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Postby Ycarus on Sat Oct 27, 2007 6:54 am

Name: Jayne Cinderella Massy
Age: 261
Height: 5'9"

Appearance: Long blonde hair that is often in a pony-tail, fairly fit and trim and appears to be roughly sixteen to seventeen years old. She had blue eyes, and pale skin. She is often seen in jeans and a solid colored tee-shirt when in a casual situation. When operating in an official capacity, she wears a face-mask and conceals her voice to protect her un-official identity, she wears the garb of the Empress of Andromeda.

Demeanor: She's often blunt to a fault, having no tolerance for the pointless dance of politicians, she is a frustrating reminder to the Senatorial Council of who is really in charge. She is a natural leader and has on many occasions personally overseen many battles in the field, often taking up a gun, or piloting a fighter herself in trickier situations. She has a love for 20th century motorcycles and owns several of them. She eschews bodyguards as she feels that it makes her appear weak. All attempts on her life have ended badly for the assassin.

Weapons: She carries an old navy USP 45 that her father gave her, in addition, she carries a belt knife and is able to wield a sword of ethereal energy at will. Even without a weapon, she's fairly proficient in martial arts and is able to use her powers to overcome most enemies.

Abilities: She is an ascendant who spends the vast majority of her time in her native mortal form. Even in this form, her ascendant powers bleed through enabling her to demonstrate extreme abilities in telekinesis and telepathy. The spiritual sword she wields appears to be normal metal when she is in mortal form, and glows brighter as she ascends to different levels, appearing as a shifting shaft of light in her hyper-ascendant form. In hyper-ascendant form she is known as the sun-crusher as she has demonstrated the ability to destabilize the core of a star with some effort, causing it to collapse, explode or dissipate. Her ascendant abilities also afford her an extreme healing reflex in her mortal form, allowing her to take hits that would kill anyone else, extended use of her powers reduces this ability.

Background: On again, off again empress of the Andromeda Empire, born in the LMC and suffered many trials and tribulations to get where she is at, she is the re-incarnation of Yassala, one of the three first human ascendants.
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Postby Shadowmaster M on Sun Nov 11, 2007 6:36 pm

Full Name: Malus Torrens

Physical age: 15

Age: 102

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1''

Eye Color:
Normal: An odd color that could be considered blue, green, or gray.
Demonic: Blood red
Light: Golden
Twilight: Silvery-white

Hair Color:
Normal: Dark blonde-brown
Demonic: Black-grey
Light: Golden
Twilight: Silvery-white

Hair Style: Bedheaded, though it turns to grey-black fire in Demonic form.

Identifying marks: Is able to assume three different forms:
Shadowfire: In which he utilizes the demonic powers of Zaak to become a half-demon. His skin turns gray, his hair becomes gray-black fire, his eyes shine red, and he grows claws, a tail, and wings. He is able to command the powers of Blackfire demonic magic in this form.
Goldenheart: In which he utilizes his own, enhanced, light magics to become like an angel. His hair becomes golden, as do his eyes, and he emits a soft glow. He grows two dove-like wings and his robes become white.
Twilight: In which he combines the power of Zaak's demonics and his own Light magic. His skin becomes pale, and his eyes and hair turn silvery-white. He grows two silvery wings in likeness to a dragons, and gains a sort of ethereal presence. His robes become black with silver adornments.

Garb: Is usually cloaked in black robes and wears light armor underneath. The robes become white in Goldenheart form, and black with silver ornamentations in Twilight form.

Weapon of choice: Has three weapons overall, each of which can be summoned at will.
Shadowfire: The incarnation of Zaak's demonic powers. Has a black gem set in the hand-guard, a blood-red blade, and the ability to ignite in black flames. This is Malus' primary weapon.
Goldwrath: The incarnation of Malus' light powers. Has a pure white handle with a golden blade, and sometimes shines like the sun.
Twilight: The fusion of Shadowfire and Goldwrath.

Other weapons: Has a Shadow Guard, which takes the place of his real shadow. Can become solid, but stays connected to wherever Malus' real shadow would be. It can stretch itself to become wings, or armor, etc, and has inhuman strength. It becomes weaker in light, and won't manifest itself if the area is too bright.

Other abilities: Can see through a person's eyes and into their soul, which reveals when people are lying, and allows him to perceive people's magical strength and abilities, including elemental preferences.


Even at the age of 10, Malus was a loner, preferring solitude instead of playing with his fellow 10 year olds. It was thus that he was presented as a perfect target to Zaak.

In the spirit realm, Zaak, Elder Demon of the Blackfire Demons, was assaulted by three Grand spirits of light and nearly slain. He managed to flee from the spirit realm, barely alive, and surfaced in the human world near Malus' home. He knew the light spirits would be soon upon him unless he managed to hide himself, and so he sought a child to possess. He discovered first Malus, and deigned him the perfect candidate, as the boy was alone and his meager light magics would act as the perfect shroud behind which Zaak could mask himself.

This backfired as he underestimated the boy's power and overestimated his own dwindling strength, and when he attempted to possess Malus, he was overwhelmed and suppressed by Malus' subconscious. Malus' body absorbed the demon and began siphoning off his power. Because of this, Malus changed physically, becoming slow-aging and bearing fangs and pointed ears. For this, he was shunned and run out of his home as a demon-spawn and his parents were burned at the stake.

He grew distrustful of humans and separated himself far from them, finding a home in the mountains away from the cruelty of mankind. He dwelt there for 88 years before Zaak regained enough power to manifest himself. Zaak arose from within him and tricked him into becoming bound to a shadow guard, then deceived him into thinking the shadow guard was evil.

He left his solitude in the mountains, believing to be doubly possessed by both Zaak and the Shadow. Zaak was mostly released from his imprisonment as a result and assumed Malus' form, then began wreaking havoc in his name. As Malus set out to banish the Shadow he was pursued by humans, wrongly accusing him of Zaak's deeds, and this served to further his hatred. Using this hatred Zaak began taking control, and sought to wholly devour Malus so as to return to his true form.

Malus eventually met a Half-elf by the name of Selena and the journeyed together for sometime, becoming as close as brother and sister. Through her he managed to perceive Zaak's deceptions and learned to control both the Shadow and Zaak's power, manifesting it as the Shadowfire blade.

Though he did not know it at the time, his use of Shadowfire slowly began cementing Zaak's control over him, and would lead to Zaak's eventual full release and his own demise. By entering the chapel of his own soul through the help of Selene in the form of an elven magic, he found this corruption and ceased it. He awoke his suppressed powers of Light and used them to destroy any hold Zaak had over him. This also lead to his ability to manifest his own light as the sword Goldwrath.

He then journeyed in peace with Selena for some time, and eventually his trust in humanity was restored. He was able in time to unravel the wicked deeds wrought by Zaak and clear his name. He settled back down in the mountains, though he began trading the treasures from within the mountains with human villages. He was glad, but this was not destined to continue.

In time, the seperation of himself from Zaak, he found, would also lead to his death, as without the powers of Zaak's demonic magic, he would revert to his true age and die. Again with Selena's help, he brought Zaak forth in his true form and they fought, and Zaak was subdued once more by Malus' light. Malus bound Zaak's power within himself, merging it with the light of his soul. The pure strength of his exposed light worked to vanquish Zaak, and thus Zaak's mind and soul were destroyed, but his power became a part of Malus.

In time, Selena departed from Malus' home in the mountains, seeking adventure for herself.
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Postby Amon Star on Thu Dec 13, 2007 12:14 pm

Name: Kell

Race: Muse

Gender: Male

Appearance: A effeminate, but otherwise plain, looking man, of average height. Thin, if not outright malnourished. Brown hair & hazel eyes. Currently dressed as a lawyer, except with flip-flops.
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Postby AzaleaCloud on Sat Dec 29, 2007 8:55 am

Name: Azalea Cloud (born J'nalla Ahakon)
Character Type: User-avatar. (Appears only in non-RP threads and random game threads such as "Carrot?")
Birthday: August 20, 1987 (observed)
Height: 5'8" (173 cm)
Eyes: Blue-green
Hair: Blue at the roots, then turns purple, then pink, then red, then orange at the tips.
Skin: Gold-ish
Sex: Female
Race: Shivite/V'sstre. Shivites are aliens who populate the planet Tradugu. They are descendants of genetically modified humans, and are characterized by their four arms, multicolored hair, and ability to manipulate electromagnetic fields.
Clothing: Azalea usually wears a modified tank top and blue jeans, sometimes with a modified navy blue light jacket over the top. In colder weather and/or unfamiliar territory, she wears a normal gray hoodie, which conceals her lower set of arms.
Personality: Though she is usually cheerful and social, Azzy has a short temper and a tendency to do or say things without thinking them through first. She is easily distracted by shiny objects and food.
Equipment: Azzy wears a star-shaped engagement ring* on her upper left hand and carries a mop with her everywhere she goes. She also owns a sword called the Rainbow Angel and can cast light/holy spells with it, but she only pulls out this sword during epic battles and life-or-death situations. In all other situations, if Azalea attacks you, she'll use her bare hands, her mop, or a lightning bolt. Most likely the mop.
History: Azalea doesn't like to discuss her history in detail. What she will disclose is that she lived most of her life in an alternate universe and didn't know she was an alien until last year. However, she has learned much about her Tradu heritage in that time and is now quite proud of it.

*((Just to avoid confusion and headaches later, please note that Azalea's engagement is a strictly in-character enterprise. This does not, however, mean I want you to hit on me. Thank you.))
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Postby ichi on Wed Jan 16, 2008 8:52 pm

Name: Ichi
Character Type: User-avatar.
Height: 5'3"
Eyes: blue
Hair: light blue spiky short
Sex: male
Race: human
appearance: for clothes Ichi normally wears a red jacket with gold stripes. The jacket is normally unbuttoned with a white t shirt underneath and jeans. he is slim but not to the point of being underweight.
personality Ichi is happy go lucky so he doesn't mind most things that people do. He also doesn't mind most forms although unexpected transformations sometimes get to him.
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Postby ThatCanadianDude on Thu Jan 17, 2008 12:00 am

All charactered up and no place to RP. An idea I had that doesn't seem to fit the norm of most RP's I'm seeing.

Name: Aaron J. Wester
Age: 18
Height: 6'0
Weight: 153 lbs.
Hair: Medium-Short Brown
Build: Average/ Hagared(Due to lack of sleep and stress)
IQ: 132
Theme Song: Blue(Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel65
Voice: BBC English
Distinguishing Marks: Large rimmed glasses
Loves: Acceptance, equal treatment, crossword puzzles
Pet Peeves: Improper English
Strength: High inteligence
Weakness: Socially Inept
Average Outfit: Short Sleeved Dress Shirt, Ironed and Pressed, tucked into dress pants, black dress shoes, a tie, large rimmed glasses
Eye Colour: Green
Personaility: Aaron suffers from a severe inferiority complex, and is easily influence by other people, especially strong willed people. He has difficulty stading up for himself, and his fear of social interactions makes him willing to do almost anything to fit in. It also causes him to be extremely prim and proper when talking to people, often calling everyone sir or madame.
Severe amounts of stress can cause Aaron's mind to become a battleground, in which he battles for control of his mind from his alternate ego, Zack, punk rocker. Because of his meek personailty, he is often quickly dominated by Zack, during which Aaron is trapped in an almost dream like state, seeing everything Zack sees, but being inable to control it. He can usually wrestle control back after an hour or two, but lately it's been becoming harder and harder to get and maintain control.
Due to numerous attempts to explain his condition to people, and several brushings off as complete lunacy, Aaron no longer tells people of his condition.
History: Born in Westminster, England, Aaron was always a quiet, yet intelligent, young boy. He seemed to distance himself, and never truly gained a proverbial back bone. He spoke little, and when he did, he was very precise and tried to keep conversations as short as possible.
Aaron's life remained basically the same until he turned 13. Upon that age, he would awaken to find himself in a strange local with no memory of moving. This continued for another 2 years, until he was 15, when things really hit the roof.
While standing in the washroom at the mall due to a pounding headache. He looked in the mirror, his vision blurring. As he watched the only other man walk out and the door close behind him, his headache increased, suddenly becoming unbearable. He placed his hands on the side of his head, sweat pouring down his temples. Suddenly a voice entered his head, and spoke one sentance...
"You're mine, bitch!"
The next thing Aaron know, the headache was over, and yet something still didn't feel right. He was gazing at himself in the mirror, but he couldn't seem to make himself move. All of a sudden, he began moving, but it wasn't of his own accord. He heard a voice come from his mouth, but it wasn't his.
"Nice to be free..."
He watched as his hair began rearanging itself, his clothing morphed, and the feelings of dozens of needles as piercings appeared across his body, and even more pain as his left arm felt like it caught fire and a intricate tatoo enveloped his arm.
Aaron than watched in horror as this body he was trapped in, went around tripping people, kicking small animals, and generally causing trouble. When his body returned home, Aaron made a struggle, and managed to regain control of his body. When he did, his clothing returned to normal, the tatoo disappeared and his piercings as well.
Aaron hoped it was an isolated incident, but it wasn't. Over the next 3 years, it happened again and again. His alternate began calling itself Zack G. Easten, an obvious mocking of Aaron J. Wester. Aaron was powerless to stop his alternate, and seemed imcapable of knowing what his alternate was thinking, even though they shared a brain.
Lately, Zack's activities have began to confuse Aaron. He seems to be trying to get a girlfriend for Aaron, who had no female contact other than his mother, whom he was never that close with.
Love Life: On a scale of 1-10, Aaron ranks about an 8.5, but his shyness and lack of self-confidence, combined with him usually wearing a tie and thick rimmed glasses make for a difficult man to find atractive. That, and when he gets even remotely close to someone, he usually breaks out the fact about his dual personality, which causes most people to think he's a gibbering nut.
Random Facts: Aaron considers his only friend to have been a small pug that wandered randomly through his childhood neighborhood and growled at everyone except him.
While he is terrified of Zack, Aaron secretly wishes to be just like him.

Name: Zack G. Easten
Age: 18
Height: 6'0
Weight: 153 lbs.
Hair: Spiked Brown with Green Streaks
Build: Slightly Toned
IQ: 151
Theme Song: Anarchy in the UK by the Sex Pistols
Voice: Cockney
Distinguishing Marks: Thin rimmed glasses, scar through left eyebrow, piercings all over his body, a tatoo of amazing intricasy covering a majority of his left arm.
Loves: Controlling people, getting his way, alcohol
Pet Peeves: Nosey people, authority, people he considers 'weak'
Strength: Lack of morals
Weakness: Alcohol
Average Outfit: Black Leather Vest Open, Black Ring Sided Pants, 3 piercings per ear, tongue piercing, belly button ring, small glasses
Eye Color: Brown, Piercing
Personality: When you first meet Zack, he seems like a typical punk rocker. He's lazy, swears alot, and tends to not give a care, speaking in a think Cockney accent. He cracks wise, ignores authority, creates havoc, and generally is a nuisance.
Due to a love of alcohol, it's not surprising for Zack to be drunk out of his mind. Zack, however, is smart enough to get drunk in a location where he will not be found. When he's drunk, it's easier for Aaron to regain control.
History: Zack didn't come into exhistance until Aaron was 13, and even then, he was limited to middle of the night when Aaron had fallen asleep. It wasn't until the incident when Aaron was 15 that he fully understood the horror within.
Jack spent the first 2 years of his 'life' causing general mayhem when he god the chance, and it hasn't changed that much over the years, though now he's getting more brash is coming out more often.
Love Life: Zack is a punk rocker. He's taken punk chicks on one night stands, but love has never been his bag, expecially considering he's usually only around for about 2 hours.
Random Facts: Zack is left handed, unlike Aaron who is a natural right handed.
Zack once helped an old lady across the street... by waiting till she half way across the cross walk and making the sound of screeching tires.
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Re: 'Off-Topic' Bios[Non-Active Characters and whatnot]

Postby Amon Star on Thu Mar 13, 2008 2:35 am

Name: Samuel

Race: Greep

Gender: Female

Appearance: Samuel's current form consists of a Greep head on a tall, muscular and tanned male* human. This form was based on MV5 by Kell, so you know what its like. Think Rupert from Family Guy, as Stewie imagines him in later episodes. Clothes wise, she's wearing a Gthis Lolita style dress, on her mostly male looking form, and her green collar/choker. (Think Tedd's belt, but designed for the neck). Finally, her right arm is mechanical, twitches almost constantly, and has a black power crystal in the armpit. (The last part is concealed by the dress.)

*From the waist up only. From the waist down she's female, though still muscular.

History: Samuel is the Greep that I won of Cheez in the TMA Forum. I gave him to Kell to give to Amon, but that isn't likely to happen now.
Samuel acquired sentience when Kell mixed his blood with her food.
Samuel was Kell's Co-Anchor at Channel 9 News. With C9 effective gone, Samuel has been left to her own devices, but put in charge of all of Kell's resources. (As much as they were.)
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Re: 'Off-Topic' Bios[Non-Active Characters and whatnot]

Postby Trumpet of Doom on Mon Apr 14, 2008 1:34 pm

These are my characters for the loose RPs around Mayhem.

Created 4/14/08
Revised 6/6/08 to include info on other band members.
Name: John Nabra
Age: ~28
Height: 6'1"
Build: Slim
Hair: Straight brown, shoulder-length
Species: Human
Nationality: American
Appearance: Caucasian, with blue jeans, a black T-shirt, a watch, glasses and a jacket.
Personality: Generally kind and gentle, although he's not afraid to speak his mind (usually) and does have a bit of an egotistical streak. Admittedly, his trumpet skill justifies it, and he tries to keep it under control. He will recognize other people's superiority in areas he's weak in or clueless in, but he will try to learn how to do the thing in question so that he doesn't need help. When it comes to his band and live performances, however, John is nearly always the one coming up with insanely awesome but horribly impractical ideas for how a specific piece "could be done." Charles is usually the one to hold him back.

Background: John was born into a family of brass players. Music and education were, and still are, his twin passions. He grew up in Texas, a state known for its music programs, and was impressive even by their standards, achieving the honor of being ranked first in the state among high-school trumpet players as a sophomore. He tended to hang out with the geeks at school, with the side effect that some of their knowledge rubbed off on him. During this time, also, he trained in self-defense with various different weapons - sword, pistol, empty-handed, etc.

While in college, a few of his friends were physics majors, and one of them, working off an idea John had voiced, designed a nuclear-powered automobile engine. The engine and power source were all confined to under the hood, creating the potential for a much more spacious car. This friend asked John for help in actually putting the car together from the blueprints; John agreed on the condition that they then made one for him. The result was John's pickup truck; more on that later. John himself became somewhat interested in the software aspects of computers and learned to program, making him some money. (All the other band members have "day jobs." John has "income supplements.")

After graduation, John pulled together a group of musicians he'd met at an all-state band contest some years ago, and they recorded a few CDs. He discovered that his musical talent extended to composition and arranging, and they wrote some new pieces and reorchestrated some old classics. They were moderately successful with each new CD, giving John the financial freedom to buy several instruments from the Woodwind and Brasswind, a musical instrument retailer. He also bought scores for a large amount of famous trumpet and orchestral literature, at one point recording a double-disc solo album. With his purchase of a laptop computer, his major buying sprees were complete. The band eventually decided to go on tour; after their first tour was over, however, John drove his own way back home... at least, that was the plan. He got lost in the middle of nowhere; eventually, he found a highway and decided to take it to wherever it would lead him.

Abilities and Artifacts: On his own, John is fairly normal except for his skills in martial arts and fighting with the use of blades and/or projectile weapons like the bow and arrow or the firearm. He also has a well-developed sense of hearing. Much of his combat skill comes from the contents of his truck, which has a very deep bed. On top are brass instruments of virtually every flavor, resting on a false bottom. Beneath the false bottom are numerous musical scores, many for trumpet solo with varying accompaniment, others for pieces he wants to learn or arrange. These rest on another false bottom. Under this second false bottom lies, and this is the combat part, a large cache of weapons, including but not necessarily limited to daggers, a sword, a bowstaff, a bow and a large number of arrows to go with it, pistols, a rifle, a shotgun, various automatic and semiautomatic guns, and substantial quantities of ammo. These are stored under two false bottoms on the reasoning that if he's sober enough to remember they're there, he's sober enough to only use them for a good reason. He's a very good shot, so if you see him with a weapon, pray it's not you he's mad at. The truck has all the fuel it will need for some time and has a very efficient radiation-collection system; energy that is not immediately used enters fuel cells, enabling a temporary increase in top speed when it is actually needed.

Magic: None.

Created 6/6/08
Name: Charles Parks
Age: ~28
Height: ~5'10"
Build: Average
Hair: Bald (supposedly...)
Species: Human
Nationality: American
Appearance: Caucasian. Generally dressed in Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts, and almost never without his beret and sunglasses.
Personality: Something of a wiseass, Charles is fairly intelligent, but also both laid-back and a perfectionist at the same time. Only sax players can ever truly pull this off. Whenever John comes up with some insane performance idea, Charles is usually his voice of reason and pragmatism.

Background: Growing up in New Orleans, Charles was surrounded by jazz. He moved to Houston at the beginning of high school, but by this point he already owned an alto and a tenor saxophone and was skilled on each. At HSPVA (the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts), he gained proficiency at classical and concert band sax playing (classical sax? does such a thing exist?). As a woodwind in the HSPVA jazz ensemble, he had to develop his skill on several instruments (jazz woodwinds need to be versatile), allowing him to double major in sax and clarinet in college. After graduation, Charles took a job as a musical instrument repairman, which he kept as his "day job" after joining the band.

Abilities/Artifacts: Charles owns bass, baritone, tenor, alto and soprano saxes and clarinets in B-flat, E-flat and A, as well as a bass clarinet. He's also somewhat skilled on oboe, flute and, to a lesser extent, bassoon, but owns none of those. He has been alleged to have a set of bagpipes that he's learning to play, but he refuses to comment on that. Like the other band members, he's a musical genius.
Magic: None.

Created 6/6/08
Name: Frank Redline
Age: ~28
Height: ~5'6"
Build: Stocky
Hair: Black, short
Species: Human
Nationality: American
Appearance: Caucasian, generally dressed in shades of dark red and black.
Personality: Frank can be a bit of a loudmouth, but he does try to stay restrained. His temper is held back unless he's really mad, at which point you should hope he's not mad at you. Earplugs would also be good. He's the least mature member of the band, and this shows through on occasion, but he can be all business when he needs to.

Background: From an early age, Frank wanted to be a NASCAR racer. This fantasy ended rather quickly, but painlessly, when he first picked up a trombone, began to play, decided he liked it, and realized that racing, he could easily sustain injuries making trombone playing difficult (broken arms, jaws, etc.). As he got older, he began to discover another interest in politics, volunteering on a local Congressman's campaign. This helped him develop some political sensibilities which, if he was asked for them and given appropriate information, could be useful for any who need them. In college, he majored in political science, but continued his trombone playing. When the band was formed, Frank was nominated to become keyboard specialist, so he had to become very good very fast, especially with the number of arrangements John wrote involving things the piano player had to do with his left hand for concerts. In the studio, it wasn't so much of a problem, as the band members could overdub the offending parts later.

Abilities/Artifacts: Frank, in addition to tenor, alto, valve and bass trombones, spent large quantities of money to buy a grand piano and a '60s-vintage portable Hammond B3 organ. (Portability is relative. In this case it refers to "not firmly hooked into the floor or the wall.") These are stored in the group van that carries all the instruments the band has that don't belong to John. He has a briefcase that is mostly empty except for piano parts to many songs and a few jazz trombone charts, but could be used later.
Magic: None.

Created 6/6/08
Name: Taylor Rodgers
Age: ~28
Height: ~5'10
Build: Skinny
Hair: Blond, long (shoulder-length), straight
Species: Human
Nationality: American
Appearance: Caucasian, generally in a dark T-shirt and dark shorts.
Personality: Being a drummer, Taylor isn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. However, as drums are neither his first nor his primary instrument, this effect is somewhat lessened. He's generally suspicious of new things, and will only try them out if necessary.

Background: Taylor's father ran a bowling alley, so Taylor spent a lot of time there as a young boy and through elementary school, becoming a rather skilled bowler. When he was talked into joining his middle school band in sixth grade and picked up a trombone for the first time, his arm was accustomed to a different style of outward movement, but he got used to it quickly. When his band director needed someone to switch to bass trombone, Taylor took the opportunity and became one of Texas's best high school bass trombone players. He continued to play through college, joining the jazz band and hanging out with the drummer, learning to some degree how to play percussion in general and drums in particular (my understanding is that it's slightly more complicated than just "bang on stuff"), knowledge that would come in handy later when the band needed a drummer and he happened to be able to fit the bill. He bought a bowling alley and ran it in his day job, dropping down to the lanes every so often to play. (Allegedly, trombonists tend to be better-than-average bowlers. While I don't have the time, resources, energy or motivation to find out for myself if this is true, it sounds plausible enough on the surface for me.)

Abilities/Artifacts: Taylor owns bass and contrabass trombones and wishes he would get more chances to use them, as opposed to his drum set and sticks. His bowling ball stays in the van as well, but he rarely takes it out.
Magic: None.
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Re: 'Off-Topic' Bios[Non-Active Characters and whatnot]

Postby Antoine Bruce on Sat Apr 19, 2008 5:47 pm

Name: Courtney Daymine (Team Evil Edition, aka TE-Courtney)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: ~120 lbs.
Build: A toned, slender body with little curve

Appearance: Courtney has skin colored a deep charcoal gray, swirled with muddy beige and patches of other earth tones. Her hair extends to the middle of her back and is white from her bangs to her neck, fading from there to a deep blue at the tips. Tiny lavender crystals jut out from her skin at irregular intervals, which constantly emit a faint glow. Her hazel eyes are peculiarly without pupils.

Courtney also has metallic strips and patches along her body, most notably a two inch-wide strip down both arms from her wrists to her elbows that appears to house some sort of slot or port. Other strips appear to run along major bones in her skeleton. Also, her fingers down to the second knuckle appear as if they were dipped in mercury.

Courtney wears a snug-fitting, deep violet-colored T-shirt with white trim, tight black jeans, black sneakers with white trim, and a black and lavender cape which not only drags the ground by a good six inches but has also been customized to provide a "wind with no wind" effect.

Background: Courtney was once the same Courtney as in Last Post Wins and experienced a similar dimension-hopping fate. However, this Courtney was created when the original was being transported; a mishap caused the same person to exit the portal at two different times, thus creating a temporal copy. This Courtney was found by Ta and Team Evil, and in a moment where she would be most vulnerable, promised her power. She accepted, and has never regretted it.

Abilities: Courtney came to Team Evil with two abilities: being able to glow (of which she knew she had,) and being able to tolerate extreme amounts of pain (of which she had no idea.) To that extent, I shall simply quote VOR:

VOR wrote:Your primary ability seems to be your pain tolerance which is, if I might be quite frank, off the charts. You can't really take more punishment than anyone else can, but you can keep getting up long after you really should. You can force your muscles to keep working right up until they snap, and apparently your cellular structure has adopted a crystalline pattern that makes you heal the damage you can inflict on yourself. Even if it's still painful and takes a long time.

This tolerance allowed Team Evil to do conduct painful experiments on her without all that messy anesthesia, gradually turning her into a cyborg and using the power drawn from her glowing crystals in an energy blast, provided she is equipped with the proper cannon (which would fit into a slot on one of her arms.)

Personality: TE-Courtney can be a bit sarcastic, brash, and blunt, as well as lose her temper at times, but below all that is a deep devotion for Team Evil and everything they have done for her, giving her the confidence and ability she needs to succeed. After years of fighting for a "good" organization that hardly seemed to have her best interests at heart, she has no qualms siding with an "evil" group that genuinely does all that and more. As far as she's concerned, good for her is good enough for her, and she'll go up against anyone who says different.
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Re: 'Off-Topic' Bios[Non-Active Characters and whatnot]

Postby ProfessorTomoe on Wed Apr 23, 2008 10:11 pm

NOTE: Copied from the 'regular' bio thread, since The Professor seems to be popping up pretty much everywhere nowadays. Image

Revised August 29, 2006 to include some things that have popped up in the main EGS Forum, mainly in the Abilities/Artifacts and Physical Abilities sections.
Revised September 20, 2006 to finally explain the System/360 HyperCluster and the tendency for the Professor to throw 1201 Alarms
Revised March 24, 2007 to fix broken link (curse you, Comcast) and add a link to some info on the original Sailor Moon S version of the Professor
Revised September 3, 2007 to include info about the devices that protect the lab from intruders
Revised April 24, 2008 to include info about new items introduced in various RPs

Keenfans RP (or wherever the character might appear)

Name: ProfessorTomoe
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 4"
Nationality: Half Japanese, Half American (Central Texas, on mother's side)
Species: Human on the outside (see backstory)
Build: Slim, but not skinny
Hair: Hidden in a jet black shadow most of the time, but it used to be white.
Eyes: Never seen. No visible facial features for that matter, other than a wide grin and a blue aura around his round spectacles.
Skin tone: Usually hidden in jet black shadow, except for his hands which, when seen, are a normal Caucasian flesh tone
Intelligence: Unmeasured
Education: PhDs in genetic engineering and nuclear physics while human (see below)


NOTE: ProfessorTomoe is based upon the character by the same name from the "Sailor Moon S" series (here's a link to info on the original Professor). However, the backstory and other details are different. The appearance is identical except that his head is never seen outside of the dark shadow that surrounds him (he's learned from past mistakes).

General Personality: ProfessorTomoe is quiet when in public. He likes to watch things happen from a distance, and on occasion cause those things to happen (again, from a distance). Rarely deals with other people, but is friendly on the outside when approached. When he does deal with others, it's usually for one of two reasons:

1. He wants something.
2. He wants to affect something.

In the case of #1, he always makes sure he has something to offer in return. The second case usually involves him either setting something in motion or tampering with something that's happening.

He loves to watch things go awry, but he is not necessarily evil. He may jump into a situation and save everybody's skin (from behind the scenes), only to see that they're dumped right into another equally bad if not worse situation. He could be described as "chaotic neutral." Then again, it's not wise to pigeonhole him into that description...

Background: ProfessorTomoe was born Tomoe Souichi in Austin, Texas, to a Japanese father and an American mother. His parents met while graduate students at the University of Texas. The family moved to Tokyo when he was seven so that his father could teach chemistry at Tokyo University. He followed his father into the sciences, earning a PhD in genetic engineering and another in nuclear physics by the age of 32.

The Professor was heterosexual while fully human. He never married because he never had time, but he did have several relationships that ended mostly on friendly notes. Sex is now mostly irrelevant to him, but his human side is still straight.

While collaborating on an experiment with a team of exobiologists and nuclear physicists, he was involved in an accident that destroyed the lab and most of the building it was in. He was the only survivor. The experiment sought to investigate string theory and how the multiple higher dimensions it predicts would affect organic matter. Something went horribly wrong, the upshot of which was that he was now the host of a being from another dimension. This being saved him from death and changed his appearance to what he is now. After a brief furor in the Japanese press over the incident and the (unreleased) fate of the survivor, he disappeared from public life.

He is the host of an alien creature, but not necessarily an unwilling host. The creature (who he calls his "companion" or "friend" when not speaking in the first-person plural) boosted his intelligence to unmeasurable heights and brought him much new knowledge, allowing him to conduct research and experiments in ways he'd never dreamed possible. In exchange, the creature has been able to experience an entirely new universe, and while doing so basically meddle in human affairs as much as it wants. ProfessorTomoe's mind has only been slightly twisted in the fusion, which tends to keep any deaths from his new work down to a bare minimum.

He only has one goal now: find out what happens whenever possible, whatever the situation. Pure cause and effect.

Abilities and Artifacts: ProfessorTomoe used the knowledge he gained from the multidimensional creature to create a way for him to cross distances and dimensions. He uses a device he calls a "PH jumper, " officially an abbreviation for "ParaHyperspace jumper" (but referred to by the few who know of its existence as a "PlotHole jumper"). It looks suspiciously like a remote entry keyfob for a 1996 Saturn SL2. He can use this device to traverse distances up to one Astronomical Unit, or up to almost 93 million miles, by traveling through a conveniently squeezed higher dimension (hence the "PlotHole" nickname). He can also use it to cross over into other higher dimensions, but he cannot move more than the circumference of the Earth when he does this.

The PlotHole Jumper also has limited molecular manipulation abilities. It has been used to reconstitute creatures that one of his grafted appendages has digested (see below for more on grafting). Reconstitution usually requires a trip through a PlotHole into a random dimension, although the target dimension can sometimes be specified if the reconstituted organism isn't too large.

The Professor has taken advantage of the PH Jumper to build a rather large (and now damn near intrusion/detection-proof) laboratory in a "Pocket" dimension off of the current reality plane. This is where he goes when he seemingly disappears for no reason. He has built devices which allow him to monitor and communicate with the base dimension, but he must cross back into this dimension if he wants to otherwise directly interact with it. He has a "storefront" lab in the base dimension, which he uses to build larger objects on contract and to deliver and receive goods.

NOTE: One of several devices protecting the lab is a Dimensional Distortion Field (DDF for short). This field acts on any matter or energy that crosses it without authorization, with devastating results. To date, attempted break-ins have resulted in the culprits being reduced to a fine mist of their bodies' component molecules, although it is capable of wreaking other havoc if programmed properly. The field's effects can be time-delayed, again depending on the situation. Fortunately the Professor usually has a sense of humor (albeit twisted) about break-ins; as a result, the DDF victims to date have been reconstituted with wiped memories (and in one case, sans clothing).

The Professor's "friend" was a genius on several levels in his home dimension, but he was perhaps most skilled in technology based on something most humans would normally consider rather harmless. That technology involves the use and manipulation of marshmallows. These inocuous little treats are in fact highly dangerous objects in the creature's home dimension thanks to a slight difference in the way his dimension's physics operate. The creature has been able to adapt his skills towards marshmallow tech in other dimensions, and he has passed this knowledge on to the Professor. For that reason, the Professor is never without a bag of oddly-colored marshmallows in his lab coat, and you can never be sure just what will happen if one of these "treats" is unleashed.

One can never tell what kind of technology, weaponry, or instrumentation The Professor will whip out at any time. To date, he has utilized the following in various RPs:

* HoloCorder - a device capable of taking a wide range of measurements. Also used to create holographic records of incidents. Can be operated remotely.

* Stasis Bubble Generators - devices capable of encasing targets in stasis fields by way of targetable Stasis Bubbles. Early versions were quite large, but he now has handheld versions which can be combined with other items (see below).

* PlotHole Vortex Generator - a very large version of the PlotHole jumper, capable of creating PlotHoles large enough to swallow a medium-sized singularity. Usually mounted on a vehicle of some sort.

* c-vector Weaponry - perhaps the most devastating item in The Professor's arsenal. A combination of a Stasis Bubble Generator and a PlotHole projection device. Any item hit by this is accelerated at a right angle to the speed of light, effectively removing the target from reality. No target has ever managed to find its way back into reality after suffering a hit from a c-vector weapon.

Physical Abilities: ProfessorTomoe is physically normal aside from his shadowy appearance. He has no special physical abilities aside from those that come from something he's added onto himself in his lab. The exception to this would be speed and reflexes - his "friend" has given him (and his grafted organisms) the ability to react and move faster than the eye can see over short distances (less than 50 meters). This ability, combined with the PlotHole Jumper, usually allows him to escape attacks aimed his way.

His body mass and surface area limit what he can graft or implant. However, his grafting abilites are pretty well unlimited in terms of the organisms that he can fuse to his body. As long as it can shrink down to fit, and as long as it doesn't weigh so much that he can't walk, he can graft it to himself.

The fusion with the alien does allow him to avoid sleep for long periods without mental degredation, but when he goes too long he has a tendency to fall asleep without much warning. He no longer needs to eat, but he occasionally does so just for the experience.

The Professor and his alien friend have implemented one item of technological assistance to maximize the potential of their symbiotic relationship. They have linked themselves on a partial neural level to a massive HyperCluster of computers - specifically, several million radiation-hardened IBM System/360 Model 67 units running CP-67. The systems are spread across millions of alternate dimensions and are linked via cross-dimensional interfaces. The System/360 known in this dimension is an old design which dates back to the late 1960s, but its counterparts in other dimensions are quite different to the point of some being unrecognizable as computers to people from this dimension. The things that link them all are their common heritage (there's an IBM in every dimension, or so it seems) and the lucky coincidence that they all seem to be capable of at least understanding the CP-67 operating system developed in this dimension.

There is a drawback to this link, though. Due to the way the neural link operates, and due to the limitations of the common software that forms the basis of the link, certain sensory inputs can cause the link to experience a buffer overflow. Put simply, too much cute can cause a lockup. Other images that trigger emotional states can have the same result, but cuteness is the biggest culprit. When a lockup occurs, the Professor will issue a "1201 Alarm," an error message from code in the system that dates back to the Apollo lunar missions. 1201 Alarms do not incapacitate the Professor, but they do briefly make him flustered and a bit absent-minded until he can get the link back online.

To prevent (or at least lessen the occurrence of) 1201 Alarms, the Professor has dedicated part of the HyperCluster to a buffer. This area stores images that can be used to counter the effects of overly-cute images (or others that similarly inspire emotional overloads). Most of the buffer data is collected from 4chan.org's imageboards, mainly /b/. The data in the buffer needs to be refreshed from time to time to prevent 1201 Alarms. Rapid sensory input can outstrip the buffer's ability to cope, and to that end the Professor is working on a constant datastream link to keep the buffer fully loaded and refreshed at all times. That link is not yet fully functional, due to problems with keeping certain 4chan imagery out of the stream (mainly /c/, /cm/, and /y/).
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Re: 'Off-Topic' Bios[Non-Active Characters and whatnot]

Postby FF7Kotrt on Sun May 11, 2008 12:29 pm

For use in Misc RPs/ Open RPs (Fort Mayhem, Mayhem Hotel, Ect.)

Name: Zeke

Age: 28

Height: 6'5

Weight: 180 lbs.

Hair: Black

Build: Looks Strong, but not Bulgy/Buff.

IQ: 160+, but doesn't always think about situations in-depth (unless fighting).

Distinguishing Marks: Scar across right eye, but the eye is un-injured.

Likes: Fighting, Money, Power, Chaos (to a limit)

Dislikes: Periods of Peace, People who won't try to improve/ complain a lot, Binding/Mind altering spells.

Strengths: Uses his Two-Handed Sword well, and fights with abilities that are extremely strong, and damaging, but also take health from him. Has a "Second-chance" type ability.

Weaknesses: Magicians who can bind people, Etherials.

Average Outfit: A normal tunic and pants combo, but the wear is usually stronger than plate armor.

Eye Color: Brown.

Personality: Zeke doesn't really care about people's feelings, unless it goes with the job. He dislikes when people stereotype him, but does it to others. He's somewhat straightforward, and doesn't think about consequenses unless he's in a battle. Can be a master Strategist when in battle.

Background: Unknown.

Random Facts: Zeke loves to fight people randomly, but can get in over his head. Usually only uses items or tools when he's had to use his "Second-Chance" ability. Is almost completely immune to mental, emotional, physical altering, where only a few powerful spells or viruses can slightly change him. Zeke has a soft spot for Catgirls, and also likes anyone who can heal, but doesn't announce it.


Name: Kire (Key Ray)

Age: Changes Regularly

Height: Plushie-Sized, but varies slightly.

Weight: 0-1 lbs.

Build: Normal

IQ: 200+, his personality can make you think otherwise.

Apperance: Changes at will. Base appearance is a small anthro-wolf.

Likes: Messing with people, fooling around, Supporting others who he likes.

Dislikes: People who grab and hold him after he's messed with them, Anti-Teleportation and Anti-Magic.

Strength: Has really good illusion and alteration spells.

Weakness: No physical power, no true offense spells (other than minor ones).

Eye Color: Blue

Fur Color: Brown

Personality: He's a joker, and likes to play around. When things get dire, or he's extremely interested, he'll be serious, but never otherwise.

History: Origionally created as a representation of the guidance I gave to someone playing my Text based RP, he morphed into a trickster whom I intended creating a while back. He comes from the same world as Jaxom and Kisata, but has never met them.

Random Facts: Kire likes to curse people randomly, even sometimes cursing himself for fun. Sometimes becomes a magical item to help someone.
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Re: 'Off-Topic' Bios[Non-Active Characters and whatnot]

Postby Kalga on Tue May 13, 2008 3:52 pm

Used in MKRP

Name: MechAnized Reconnaissance/Intelligence Android Model Seven (MaRIA VII) *cheap acronyms go!*

Age: 4 (appears to be 14)

Appearance: Has semi curly shoulder length deep blue hair, half of it pulled back into a pony tail, and the other half left free. She as a small frame, and average curves. MaRIA stands about 5'3", and weighs 200 pounds; due to being made of the highest grade metals available, although has a outside layer that feels soft like human skin. The only external things she has that sets her apart from normal humans is solar panels going down her back, and four inch by one and a half inch rectangular strut like structures, behind her ears.

Personality: MaRIA is very cold and robotic, while also inquisitive, with no actual personality. However, she is set to scan others personalities, and incorporate the aspects deemed appropriate into her own. Being a recon android, she is quick to adapt a suitable personality. She retains some quirks of her personality, such as impulsiveness, and quick to form personal bonds.

Background: She was created as a military weapon to infiltrate and observe enemy cities. When cruising in hyperspace to get to the newest mission, she was zapped into the world of MKRP. The crash physically damaged a major portion of her memory, bringing her down to a blank slate. However, the damage may be able to be repaired by someone with a much higher level of technical skill then MaRIA's. The ship is about 10 miles east of the town, half buried in the ground, with a half mile crater around it.


*Sees 500 fpm, with several vision filters
*Has 120% strength of an average man
*Incredibly durable
*Telescopic vision
*Top speed: 30 mph
*Not affected by most magic, some exceptions apply. Water based magic will still short her out.
*Extremely modular
*Jets for flight. Has enough fuel for 5 minutes of top speed flight, which is 75 mph.
*Reflexes 150% of average martial arts user.
*Works as a complete digital media player
*Internal clock
*Internal Cell Phone
*Repulsors for levitation, and in flight maneuverability. Recharged through solar panels on back.
*Shock Whip, located in her right hand. Non-Lethal, but can give a good stun. Also powered by back solar panels.


*needs some sort of connection to her home ship to function, as that is where her main OS is held.
*Only water resistant
*Can not swim, bathe, or generally become submerged in water.
*EMPs are extremely effective
*Must stick to programming (To observe and monitor), unless otherwise stated.
*For the most part, Three Laws compatible. Is able to stun or non-lethally deal with enemies.
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Re: 'Off-Topic' Bios[Non-Active Characters and whatnot]

Postby Ineluki on Mon Aug 11, 2008 1:50 pm

For quicker reference I'll copy my forum avatar from the wiki...

Note: for the character used in MKRP refer to this wiki article

Name: Ineluki
Age: body: somewhere between 20 and 25, spirit: a few millennia, who cares to count after so many years...
Species: human male
* 15" black hair tied back in a pony tail
* grey eyes; slender, self-shading glasses
* average to slender figure of average height
* wearing a black casual shirt, an anthracite long-sleeved vest and grey corduroy pants

The weather often adjusts according to his mood - in case that doesn't change every 30secs - becoming stormy when he is cheerful, or sticky/cloudy when he's in a bad mood.
He also picked up an broad selection of worldy skills over the millannia, but due to the enormity of all this information and the inadequacy of the human brain, he often fails to remember them. Has his pda for remembering stuff.

* a multi-tool belt with pockets all around
* 12" wooden stick, can be extended up to 70", can be used for anything and is virtually indesctructible, fastened on the belt
* a pda, enhanced with magic for direct neural input and protected against harm, carried in one of the many pockets in his pants

Inhabited by a spirit who has seen the dawn and demise of several millennia and travelled countless worlds he has since long struggled to hold on to sanity. Prone to mood swings he often switches from cynic to bubbly and back in under 3 minutes.
Spends most of his time with the accumulation of knowledge, seemingly without any pattern, just following random impulses (which are called obsessions by others), trying to satisfy his natural curiosity. Knowing that every new bit of information will spawn new questions, he is aware that this will likely go on forever, but that only increases his determination to waste no time.
Rarely getting involved without carefully scrutinizing the situation first, he has learned to pick his fight and the advantages of careful observation and planning well in advance. Not rarely he is charged with malicious intent due to his preference of keeping to the shadow like a lowly thief or other folk that has something to hide - which he has not. He just prefers to make it easier to walk away from certain situations.
He spent most of his years as a dimensional traveler, collecting and recounting stories on his way through countless worlds, getting by as storyteller and bard.
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Re: 'Off-Topic' Bios[Non-Active Characters and whatnot]

Postby n_n on Tue Sep 23, 2008 5:34 pm

Out of Character (and universal) character:

Name: Dude/Dudette
Age: 15
Gender: Depends on what the random TF I take each morning ended up on.
Appearance: Male: Tall, gangly, large nose, weak chin, midlength brown hair (for a dude, I mean), green eyes. Female: Short, small breasts, longer, darker hair, same eyes, chin. Nose longer, and more upturned at the tip. Wears modest clothing (both). Cause modest is hottest, XD.

Mood ring
Dew rag
TF Gun w/ Portal attatchment
Squirrel teddy
Sixpack of unlabled soda
Dead fish (I'mma shakin' it at you!)
A cookie in shiny wrapper.
Hand-forged pocketknife with a Molecular-Edge
A 30m coil of braided Kevlar marine rope
Ball of yarn
Catnip mouse
Silver handled mirror

TF Mods:
Gender mods (male is normal me, female is shorter, with B cups- no more. Less would be fine, though. Wouldn't mind)
Cat (3 variants for each gender- striped (tiger style), spotted (cheetah), normal neko)
Bunny (just the one variant for each gender- normal kenomimi)
Hedgehog (blue)
Ninja (yes, I consider this a different species. Unknown number of variants, XD. Cause it's a ninja.).

Personality: Needlessly random.

History: Fourth period.
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Re: 'Off-Topic' Bios[Non-Active Characters and whatnot]

Postby Arachnion on Sun Sep 28, 2008 5:09 pm

Name: Malaki Jenseric
Class: Cleric (Neutral Good)
Race: Tiefling
Age: He's slightly past the standard anime protagonist age group. 19-25, I would say.
Appearance: Malaki has short brown hair. He has a rather skinny build, and is not meant for fighting. His eyes are red and slitted like a cat, a rather obvious clue to his lineage.
Personality:Hm, not sure yet. May have to get back to you on that.
Issues: He has awkward family reunions. Especially when he invited a few paladins to meet his parents...yeah...Mostly a comedy thing, though, as he's the only member of his family who sees anything wrong with having the family reunion in the abyss.
Theme Song: Hm, not sure yet.
Powers/Abilities: standard white magic stuff...Healing, shields, buffs, banishments, summons, and exorcisms.

Name: Dianna Stanton
Class: Magical Girl
Race: Human
Age: Really, really old. Guessing from what she remembers, she was born around 1850 A.D, making her at least a few hundred years old.
Appearance:Dianne looks to be a teenager, and she is, for the most part.
Personality:Clingy Jealous Girl, of the more "Serious" type.
Issues:She's a bit batty, and lonely...really, really lonely. Standard procedure when she finds someone she wants as a friend has her keeping them as a prisoner in the temple, and often keeping them bound up until they get used to it.
Theme song: When you're dying i'll be still alive/and when you're dead I will be still alive.
Powers/abilities: Flight, shields, Energy blasts, Super strength, Immortality, Healing (while in the temple) Plane Shift...as noted below, they have a helluva drawback.
History: Dianna was a normal girl. Wake up, go help with chores, play around, daydream, do chores, go to bed...later the schedule expanded to include dating and other period activities that I'm to bored to look up now. One day, while wandering about merrily in the woods, she found a tiny gem. It was a shard of a magical crystal, to be precise, and it gave her all sorts of magical abilities, and recruited her on a inter-dimensional quest to find and gather it's other pieces, and return them to the sapphire temple where they belonged. She fought hideous villains, made dozens of friends, and went on epic adventures. She assembled all of the pieces after defeating a few Big Bads, and then returned to the temple and placed them all together on the holy altar.

Things went downhill from there. The specific wording of the contract with the crystal meant that she was to find and return all the pieces to the temple...and then guard them forevermore. Since the jewel was not to be moved once gathered, that left her stuck in the same temple...for hundreds of years. Her friends did stay with her and keep her company..but they all died or left. The humans were killed by old age and disease, the elves got bored with her constant demands for attention and left, the dragons left to find mates, so on and so forth, until she was the only one left. She's been like that for a looooong while now...
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Re: 'Off-Topic' Bios[Non-Active Characters and whatnot]

Postby theopenandclosedbook on Wed Oct 29, 2008 3:57 am

One of my upcoming charactars.
Name: Morgan Bones
Race: Undead
Age: 500
Appearance: A tall skeleton, wearing a shirt, jeans and trench coat. On one hand he had what looks like a short blade and on his palm, a piece of metal. He has a large floppy hat on, with a wide brim.
Personality: Morgan is a wise cracking skeleton, with years of experience behind him. He loves a joke, but is serious about protecting people and fighting the Darke.
Abilities; Morgan is a fire mage, but can only create fire from sparks. Thus he has a flint and iron on his hands so he can make fire and throw it. He also is imm8une to Dark, and can never truly die. His signature spell is White Fire

The Danse Macabre, My possible epic
Name: Danse Macabre
Race: Immortal
Age: Unknown
Theme- Danse Macabre
Appearance: A Skeleton, robe made of rages of the dead. His eyes are empty, and his face never moved, his words just arrive in you head. He carries a fiddle made of a fathomless black matériel.
Powers: Danse is an embodiment of death, thus he can bring the dead back to life for 7 minutes( the run time of Danse Macabre). He can turn his fiddle bow into a sword if need requires it.
Personalty: Danse has often give a last dance to couples with his songs, he understands life is precioud and love makes the world go round. He is kind hearted, and doesn't want to hurt any one, but because he is part of death, he knows he will hurt people, and thus is quite sad.
Backstory: Once a year, on All Hallows Eve, Danse would go to graveyards and play his fiddle to bring the dead to life for a last dance of the dead. He would then go back to the dark, every so often summoned to give 2 lovers a last dance, and to give closure. 500 years ago, a warlock demanded that Danse must never stop playing, so his wife could live for ever and Danse couldn't. The warlock was angry that Danse couldn't keep his wife alive, and devised a spell to lock him away. He then spent 7 years courting a woman, just to kill her on the wedding night to re summon Danse, then cast the spell on him, chaining him, He then took him downs into the bowels of the earth, and left him there, to rot their for all time. The wizard then killed himself to meet his 2 lost loves. And Thus Danse has been chained underground for a 500 years.
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Re: 'Off-Topic' Bios[Non-Active Characters and whatnot]

Postby mandros on Tue Nov 04, 2008 3:05 pm

Name: Mandros Exodus Dar-kana
Character Type: avatar
Race: Human
Appearance: hair is black with red tips. is always wearing a black cloak and red shirt black pants and black shoes. Also has a portable scythe as a weapon on him just in case
Notes: at a young age he learnt that he had dark powers. Manly from the fact that his hair was naturally black with red tips. as he grew older he started to study his powers more. only to realize that all he can hardly do more then create harmless shadows and summon a winged scull that can't fight .... he named the scull cid. Although he looks dark he is normally a real nice guy. But he dose know how to use that scythe of his

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Re: 'Off-Topic' Bios[Non-Active Characters and whatnot]

Postby Amon Star on Sat Nov 08, 2008 4:50 am

Name: Marmaduke Mage
Race: Lesser Chimera (Anthro Feline/Anthro Octopus)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Powers: Extendible, 40ft tentacles on back. Very limited shapeshifting, mostly just changing the colour of his fur. Small, catlike claws in his fingers. Phenomenal telepathic abilities. Marmaduke can read minds and emotions as easily as others read a book. He can also probe deeply, rooting out their hidden secrets, but that takes concentration. In addition, he can communicate telepathically and convey emotions and images, but not in a mind control way. However, he can use his abilities to distract and disorientate.
Appearance: 6ft tall with a very hunky build, Marmaduke is human in appearance except for his head, which is feline, the cat-like fur that covers the rest of his body and four pinkish/purple spikes on his back, two on the shoulder blades and two on the lower back. His fur changes colour depending on his mood or desire, but it's base colour is tawny.
History: Yes, this Marmaduke from Grassy Vale mark 2, but 16 years in the future. What adventures has he had in the meantime? What is he doing here and now? Well, that would be telling. :smug:
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Re: 'Off-Topic' Bios[Non-Active Characters and whatnot]

Postby mdm on Mon Jan 26, 2009 8:51 am

Might as well add this guy in:

Name: OOctavian the OOC AI
Race: Artificial Intelligence
Gender: Not applicable, but uses a male avatar
Age: Doesn't matter
Appearance: OOctavian uses a stereotypical mid-20th Century scientist (lab coat, clipboard, pencil) as his holographic avatar. The avatar is always this shade of blue.
Personality: OOctavian is a snob, and acts as a foil to MDM.

Name: MDM
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Doesn't matter
Appearance: Image
Personality: MDM is somewhat stoic, but is also funny and somewhat insane.

EDIT: Note, this is a major edit of this post.

Name: Eve
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Appearance: Eve is a 5'9" Caucasian female. She has waist-length hair. Her natural hair color is brown, but due to a series of circumstances that will be detailed in a moment, there is a wide red stripe down the middle of her hair. Her eyes have no "whites", instead they are blood-red. Her irises are entirely black. There is a scar over her right eye, the mark of a skilled opponent she faced in the past. She wears an olive-green trenchcoat, black combat boots, black fatigue pants, and a black shirt with a thin red stripe down the middle and the Galactic Union insignia.
Personality: Eve is a cold-hearted, mercilessly ruthless and masterful fighter. She rarely, rarely fails in completing a mission once it is assigned to her.
Powers: Eve can use fire magic, as well as certain dark powers which will be discussed elsewhere. She is capable of casting a spell that allows her to display how many people she has killed. This spell has manifested it in the form of the red hair that is rapidly overrunning her natural brown and the red stripe on her shirt, a testament to her sheer brutality.
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Re: 'Off-Topic' Bios[Non-Active Characters and whatnot]

Postby sandycollie on Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:09 am

Might as well add this guy in:

Name: OOctavian the OOC AI
Race: Artificial Intelligence
Gender: Not applicable, but uses a male avatar
Age: Doesn't matter
Appearance: OOctavian uses a stereotypical mid-20th Century scientist (lab coat, clipboard, pencil) as his holographic avatar. The avatar is always this shade of blue.
Personality: OOctavian is a snob, and acts as a foil to MDM.

Name: MDM
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Doesn't matter
Appearance: Image
Personality: MDM is somewhat stoic, but is also funny and somewhat insane.

EDIT: Note, this is a major edit of this post.

Name: Eve
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Appearance: Eve is a 5'9" Caucasian female. She has waist-length hair. Her natural hair color is brown, but due to a series of circumstances that will be detailed in a moment, there is a wide red stripe down the middle of her hair. Her eyes have no "whites", instead they are blood-red. Her irises are entirely black. There is a scar over her right eye, the mark of a skilled opponent she faced in the past. She wears an olive-green trenchcoat, black combat boots, black fatigue pants, and a black shirt with a thin red stripe down the middle and the Galactic Union insignia.
Personality: Eve is a cold-hearted, mercilessly ruthless and masterful fighter. She rarely, rarely fails in completing a mission once it is assigned to her.
Powers: Eve can use fire magic, as well as certain dark powers which will be discussed elsewhere. She is capable of casting a spell that allows her to display how many people she has killed. This spell has manifested it in the form of the red hair that is rapidly overrunning her natural brown and the red stripe on her shirt, a testament to her sheer brutality.

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Re: 'Off-Topic' Bios[Non-Active Characters and whatnot]

Postby The kool on Fri Jun 05, 2009 11:07 am

Gah! Off to the newbie thread with you! NOW!
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Re: 'Off-Topic' Bios[Non-Active Characters and whatnot]

Postby SleepyOrigami on Fri Jun 05, 2009 11:52 am

Howdy sandycollie! Welcome to mayhem. :D

As a new poster, you can find a wealth of useful information in the Newbie Thread linked below:


Posting in the newbie thread lets others welcome you and many will shower you with glomps, hugs, and unique gifts. You will also receive a newbie pack. If you have any questions about the forums, please ask and I'll see to it that they are answered. I hope you enjoy your stay.
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Re: 'Off-Topic' Bios[Non-Active Characters and whatnot]

Postby psycho_BUNNY on Tue Aug 25, 2009 9:36 pm

Name: Lionel Hartford
Age: Teen (In HG Wells he was about 15)
Height: 6'
Weight/Build: Husky
Eyes: A strange grayish color, that looks either blue-gray or green-gray.
Hair: Ash-blond.

Appearance: Lionel is the epitome of the gentle giant. His stature is reminiscent of a lineman's; indeed, he played football as a defensive lineman before transferring to this school. He tries to make himself seem smaller by being quiet and reserved; he is vocal, however, when he is passionate about something or when he becomes focused on a subject. Usually, Lionel is expressionless. He wears glasses of a higher prescription than either of his parents. Usually dresses in t-shirts and simple pants, from no-name companies.

Background: Lionel is an only child in a middle class family. His parents care very much about him, and always thought of sending him to private schools, but had never quite gotten around to it. They can't afford the tuition of the private school fee, but the school offered him a scholarship for Written Arts.
Lionel desperately wants to be a writer but doesn't yet know what he would write. His original "dream" was to be a creative writer, since he loves any writing or literature class. However, he has similar interests in art, philosophy, psychology, political science, history, and some science. He is quite significantly above normal proficiency for his age in all subjects but math, in which he is about average.
Lionel is hindered by slightly low self-esteem, but compensates for this by writing on his free time and through his interest in school. There is something traumatic in his past that makes him so quiet, but he can't remember it, having blocked it out since. He does receive disturbing dreams that give him glimpses of what happened, but he almost never remembers the details of them for very long after they occur.*

Personality: Lionel is somewhat jittery around strangers, fumbling slightly over words when he first meets people. He is an ambivert, though this nervousness around strangers does show some introverted tendencies. An extension of this is that he is much more eloquent on paper than aloud. When he speaks, Lionel is often laconic or simply not as cogent as he is when writing; when excited about something, he can become irritatingly verbose. Lionel is almost never angry, yet also rarely laughs. Angered, he will remain totally silent. When amused, about a chuckle or two is all that can be had from him, but he smiles rather easily. Though he can be slow to make friends, once he does, he finds that they are always very close.

Major: Written Arts
Specialization: Creative Writing; Drawing
Supplementary: Liberal Arts
Theme Song: "One Last Breath" by Creed

* The details of Lionel's "traumatic experiences" are being developed by psycho_BUNNY. They may be found at his deviantArt site.
o Lionel's Past: Part 1
o Lionel's Past: Part 2
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