyr: Father of Tahask. Adoptively Freek's ancestor.
Tahask: Offspring of Vlyntyr and she of the Golden Heart.

Deyanira:For Transgenics RP. Female reptilian humanoid. Likes being irradiated.

Unc' (Tesseract Butterfly): a black pegasus, an enigma from a bygone age. Very powerful. Leader of the Tesseract herd, which lives at the VLoE.

Team Ing: Post-war, Dr. E's second team, primarily made for the finding and infiltration of bases. Composed of...
Leader<First Sergeant Shua, Wings>, 163 cm: f-anthrofalcon. Upbeat girl.
Trapfinder<Sweeps> 3m long, about 2m tall when normal, 1.5m when coiled: m-anthrosnake. (yuan-ti abominationlike...snake with arms.) Suspicious as hell. Will likely try to kill you if you sneak up and say boom. Not that this stops the rest of the team.
Researcher<Stack> 250cm: m-half-silverdragon. Jolly guy. Knows much that lies hidden.
Explosives dude<C> 170 cm: m-anthroracoon. Plays much tricks.
Infiltrator<Umbra>168 cm: f-anthrosquirrel. Actually named Umbra. Inquisitive, but quiet...C's mate.
Tech Specialist<Wire>: m-anthrofoxwolf. 160 cm. Very shy. Likes chocolate chip cookies.

The Renegade: Werevulture spy/assassin/sniper. Past his prime, he will probably decide to go out with a bang.

Counterfeit Quarter, Man in Hat: Appear in BDay comic.

Ytasv: A creature from Beyond. Owes MVM for something...

PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 8:25 am
by UltimateRandom
Need to dredge up my RP character files. I have 5 I use regularly depending on situation, with occasional minor tweaks. I suppose they would belong here.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2006 12:18 am
by Cameo
:o You still post here, UR? (We have RandomBunny and Random_Sage as well, so I hereby dub you UR.)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2006 6:06 am
by Brylian_Troy
Ummm...... All my characters except for Amilia are avaliable for anyone to auto....

PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2006 7:46 am
by Kraggi
anti-paragon wrote:Demeanor: Varies, depending on where she is. Friendly most of the time, and always mind numbingly "frisky".

Clothing: Ann is in nothing by default. Varies depending on where she is.
Just some spelling errors.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2006 11:47 am
by Crimsonn Draycko
Forum persona:

Name: Crimsonn Draycko.
Nickname: Crim
Gender: Male (and should stay that way, or he'll suffocate in his armor)
Race: Human
Age: 16
Height: 6'1"
Hair: blonde, uncombed. (Not that you can see it under the helmet :roll: )
Eyes: Blue, usually.
Clothes: Half-inch thick full plate armor. And medium helmet.

Personality: A general screw-up, this klutz is an accident waiting to happen. He would be a paladin, except he's to stupid and clumsy. Is afraid of rodents (especially the big ones), and glomps, because they knock him over and getting up in armor is no small accomplishment.

Inventory: See sig. Oh, and by the way, the TF gun's a semi-automatic.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2006 11:56 am
Brylian_Troy wrote:Ummm...... All my characters except for Amilia are avaliable for anyone to auto....

'Cept me. I'd make Brylian jump around and sing the Oscar Meier Weiner song.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2006 11:56 am
Brylian_Troy wrote:Ummm...... All my characters except for Amilia are avaliable for anyone to auto....

'Cept me. I'd make Brylian jump around and sing the Oscar Meier Weiner song.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2006 11:56 am
by Sqauto
Kraggi wrote:
anti-paragon wrote:Demeanor: Varies, depending on where she is. Friendly most of the time, and always mind numbingly "frisky".

Clothing: Ann is in nothing by default. Varies depending on where she is.
Just some spelling errors.

*Hits Kraggi.

"I know she is your child sometimes (ed- War). But it doesn't mean you can take away our fun.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2006 12:13 pm
Sqauto wrote:
Kraggi wrote:
anti-paragon wrote:Demeanor: Varies, depending on where she is. Friendly most of the time, and always mind numbingly "frisky".

Clothing: Ann is in nothing by default. Varies depending on where she is.
Just some spelling errors.

*Hits Kraggi.

"I know she is your child sometimes (ed- War). But it doesn't mean you can take away our fun.

*Hits Squato*

Don't spoil the joke...

PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2006 12:16 pm
by Sqauto
Sqauto wrote:
Kraggi wrote:
anti-paragon wrote:Demeanor: Varies, depending on where she is. Friendly most of the time, and always mind numbingly "frisky".

Clothing: Ann is in nothing by default. Varies depending on where she is.
Just some spelling errors.

*Hits Kraggi.

"I know she is your child sometimes (ed- War). But it doesn't mean you can take away our fun.

*Hits Squato*

Don't spoil the joke...

*HIts JJA for not getting it.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2006 12:18 pm
Sqauto wrote:
Sqauto wrote:
Kraggi wrote:
anti-paragon wrote:Demeanor: Varies, depending on where she is. Friendly most of the time, and always mind numbingly "frisky".

Clothing: Ann is in nothing by default. Varies depending on where she is.
Just some spelling errors.

*Hits Kraggi.

"I know she is your child sometimes (ed- War). But it doesn't mean you can take away our fun.

*Hits Squato*

Don't spoil the joke...

*HIts JJA for not getting it.

*Hits Squato for not closing his hitting thing with a second asterisk*

And let us end the hitting, I get it now...

PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2006 12:21 pm
by Sqauto
(I don't use two asterisks. I don't see the point in closing them. Whats more, your the first person to have an issue with it. But I will not spot useing the single asterisk.)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2006 1:19 pm
by eternaljwh
Sqauto wrote:(Whats more, your the first person to have an issue with it.)
At least, the first one who commented.