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PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 3:31 pm
by Talauna
OOC Posting Char for Talauna:

Name: Talauna
Age: 22
Race: Human, with Catlike Featurs (ear's/tail)
Skin Tone: Pale with some tanning
Height: 6'4"
Wight: 200lb
Hair color: Dark Brown Natural with it colored Black.
Hair Style: Split down the middle with a short cut
Attire: Full Black outfit, with Matching Black gloves and sun glass's. Leather Trechcoat for cold weather... *evil grin*

PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 11:45 pm
by TeddVerres
Whiel both these Character are currently with their own descriptions in the Battle Arena Sign-Up thread, I'm gonna put whole new one for both of them cause I plan to bring them up for later RP's.

Name: Shrip Gregors
Age: 25
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1
Weight: 189 lbs.
Hair: Short Messy Blond
Attitude: Gruff and Harsh
Appearance: Has sunglasses, samll ovals that barely cover the bottom quarter of his eyes, blue trenchcoat, always open, big bulky blue gloves, big bulky brown boots, jeans, grey undershirt, carries a specialy designed sniping pistol, designed by him and his father called "the Angry Hornet XR"
Back Story: Born the son of a WWII Canadian Sniper, Shrip was raised among long range firearms. At 13, he entered his dad's weapon smithing business. He and his father ran the most succcsesful weapons shop in Canada. Together, they designed a firearm which only Shrip has. Shrip's father was killed in an attack by angry customer at his store while Shrip hid under the counter in fear. After that happened, Shrip lost his temper and shot his fathers killer several times, even after the man died. Shrip was not charged due to "Self Defence". Shrip currently lives in an appartment with his room mate and life long pal, Warth. Random Facts: Shrip listen's to Country Music
Shrip's been on one date in his life. She never called him back
Shrip once nearly commited suicide, but Warth walked him out of it
Shrip's a Virgin
Shrip's main mode of transportation is a Van he and Warth Co-Own
Shrip knows how to play the Guitar, Drums, and the Trumpet.

Name: Warth Richards
Age: 24
Species: Cat Person
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0
Weight: 168 lbs.
Hair(Head): Short Dark Brown
Hair(Body): Short Brown
Attitude: happy and Carefree, slightly nutty and niave
Appearance: Wears a white tanktop and jeans, no shoes
Back Story: Warth is Shrip's best friend. they where enxt door neighbors from the day they where born. Warth's father served along side Shrip's in WWII(The Government covered up any Animal People being involved for national security reasons. There was enough racism as is without "Get out of our nieghborhood's you furry freaks". Warth has always been a happy go lucky kinda guy, though he is a bit clumsy, and a bit nieve. He is Shrip's comic reliefe. Warth has a secret; He's part Dog Person. His Great Grandfather on his mother's side, a Lt. Waffle Ryebread, who was an officer in police force of a far off land, famous for taking down an entire gang and saving his land from a giant rampaging robot, was a Dog Person, and in a time where racism towards Cat People was at an all time high, was a avid speaker of Cat People's right. He wound up marrying and having a child with a cat peron, Alicia Priss, who was his childood firend, and the leader of a large gang Waffle single handidly took down. Warth has told no one of his Great Grandfather, depsite his many achievments, cept Shrip.
Random Facts:Warth doesn't have a driver's licence
Warth often Sing's while in the Shower
Warth is an expert with Flash MX
Warth can play piano, clarinet, and xylophone.
Warth once beat down a bully while in preschool
Warth has Star Wars bed sheets.
Warth is a huge fan of the 3 Stooges

Bonus point if you can guess the game I took Warth's Great Grandfather and Grandmother from.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 3:28 am
by FaweFC44
Unused character, waiting for a new RP to crop up before in they go!

Forum name: FaweFC44
Character Name: Fawe the Trickster
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Height: 5

PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 10:21 pm
by TeddVerres
Sometimes, an idea hits you and you have to put it somewhere. My files on this computer lock up, and it's a character I plan to use once an RP fit for it rolls around.

Name: Chicory Rodgers
Alias: Chicory the Bard
Age: 22
Height: 6'1
Weight: 165 lbs.
Occupation: Traveling Bard
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair: Medium Length whitish blond (Think Raiden from MGS2)
Face: Looks exactly like Raiden from MGS2
Eyes: Blue
Attitude: Musical and Lyrical, enjoys talking in rhymes
Clothing: Long Coat, Big Witch-Esque. Hat, High Heeled Boots
Back Story: Chicory's mother, Savory, was in love with a man by the name of Marjoram, but, she had been married to an evil man by the name of Basil. She couldn't help herself, and got pregnant with Marjoram's baby. Basil was infuiated. He also... did .... her, and than put a curse on her. The seed Marjoram had made would become a fine young man, with a lust for adventure, and a love of the arts. But Basil's seed would become the exact opposite. A man of pure hatred and evil, who would ravage the land. They would be two halves of the same coin, and one could not die unless they both died.

To keep herself from releasing this evil on the world, she hid herself in a cave. She carved a section out of the stone with her bare hands. When the children where born, she named the one of purity and innocence Chicory, and the one of pure malice and evil Dandelion. She didn't know which was which at the time. so she placed Chicory in the hole she dug and covered it with a stone. She raised Dandelion in the cave, teaching him the arts and swrdsmanship, so he could go out and defend the world. Chicory managed to watch this and learn himself through a tiny crack in the stone.

On Chicory and Dandelion's 13th birthday, she presented Dandelion with a sword. As she went to get a drink form a jug at the back of the cave, where condensation from a stalagtite collected, Dandelion snuck up behind her to killed her. But, with one last ditch strugle to move the stone, Chicory smashed the stone out of the way. He grabbed the small rusty sword he had seen Savory teach Dandelion with and fought back at Dandelion. It was during this battle that Dandelion confessed that he was the evil son.

However, in the end, Chicory managed to slaughter his brother, but from his remains rose his spirit. He said that he would had planned that. He would be forced to walk this earth until Chicory died. He was going to leave the cave know. He knew that he could infest his brother's mind if he wanted and take it over. But, using the jug that they drank from, Savory trapped Dandelion's spirit.

Chicory carries the bottle with him everywhere. The problem is, every year, for the 3 hours right after the vernal equinox, the power the jar has to keep Dandelion's spirit inside weakens to a point where he can take over the mind of anyone near him. Thus, Chicory must endure 3 hours of being controled completely by his brother. He never ditched the bottle for fear that someone else would find it and be forever stuck with him.

Chicory can never tell anyone about his brother's abilitie to enslave his mind, for if he does, his brother threatens to kill him while he infests his mind.

Name: Dandelion Rodgers
Age: 22(died at 13)
Height: Pre Death: 5'11 Post Death: 1'5
Weight: Pre Death: 134 lbs. Post Death: 3 lbs.
Occupation: Pre Death: Jobless Post Death: Dead Guy in a Bottle
Gender: Male
Species: Pre Death: Human Post Death: Ghost
Hair: Pre Death: Pure Black Post Death: ?????
Face: Pre Death: Exacly like Raiden from MGS2 Post Death: 2 Eyes and a Mouth in a fog filled bottle
Eyes: Pre Death: Green Post Death: Blood Red
Attitude: Pure Evil, Sarcastic
Clothing: Green Glass Bottle
Back Story: See Chicory

PostPosted: Wed Aug 16, 2006 6:43 am
by General Panik
*has 17.. no wait, forgot the DARK team... 25... forgot TAMER.... 30 different characters.* I don't think I will be posting here, if I decide to use any, I'll post them when they come up... General Panik will be here later [I'll edit], but he's currently in a TF Booth somewhere deeep in the archives. Only way to change a Pureblood Tiger Hi'Kone OUT of that form.. Similar to Vlad.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2006 9:54 pm
by Sword, Gun, Demon,& M
I have four characters, each of which specialize in the weapon or power in my username. I'll do three more profiles after this. NOTE: I'll be editing these more frequently than actually necessary.

Name(Original): Andrew D. Connolly. (preffered): Tenkai
Race: Human(mostly), can become Hylian and half-dragon
main gender: Male, though used TF gun to turn himself female for short periods once it was discovered that naturally produced female hormones could block the effects of a curse he was put under.
Age:Varies depending on definition of age, but has had a physical form for 70 earth years. Has existed at times between 1500 to 7277A.D., but possibly has existed since before the recorded history of several worlds.
Original home: Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin
Brief timeline of events:
age 1-7, lived in New Jersey.

age 8-15, lived in Wisconsin.

age 15-45, lived in feudal era Japan.

age 46-48, lived in the world of Toerre, the world where Hyrule exists.

age 49, helped fight the war against the Gnosis in the year 7277 A.D, also known as 4767 T.C.

age 50-58, lived in Moperville with Tedd Verres.

age 58-60, lived in Spira and assisted summoner Yuna.

age 60-61, lived in Sylvarant/Tethe'alla, lost memory upon arrival, though reagained sight.

age 61-64, lived in Gaia, where he helped fight against Sephiroth.

age 64-65, arrived back in far future where he had weapons he had encountered built from scans he made

age 65-66 arrived at an alternate reality of home in Wisconsin, contracted bimorphic lycanthropy, met female alternate of best friend, fell in love.

67-70, lived in Hyrule with the "Quetzals," a special mercenary group.

70 and on, location unknown

Description: 6ft tall, long, very dark purple hair, sometimes in a top knot or ponytail. Puts into a bun when female. Thin, yet muscular build.

Outfit: Prefferes special armor made from metalic organisms which would be repaired simply with a saltwater bath, though sometimes wears a ninja outfit or a trench coat. Between ages 23-60, wore a special blindfold which allowed him to see the world enough to fight. Was chosen to be the weilder of the "Chaos Legion" gauntlet, as well as the recipiant of the oni gauntlet, which he wears on his left and right arms, respectivly. Lightning like tattoos run all across his body. After Oyu was made, they turned from dark purple to red. This is actually a representation of what used to be Nevan, but it is now Harmony. After age 61, wears a red ribbon on left arm. Wears the silver demon pendant from Devil May Cry 1 & 3. Has scars in the shape of the Japanese symbols for "Pride" engraved on his back, as well as the symbols for "Lust," "Wrath," "Sloth," "Gluttony," "Envy," and "Greed" on his right upper arm. All these are the marks of death by the respective Demon gods, each a signal informing nearby demons to his location. They cause varying degrees of pain depending upon how strong and how many demons are about to attack, and can actually catch on fire if a large enough force is advancing on him. Two curved scars in a different color than that of the "Pride" scar run down his back, starting at the midpoint of his shoulder blades and curving down to points right at the line where the thoracic vertebrae end and the lumbar vertebrae begin. This is where his wings form. Left eye is a cybernetic implant which act as a camera, telescope, night/thermal goggles, scanner, and allows the ability to watch electronic readouts with the use of a special adapter fitted onto the input devices. Has a wifi connection with his computer. Also has a miniature forcefeild protecting his brain to eliminate the effects of any head injury or other mentally detrimental forces.

Personality: follows the life policy of "only be serious when you need to be". This makes him playful in battle unless facing a serious threat to his friends, at which point he goes berserk. Likes videogames and Star Trek, though preffers a good book or a swords catalouge. Has a tendancy towards kleptomania.

"Vergil": katana made to contain Vergil's soul and powers. Holder is able to interact with him and, if they are strong enough, is able to materialize him in case of a dire circumstance.

Harmony: scythe weapon similar to "Nevan" from DMC3. Also can be used as a guitar.

Chaos Advent: Long sword somehow connected with the Chaos Legion. Becomes electrified when legionaires are not summoned.

Silver's bane: pair of ancient guns which fires an infinite supply of silver bullets. Built specificly for killing unholy beings

First Tsurugi: 6 piece weapon which assembles into a sword similar to Cloud's Buster Sword. Made from an ultra-light and durable metal created in 3560 T.C.

Black Tarot: Special cards which can be used like a sword or thrown like ninja stars and will return to the owner. Also works like any ordinary tarot deck.

ANA-CRN-15M: Top of the line, multi purpose computer from the year 4765 T.C. About the size of half a PS2 controller. Can scan 3d objects and save them for analysis or replication for later. Has enough memory to store 3 human conciences and the entire internet at the same time. Uses holograms to display information. Runs on whatever energy is avaliable and can connect to any other electronic device from any other time.

TIMBUK2 "Bag of Holding": bag from our time enchanted by Link Coru to hold anything. One merely needs to think of the desired object after inserting into the bag and it will appear.

Oni gauntlet: recieved after returning to Moperville, it contains the powers the oni grant to the onimusha. Recieved due to death of previous holder.

"Chaos Legion": a gauntlet and half pauldron assembled into a single piece of armor. Has the ability to choose its bearer and forces itself upon that person. Was worn by the Kight of the Dark Glyphs, Seig Warheight many centuries before. Gives the bearer the ability to summon lost souls in the form of legionaires to assist him, and can also throw electrical energy made to allow better targeting of enemies. Unfortunately, It cannot be removed without cutting off the arm at the shoulder. It can only be made to become an elaborate tattoo running from the shoulder to the tip of the middle finger.

Digital camera

Fenrir: motorcycle recieved through calling in a favor in the year 4769 T.C. Made from an indestructable metal. Special components include an inertial dampener which redces the overall mass by 90%, a hydrogen conversion engine which runs on water, Sheild generator used to prevent crashes, and a special version of the MWS with compartments capable of carrying the six blades of the first Tsurugi as well as other weapons. Max speed is about 150mph.

Materia: Thunder, fire, ice, protect, transform, cure, HP up, Magic Up, "Flight special".

Abilities: amazing swordsmanship, absorption of souls, can turn his body into cards via the "Black Tarot," Legions can report information to him, can create wings from his back at will, voice box can create a wide variety of tones, can only die from fire, silver, old age, and lycanthrope claws, absolutely incredible luck,(the chances of his adventure re-occuring are 1:9x10^60th)
Amazing unluck due to the fact that he STILL can't win the lottery, signal emanating from his body which attracts demons to attack once perday, can change sex when he needs to, awesome chef and cook.

Andrew D. Connolly used to be your average school geek. straight -B's, video games, webcomics, anime, job at the local pharmacy, etc. He wanted to live through a few of the stories he read, but he never imagined he would. One day, as he walked to school, a force of some sort sent him back 500 years, where he was barely saved by a samurai. The samurai was the holder of the Oni Gauntlet, a weapon used to kill demons passed down through the ages from one holder to the next, gathering power with each man and demon it slew. ADC lived with the samurai for three years and trained in the arts of demon soul absorbtion, swordsmanship, and survival (with some cross classing in theivery).

PostPosted: Wed Aug 30, 2006 10:30 am
by tamuru
appearance: armour changes color with element (normally grey) face is this, instead of the face on the picture
Gender: male
Skills: full elemental control,
Element shifting
Powerful healing

Special abilities based on element

Fire-------Shield projection
Water----Underwater breathing
Earth-----Increased Strength
Air--------increased jumping ability/reflexes
Stone---Increased speed
Ice-------increased vision range

When transformed via TF gun he appears as if he is whatever said transformation would look like, only made of whatever element he was in when he was hit. If hit in neutral form he appears to be made up of the same silvery metal that his neutral form armour is.
Only his armoured hero form can "element phase" though.

His inventory

One X flavoured Cookie
One X flavoured 6-pack of Soda
One Dead Fish
One Squirrel Teddy
One Transformation Gun with matoran variants
A Roasting Spiquet and Portable Fireplace,
A tesla coil powering the TF gun. Hooray high voltage!
A giant novelty oversized hammer (for hitting annoying people)
One giant novelty oversized d20, squashes people when it lands
One bottle of C-1035

His weaponry

Basic, shard, beam, and sphere launcher
Sword, slash (a three bladed sword)
Throwing disks

All weapons are instantaneously charged with corresponding element when he transforms.

Very kind and helpful, but he will not be afraid to bring out his whole arsenal to defend those close to him.

~a brief intro to C-1035:
The first test subject
C-1035 pronounced a success

Joat's Party

PostPosted: Wed Aug 30, 2006 2:03 pm
by Joat
Here are the eight characters I use in the two threads LPL and LPW. Now, don’t let this fool you. These stats are based on what is known. For example, it says that Joat doesn’t have any special abilities (other than calica). This only means that he does not have any known special powers.

Joat Delia
Race: Greater Seyunolu (usually in human form)
Gender: Male
Class: Calica*, ex-Pastamancer****
Age: 15
Inventory: He owns everything in my inventory (see sig)
Appearance: Dark blue cloak (the hood is down), brown hair, dark blue eyes, and a white T-shirt. Will almost always have chrome staff in hand.
Special Abilities: None
Unsloved Mysteries: He tends to glow brightly white at times, after which he falls deep asleep.

Draco Blazer
Race: Veron*** (Joat’s pet)
Gender: Male
Class: Calica*
Age: 3
Inventory: Nothing (nowhere to put anything)
Appearance: Orange fur with white tail tip, belly, and paws.
Special Abilities: None
Unsolved Mysteries: His fur turned yellow once.

May Cottontail
Race: Easter bunny
Gender: Female
Class: Qwertish wizard (Easter Variant)**
Age: 10
Inventory: A flute, an airhorn, nine very large spell books, and other things (nobody except May knows her full inventory).
Appearance: Pink fur with white belly. Bipedal, 2’ tall.
Special Abilities: None
Unsolved Mysteries: None

Leon Minnis
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Wizard (type unknown)
Age: 18
Inventory: Long sword with a sapphire-encrusted hilt
Appearance: Short and blonde hair, green cape, red bandana.
Special Abilities: None
Unsolved Mysteries: None

Race: Rat
Gender: Male
Class: Rogue, Wizard (same type as Leon), Scientist
Age: Only he himself knows…
Inventory: None
Appearance: Bluish silver fur, three inches long.
Special Abilities: Can talk, can study very quickly (though this causes temporary mental confusion)
Unsolved Mysteries: None

Sylva Xynthea
Race: Half-skunk
Gender: Female
Class: Unknown
Age: 20
Inventory: Purse with $20.98
Appearance: Long, white, shiny hair. Pale pink, long-sleeved shirt. Blue jeans.
Special Abilities: None
Unsolved Mysteries: None

Vincent Vailo
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Wizard (same type as Leon)
Age: 23
Inventory: None
Appearance: To be described later
Special Abilities: None
Unsolved Mysteries: None

Race: Human god
Gender: Female
Class: Calica* god, Qwertish Wizard (Divine Variant)**
Age: Even Sevilin herself lost track
Inventory: None
Appearance: White dress, blonde hair, very beautiful
Special Abilities: Too many to list
Unsolved Mysteries: None

*Calica is a holy art. It offers a wide variety of spells. However, Calica is hard to master and the spells take up much energy. Calica wizardry is powered by faith and the will to do good. it is a born-not-learned skill given only to good souls, although it is said that some may be able to gain such power from Sevilin (god of Calica) herself. Casting too many spells causes “Calica Exhaustion”, which causes the Calica user to fall asleep for a while. Calica wizards can talk to animals (And humans, of course, if the wizard is an animal).

**Qwertish wizardry is a very diverse magic group. Not only do they master common spells such as magic missile and fireball, but they also are able to learn a different set of spells dependant on the wizard’s personality and upbringing. This unique set of spells is called a “Variant”. No two wizards have the exact same spells, even twins who grew up together. There is a safeguard in Qwertish wizardry that does not allow the Qwertish wizards to use up too much magical energy.

***Verons can resist and breath fire. They can also summon from other parts of the body than the mouth with great concentration and can even manipulate the said fire for a while after it is summoned with much greater concentration. They are capable of blinking at will.

****Exactly what it sounds like.

Changes made in last EDIT

Gah! Nobody told me I had Draco listed as his own pet! Fixed it. *Whew*

PostPosted: Fri Sep 08, 2006 1:39 pm
by Sword, Gun, Demon,& M
Character 2: Gun
Name: Oyu Connolly
Name if born normally: Emma-Goldman Connolly
Race:Kitsune(Foxgirls who change shape), Human
Age:31, though, again, varies by definition.

Age 1: Created from the Dewitchery Diamond like Ellen. Taken from home Thursday night along with Tenkai.

Age 2-3: Lived in Spira and assisted Summoner Yuna.

age 3-4: Assisted Dante and Lady in the destruction of Temen-ni-guru. Was Dante's room-mate for one year before those events.

age 4-6: Lived in Balamb GARDEN and assisted Squall.

age 6-8:Assisted Yuri Hyuga in his fight against the demon world. Learned how to fuse her soul with that of the demon soldiers she stole.

Age 8-23: deciding on a change of pace, she applied to a university using the money she gained during her time with Yuri. Was drafted into the service of the U.S. Army and worked as a surgeon during what became an eleven year Korean war in the 4077th MASH unit. Gave birth to a girl and raised in the camp.

Age 23-25: Assisted the Deegan family in their world after a stint as an emo because she lost her daughter when she left earth.

Age 25-28:Re-united with Tenkai & lived with the Quetzals.

Age 28-31: Returned to Moperville

Age 31-: Returned to Tenkai's home universe, where she currently resides.

Appearence:5' 8"; Neck-length black hair tied back with her old blindfold; brown right eye, red left eye; fox ears with orange fur and either one, three-foot long tail or three, two-feet long tails, also orange.

Outfit: Wears the same armor as Tenkai, though much more loosely. Has the same scars on her back and right shoulder, as well as the same tattoos, though her lightning tattoo is blue. Preffers a bright red leather biker jacket to Tenkai's black trenchcoat. Always wears tight, dark red jeans. Only wears either titanium composite geta or combat boots. Has the same implants as Tenkai, though uses the eye implant much more effectively since she has been using it much longer than Tenkai, and thus is a better shot with projectile weapons.

Personality: A cross between the rebelious teen, the sadistic *****, and the playful three-year-old. Will prank her older brother when bored or turn him into a girl. Very flirty with both boys and girls, and will kick your ([butt/nuts]pick one) if you mention the fact that she seems insane.

Dante: Katana made to contain and restrict Dante's soul and powers. Holder is able to interact with him and, if they are strong enough, is able to summon him in case of an emergency requiring skilled fighters. Dante can also posess the holder, mainly to pis the holder off, though at times to actually help.

Disarray: guitar weapon which separates into a sword and an axe. Appearance contrasts that of Harmony, her sister scythe.

Chaos Advent: Long sword somehow connected with the Chaos Legion. Becomes electrified when legionaires are not summoned.

Silver's bane: pair of ancient guns which fires an infinite supply of silver bullets. Built specificly for killing unholy beings

Shotgun: Double-barreled, sawn off shotgun which is devastating at close range.

Spiral: .50 calibur rifle meant for special shots.

.50 cal:weapon which can penetrate large numbers of enemies and plate armor. carries tracer rounds, teflon coated rounds, and "Super Sniper" rounds as well as a high yeild energy device which uses the rifle chasis to fire high power energy blasts

Artemis: Demonic laser cannon which can lock onto multiple enemies.

Kailina Ann: RPG/mini-missle launcher with bayonette/grappling hook.

Revolver: Gunblade made with a revolver base. Powerful, but slow.

Pistol: Gunblade made with an M1911A1 base. Sharp, quick, but not much penetration power.

ANA-CRN-15M: Top of the line, multi purpose computer from the year 4765 T.C. About the size of half a PS2 controller. Can scan 3d objects and save them for analysis or replication for later. Has enough memory to store 3 human conciences and the entire internet at the same time. Uses holograms to display information. Runs on whatever energy is avaliable and can connect to any other electronic device from any other time.

TIMBUK2 "Bag of Holding": bag from our time enchanted by Link Coru to hold anything. One merely needs to think of the desired object after inserting into the bag and it will appear.

"Chaos Legion": a gauntlet and half pauldron assembled into a single piece of armor. Has the ability to choose its bearer and forces itself upon that person. Was worn by the Kight of the Dark Glyphs, Seig Warheight many centuries before. Gives the bearer the ability to summon lost souls in the form of legionaires to assist him, and can also throw electrical energy made to allow better targeting of enemies. Unfortunately, It cannot be removed without cutting off the arm at the shoulder. It can only be made to become an elaborate tattoo running from the shoulder to the tip of the middle finger.

Demon Amulet: one half of the key to opening the portal to the demon realm. When united with the other half, it draws out the full potential of all demons and of those with demon powers. When near a greater demon or a Demon God, it becomes one of the only weapons capable of killing them.

Powers: soul absorption, Legions can report information to her, can create wings from his back, extremely high accuracy when using ranged weapons, absolutely incredible luck,(the chances of her adventure re-occuring are 1:9x10^54th) can hack a computer using the cybernetic eye, can change forms like Grace, has second sight and can send telepathic messages.


PostPosted: Wed Sep 13, 2006 3:03 pm
by Atashi-Cloud
Character Bio of Atashi-Cloud....he's been afk for a long time, so the bio is re-located to here.^^

Name: Atashi-Cloud aka 'Kumo'
Age: roughly 19
Race: Lespuko/Human mix with a tad Uryuom(all synthetic)
Height(applies to default, adjusters are in decription of forms): 6'7" Digitigrade; 5'7" Natural
Weight: 129 - 240 (varies due to forms)
Hair: Always a bright powdery-white/silver color and has a small black-tipped bit of hair that always lands dead-center of his forehead.
Eyes: silvery-blue or blue-silver, whatever you see it as, the standard color is that of snow on a cold winter's night under a full moon.
Antennae: They are actually the one strand of hair that forms in front of his forehead, and like Grace they are invulnerable to damage externally.

Weapons/Items: His sword, an over-the-shoulder bag, and one spare set of clothes.

Clothing: Usually has a large trench-coat like duster that he wears, and even though it is tattered, if one were to look carefully at it, they would notice that it is made up of several layers of alchemic metal woven into the fabric. This provides the stiffness needed for armor, yet is soft enough to double as a normal bit of clothing. His shirt and pants are always generic-brand stuff and he tends to keep it along the lines of silvery-grey or an off-whitish color. Rarely will you see him dress up in something gaudy or attractive, unless it is the direct result of a battle. He has a small tote-bag that carries his feminine clothes, of which he changes to when his curse is active. Other than the fact that his coat was given a polymimetic structure to change shape for whatever form he is, nothing usually changes much. His shirts have always been baggy so as to not restrict his powers.

Appearance for each form:

Default: Male: Is mostly Kitsunein in appearance, though some very detailed close-ups will reveal close human facial structures, which also includes some more human-like bone-structures in his arms and torso. He has a very light silvery-blue fur tone that graces his body, easily covering himself up entirely. The undertone for his fur is actually just a slightly darker shade of the original, and both fur colors usually extend to his other forms. As he resembles a Fox in most ways, the only issue is his face in this form, as it usually has a muzzle. Oftentimes, he will have it, but unless mentioned as not being formed, assume he has it. He has one distinguishing mark on his body, which is a star-shaped ice scar that penetrates through to his back. This is usually seen in all of his male forms.

Female: A female alternate of his male shape, this form is shorter by about a foot and a half, ruining his mostly intimidating physique by shaping curves to what would usually be hard muscle. Unlike the male form, he has no distinguishing scar, as it would interrupt his beautiful body and thus has been absorbed into the change. This form is originally part of a curse laid upon him that is discussed in his history.
Measurements(applied to all female forms):
Total Body size(changes by half the amount listed): 30"
Bust: 34"
Waist: 22"
Hips: 32"
If you must simply know exactly what size bra Atashi wears, consult this link in the blue box on the right side of the page.
Second pic of Femme Atashi

Human: Male: He looks very much more normal in this shape than anything else, as his hair looks more naturally suited to his more chiseled-out form. His face strikes a very stunningly-close resemblance to Tedd's in being effeminate, but lacks some of the softness as his brows are usually slightly furrowed. His skin tone is rather pale, though not enough to deem him along the lines of never going outside from any sort of skin condition. As he remains relatively the same height in human form, it is interesting to see how differently he reacts to shorter people this way as he is effectively his Digitigrade height.

Female: Variation of the male form, and is a lot more in the ranks of what Tedd would call the 'hot factor' of women. Hair usually drops down to the middle of her back and relatively stays the same style. She is also a foot shorter than the male form, making her height the effective Natural. Has not been known to be too much different in personality, save for lengthened periods of time.

Cheetah: Male: This form is definitely the sleekest of them all, even while male. Even though his raw power is changed to more suit the natural abilities of the form, he is still quite formidable due to his endurance and speed. His markings follow that of the ordinary animal, though fur coloration follows as this: black is the darker shade of his natural fur tone, and the orange and white sections are his natural fur tone. This leaves him looking more like a snow leopard than a cheetah, though it's clearly hard to mistake that due to the distinguishing marks on his face.

Female: This is a variation on the male version, and tends to be less bulky along the line of measurements(take down 10" from each). She tends to look shorter, but both shapes are actually the same average height in Digitigrade height(for Female, not Male). As this form is slightly heavier in weight, she tends to have more endurance this way and also takes a bit longer to slow down(fraction of a second actually). Her hair however, remains the same shortness and style so as not to mess with the obvious drag that would be created while running at top speed.

Jeremy: Male: This form closely resembles Grace's though with the only minor spiked-up style applied to his hair, which makes it look sorta like Vash the Stampede's. His fur tones are the same, save for the spikes are now the same color as his hair, and the marking tone is now his average fur tone. This is his slightly better fighting form, as it can easily do things that he normally can't do in most other forms(save for the dragon form). He has regenerative powers hidden beneath this so that the spikes can be used as slight projectiles/weapons when detached. Luckily, he has not used this form as of yet in the RP.

Female: The variation of the male Jeremy form, this one is a lot like Grace's, though the hair is instead slicked backwards to look like large spikes instead of actual bits of hair. This is the most interesting of her forms as it tends to be shorter and faster than the other Jeremy form, which is actually stronger and more durable. Despite these obvious differences, both forms have extremely good offensive capabilities. Her measurements actually increase slightly from this form(5" total to each section).

Frog: Male: This form looks the weirdest out of all of them due to the fact that her face does not change at all from looking human. This does not, however, excuse this from from being any different than the rest. His musculature has now warped tremendously to suit the water-going shape and is superbly streamlined to reduce water resistance. This also means that not a single bit of fur is on his body, so he will often have to be sitting in a pool, or some other water-like substance to keep from becoming disoriented. He can still breathe air in this form, but loses a lot of his natural dexterity gained in this form as it works better on rainy days, or days with high humidity. His deterity is so sharp, that it could be concieved as precognition with the speed he can react at. This is combined with an amazing jumping ability, though at the cost of pure strength and endurance. He has a very unique pattern for his skin, which is a very oddly soothing water-style mark on his back that is the same tone as his normal fur tone. The rest of his skin tones are based upon the darker tones for his fur.

Female: This is a very disturbingly similar variation to the male form and has a slightly different effect on people. As the Male frog form is soothing, this form is quite nauseating in the fact that her sweat glands are constantly keeping her body wet. This makes it easier to breathe, though also makes it a bigger issue of staying hydrated. Luckily, both forms have retained the ability to absorb water through the skin to help with breathing issues. She is much more agile in this form, but loses a bit of the male form's dexterity. Her measurements also take a small leap in change, giving a slightly different approach to streamlining the body for the water(8" total change).

Dragon: Male: The head is a very startling resemblance to a leviathan, but it has a group of crests at the back that extend backwards and look like a very oddly-twisted pair of horns/plates. The snout is unique as it doesn't have the traditional whiskers appearing, but instead carries two tufts of fur-like material that could best be described as scaly-fur, which extends only a few scant inches and tends to flatten when attacking. The head also has a few plates along the top of the snout, which are an indication of use for battling. The neck is fairly long and large, almost as big as the head, but matches the proportions of a leviathan's snake-like appearance. However, unlike some leviathans and dragons, he does not have wings for flight, and thus is mostly on the ground. The distance between his front legs and back legs is considerable, but judging that they are close than an average leviathan's it can be said that he was built for certain purposes of battle. The arms and legs themselves look very similar to talons, and are quite manipulative in objects and items, though not able to grab a sword without possibly breaking it. The claws are hooked fairly short though, but closer inspection would reveal serrated edges and a barbed tip, both of which are used for purely battle reasons. The tail is fairly long, and extends the rest of his seventeen foot-long length, the tip reminiscent of a fairly decorative spearhead, with two very small spikes on the end that only go out about an inch or so. The actual body looks quite muscularly built, hinting at a more dragon-like figure than leviathan, and the scales are shaped to intricately cover like perfectly made plate armor. This style extends to even the chest and underside, excepting the bottom of the snout which has a similar plate to the top covering it. The teeth are nothing to look at, as they are much less impressive than the scales covering, which look almost like really small barbed fangs covering the whole body. The tongue is just as unimpressive, though it has a very tough resin to it that prevents extreme cold and freezing to surfaces. A close look at the upper mouth reveals a lack of a pilot light, which would be used for fire. This form utilizes a form of ice breath, generated from deep inside a very cold internal temperature that matches the coldest of cold. However, as the scales are built to retain cold, there is no way you could freeze yourself by touching him. His ground to shoulder height is about eight feet if you don't count the size of the spikes. His coloration is that of snow, and he seems to glitter from all points of view no matter where you are.

Female: This form is a lot less masculine looking as the male form and is built entirely on sleekness and aerial streamlining. She has no wings and thus cannot fly, yet is able to move along the ground at a speed that would rival anything the world has yet to see. Her measurements are nearly gone in this form, so there is little to discern the male form from this form, aside from the obvious difference of every sharp point and jagged edge being made sleek and wind-resistant. This form was also built with battle in mind, but a different aspect. The talons are no longer tipped with serrated claws, but keen-edged claws that would rip off your very skin if pressed lightly against it. Her teeth are very impressive, and are so jagged and tough that they would break any arm in half, along with possibly breaking through the bone entirely if enough force is used. This form is shorter, but only by about three feet. This enables a better adeptness with smaller places and better travel through water and more space-cramped areas. She can also use ice-breath, yet it is more concentrated and can freeze anything into a solid iceblock in a few short seconds or half-minute at the most. The tail is the most unique as it has a round edge instead of being completely flat, indicating a use as an extra weapon in battle. Her coloration is quite different, being a deep and dark sapphire tone instead of the usual white and silver tones.

Squirrel: Male: this form lacks a lot in height and strength, but has made up for this with pure speed and dexterity as the strong points and focus of attack. As he has basically lost at least two full feet in height, this form is one of the smallest, requiring him to look up at anyone above his height level. This can usually frustrate him, as height is not much of an issue in his other forms(except for a few notable ones). As it is harder to use his favored sword in this form, he tends to use his powers more, indicating that this form is better-suited to elemental fighting than purely physical fighting. His markings are quite unique to a squirrel and are as follows: usual fur tones, with the markings as his hands looking like they are encased in fighting gloves and his feet completly covered in a bandage-like marking. There is a small band that runs across his tail in this form and it appears at halfway down.

Female: This form follows the same markings, though her hair is different as it is now longer and parted to the side. As this is a variation on the male form, it does possess the same latent abilities, but is easily more focused on magical energies and disturbances than the male form. Her measurements go down in this form to suit her size, mostly as a way of compensating for lack of strength(-10" total to all).

History: Atashi was the youngest out of all the assassins the company had made, and was barely old enough to stand up to Damien when he decided to break Grace and her brothers out. Atashi was among them, and even though he was powerful enough to stop Damien, he was nowhere near skilled enough to defeat him. This was bad, as Damien and Atashi had done lots of sparring practices together to increase their powers. The end result of one fateful sparring match ended with Atashi having to be rushed into a medical ward while Damien looked on in slight sympathy. Damien and Atashi were almost like brothers, as they both resented being given elemental powers and hated being called immortal to no end. During Atashi's time in the medical ward, one of the Nurse's despised Atashi's abilities to cope with everything so easily. She placed a curse on Atashi that swaps his gender by the night of a New Moon, thus rendering him that way for 24 hours.

This caused the rivalry between Atashi and Damien to escalate, and eventually, Damien managed to sabotage Atashi's shape-shifting powers granted him that Damien was jealous of. This resulted in a less-than effective version of what Atashi was supposed to be. He was considered a failure as an experiment and abandoned in a top-secret and undisclosed place. There, Atashi worked his way back to Moperville, only to discover Damien dead and his vengence left fulfilled by the one he had hoped wouldn't have to deal with it, Grace. Recently, he has regained his latent shape-shifting abilities due to a present from Tyveras, and has secretly sworn to repay this debt in any means necesary.

Abilities/Powers: Atashi is an elemental controller. Whereas Damien was given the power of fire to use, Atashi was given the opposite power of ice so that balance could be held. Despite this, Atashi has learned how to use his powers more effectively than Damien has, resulting in a rather interesting conflict. The only problem was that Atashi's powers never grew that much, and Damien's always grew, no matter how much they are used. This was the main reason why Atashi couldn't beat Damien back then, as he never knew that Damien had a limit to how much his body could hold. As Atashi is completely in control of his powers, there is no limit to his ability. This is adversely different from Damien's, which had an obvious limit. His ability to channel power so efficiently could be a result of Atashi's scar, but it hasn't been proven just yet.

Misc. Notes/Clarifications:

Regarding Ice Powers
The power itself is unlimited, but at a certain point it starts to drain him of strength. The limit is pretty high, and many people would assume that he has unlimited...the fact is that once he's made at least 140 metric tons(not sure yet, still tweaking, what with difference in weighing systems here in USA) of ice it stops being just latent power and drains his strength. Usually there's a kickback to begin with, so even a normal use of power ruins him. Only after at least a good night's sleep(has to be at least 12 hours+ depending on useage) will he recover enough to use some(not all) of his power. Plus, anywhere there is ice already existing does not drain his power.

Actual use of ice just pure condensing and creation of ice. His focus is strong enough that he can usually create just enoug ice to melt a nearby fire, but that is it. The only exception to the limits are his Dragon forms, but those pack a built-in freezing spot to create the ice, hence any blow while he is readying an ice-breath shot will disrupt it, or at worst allow it out uncontrollably. Each of the forms based more around the elements have an easier time dealing with the ice powers, and those that are more battle-built are less likely to use said powers well.

The speed of each type of 'spell' or 'ability' varies depending on what it does...for instance, creation of an ice sword is usually done in one single shot and is easily done, whereas the larger Area Of Effect types of skills require at least some amount of charge time(anywhere from 2 minutes of charging[which can be done on the move] to an hour.).

Regarding fighting style
Atashi mainly uses his sword, but is also a master of martial arts(will specify styles later).

PostPosted: Mon Sep 18, 2006 7:48 pm
by Drow Bunny
((If used in anything, probably Keenfans RP. Otherwise, just a forum persona bio. Will eventually develop more fully))

Name: X'orena
Alias: Drow Bunny
Sex: Female (originally male)
Race: Drow (originally human)
Age: Early Twenties
Height: 5'6"
Weight: undisclosed
Body Type: Thin
Eyes: Steel Gray
Hair: White
Ears: Lodoss Elf-style
Skin Color: Dark Gray

Description: X'orena is the name adopted by the hapless young man who had a love of random knowledge, an obession with elves, and access to TF technology. It's not entirely clear just how his transformation came about; all he remembers is acting on a whim to program everything he knew about dark elves into a TF gun (given to him as a gift) and test it on a human subject: himself. Rather than turn him into a human with drow-like characteristics, as he believed would happen, the gun caused a full species transformation, turning him into a true drow.

The young woman-- (what? Why did he turn female as well? That', Sore wa Himitsu desu!).

Anyway, the young woman took the transformational glitch in stride, until discovering that she couldn't change back. Her motivations are as of yet unclear. As for her manner of dress, it's easy to clean, doesn't restrict movement, and is modest enough for her purposes.

Alignment: Neutral Good.

Notable Powers/Abilities: X'orena (known more commonly as Drow Bunny) possesses many powers commonly associated with dark elves. She can see perfectly in the dark for moderately long ranges, due to acute infravision. She can create localized areas of magical darkness, as well as motes of light and magical heatless fire. Finally, she has innate resistance to magic. Other than TF technology, this resistance doesn't appear to apply to scientific procedures. Unlike most drow, she isn't aversely affected by sunlight.

In addition, Drow Bunny possesses a certain aptitude for several types of magic, a trait that appears to have been unlocked by her odd transformation. She has experimented with arcane magic (mostly wizardry and bardic), shadow magic, incarnum shaping, psionics, and truenaming (she has yet to experiment with divine magic beyond some druidic spells, and pact magic creeps her out). However, due to a psychosomatic block, her abilities with magic remain mediocre at best, pitiful at worst.

Oddly enough, she has been able to utilize True Magick before. As this occurance has only happened once, what factors contribute to this ability haven't been discovered.
((think Mage: The Ascension))

Her more conventional abilities include a predilicition for quick learning and the ability to assimilate random knowledge from any number of sources. She has forged (more from magical than mettalurgical processes) a two-handed sword for personal use, mostly for ornamental reasons (its functionality has yet to be tested). She possesses few creative technological skills. In addition, she can planeshift as the spell, though she doesn't know how.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2006 4:00 pm
by ProfessorTomoe
NOTE: I'm posting a copy of this here since Sqauto suggested doing so in the KeenFans thread of the main EGS forum. It was originally posted in the RP Bio thread, and my sig link still points to that post.

Revised August 29, 2006 to include some things that have popped up in the main EGS Forum, mainly in the Abilities/Artifacts and Physical Abilities sections.
Revised September 20, 2006 to finally explain the System/360 HyperCluster and the tendency for the Professor to throw 1201 Alarms

Name: ProfessorTomoe
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 4"
Nationality: Half Japanese, Half American (Central Texas, on mother's side)
Species: Human on the outside (see backstory)
Build: Slim, but not skinny
Hair: Hidden in a jet black shadow most of the time, but it used to be white.
Eyes: Never seen. No visible facial features for that matter, other than a wide grin and a blue aura around his round spectacles.
Skin tone: Usually hidden in jet black shadow, except for his hands which, when seen, are a normal Caucasian flesh tone
Intelligence: Unmeasured
Education: PhDs in genetic engineering and nuclear physics while human (see below)


NOTE: ProfessorTomoe is based upon the character by the same name from the "Sailor Moon S" series. However, the backstory and other details are different. The appearance is identical except that his head is never seen outside of the dark shadow that surrounds him (he's learned from past mistakes).

General Personality: ProfessorTomoe is quiet when in public. He likes to watch things happen from a distance, and on occasion cause those things to happen (again, from a distance). Rarely deals with other people, but is friendly on the outside when approached. When he does deal with others, it's usually for one of two reasons:

1. He wants something.
2. He wants to affect something.

In the case of #1, he always makes sure he has something to offer in return. The second case usually involves him either setting something in motion or tampering with something that's happening.

He loves to watch things go awry, but he is not necessarily evil. He may jump into a situation and save everybody's skin (from behind the scenes), only to see that they're dumped right into another equally bad if not worse situation. He could be described as "chaotic neutral." Then again, it's not wise to pigeonhole him into that description...

Background: ProfessorTomoe was born Tomoe Souichi in Austin, Texas, to a Japanese father and an American mother. His parents met while graduate students at the University of Texas. The family moved to Tokyo when he was seven so that his father could teach chemistry at Tokyo University. He followed his father into the sciences, earning a PhD in genetic engineering and another in nuclear physics by the age of 32.

The Professor was heterosexual while fully human. He never married because he never had time, but he did have several relationships that ended mostly on friendly notes. Sex is now mostly irrelevant to him, but his human side is still straight.

While collaborating on an experiment with a team of exobiologists and nuclear physicists, he was involved in an accident that destroyed the lab and most of the building it was in. He was the only survivor. The experiment sought to investigate string theory and how the multiple higher dimensions it predicts would affect organic matter. Something went horribly wrong, the upshot of which was that he was now the host of a being from another dimension. This being saved him from death and changed his appearance to what he is now. After a brief furor in the Japanese press over the incident and the (unreleased) fate of the survivor, he disappeared from public life.

He is the host of an alien creature, but not necessarily an unwilling host. The creature (who he calls his "companion" or "friend" when not speaking in the first-person plural) boosted his intelligence to unmeasurable heights and brought him much new knowledge, allowing him to conduct research and experiments in ways he'd never dreamed possible. In exchange, the creature has been able to experience an entirely new universe, and while doing so basically meddle in human affairs as much as it wants. ProfessorTomoe's mind has only been slightly twisted in the fusion, which tends to keep any deaths from his new work down to a bare minimum.

He only has one goal now: find out what happens whenever possible, whatever the situation. Pure cause and effect.

Abilities and Artifacts: ProfessorTomoe used the knowledge he gained from the multidimensional creature to create a way for him to cross distances and dimensions. He uses a device he calls a "PH jumper, " officially an abbreviation for "ParaHyperspace jumper" (but referred to by the few who know of its existence as a "PlotHole jumper"). It looks suspiciously like a remote entry keyfob for a 1996 Saturn SL2. He can use this device to traverse distances up to one Astronomical Unit, or up to almost 93 million miles, by traveling through a conveniently squeezed higher dimension (hence the "PlotHole" nickname). He can also use it to cross over into other higher dimensions, but he cannot move more than the circumference of the Earth when he does this.

He has taken advantage of the latter ability to build a rather large (and now damn near intrusion/detection-proof) laboratory in a "Pocket" dimension off of the current reality plane. This is where he goes when he seemingly disappears for no reason. He has built devices which allow him to monitor and communicate with the base dimension, but he must cross back into this dimension if he wants to otherwise directly interact with it. He has a "storefront" lab in the base dimension, which he uses to build larger objects on contract and to deliver and receive goods.

The PlotHole Jumper also has limited molecular manipulation abilities. It has been used to reconstitute creatures that one of his grafted appendages has digested (see below for more on grafting). Reconstitution usually requires a trip through a PlotHole into a random dimension, although the target dimension can sometimes be specified if the reconstituted organism isn't too large.

The Professor's "friend" was a genius on several levels in his home dimension, but he was perhaps most skilled in technology based on something most humans would normally consider rather harmless. That technology involves the use and manipulation of marshmallows. These inocuous little treats are in fact highly dangerous objects in the creature's home dimension thanks to a slight difference in the way his dimension's physics operate. The creature has been able to adapt his skills towards marshmallow tech in other dimensions, and he has passed this knowledge on to the Professor. For that reason, the Professor is never without a bag of oddly-colored marshmallows in his lab coat, and you can never be sure just what will happen if one of these "treats" is unleashed.

Physical Abilities: ProfessorTomoe is physically normal aside from his shadowy appearance. He has no special physical abilities aside from those that come from something he's added onto himself in his lab. The exception to this would be speed and reflexes - his "friend" has given him (and his grafted organisms) the ability to react and move faster than the eye can see over short distances (less than 50 meters). This ability, combined with the PlotHole Jumper, usually allows him to escape attacks aimed his way.

His body mass and surface area limit what he can graft or implant. However, his grafting abilites are pretty well unlimited in terms of the organisms that he can fuse to his body. As long as it can shrink down to fit, and as long as it doesn't weigh so much that he can't walk, he can graft it to himself.

The fusion with the alien does allow him to avoid sleep for long periods without mental degredation, but when he goes too long he has a tendency to fall asleep without much warning. He no longer needs to eat, but he occasionally does so just for the experience.

The Professor and his alien friend have implemented one item of technological assistance to maximize the potential of their symbiotic relationship. They have linked themselves on a partial neural level to a massive HyperCluster of computers - specifically, several million radiation-hardened IBM System/360 Model 67 units running CP-67. The systems are spread across millions of alternate dimensions and are linked via cross-dimensional interfaces. The System/360 known in this dimension is an old design which dates back to the late 1960s, but its counterparts in other dimensions are quite different to the point of some being unrecognizable as computers to people from this dimension. The things that link them all are their common heritage (there's an IBM in every dimension, or so it seems) and the lucky coincidence that they all seem to be capable of at least understanding the CP-67 operating system developed in this dimension.

There is a drawback to this link, though. Due to the way the neural link operates, and due to the limitations of the common software that forms the basis of the link, certain sensory inputs can cause the link to experience a buffer overflow. Put simply, too much cute can cause a lockup. Other images that trigger emotional states can have the same result, but cuteness is the biggest culprit. When a lockup occurs, the Professor will issue a "1201 Alarm," an error message from code in the system that dates back to the Apollo lunar missions. 1201 Alarms do not incapacitate the Professor, but they do briefly make him flustered and a bit absent-minded until he can get the link back online.

To prevent (or at least lessen the occurrence of) 1201 Alarms, the Professor has dedicated part of the HyperCluster to a buffer. This area stores images that can be used to counter the effects of overly-cute images (or others that similarly inspire emotional overloads). Most of the buffer data is collected from's imageboards, mainly /b/. The data in the buffer needs to be refreshed from time to time to prevent 1201 Alarms. Rapid sensory input can outstrip the buffer's ability to cope, and to that end the Professor is working on a constant datastream link to keep the buffer fully loaded and refreshed at all times. That link is not yet fully functional, due to problems with keeping certain 4chan imagery out of the stream (mainly /c/, /cm/, and /y/).

PostPosted: Sat Sep 23, 2006 6:02 am
by Piebunny
Name: Edward Bunny, PI
Age: "Dat's my business."
Gender: When not under the effects of unlabelled soda, male.
Height: About one and a half metres.
Nationality: Mayhem.
Species: Again, when there's no soda involved, human.
Build: Average. Slightly stocky.
Hair: Sort of a chestnut-brown.
Eyes: Hazel-green.
Skin tone: Caucasian.
Intelligence: Brilliant with deduction, average in other areas.
Education: Graduated from high school, took detective training course.
Voice and Accent: Ed's voice and accent are interesting. He speaks in a low, gravelly voice. He generally pronounces the "er" sound, as in "heard", as "oi" as in "hoid". Also, he pronounces the short "th" sound, as in "that", as a "d" sound, i.e. "dat". Sometimes he says the long "th" sound as in "think" normally, other times he omits the "h", i.e. "t'ink".
Clothing: Hat and trench coat, both brown.
Personality: Somewhat temperamental, gets irritated fairly easily. Is accustomed to the strange things often seen in Mayhem. He has a habit of drinking unlabelled soda, usually with bad results.
He dislikes having bricks hurled at his head and is quick to draw his TF Gun if there's trouble. Or if there isn't. He isn't fussy.
Background: Ed Bunny had always displayed good skills of deductive reasoning. At just six months old he was able to find out conclusively who stole the cookies from the kitchen cookie jar: his no-good scumbag brother Larry. After completing his schooling, he took a brief course in detective work and set up his own Private Investigation business.
During the Case of the Ectoplasmic Cheezels, there was an incident with a jackhammer and Ed's head was smashed to a pulp. Doctors managed to painstakingly reconstruct his skull and just to be sure nothing would go wrong again, used solid titanium to help recreate it. Since then, his skull has been pretty much impermeable. Miraculously, there was no permanent brain damage from the accident.
One day, he was hired to investigate a teddy-theft ring, and stumbled upon the biggest case of his life. He eventually cracked the case and with the reward money from the city purchased a new office and hired a secretary. He just recently discovered who sent him the "Maltese Terrier," a chunk of Dewitchery Diamond shaped like a dog, which went missing at the end of the teddy-theft case only to arrive in the mail a few weeks later.
As it turned out, his secretary Madeleine was actually the one behind it, and he very narrowly escaped death when she stabbed him. He is now currently male again, though with those sodas...... who can tell what he's going to be at any given moment?

PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 2:42 am
by Squirrelyish One
Name: Squirrel Thimele
Gender: Female (often TF's self for the heck of it)
Hair: Brown
Tail: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Description: Squirrel girl. Alot like grace's half squirrel form but cannot change to full human or full squirrel.
Cute, cuddly, extremely hyper, crazy, bouncy, likes playing with bushy tail, loves playing with other peoples hair.

Loves: TFG, sugar, playing with peoples hair, spinning around, sugar, lollies, sugar , cookies, sugar, I LOVE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!! and ummm... did i mention sugar?

Abilities: Does the abilty to consume a bag of lollies, 2 cans of coke, jelly, 5 cookies, 2 cakes, icecream, and more count??? Also skilled at martial arts. And I reckon randomly TF'ing people is an ability.

Clothing: Black T-Shirt and jeans.

Well that's about it.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2006 1:22 am
by clawlikedragon
I AM ALIVE and I may be back, if anyone remembers me, have a cookie... :), hopefully, i'll be able to A. catch up with everyone and B. keep up with the fast moving rpgs
This is the bios of my old characters Clawic and Reef


Name: Clawrith Lins Dranith

Nickname: Clawic

Age: 842 in february next year (this is in year 2006, in late october)

Allegiance and Rank: SvenSquatostan (Assumed dead)

Description: An Anthro white dragon, with dark blue eyes, he has giant claws on his hands and feat, a long, classical dragon tail, Classic Dragon wings and scales that a so shiny that they reflect energy attacks.

Personality: Content in almost any situation, and will always try out a challenge, he doesn't try to look down through the surface of a situation. Clawic's personality is almost that of your classic Clueless hero, only he isn't Naive or stuipid enough.

Abilities: Conventional (including transformation rays) Energy attacks reflect off his scales (including tranformative rays), he has the ability to fly and breathe frost fire (so cold it anti-boils ice). Aside from his racial abilities, he is a master ranged weapons, and can take control of any situation where the ranged weapons are controlling the situation.

History: 841 years ago (and a couple of monthes), two Dragon eggs were Laid. As they lay in the sun, a couple of Wizards found them, and recognizing them as dragon eggs, they went to have them destroyed. Unfortunately, their spells could not penetrate the egg shells, so they decided to use the Dragons as lab rats, to see if even semi-Intelligent creatures could be forced to have personalities that were effected by their surroundings. For 500 years, the two dragons were put in two different situations, Clawic was put into a friendly, he got high amounts of good food and water, and high grades of service, while Reef was put into an environment which was about what you'd expect from a regular person, it's rumoured there was another dragon who was living in squalor, but it was never found. Eventually, the Wizards were killed by soldiers who found out about some dangerous experiments they were doing using magic. In the chaos, the Wizards released Clawic and Reef. Clawic tried to help the wizards, but was knocked out and captured. Reef stood back, helping neither side, but was captured as well. They were taken to the king, who, after a time, realized that under the controlled environments of the wizard, both were turned into intelligent, rational creatures. Released, they wandered the earth, until many years later, stumbled into Svensquatostan.

Interests: Bows, Guns, Explosives (especially mortars), Reptiles, Water, Fire, Plants, Magic and things that he can use for target practice.

Dislikes: Black knights, Kraggy, Melee Weapons, being transformed and anything he can't use for Target Practice.


Name: Reefish Lins Dranith

Nickname: Reef

Age: 842 in february next year

Allegiance and Rank: Neutral (Dissappeared when Clawic was assumed to die)

Description: An Anthro black dragon, yellow eyes, his claws are the same size as Clawic's, and he also has the same wings but he has scales that are so hard, they cannot be penetrated by attacks that damage by piercing, instead of scales that shine so much that the reflect energy attacks.

Personality: Cynical and Paranoid, Reef is an anti-hero, many of his actions that are helpful to others are

Abilities: Unable to be hurt by conventional sharp weapons, Flys, breathes fire. Aside from racial abilities, Reef is a master of melee weapons (including his claws). And can win almost any 1v1 weapons fight.

History: See above

Interests: Maces, Scythes, Attack Dummies, Lightning, Water, being neutral, explosives and Blood

Dislikes: Taking sides, Ranged weapons and things he can't attack and not be attacked back.

Quote: "Is this what they call Cabin fever?"

PostPosted: Thu Oct 19, 2006 6:25 pm
by Atashi-Cloud
Random Character Bio for any sort of RP

Name: Shaielle Raisendaoll
Age: 21
Gender: female
Race: Draenei (going to be doing a sketch for her looks, as this is a base for what she'll look like)
Hair: Shockingly bright green, almost neon-ish in tone, and is usually tied up into a ponytail. It usually reaches to her lower back, occasionally braided and often hanging over her shoulder instead of straight back.
Skin: bright blue, almost a sky blue in tone.
Ears: pointed, elf-like ears that appear just a few inches higher up than normal human ears, just barely near the crown of her head.
Eyes: a solid dark bluish color, as she has no cornea or pupil but can see quite well
Height: Stands at about 6' when in full motion, 5' when in either a walk or trot.
Build: Athletic, and able to run/trot long distances on foot for weeks on end without tiring.

Appearance: She is very well-defined in musculature, which only accents her beautiful figure. She has a slightly more unearthly look to her features, though her face is the only part that seems a bit more out of place on her body due to having ears that are quite smaller than they should be. Besides having her hooved legs and the small foot or so long tail, she could pass for a beautiful human. Her eyes are the one feature besides her skin and hair color that stay constant if changed into another form, making it not too hard to identify her if one was paying close attention.

Skills: She is well-versed in magic and uses all manner of it to either attack, bind, stop, or even disable her opponent/adversary.(this spot will be changed to more specifics once joining an RP that requires it to be fixed)

History: She used to live out in the wilderness, but recently civilization has caught her eye and she is curious of what has been going on. She has started to live among humans in a specially made human form, which she crafted with her own magic. So far, it seems she is being well accepted, what with her starting up a magic shop that sells magic items, potions, and various spellbooks.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 29, 2006 5:27 am
by Cameo
Note: The Iscali species lives longer and ages slower than humanity, hence the unusual ages given below. Human equivalents have been stated.
None of them have any superpowers.

These are the people currently making an appearance in the Waffle House RP.

Name: Amarie Hayne
Age: 92 (she's equivalent to a human in around her mid- to late 30s, although she looks more like she's in her late 20s)
Species: Iscali
Height: 5'7"
Build: Taller and thinner than average, especially for a mother of three
Hair: Hot pink, straight, chin-length
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Light
Gender: Female
Intelligence: Above average
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Clothing: Black close-fitting hoodie over a T-shirt, khakis, brown heels.

Personality: Levelheaded, sensible and fair, although not the most patient person you'll ever meet (especially with bickering kids), and she tends to be something of a workaholic.

Background: Her childhood and adolescence were nothing special; she split with her husband about ten years ago, and has been raising their three children on her own ever since. Recently, she decided to take the kids to see some of the less-famous planets in the galaxy, partially because they're often underappreciated and partially because they're cheaper to go to.


Name: Myani Sif
Age: 34 (equivalent: early to mid-teens, 14 or 15 or so)
Species: Iscali
Height: 5'4"
Build: A little taller than average, thin
Hair: Light purple, an inch or two long, spiked
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Light
Gender: Female
Intelligence: High
Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Clothing: Black short-sleeved T-shirt over pink long-sleeved shirt, multicoloured scarf, purple plaid miniskirt, black combat boots with chains

Personality: Cynical and pessimistic most of the time, although she'll have an occasional good mood. Takes a particularly dim view of her family, although she'll admit that her brother isn't as bad as the rest. Myani can always find something to complain about, and the less she'll accomplish by doing so the more complaining she does. She's also easily startled, to her chagrin and her siblings' amusement.

Abilities: The most intelligent of the family (in terms of raw IQ, anyways - her brother's pretty close, though), and she has some knowledge of martial arts, although she's still a novice in that area.

Name: Tiamren Marek
Age: 21 (equivalent: around 12)
Species: Iscali
Height: 5'1"
Build: Taller than average, slim
Hair: Hot pink, straight, fairly short
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Light
Gender: Male
Intelligence: High

Clothing: Jean jacket, green T-shirt, black knee-length skirt, black-and-white striped sneakers.

Personality: Easygoing, but still kind of keeps to himself. Quite curious, and he loves to learn new things provided the subject matter's interesting (that last part is why he doesn't like school). He doesn't talk much.

Name: Karika Marek
Age: 18 (equivalent: about 10)
Species: Iscali
Height: 4'6
Build: Petite
Hair: Wavy, hot pink (though less vivid than her mother's) and shoulder-length.
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Light
Gender: Female
Intelligence: Above average

Clothing: White shirt with red hearts on it, pale pink puffer jacket, jeans, pink sneakers and a floppy white hat.

Personality: Bubbly and cheerful, though something of an airhead (even for her age) and quite na

[[Character bio: Dhosmhea]]

PostPosted: Mon Dec 11, 2006 11:15 pm
by Dhosmhea
"The first step I took on the journey was the one that took me furthest from home... and every step, I think, brings me back towards the life I long forsook. Perhaps, when I get there, all that I've learned will make sense - I doubt that, wherever I may go, what I've learned will ever matter."
[[Avatar-character information!
Name: Malakai Nathen Dhosmhea
Age: Indeterminate (Approx. biological age, 41, approx. psyche age estimated around six to eight hundred years)
Height: 5'8
Weight: 137 lbs
Build: Tall and thin, lean edging on gangly.
Appearance: The grand majority of the time, Dhosmhea plays to the stereotypical wizardly image - his blue eyes are obscured by rectangular spectacles, his long black hair spilling out of the hood of his tan robes, and the wrinkles on his face gently accenting his smile. Arcane sigils shift and glitter on his garb, and on formal occasions, he can even be seen wearing a pointy wizard's hat. His belt is clasped with an iron buckle in the shape of an alchemical circle, and is covered in pockets. Often, when retrieving something of importance, it can be seen that under his robes are two more belts, crossing his chest, with yet more pockets.
Regardless of his garb, however, there are three items he is never seen without - a ruby earring in his left ear, a jade ring in the pattern of a celtic knot on his right pinky, and a silver bracelet which appears to be sunken slightly into the skin of his left wrist.
Abilities and Capabilities: Dhosmhea has shown a vast understanding of the nature and wielding of magic, though he seems hesitant to use it even in the most dire of circumstances. He is logical and intelligent, though the first to admit that he never had the chance to get arrogant because he was wrong too often, and his warm and friendly manner tends to make him a fair diplomat. He has yet to be witnessed actually fighting in a life-or-death situation - his capabilites in such a situation are unknown, possibly even to himself. He suffers from a chronic case of undiscretionary transdimensional relocation, though he has found a way to force a delay between relocations that lasts at least three months.
Occupation: Professor of Arcane Theory, Spellwright, and thaumatic researcher at the Araxylon School of Arcane Arts.
Inventory: Five cans of unlabeled soda, a TF gun, a dead fish, a squirrel teddy, and an animate Elliot the Warrior doll.]]

PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 10:09 am
by _Syri_
just a loose bio for now, will work on it some time...

Name: Syri
Age: mid-twenties
Gender: Male (most of the time)
Height: 6'0"

Moderately tall, with long dark hair and pale skin. casually dressed and quite shy and modest, but loyal to friends and fierce in defending them.
At times of extreme excitement or anger, can randomly transform into a female form, dubbed Syria. Syria shares all of Syri's characteristics, but is overly outgoing, and very bouncy and hyper. basically lacking any kind of reserved nature.

i know it's a bit crappy, but it's a start ;)

PostPosted: Mon Dec 25, 2006 7:01 pm
by Jeremy_I_Am
People I use all over the place. They're based on characters from a webcomic I'm planning.

Dr. James Victor Robert

PostPosted: Sun Feb 04, 2007 6:32 pm
by Johnny_C
Well, I'm rather new here, but this will most likely be my Forum Persona...

EDIT: I just tweaked this a bit to fit something, that and I just wanted to change some things...

Name: Justin/Johnny
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5' 7
Build: Rather Skinny
Hair: Slightly Varies Between A Light Brown And A Slightly Darker Brown and Black
Eyes: Varies Between Brown, Dark Brown And Red
Background: Justin/Johnny is the character for something I've been writing for fun, and Johnny is essentially a second personality that manifests its self in him from time to time. Justin is energetic and carefree, and is very friendly, though his hyper nature usually impairs his judgement. Johnny is more calm and quiet, and tends to be anti-social. He annilizes(I know, it is misspelled) things very carefully. When Justin has control of the body, his hair is light brown and he has lightish brown eyes, when Johnny has control, his hair and eyes both darken some.
Abilities: Justin has the ability to stop time around them for short times, making it appear to others that he has teleported and can move much faster than normal humans, and while Johnny is slower, he has telekintic(probably misspelled) powers. Also, in dire sitiuations, Justin and Johnny can control the body as on, making the hair Black, and eyes red, and greatly enhancing speed, strenght, and can stop time for much longer periods.
Weapons: One slightly over-sized Katana, two small daggers, and a seemingly infinite supply of Kunai and shurikens.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 04, 2007 9:08 pm
by Sword, Gun, Demon,& M
Number 4 on my list of characters, and, yes, I know it's out of order.

Name: 5155 (His internet alias. Real name... maybe later...)
Age: 16
Occupation: none
Race: Supposed to be human, though recent incidents have made others wonder...
Abilities: strength 1.5 times that of normal humans, illusions, fire, ice, and wind control, can change body to mist, can change to an anthropomorphic half-bat form as well as an actual bat, same goes for wolf form, excellent vision, even at night.

Appearence: used to be portly, though recently has become quite muscular for reasons beyond everyone's knowledge; brown hair that looks like it's from the 70's, often badly kept or greasy; used to have brown eyes, though recently turned red for unknown reasons; white dragon tattoos on his hands, wrists, ankles, and feet; fire tattoo on his right arm; wind tattoo on his left arm; a tattoo with three dog heads chained to a metal ring with ice running from his lower back to his upper front. Wears whatever t-shirt and socks he can get from his drawers, though wears the same pants several days in a row, sometimes for a few weeks.

Personality: relatively uninteresting. Plays video games, reads fanfiction, watches science fiction and the discovery channel, and likes long walks at night. Listens to video game music, mainly anything by Nobuo Uematsu. Likes to cook, though does not have many skills. Sometimes has anger management problems, and is extremely disorganised. Will blow off all work other than due-the-next-day projects in favor of walking.


Ipod & headphones

3 vials of an unknown red liquid

various sealed plastic bags full of gas. Each contains an object in a gaseous state which he rematerializes after popping the bag.

box of plastic baggies

concealed tonfa

notebook & pencil

wrist watch

denim jacket & fleece cap

Cargo pants

Wallet w/ id & $40

Rastafarian Timbuk2 bag with a 3 year old IBM thinkpad & 250 gig portable hard drive

flashlight keychain
More later.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 05, 2007 2:22 pm
by Johnny_C
Thanks for the correction... I thought kunais sounded a little odd...

PostPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 11:46 am
by pillow_ninja
I suppose this should go in here. Reposted from the Keenfans thread.

Name: Makuramaru
Alias: the Pillow Ninja
Race: Human
Nationality: English
Age: Late teens
Height: 6'0"
Eyes: Dark blue
Hair: Black, ridiculous anim

PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 9:44 pm
by Sword, Gun, Demon,& M
Number 3: Teh Demon

Name: David Connolly("Beta Andrew")
Race: Devan-Shekiah mix, Werewolf, human, half demon
Occupation: Person-who-scares-the-crap-out-of-other-people
Powers: Half-wolf, Human, Demon-armor, & DS forms; Arm blades, Shadow manipulation & teleportaion due to combination of racial and demonic abilities; limited HTH skills; extreme alchemic abilities.


Swords: Arm/leg blades: 2-foot long swords(1 inch from dull edge to sharp edge) which swivel out of his wrists & ankles. Detach for precision movement. Increases in both lenght and width in Demon armor form.

The First Deadly Sin: Gigantic sword formed of dozens of individual, mobile diamond shaped blades which form into a variety of configurations. All are capable of individual movement, & the hilt acts as a rapier when they are put away.

Umbra: A long sword which steals the souls of those whom it kills. Incredibly sharp.

Muramasa: Literally the sister blade of Sephiroth's Masamune.

Various alchemic implements

Proctlaroush: David's Tikel-Sombrem. A shapeshifting shadow which requires light in order to function. Normally worn like leather bandages around the arm, it can instantly assume almost any form. Can also be used to affect the user as well as his environment.

YABOH(Yet another bag of holding)

Journal (written on in blood, the only instantly accesable writing fluid)

Appearence: Human: Standard sophmore with a beard.
DSD: Very much like his human form plus horns, blood red eyes with veritcal retinas; long, pointed ears which look slightly bat-like, tail with arrow-tip end, black fingernails, leathery wings extending from back, three toed feet, fangs.
Demon-armor: Like DSD except hands & feet have been replaced with armored claws. Body becomes covered in armored scales, the whites of the eyes turn black & the color drains from the face.

Appearence references are from Dan Heron and his Danverse chart.