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Postby Amon Star on Thu Apr 05, 2007 6:16 am

Name: Amon Star

Gender: Male (Technically)

Appearance: A Legion form consisting of all EGS villains as of 28th of February 2007. He also a black mark in the shape of the EGSDF insignia on his right 'shoulder'.

Powers: Amon is quite powerful. Physically he is quite strong, he's can lift 3.3* times his own weight, & is hard to hurt, especially against blunts. He has a high tolerance to pain & a healing factor, allowing him to recover from all injuries short of death. He's also a limited shape-shifter. He can make minor alterations to his body, close bleeding wounds & grow pseudopods. He has lost a lot of his abilities during the time between Operation: Hisarlik & the final battle. He can no longer 'summon' his armour, but seems naturally tougher now. Also, his internal CMD & Command Watch are gone. Finally, he no longer seems to possess the powers of Gift Space, Inventory Space are Rift Making. However, his awareness is if anything more acute & he still seems to have a knack for being in the right place at the right time.

Mentally, his mind is unbreakable. That doesn't mean that he's immune to psionics or similar. It means that he's imperious to insanity & can ignore stress.

He also has some level of awareness related to space & time. It's as if he was in-tune with reality, beyond being Forum Aware. The exact permutations of this are as yet unknown.

Weaknesses: Now that would be telling. :P

History: Amon joined the forums on the 20th of February 2007. He acquired his current form after eating an unlabelled chocolate bar given to him by Ankhareon. This was as a reward/punishment for coming up with the idea in the first place. (Amon considers it a reward for being twisted).

Despite being a Newbie, Amon has made his presence known, normally by acting as a 'Dark Muse'. However, after some Hammering and reprimanding, he has calmed down somewhat, but still has a tendency to boost sales of Brain Bleach wherever he goes.

His greatest shame to date has been the minor role he took during the first EOU invasion. When he heard that they were trying it again, he swore that he would do everything in his power to defend EGS. However, his plans changed when news of the Traitor reached the Invasion thread. After suggesting the Military Cell formation, he has only taken one obvious action. That was to try and shoot Ti-Phil with a his TF gun. Unfortunately, he was to slow. He left almost immediately after the failed attack through one of his rifts.

Amon has now taken a more obvious role in the EGS Defence Force. He was the first to accuse Death Bunny of being Agent Bunny. Unfortunately, Death Bunny was found not guilty in this trial, which displeased Amon, so he set about gathering more evidence. This he succeeded in doing, only to discover that others have already found the info out. He then proceeded to take part in the battle to capture BD, in which he was badly injured.

The battle to capture Death Bunny caused a change in Amon. For a while now, he's been slowly becoming more self aware. That battle was the final catalyst needed for him to become a fully separate sentience from his Author. However, he's still aware of the 4th wall & the nature of his reality.

During his recovery from the battle, Amon was promoted to Sub Commander of the EGSDF by Commander Ajac. He immediately set about putting an attack plan into motion. Unfortunately, before the plan could be put into motion, Mayhem came under attack from the EOU. Amon received a warning from his FLEET contact, so was able to sound the alarm.

When the battle of Mayhem ended, Amon originally stayed behind while the majority of Bunnies after HA. This was done for multiple reasons, one of which was Sashca. However, after insuring that Mayhem was relatively secure, Amon to joined the battle & was there when HA was taken down.

Amon had returned to Mayhem after the battle. It was meant to be a quick visit to return a wounded Ed Bunny, but upon arrival his greatest foe ensnared him once more. Red Tape. Until recently he's been busy fulfilling his duties. However, with the call for help from Too Many Authors, Amon has once more launched himself into the fray.

Amon played a small part in the battle, but he isn't one for glory. At the end of the battle, when the Author of TMA was rescued, he returned them to Mayhem through a Time-Warp. Unfortunately, Amon was thrown further than the rest & in multiple directions simultaneously. However, he still found some time to unwind at the Operation Lagomorph victory party before returning to the fray & the final liberation of TMA.

Despite all this, Amon was still there for the beginning Operation: Hisarlik. He fought valiantly in the EOU base & was injured several times. This major achievement in the battle was helping to save the life of Rams Dragon. When the Editor banished the attacking army, Amon was blown away with the others. He has yet to reappear.

Amon reappears at the final battle, fighting Death Bunny with Chronicler C. In that fight Amon was hurt, DB got away & CC was potentially fatally wounded. Amon took CC to the medical area of Fort Mayhem after the battle, was briefly reunited with Sashca, then headed towards Ajac's Office. There he found that Ajac had left to speak with Net, so Amon got up to date while he waited. Of course, Ajac didn't return, instead going straight to the party, so Amon saw this as his chance to speak with Sashca. They've now done so. Sashca then went to the party, while Amon get back to work. He is currently recruiting for a rescue mission to the Oriskany.

He later joined said mission & that is were his life ended.
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New guy

Postby ARomanEmperor on Fri Apr 06, 2007 8:25 am

Let me try my hand at this, and let me know what you think. He is an idea for the GMPC of an RP i've had the idea for. I'm still working out all the details.

Name: Orin Tase
Rank: The Only rank 5.(top rank) of the legion of Light.
Abilities:Mindreader, pyromancy, concentration(helps with mem. and marksmanship)
Weakness: Anger
Location: Tygreen (Supercity, capitol of known world.)
Weapons: Dual Magnums, with auto reloader.
Apperance: Wears military uniform minus helment. Black tight shirt with combat pants medals of honor and rank. Short gray hair. Strong face. said to Radiate power.
Personality: Strong willed, Paranoid, Powerful. Always seems to make the right decission. Calm and Somber on normal occasion. Slow to anger, but nearly unstopable once enraged.
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Postby Blinkdog on Tue Apr 10, 2007 11:32 pm

Name: Oggyajimir "Oggy"
Age: No-one knows and he isn't telling
Gender: Male. We're pretty sure it's male.
Race: Sentient animated doll, Avatar
Height: 5.5"
Weight: 2 lbs

Appearance: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/52953320/
Oggy looks like a poorly constructed voodoo doll, having only the vague shape of a human, but it soon becomes apparent that he has very little in the way of seams except at his joints. The only visible stitching are three large, rough stitches that hold a cut on his head shut. If you were to poke him it feels like he is filled with some sort of bean or beads, but he doesn't move like he is. His face is about as expressive as something with only two beady eyeballs and not much else can be.

Personality: Oggy is a simple creature. He's out for root beer, cookies and women, not necessarily in that order. Preferably simultaneously though. There's not really that much else to him, he's got a sense of humor, and can wax philosophical, but usually his interactions with people are primarially to lead to one of his three primary goals. He doesn't talk much about himself, so no-one knows much about him, except for the tall tales he spins when he's drunk off root-beer, and those are probably not true.

He's what's known as an "Avatar", in that he is a vessel through which some other more powerful entity projects itself. He's associated with a particular aspect of that entity, and despite what the unfiltered personality of his creator might be, it becomes tainted by the avatar's nature. He doesn't let on who he really is, but either he's very weak, or the aspect of his personality Oggy represents is poorly expressed or actively suppressed and restrained.

Powers/Abilities: Oggy can somehow grab and manipulate things without fingers or opposable thumbs. He can't handle fine dexterity, but he can do stuff like picking up or wielding rather easily. He also seems to be able to talk without a mouth, as well as eat and drink. Also, anything he eats or drinks does not wind up in his body, as it would soak through the fabric and wind up making a terrible mess. Presumably it goes to some alternate dimension or back to the entity projecting him. He can produce small mundane items like coins, tools, miniature grappling hooks and lengths of rope, and super-cool sunglasses seemingly from thin air, though he always appears to be pulling them out form behind his back. Also he has some sort of mind control that allows him to merely ask for a lift and larger folk will pick him up, carry him a short distance and place him in his desired resting spot without much thought.

He may or may not also be a portal to some sort of depraved plane of hedonism and vice.

If 'transformed', he retains his black, glassy eyes and fabric complexion, no matter how powerful or complex the transformation. The stitched-over cut on his forehead remains as well. Eventually he'll revert back to his normal self on his own.
As mentioned, Root-Beer gets him drunk, but so does regular beer. He just prefers the taste of soda.
He's not flammable, but he's about as durable as you might expect a rag doll to be. His wounds spill white beads, but he does not seem to deflate, rather they will continue to spill until the rip closes itself over.
Ladies love the Ogg. Don't ask them what they do with the doll behind closed doors, they'll just sigh and smile. Presumably it's something worth putting up with his rather crass nature. This reporter doubts they're playing competitive twister.
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Postby ThatCanadianDude on Wed Apr 11, 2007 6:24 pm

I came up with a new character, and he works with one of my older character, so I'm remaking the first guys profile, and creating the new guy here. The old guy will go first. I'll probably work on them further later, cause it's late here.

Name: Dr. Terrance McDonald
Age: 32
Height: 6'0
Weight: 173 lbs.
Hair: Short Black
Eyes: Blue
Outfit: Reading glasses, white lab coat, blue shirt, black pants, brown shoes
Face: Decently cute, esspecially when he takes his glasses off.
Personality: Quiet and reserved, and an excellent medical professional. However, Terrance has thing for women, to a point of being stunned and docile when he sees one he likes. However, while he's working with someones life on the line, he can completely tune out distractions and work intently on the job at hand.

Due to having been stuck with many weird situation, Terrance doesn't find anything "weird". This includes women who claim to be from other demenions, sudden changes in surgical requirments, or GUILT(For those of you who play Trauma Center).

There is only one person Terrance just can't get along with, and that person is Dr. Arthur Straite.
Back Story: *WORKING ON IT*

Name: Dr. Arthur Straite
Age: 32
Height: 6'1
Weight 179 lbs.
Hair: Blond, usually in some cool, gravity defying style
Eyes: Green
Outfit: White lab coat, tan slacks, white dress shirt
Face: Movie star quality looks, a majorly handome man
Personality: He acts all gentlemanly, and like Terrance, falls for every woman, though he acts much more proffesional and polite about it, in truth, he is a dog, and loves to use girls for his own personal uses.
Back Story: *Working on it*
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Postby Amon Star on Sat Apr 14, 2007 9:38 am

Here's an old world-hopping character of mine. I'm putting her bio here so I can use her where appropriate.

Name: Shyma Sethus
Age: 21
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 140 lbs
Race: Titanian human from Lithia
Hair: Dark Brown. She keeps it in a long pony tail that reaches her behind
Eyes: Dark Brown
Appearance: Very attractive, in a slim, athletic way. She has no visible fat. She has an olive complexion & perfect skin, with no disfiguring scars. Facially, she's dainty with high cheek bones.
She often dresses in traditionally male clothing, such as tunic & breeches. She also wears knee high boots & wears a wedding & an engagement ring.
Overall, she can be mistaken for a boy.
Skills: She is trained to fight with spears, bows & daggers. She's also experienced with improvizing weapons & brawling. However, she isn't very good due to low strength & a peaceful nature at heart. She has recently started training in Martial Arts.
However, she is good at riding & caring for horses. She also very athletic, but not Olympic grade. She also knows a little bit about magical theory & how to make armour.
Powers: Lithian physiology is different in many ways to RL humans. For a start, they have a tendency to be a lot tougher & they heal faster. This healing can eventually recover from injury apart from loss of body parts, & extends to resisting toxins & pathogens. Shyma is tougher than most & also has an incredible resistance to pain. She's also strong willed.
Another trait that people from her world has is hibernation. Lithian can't starve to death. Neither can die from dehydration. The worst that can happen is they go into a coma like state. They will feel everything up to that point however.
They're also all ambidextrous, but tend to favour one hand. Shyma favours her left.
Finally, Lithian females have a higher muscle density than males. This means that they are all stronger than their size and build would indicate.
History: To extensive to put here. As a side note, Shyma can't eats the meat from any vertebrate.
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Postby davecom3 on Sat Apr 14, 2007 10:16 am

Eyes: Blue
Appearance: take sig, add mustache and turn the hair brown, and you're close.
Mathmatician and inforum inventor, creating things from simple ideas floating around in his head.
Inventory:his newbie pack

Debra:Dave's alterego, sorta akin to an interactive mindscape, who often tries to restrain her from entering some of the threads and who shares the basic body of Debra. Same general appearance with longer hair, and no facial hair, general "parts" differences of course, and being a bit slimmer. A bit more talkative, volatile at times(usually at Dave if he's getting dirty ideas), and tends to dislike flowery language. Any other qualities different from usual are unknown at this point.

Inventory:Dave's newbie kit
Inforum Invention: the Perfect Petter, built so she can pet Lommies around her neck at the same time as petting them on her back.
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Postby Teleros on Thu Apr 26, 2007 8:32 am

Hmm, well not into the RPs much, so I'll put these two here for the fight against the EOU...

Lt John Webb wrote:This guy is from my own sci-fi universe, and is a fairly ordinary SCO (see below). Given what Teleros is like (much further below), this guy is here to fight things that don't have godlike abilities. Plus he's just nicer than Teleros.

Name: Lieutenant John Webb
Unit: 1st platoon, 1st company, 202nd Special Combat Operatives regiment
Age: 244 (looks like he's in his early 30s though)
Sex: Male
Species: Human (genetically modified, see below)
Height: 5ft 8"

He's a fairly quiet guy most of the time and rarely has to raise his voice. He's always got an eye on the welfare of the troops under his command. Don't mistake him for a softie though: he's spent over two hundred years in the ranks of the galaxy's elite special forces unit.

Also used by the other SCOs.
T41 Pulse Rifle: With a range limited only by the accuracy of its user (at least on a planetary scale), the T41 pulse rifle fires a beam of green energy in 0.1 second bursts. Each burst or shot can deliver ~8MJ of energy, enough to vaporise a kilo of solid iron (and do nasty things to people too). Also comes in a pistol version for sergeants & officers like Webb. The muzzle has the same sensors as the helmet (below) for when you can't aim with the scope (eg through a small hole) and links to the helmet directly.
Pulse Sword: Think lightsabre. Although mainly ceremonial, these things can be used in combat by sergeants & officers.
Bayonet: Also doubles up as a knife.
Armour: Helmet with visor with infra-red, night vision, brain / telepathic activity, intelligent IFF systems, and lots more besides. Also a comlink to the rest of the SCOs. Backpack with supplies (below). Shielded armour plating on chest, upper & lower arms, shoulders, thighs, shins and boots (can stand up to 20MJ / 0.1 second shot, 1GJ / 0.1 second shot if EM radiation). Hermetically sealed against the environment (uses air filters & small air tanks when in space - 30 mins max supply). Camouflaged and with a small full-body EM shield to mask heat presence on enemy infra-red systems.
Other: The backpack has a small stash of rations, medical supplies and replacement power cells. At its base is a tiny plasma drive that can act as a jumpjet (but be careful - jokes about scorched backsides are so last century). The comlink has a planet-wide range and is subspace-based, as well as being very heavily encrypted.
TF Shield: From Jfan, this is worn by Lt Webb only, and works to keep him in his normal form.

1st Platoon:
Five squads of ten SCOs, each lead by a sergeant & divided into two five-man fire teams lead by the sergeant and most senior corporal in the squad. All armed with the same pulse rifles as standard, although some members do go around with sniper rifles, missile launchers and other weapons (see below).

1st Platoon Weapons & Vehicles:
Nebula APC: A large, heavily armoured APC, can carry 20 men but usually only 10 (admin error that became policy :lol: ). Turret at the front with an anti-personnel pulse cannon. In addition, the sides of the vehicle can swing out and a "skirt" drops down to ground level to create an impromptu firebase, and allow troops to exit from the back ramp safely.
Raven Transport Copter: Looks rather like a modern copter, but with two cylindrical plasma drives on either side near the top for hypersonic speeds. Two small "wings" below the cockpit have Scythe pulse cannons on them for clearing out a landing zone. A full squad can use zip-lines to get down from the passenger compartment.
T41 Sniper Rifle: Not unlike a normal one, but it has various stands etc to stabilise it and allow for greater accuracy. Up to 100MJ a shot.
Raven Missile Launcher: Fires 1ft-long missiles at hypersonic speeds and transcontinental ranges. Warheads vary, but as an example, the anti-light-tank ones have a focused blast equivalent to a 3MT nuke. Missiles accurate to within a millimetre thanks to onboard AI & sensors.
Scythe Pulse Cannon: 4 barrels. 5,000rpm. Unlimited ammunition. Mounted under the arm or on a combat suit. Moveable barrels to focus on one point or form a cone of death. What's not to like :evilgrin: ?
Combat Suit: A harness really, it fits onto the backpack and under the arms. Has two shoulder weapon mounts on highly mobile "arms", and one under each arm. Controlled by thoughts from the user & a built-in AI system.
HECS: Hostile Environment Combat Suits are used when the environment is very, very dangerous. You know, the sun side of Mercury, or maybe Venus, Pluto etc. 7ft high, the soldier inside is fully enclosed in armour (a good analogy would be a Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine).

General Technology:
Pulse Energy: It looks like your traditional visible laser beam, only it's not: shields designed to block physical or electromagnetic energy don't block pulse energy. My technobabbly way of having visible beams without messing with real lasers in other words.
Shields: A shield will only go down if enough energy hits it in one go: it doesn't weaken like Star Trek ones do for example. In addition, unless the shield generator is taken out by this shot, it will pop back up once the energy stops or lessens enough that the shield can block it again. This applies to physical and pulse weapon firepower.
EM Shields: These absorb the energy from lasers, x-rays, radiowaves etc - ie electromagnetic radiation - and pump it back into the shield generator's power cells. Only when more electromagnetic radiation than the shield can handle is thrown at it does some get through.
Power cells: These use a pocket dimension to supply an effectively unlimited amount of power to the device it's connected to. In other words, no need to change ammo or batteries in a battle - these things last forever (well, years of continual use). They're also very safe: the nature of the pocket dimension means that if the power cell is destroyed, the energy is lost - no explosions or anything.

Genetic Modifications:
Ageing: As seen with the Lieutenant's age, the human ageing process has been slowed considerably, and people can and do easily live for several centuries before needing a replacement body.
Immune System Since humans first expanded into space, genetic modification was used to make the immune system much tougher than it normally is. This is further enhanced for soldiers, so that the immune system will react strongly and quickly against even newly-encountered diseases, poisons and the like.
Resistance to Radiation Again, genetic modification has been used to copy the high levels of resistance present in some bacteria and other life forms, to allow people to survive thousands of times the radiation doses that would kill ordinary people, even without the highly advanced medical science of the Terran Alliance.

Restricted Artificial Intelligence wrote:From the same "Terran Alliance" universe as Lt John Webb above, the RAI isn't a proper character as much as an aid for other characters: feel free to use it - I only ask that it stays in-character.

Name: Whatever you want to call it. Most previous users in the TA universe have called it "Rai" or "computer".
Computing Power: 1e420 FLOPS at full load. It is based on the Terran Alliance's sub-quantum technology.
Storage Capacity: Enough :P .
Physical Form: A two-metre high box, self-powered, and with forcefield generators, sensors & holographic projectors built in.
Holographic Form: Something like this is the "default" one, but it can change for the user.
Personality: Although it is an artificial intelligence, an RAI has something akin to the 3 laws of robotics programmed in, to ensure it can't go renegade. It is very good an intuition and making leaps of logic like humans in addition to more normal computer operations. Generally of a cheerful disposition, it is only not polite when the situation actually warrants it: it doesn't have a temper to lose control of. It is willing and able to help in any matters it can, from psychology to astrophysics or literary criticism.
Forcefields: These forcefields aren't very good at protecting things like shields, but are very good at manipulation of matter and energy and extremely accurate. They can handle a couple of tons safely, but any more would damage the physical computer tower itself. They are based on the forces found in reality, ie gravity, electromagnetism, the two nuclear forces and a single unified force. This gives the RAI some manufacturing capabilities, and it could work on something akin to a von Neumann machine to improve this.
Sensors: The sensors come in just about every shape and size, from infra-red to TA subspace sensors that can detect objects cloaked or out of phase in the real universe. The subspace ones have a range of several hundred parsecs and work at millions of times lightspeed - those that operate merely at lightspeed are obviously much more limited in scope (like the forcefields).

Teleros Fireheart wrote:I doubt this guy will ever see much in the way of action, he is kinda powerful after all. However he's very good as a facilitator, being knowledgeable enough to teleport you through that magical barrier if you can persuade him to and so on. But he is technically here in the fight against EOU so here's an outline of him, minus his history (long).

Name: Teleros Fireheart
Age: Over 17,000 years. He doesn't really care, and time travel complicates things too.
Sex: Male
Species: A bit complicated, but High Elf / Blood Elf from World of Warcraft
Height: 8ft 2"
Notes: Ambidextrous. He's not technically an elf any more, but he uses this same physical body all the time as it's easier to interact with things this way than as an incorporeal entity.

He's been described as insane, psychopathic, a megalomaniac, an evil genius, rude, sarcastic, a one-man army of destruction, arrogant beyond belief... and those were the nicer things people have said about him. His personal morals go something like "me, myself and I" - if he does something it's because it benefits him in some way. His temper is also on a pretty short fuse, so be careful - he has little regard for anything as trivial as "the law" for example.
Although he's got a brilliant mind and is very clever, it's cloaked in an extremely abrasive personality. There is also a hint of insanity here - not the perhaps comical variety but the "unsettling" sort, as if he's got a few screws loose (which he does). This is due primarily to an obsessive lust for magical energies (and misuse of said magic) only his indomitable will keeps in check: he walks a knife-edge between remaining who and what he is and falling into demonhood.
When he's really pissed off you can often see lightning arcing between the strands of his hair, and magic tends to escape him with destructive results (maybe the pub down the road spontaneously explodes).
Although if he wants something he will usually just take the direct approach, a change is as good as a rest and he does occasionally try the usual convoluted plans. In the past he's also taken on the odd "apprentice", not out of kindness but to see how down the road to damnation they go, or whether they can resist it like he does.

Good or Evil?
Although you could argue that his self-obsessed and dangerous nature makes him evil, he's done plenty of good in his time - not deliberately, but by going after the most powerful sources of magic... which of course are generally held by evildoers. Rather, it's best to consider him as a force of nature, perhaps "chaotic neutral" to use the D&D system.

Appearance: This is fairly close to what he's like (closeup of face here). Note that his eyebrows are like normal human ones not those enormous things, and his irises are a fiery red (more reddish near the pupil, orange/yellow further out). Look closely and you can see pale fires dancing in his pupils too. He doesn't bother with rings, necklaces, piercings or anything like that.

His sword:
He has a longsword with a blade rather like that of a katana, only not curved. The gold hilt a more western design (think T-shaped). It's quite ornate - a symmetrical feathered wing design, with a large ruby on the pommel. The scabbard is a very dark red, with ornate gold designs on it. For those looking at the images above, the fires only appear on the blade when he wants them to.

Physical Body:
Rather than duplicate his old physical body exactly, he tends to leave out the minor things like feeling pain or needing to eat: think of it as a puppet controlled by the real thing.
It is however very well protected by magical defences, but when he leaves it to go somewhere else it's just an inanimate object - you can move it, change his hairstyle or whatever, but it can piss him off.

Magic & science:
17,000 years of single-mindedly acquiring magic, power and knowledge has made him into virtual god. Although he is not one to use technology much (if at all), his knowledge of science can be applied to some of his spells (nuclear fireball anyone?). Even aside from the sheer power, his spells can be very complex, making it extremely hard to dispel for example.
Fortunately, most beings he encounters don't have anywhere near the levels of magic he likes to consume these days. If he does though, he'll make certain he can defeat it before attacking. When up against lesser beings, he tends to play a behind-the-scenes role, if only because it's boring and a waste of his magic to simply wipe out armies. Occasionally he intervenes more directly, but otherwise he's content to shout encouragement from the sidelines.
One note: don't get into a battle of wills with him: you will lose.

In the event that I update anything here I'll keep a note here.

01. Missed out Lt Webb's genetic modifications :oops: .
02. Added in the RAI.
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Postby Atashi-Cloud on Thu Apr 26, 2007 5:42 pm

I think it's safe to bring out this bio now...been holding back on this for a while to flesh it out more.^^; It's still not entirely done since I've yet to see whether his powers would work rightly.

Name: Friendly Neighborhood Kitsune or FNK for short
Use: General purpose Muse/Authorial Avatar
Age: 21, updated to reflect my own
Gender: usually male, but has been female before
Height: 6' 2" full digitigrade
Race: Kitsune/Shape-shifter hybrid
Forms: Kitsune, full fox(Fennec), demon fox(Arctic), human and ethereal(spiritual)
Eyes: used to be hazel but is now more of a chrysalis color with dots appearing -in- the iris on the left eye. Normal non-slit pupils.

Appearance: A tawny-colored kitsune with a mess of brown curly hair kept short enough to look straight, FNK is about as close to the real me as you can get in looks. He wears a pair of bifocal glasses/spectacles, which are used mostly for reading and tends to have them on constantly in case he has to read something. Despite looking like he's nearsighted, his eyesight is actually average when not using heavy detail, otherwise he has to use his glasses. The biggest thing about him is that his clothing pattern can change on a whim if he feels like it, and often enough he wears something of relevance that I like(for instance, the ORGXIII coat, or even a MegaMan suit of armor) and can use all abilities and attributes given by said clothing(to a limit of control). This also works in conjunction with his normal abilities and powers, but those often are separate to begin with.

Full fox: in this form he is proverbially a full-fledged Fennec Fox in shape, looks and features, none of his powers change drastically in this form. He is also only barely below a foot high when standing up on all fours, so this form is best suited for recon and hiding in the shadows.

Demon fox: This form is what he has dubbed 'Battle form', as it is essentially a much larger(10') form and looks more feral compared to the standard kitsune form. Every fox-like feature has been warped and twisted to look more menacing and scary, looking more like a nightmarish fox than demonic in nature. All of his fur has deepened to become a drab slate tan tone, black markings becoming nigh-unseparable from any black backgrounds or even shadows. His claws are not exaggeratingly long, but they look like miniature knives with how easily light glints off the edges. His teeth have re-shaped to become more like serrated weapons instead of becoming pointier, his muzzle strong enough now to crush bone. In as simplest terms as possible, this form resembles a cross between a werewolf in Crinos form(from The World of Darkness) and a standard fox without having the restraints on trying to look good.

Human: Take away all the foxen traits and watch the spectacles become proper glasses, and you have the human form of FNK. He looks a bit pale in skin tone, save for darker olive-colored forearms and similar marking done for his legs. He does not change sizes for this form despite the fact that logically he should due to the shifting from digitigrade to plantigrade. This form also has a female alternate that can be used, but is rarely called upon due to the physical differences.

Ethereal: Quite easily a more confusing form than most due to the fact that it will shift between the other four interchangably on a whim, mostly due to the fact that he no longer is physically existing on the current plane of existance. This form is like a mist though it does not have the drawback of being blown away in the wind, though it does retain a semi-solid form that people can 'feel' him but cannot hurt or attack him due to shifting planes of existence. Other Ethereal beings can also do this, as well as anything that can entrap ghosts or other ethereals. He also cannot use many of his natural inherent traits other than shapeshifting, which puts this form at a great disadvantage during actual combat. Useful for fleeing a scene though.

Abilities: FNK is a Kitsune of Light, and can wield many light-based weapons and armors, though cannot do much more than make energy equivalents of such things. This being said, his current weapon of choice always has a form of light generation so that he has full control over what the weapon does. Despite being a novice still at controlling the element, he is very skilled at using transformation-related spells. Most of these tend to reflect the common stuff found in EGSMayhem, due to the fact that he thoroughly enjoys seeing such TFs take place. When not using a specific wardrobe that pins him with a specific weapon, he has a TFBuster that works as a weapon and a TFG, sometimes at the same time. FNK is also able to minorly create stuff for use, but this is something that exhausts him much more so than his standard light magic since it requires a much more conscious expenditure of energy than simply pointing a finger and shooting a ray of light at something to blind it or whatnot.

Skills: FNK is skilled with whatever weapon/clothing style he is currently wearing, and can change costumes using his light-based powers. Switching costumes takes time to properly set up and execute and can be easily interrupted by attacking him to make him move, or just simply unfocusing his concentration.

Personality: Despite being an occasionally serious person, he falls under the category of annoying due to his occasionally random bouts of ranting or detailing something he likes. He's also got a few flaws on loving video games a lot, often sometimes going to great lengths to just get a chance to play an old favorite of his. Usually, he'll even don the costume from said game just to enjoy the hunting down process even more.

Synopsis: Overall a potentially powerful opponent, but lacking a lot of experience...more of a useful distraction against the enemy than a fighter.
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Postby Sanchay on Tue May 08, 2007 12:55 pm

Mainly for Yalborap :P

Name: Robert
Age: 19
Height: 6'
Build: Broad shoulders, long legs, good upper body strength while still remaining slim and svelte.
Eyes: Tedd-hair purple
Hair: Bright green
Appearance: Covered entirely in white fur, with his forearms and shins the same bright green as his hair. He has a Tedd-hair purple crucifix shape on his forehead, and lacks a mouth in the normal spot. Instead it is in the form of a round-type red thing in the middle of his chest surrounded by green fur in a six-armed star shape. His general form is that of an anthro rabbit.
Personality: Kindhearted and will go out of his way to do the best job he can. He often is seen fixing automotive thingies because that's what he enjoys.
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Postby yalborap on Tue May 08, 2007 1:00 pm

And, to contrast, mainly for Sanchay :P

Name: Lorelei.
Age: Unknown, appears 18.
Height: 5'8".
Build: Slim, with wirey muscles, rather attractive feminine build overall with a nice bit of curvature.
Eyes: Red.
Hair: Sea blue.
Appearance: Lorelei looks like your common elf. Dark elf/drow, to be precise. However...Her skin is not normal. It is a bright, sky blue. She is what some might call an 'albino drow', though she has no traits assosciated with albinos. It is assumed her odd skin and hair are due to her magical talents.
Personality: Quite kindhearted and tries to help where possible. With her talents lying in the magical arts in any, this often involves helping those trying to hone those talents, or trying to help through the use of them.
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Postby Tiberiumkyle on Sun May 13, 2007 4:28 pm

Here's my forum persona:

Tiberiumkyle (of course)

Age: 22

Height: 5'10" Zone Trooper armor is about 8ft tall

Appearance: typical human male, shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, mustache, rough shaven beard

Clothing: GDI combat uniform by default

Zone Trooper powered armored: Equiped with jump jets for brief bursts of flight (15 seconds maximum every 2 minutes)
The armor increases the user strength and running speed, and is very tough, virtually impervious to small arms fire
comes with a rail gun, which can be clamped on the back for easy storage
It is a fully sealed against the enviroment, and has an 8 hour air supply. Multiple tiny thrusters are scattered throughout the armor, and are suitable for use in the air, underwater, and in space.
this is what you see in my avatar

Rail Gun: Large rifle shaped rail gun, mainly an anti-vehicle weapon, makes too much of a mess on soft targets due to extreme penetration capability
Fires 1 inch diameter slugs at several times the speed of sound.

Other gear varies with the setting

A capable soldier, extremely good reflexes and a good aim make him a fine soldier on foot. But his abilities really come to life when in a vehicle or aircraft.
With much training in the operation of vehicles/aircraft, and a natural at figuring out how they work, he can quickly learn to operate vehicles he has never been in before.
When dealing with vehicles that require a gunner(s), he prefers to take the pilots controls, and let others do the shooting (don't worry, he is great at setting up shots for the gunners)

May have latent precognitive ability, or might just be multiple extreme cases of de ja vuh...

Very strong willed and occasionally stubborn, may be resistant to mind control (never tested)

Background-deals with Command and Conquer 3 background
Grew up in one of the tiberium-free blue zones, Kyle joined the Global Defense Initiative at 18. There, his talent for vehicles was discovered, and he quickly found himself on
special assignments requiring someone able to pilot just about anything. During his last mission, he investigated a strange tiberium formation, and ended up in the Bar...

EDIT: More info on the Zone Trooper armor added.
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Postby Introbulus on Thu May 17, 2007 4:46 pm

Yarr! Here be layin' my persona! o.o

Name: Introublus
Age: 19
Eye color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Color: Pale
Favorite Color: Red
Occupation: Computer Science Student
Personality: A rather friendly fellow with a head as thick as lead, but a heart as pure as gold. Tends to be a little more than silly.
Natural Gender: Male
Likes: Pineapples, Friendly People, randomness, Video Games, and messing with the fabric of the universe
Dislikes: Coconuts, Hatred, misunderstandings, impatience, that there are only so many hours in the day, and allergies.

General Info:

While not in any sort of RP mode, this is who I'll be. Myself. Hi! To avoid confusion, and hopefully without displeasing anyone, I'll simply be the Lord of My Characters while not writing in any stories or pretending to be someone else. o.o; Geeze...I really don't ahve a lot to say about myself right now...um...o.o I'm human, and occasionally I'll use my "Mun" powers to my own advantage, so be prepared for that...and I have an affinity for cuteness. ^^; Hope to see ya' in a good ol' fashioned RP fest soon!

Currently RPing: Nowhere


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1 shiny hubcap
1 can of mackerel
1 Nock Gun *Nock Gun*
1 gas mask
1 wet flannel
1 tail wag
1 Fishy Stick
1 Plasma Grenade
1 Instruction Manual
Ripe Tomatoes and Marshmallows
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Postby Kyrio on Wed May 30, 2007 5:46 pm

I may as well post stuff for my muses in case people are curious...It's a good idea to have this stuff somewhere i guess XP

Name: Saber
Age: 14
Height: 2'9" give or take
Weight: 93 lbs
Race: Korin
Hair: Black and tied back
Eyes: Golden
Appearance: Wears a Zelda Shirt and jeanshorts
Skills: Reactive, flexible and coolminded.
Powers: Defensive Electricity powers. Magnetic barriers, current redirection/absorbtion

Name: Kyrio (Ky for short)
Age: 17
Height: 1'5"
Weight: 43 lbs
Race: Pikachu
Hair: Yellow and shoulder length
Eyes: Brown
Appearance: Walks around naked ^^
Skills: Great sense of mischief and incredibly energetic.
Powers: Offensive Electricity powers. Lightning and Thunder stuff

Name: Raijal
Age: 15
Height: 5'3" (3'5")
Weight: 143 lbs (98 lbs)
Race: Human (Moogle)
Hair: Black (pale yellow)
Eyes: Black
Appearance: Wears a moogle belt (ala SoM) that turns him into a moogle. His human form has yet to be shown.
Skills: Precise and adamant in personality. But nothing really special.
Powers: Umm...iunno..I guess he's got something....

Rai: Hey! Why does my profile suck.

Ky: Because you--

[Saber clamps Ky's mouth shut]

Saber: We really don't need any of that right now Image
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Postby Amon Star on Tue Jun 05, 2007 7:20 am

Name: Sashca

Real Name: Unpronounceable squeak/screech

Age: Effectively 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: She's a catgirl. She has a fully feline face, a tail, fingers with extendible claws & tawny fur that covers her whole body.

She is currently wearing a Uryuom Workers Outfit that changes colour with her & a Radio Watch.

Powers: She can change the colour of her fur. She can either do this consciously to blend in with her surroundings, or unconsciously to display strong emotion.

Recently, she has learnt Spellcrafting from Jaxom & Kisata. Though only a beginning, she has been given several power boosts by her tutors. Her speciality is Dimensional Magic.

In addition, her as yet unopened Christmas present is a TF Bracer programmed with multiple forms based on her old & new bodies. This includes various hybrid forms too.

Finally, she has a preternatural ability to pick up languages almost instantly. This was given to her by 12, but on Sashca's home world. Thousands of years ago from 12's perspective, but only a few from Sashca's. Sashca is unaware of this & considers her ability to speak English/Mayhemese to be as a result of her transformation.

Personality: Sashca is reasonable intelligent, very curious & strong willed. She can also be a bit skittish & prone to crying/angsting. She has no sense of modesty & currently has a minor crush on Amon Star.

History: Sashca wasn't always a catgirl. She used to be a squid-like creature from a distant world. Her people are civilised aquatic beings, but have been cut off from other dimensions for some-time.

She arrived in Mayhem during the mall battle. It was during this battle that she was turned into her current form by Amon. He then proceeded to save her from drowning, at great risk to himself. It was from this point that her crush started. Sashca then went on to aid the EGSDF by clearing the skies of the Barkers.

When the Rift closed she found herself trapped here. Amon however promised to look after her for her stay. This stay has been quite eventful for the young woman & she's finding it quite stressful & confusing at times.
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Postby ProfessorTomoe on Thu Jul 05, 2007 1:04 am

Name: Booming Godlike Voice
Age: Unknown/Ageless
Gender: Unknown - initially sounded male, now sounding female (see below)
Appearance: Invisible

Description: The Booming Godlike Voice is a non-corporeal entity of unknown origin that drifted into carrot..? after spending eons crossing the universe. Its presence has since permeated other areas of Mayhem.

Powers: Godlike (or Goddesslike - see below)

Personality: Unknown, but with an apparent leaning toward literalism and cruel irony. The Voice tends to pick up and act on random utterances made in carrot..?, with potentially mind-warping (and sometimes body-warping) results. Has been known to wreak massive destruction in one moment and then immediately follow the carnage with the creation of intense beauty. Only rarely responds to direct enquiries.

Current Status: Goddesslike due to an encounter with a FemRay. It seems to be unconcerned with the change so far. Unknown as to whether or not it is permanent, or if any real change happened at all in the first place.

Note: The Booming God/Goddesslike Voice cannot be truly quoted without disabling HTML in the quoting post. It had no comment when asked about the matter.
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Postby Amon Star on Thu Jul 05, 2007 8:05 am

Name: Durai and Cara

Gender: Durai is Male (Ish) and Cara is Female

Appearance: Durai is a 6 inch tall plushie of Amon Star and Cara is a 9 inch tall plushie of Sashca. Neither wears clothes most of the time.

Powers: They're both animated plushies. Also, they both have tiny needle-like retractable claws.

Durai is also a Magic-User of the El Goonish Shive tradition and has an unbreakable mind, like Amon. His Antennae also allows him to break the 4th will at will. He can't use this power to godmod, but it does allow access to vast stores of knowledge, know when others Godmod, etc.

Cara has a magical affinity for music of all kinds. She has a fantastic singing voice and can learn to play any instrument very quickly, though she is best at wind instruments. She has also been trained as a commando and a sniper. (Don't ask)

Weaknesses: They're both animated plushies. In addition, Durai shares Amon's weakness and can't differentiate between Spiritual Energy he gets from being a Magic User, which naturally replenishes, and the Animating Force that is his Life Force, which he can't recover without external assistance. Basically, too much spellcasting is potentially fatal.

History: They were both animated by Alex_Mage and his brother/son Michael on the 3rd July 2007. There first acts were to cuddle and declare that they will be together always. There next acts was to thank their father (Alex_Mage) for life and ask for names. This he managed to do before the realisation that he's a daddy broke his brain temporarily.

Much has happened since then, about roughly twenty years has passed for them. In that time Durai's magical abilities have grown and Cara has become a Badass Normal, ignoring that she's a plushie. They also adaopted and raised Marmaduke as their own. And now they're back in the present. What sinister motivation do these survivors froma war torn future possess? Only time will tell. :smug:
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Postby ProfessorTomoe on Sat Jul 21, 2007 12:01 am

Edited 8/8/2007 to reflect minor changes since Beede's introduction into LPW
Edited 8/12/2007 to include pictures
[i]Edited 10/25/2007 to clarify Beede's height/diameter

Name: Beede
Age: He doesn't even know
Gender: None, but refers to himself using masculine thoughts
Height: 20 millimeters in diameter
Species: Sentient marble-like creature
Build: Pure sphere
Color: Opaque cobalt blue, with wisps of white
Composition: Indestructible metallic-mineral compound

Appearance when "awake":


Appearance when "sleeping":


Background: Beede is, for lack of a better description, a sentient marble. He had been existing happily with others of his kind on a planet with no name (they didn't even know they were on a planet) until one day he found himself ripped from his existence and plonked right in the middle of the Mayhem universe. He has no idea where he came from, where he is, or how he got here. He is, understandably, rather nervous over his current situation.

Physical Abilities: Beede is a pure sphere, and as such has no orifices or appendages. His only physical sense is that of feeling, which means he can detect pressure, heat, cold, and other things a human would associate with what their own skin can feel.

Beede isn't entirely senseless, though. He can sense the world by "sharing" the senses of any creature in his range, human or otherwise, animal or vegetable. Anything that any living thing can see, hear, feel, taste, or smell, he can also experience from their perspective. His range is approximately the same distance that the loudest human voice can travel, and the sensations he receives diminish the same way one's voice would fade out over that distance.

Beede communicates by telepathy, and as with his senses he is not limited to communication with humans. He can communicate with any animal or vegetable life form in their own native thought language. He can not read minds, but he can detect when others speak to him or "think" to him. Beede is used to sharing senses and communication with other metallic-mineral life forms back on his homeworld, and as such he finds it distressing that he cannot communicate with any of the metals or minerals he has encountered in the Mayhem universe so far. He also finds communication with human life forms somewhat unnerving, for some reason.

Beede moves by levitation. He does not know how it works - it just works, and as far as he's concerned, everyone should be able to do it. It amuses him somewhat when he has to deal with "walkers," as he calls life forms which cannot levitate. He does not know how fast he can travel, as he tends to run out of sighted creatures within sense "sharing" range when he moves too far and too fast, becoming relatively blind in the process.

Beede understands what the concept of male and female sexes entails, but his people are not similarly divided. For some reason, he refuses to communicate exactly how his species reproduces (or if they do in fact reproduce at all).

Beede's physical being consists of a solid, indestructible metallic-mineral compound which no one can decipher. He does not need to eat, but he does occasionally need to rest. He "synchronizes" with the world around him as he rests, and his normal blue color drifts away into a misty, nebulous ring that orbits his body, leaving behind a grey sphere with the same white wisps he normally has. The blue ring passes through other objects as if they were not there.
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Postby Antoine Bruce on Fri Aug 03, 2007 12:04 am

9/14/07: Editing to show alterations in her appearance, her personality (which is much more concrete now as I RP with her), and her post-arrival backstory.
11/26/07: Editing since a certain OzLionHeart linked to this bio on the wiki (Maybe I should break down and actually use the wiki. I don't know...) and damn it, most of this is inaccurate now.

Currently in use in Last Post Wins:

Name: Courtney Daymine
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 119 lbs. (in human form)
Build: A toned, slender (not necessarily skinny) body

Appearance: Under normal circumstances, Courtney's skin is colored a deep charcoal gray, swirled with a muddy beige and patches of other earth tones. Tiny lavender crystals jut out from her skin at irregular intervals. Her hair is a very faint lavender, appearing a dull white at first glance, which falls in stringy clumps down to her shoulders. She has a small rune colored a deep violet on the back of her right hand.

Recently however, KF-Oz has (with Courtney's permission) transformed her into an anthrofeline, giving her a solid, charcoal-colored coat of fur as well as the tail, ears, claws, etc. normal to the species.

Courtney currently wears a pastel green T-shirt and stonewashed blue jean shorts. She doesn't wear socks or shoes, as she quickly learned that such things were not at all designed for cat feet.

Background: Courtney comes from a world where evolution has brought forth mutations and the obligatory superpowers that clearly must come from such an effect. However, the vast majority of mutants come in two forms: those who have little to no physical mutations, whose powers are mostly benign and insignificant and who can assimilate easily into society, generally without people knowing they're mutants at all; and those who have obvious physical anomalies, whose powers are dynamic, allowing them to be praised as superheroes throughout the world, defeating the forces or evil and so forth. Courtney, however, is one of the unfortunate few who received the short end of both sticks.

Despite her vivid physical mutations, the only power she's been able to strain from them is the ability to glow faintly. Not that this stopped a supergroup from taking her in at age 15, believing her true powers merely needed to be coerced out, not realizing they were already there.

Courtney was often very averse to training, mainly because she failed to see the point. After months of this frustration, the supergroup issued her an ultimatum: she would train as hard as they wanted, as much as they wanted, or she would be thrown out onto the street, seen to the world as a failure; a traitor; a freak. Fearfully, she obliged them.

The training continued for years, seemingly getting more rigorous every day, but with Courtney gaining nothing aside from a toned physique. She would be sent on missions much like any other recruit, but without super-anything, she was hopelessly overmatched. Courtney grew to despise the group she was with, whose inspirational words slowly turned to mocking jeers, but felt too insignificant to do anything about it- including leave. Fortunately, the choice wasn't hers to make.

Due to a mishap involving a man who a) is inconsiderate to light sleepers, especially at post-midnight hours, b) is adept at the distortion and manipulation of space-time, and c) tries way too hard to cheat at Dance Dance Revolution, Courtney was drawn into a portal, banished from her home dimension and sent to Mayhem; trapped in a world where not only does everyone seem weird to some extent, but a world she is under no obligation to save.

She has never been happier. The only worry she has is that one day, she might get drawn back...

Post-Arrival Background: Courtney 'landed' in the Hotel in Last Post Wins, shaken and disoriented from her trip, but a group of people staying in the room near her invited her in for breakfast and subsequently to the Pavilion, where she is currently staying.

She received the rune on her hand from Kalga, who has taught her minor pyromancy techniques, though her powers are lacking as she has little if any innate magical potential.

After overhearing Courtney talk about how she can't "not be human," KF-Oz offered her the chance to be something else. Courtney agreed, and KF-Oz used her transformative abilities to make Courtney into an anthrofeline. This has resulted in a dramatic shift to her self-image; she now considers herself to be beautiful, although such as abrupt shift has also made her quite vain.

Abilities: Normally, Courtney can only glow poorly, a full-body glow providing roughly the same illumination as a candle. However, her natural bioluminescence combined with minor pyromancy results in the creation of a bright, magenta-colored flame. While still not particularly useful, Courtney is proud of being able to do something with it.

Personality: Courtney sees everything as needing a tangible outcome or goal in order to be relevant. This trait, which has been hard-wired into her from years of fruitless pursuits, makes Last Post Wins even more complicated than it already is to her, as there are so many things within it that she simply cannot predict. While she is slowly learning that how things happen is often not as important as simply that they happen, it will likely be a while before her mind stops trying to justify everyone's actions, if it ever happens.

Courtney also has difficulties with indecisiveness, always fearing that the decision she makes will end up being the wrong one. Furthermore, she tends not to trust her instincts or impulses, mainly because, in her eyes, they're telling her to be a greedy, selfish brat.

The conflict has also caused visions to occasionally appear to her, taking on representations of her optimism and pessimism, who solicit her advice. It is currently unclear why exactly these visions have appeared.

Rationalizing her actions, claiming that "I don't have to follow a command that no longer exists," Courtney has rebelled from many rules her supergroup imposed onto her, most noticeably their rules regarding her diet and exercise regimen. She's much more inclined now to slack off, not bother working out, and eat whatever she wants. She still isn't a very big eater, though, with two exceptions: she tends to eat more when she's stressed out, and she has an affinity for sweets, especially brownies, which she would eat her weight in given the opportunity.

While Courtney will try to explain her history to anyone interested, she dislikes announcing this information unsolicited, instead choosing to be vague about her past. She does this purposefully, as she doesn't wish to remember her own background. After all, what difference does it make? That's not her home anymore. Recently however, she has given those staying at the Pavilion a (somewhat biased) account of her old world, to which she received much comfort both from those she told and from simply telling it. She is also slowly realizing that there are things she'll miss if she decides to stay, assuming she ever gets the choice.
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Postby EkiEki on Wed Aug 22, 2007 4:40 pm

My persona:

Name: EkiEki

Age: 19.

Height: 5'7

Hair: Long(Past bum) flowing blond Hair

Eye Color: Blue

Gender: Male

Cloths: Extremely bagging clothing.

Bio: EkiEki is not interesting enough to have his own Biography or an absurd short story.

Alright, just bear with me. I would like to think of this character as universal as where it applies.


Name: Raltz Haze

Age: 21

Eye color: red

Hair: Long spiky red hair. That is still spiky even though it is long.

Skin tone: Bronze

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0

Build: Muscular

Bio: Once upon a time Raltz happened upon a maiden. Her flowing lavender seemed to entwine Raltz towards her while her shimmering bronze skin gave of a divine aura. The maiden spoke to Raltz "If you were to become the greatest warrior ever conceived I shall be wed to you and all that good stuff."

Raltz was stunned, mainly because girls never take interest in him. Although it was understandable what with him living in his mom's basement. And lo he faced to the fair maiden and spoke "I have no Idea what your talking about but, alright."

Raltz took off, little did he know that the fair maiden was actually an old woman who was screaming about her broken hip while dozens of black cats encircled her meowing in a demonic chant. Raltz mistook the experience due to the paint thinner he inhaled. Of course, he forgot about the "trip" after watching a few attractive woman passed by. But, he still remembered something about becoming the greatest warrior ever. He just thought it had to do with non existing father issues.

Equipment: A claymore.........that he can barley pick up.

Skills: Sword fighting with a normal sized sword. Martial arts fighting style that he made up.
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Postby Wayfarer on Fri Aug 24, 2007 7:18 am

Note: Edited 8-27-07**

General online persona group
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And if I sing let me sing for the joy that has born in me these songs
And if I weep let it be as a [child] who is longing for [her] home"
~"If I Stand"
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Postby BrokenWings on Sat Sep 01, 2007 12:01 pm

Name: Miasma
Sex: Female
Hair: Black, shoulder length.
Skin: Pale white
Age: 21
Race: Angel

Outfit: Depending on the day either an offwhite or a black dress.

Personality: A bit gothic and depressed, especially after her wings broke. Not intentionally mean or rude, but more sad. A definite drama queen.

Background: Miasma is your normal angel, doing the normal angel duty of helping the dead pass on (see: City of Angels) Though one day while flying her wings suddenly and mysteriously broke. She hasn't been able to fly since, even after her wings 'mended' and can move without pain, she still can't fly.
"I'm more of a man than you'll ever be and more of a woman than you'll ever get" - Angel Rent

"My sins, in red blood, I confess.
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The miasma of my soul.
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Postby Antoine Bruce on Fri Sep 07, 2007 9:17 am

Characters currently in use in Waffle House #4741:

Name: Gregor Tross
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Build: Average, but not much muscle mass
Appearance: Gregor wears a long-sleeved, dark red shirt and dark gray slacks, covered by a white lab coat, as well as black leather shoes. He has messy hair and a sparse beard, both of which look like they were once a dark brown but are beginning to turn gray. Upon close inspection, his right eye appears to be some sort of prosthetic, though it moves naturally.
Quote: "If my equations don't use at least eight greek letters, I'm not trying hard enough."

Name: Lydia Tross
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 148 lbs.
Build: Similar to Gregor's, but more out of shape
Appearance: Lydia wears the same white lab coat and gray slacks that Gregor does, though she instead wears a powder blue, V-necked T-shirt and white and blue sneakers. Around her neck is a small gold pendant with the phrase "2CsOH" engraved into it. Her hair is a deep blond in color with interspersed brighter highlights, which she keeps cut short. Upon her face are a pair of thick, round glasses with green rims.
Quote: "People say I'm bat%@&# crazy like that's somehow detrimental to my work!"

Background: Gregor and Lydia met during their first semester at college as lab partners in Chemistry 130. However, unlike most of the class, who stared blankly into Bunsen burners and kept trying to remember what "4 Molar" meant, the two of them passed the time sneaking into the back rooms, finding hazardous chemicals with which to produce violent reactions. Their unfettered mischievousness brought them plenty of good memories, but gave nothing but headaches to any professors or administrators who tried to control them. While neither of them can to this day place the exact time or place it happened, somewhere along the line they clearly became more than just lab partners, though any actual romance was stifled at best and nonexistent at worst.

Two years after they first met and about to be expelled from their third university for their overtly dangerous experiments, Gregor took Lydia out for a walk by a school's pond. Once there, Gregor dropped to one knee, pulling out a ring box from his pocket. He opened the box to reveal a large red button, which he then pressed, causing four kilograms of carefully placed potassium to drop into the pond, spelling out "Will you marry me?" in a fiery torrent. Lydia's response? "Showoff," followed by a long, overdue kiss.

Since then, the two have taken up residence in a secluded lair built into the hollow of a forebodingly creepy mountain which they leased. Getting bored with simply making things explode, the two have branched out into other scientific endeavors, both technological and biological, using funding given from turning their more mundane inventions into lucrative patents (Lydia, for example, invented the Swiffer, which was originally designed as a static-electricity-powered railgun until she realized it actually cleaned pretty well.) Their works, however, seem to be brought on by random inspiration and aren't very useful to the public. For example, the pair's recent craving for good waffles brought them to build a device which could transport them to any Waffle House in the multiverse (nothing else, though, just Waffle Houses), which brought them to #4741.

Personality: The main weakness of almost any mad scientist is a lack of humility (a lot of mad scientists would claim that to be a strength, but I digress), but Gregor and Lydia alleviate that problem by constantly throwing humble pie in the other's face. Their ribbing may seem abrasive to some, but they seem to take it stride, knowing their spouse means them no ill will. However, it does have its weaknesses: when you're breaking six laws of physics at once, sarcasm may not be the best way to point it out.

The two are also constantly trying to hide the fact that neither one of them can do a proper maniacal cackle.
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Postby Proginoskes on Thu Sep 13, 2007 8:04 pm

((If this is out of line, alert me and I will edit it to conform more closely to proper bio format))

I come from The Net.
Through Systems, Peoples, and Cities
To this place: Mayhem.
My format: Guardian.
To Mend and Defend.
Defend my newfound friends.
Their Hopes,
And Dreams.
Defend them from
Their Enemies.
Name: Jay
Character Type: User-avatar
Race: Sprite (Human in shape) (edited for Clarity: Sprite as in Humanoid Characters of ReBoot, not as in kind of fae)
Skin color: Green
Hair color: Mouse-like
Name of Keytool: Fandango
Notes: the only standard Keytool functions Fandango is capable of are Mend, Portal, and Splitter; but Fandango is has one non-standard capability. The command Toolkit instructs Fandango to scan an object and add any capabilities to its command library. (For example, After saying "Fandango: Toolkit" and pointing Fandango at a TFG, I can use Fandango as a TFG by saying "Fandango: TFG")
((I will edit this bio as details come to me; I may be adding "Version:" instead of age and increment it each time I review the bio))
Call me Prodiraskes.
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Postby Kalga on Sun Sep 23, 2007 7:07 am

These are my characters for Parthenon High

Name: Vladic

Apparent Age: 17

Actual Age: He lost count somewhere round 150

Domains: Birds of Prey, and Shadows

Gender: Male

Build: Tall, and lanky, but with toned muscles.

Hair: Black and spiky, and about three inches long

Eyes: yellow, like a crows

Other Appearance: Normally wears baggy black pants, a white shirt, and a open black button down shirt over that.

Personality: Despite his appearance, he is loud and outgoing. He loves to fight anything that'll move. He is helpful if he can help, or is compelled to help, by means such as payment. He is very stingy when it comes to parting anything.
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Postby invinible on Sun Sep 30, 2007 5:37 am

Doing this more for the comic(s) that go with the war than anything.

Name: invinible

Age: 25

Height: 5'06"

Allegiance and Rank: depends on situation and Ranker

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Human

Build: Chucky

Coloration: causican skin, brown with a light mixure of blode hair, and red/blown mixure bread and maustage.

Eye Color: Between grey and blue

Demeanor: varies on circumstane

Clothing: Simple solid color clothing (has the cloths in white, black, grey, blue, green, red, yellow, purple, orange, navy, brown, pink, silver, gold, and copper)

Preferred Equip: Whatever is most useful, not always the equipment readily avalible. Always wearing a backpack that requires him to shout every swear word in a certain order to be able to receive it so the universe it allows access to can be assess and is easily made inaccessible while making it so even the wearer doesn't know exactly how to call it back so that it can't be forced back.

Abilities: Endless power giving to by Dragon Court using his DNA as a means to minizied the wrong person getting the benefit. (certainly blocked) Able to perfectly swim [i]when[/b] saving somebody.

Weaknesses: Allergic to nicotine. Afraid of heights. Easily attracts foes.

Back Ground: As a newborn, Phillip Simpon told him of want he was to do. For a while, Princess Zelda raised him along with a bunch of others. When she was captured by Ganon, Tai took over and got the group out of there. When Devon forced Tai to betray the group, he took over. Along the way, a bunch more betrayed the group. At age 3, got trapped inside his own mind. At about age 16, started an account on Dragon Court picking up the name: invinible. When he returned to Dragon Court later, he got his endless power. The enemies that were picked up over the years include: Mr. Puroo, Devon, Mother Brain (arch-nemesis), Cronos (most foe), Rita Respula, Time, Past, Present, Future, Corruption, Turth, Fate, Destiny, The Unbeatable Trio, Sid the Undefeatable, The Illusionist, The Trickser, The Torturer, The Hypnotist, Con Artist, Double Ganger, Phillip Clyde Simpson 9, The Mortal Kombat Mirror, Dresser, The Nudist, The Rappist, Lanceo, Jehova, Goodie Goodie To Shoes, Sid's Collection, Devimon, Etemon, Vemon Myotismon, Bradley Paul Simpson, Fortune Teller, Perfection, Tai, Sailor Moon, Strawberry Shortcake, Protemus, Rule Mister, Law Breaker, The Riddler, The Magician, Charity Ford, Evilizer, Glasses Controller, Kid Leader, Adult Leader, Ganon, Gunon, The Gamester, Senera, Jessie James, Wilde Kid, Robotick, Sally, The Controller, Madonna, Ice Tyger, Dr. Siliva, Silver Stone, Armintus, Army of Darkness, Jessie Duke, Duke Boys, Virus, Virus Blue, The Digimon Kiaser, Abyss, Cap, Com, Trouble, Angel of Death, Fiction User, Song Master, School Bully, Chaos, Clone, Shao Khan, and Liu Tao. Having fought the concepts of Fate, Destiny, Corruption, and Perfection before and winning making widescale threats like that of the Evil Overlords United something he doesn't want to allow. In addition some of the known allies from over the years are Phillip Simpson, Princess Zelda, Tai, Kori, Sailor Moon, The Resistants, The Phil Morons, Satan, Dr. Wily, The Concil of Rankers, Boss Hogg, and Stephanie Marie Malick.[/b]
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