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Re: Character Bios[Create a New life here.]

Postby Malachy19 on Tue Aug 18, 2009 12:58 pm

I am just going to dump all my Character sheets here for easy access:

Magical School

Name: Lucian Barbosa
Age: 14
Sex: M
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 98 pound weakling
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Short, blonde
Magic Style: Wands.

Description: Lucian is very shy and nervous and easily embarrassed. He is, however very dedicated and extremely loyal to his friends, to a point of stubbornness. He hates to see people sad or angry, and especially hates to see his friends mad at each other, especially because he doesn’t make friends easy and hates choosing sides. Because of this, sometimes he ends up losing two friends in one, hurtful blow.

History: Lucian grew up in a very loving household and was fond of magic from a young age. When he was a young kid, he had a very close friend by the name of Jillian. Lucian and Jillian went everywhere together, they were inseparable. When they were 10, they decided to go exploring the meadow near their home to pick flowers. He had found a new place with lots of pretty flowers and was very excited to show them to Jillian.

They spent the day there, and he could tell Jillian was looking sick. He asked several times if she was OK, and she would just smile and adamantly refused to go home. After spending several hours there, they both went home. The next day he went to go play with her and found out she had died in the early morning from inhalation of the Weeping Lilly pollen in the meadow that was apparently poisonous. The parents blamed Lucian for their daughters death and he wasn’t allowed to go to the funeral. From that day on, Lucian devoted the rest of his life to studying healing magic.

Interesting Note 1: Lucian is extremely healthy, and never got sick once in his life
Interesting Note 2: Lucian likes console RPGs and some online MMORPGS, and always plays a healer.


Name: Ayako Kisagure
Age: 12
Birthday: April 12, 1994
Gender: Female
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 92 lbs
Hair: Long, black in two braids
Eyes: Hazel
Discipline: staff
Description: Ayako is a very smart young girl who managed to skip a grade or two and is taking the Magos entrance exam early. Despite her age, she is very confident in her abilities, though she can be very shy around a group (Especially since this is the first time she's away from her family).

This is generally what she looks like.

Underground 2

Name: Ashton Grey
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 5'11"
Build: Athletic
Hair: Short and light brown
Eyes: Hazel, hidden behind glasses.
Typical clothes: Ashton generally wears khakis and a button up shirt of some kind, usually light colors. While exploring he also carries a leather holster with a pistol and a carry bag with books and other supplies. He also has a machete on his belt. Never leave home without it.
Theme song: Indiana Jones Theme by John Williams

Powers: None, save some spell casting ability granted from ancient spell books he's found throughout lost ruins.

History: Ashton is a 4th generation treasure hunter and adventurer from Hampshire, England. His great grandfather was Ashton Grey, a famous treasure hunter and explorer from the 1920s. He spent most of his life poor, trying to get funding to explore ancient ruins in Africa and South America, but his son, Arthur struck it big. Arthur cared less about the history and more about the treasure, and had a good number of very successful explorations, gaining his family the vast fortune they still enjoy to this day.

By the time Ashton got into the business, they had a very large home in Hampshire, his father, Maxwell, had increased on their fortune with his own successful explorations. Ashton was schooled in history and ancient languages since he was very young, getting the best private tutors England could offer. But like his namesake, he shared a passion not for gold and gems, but for the secrets of the lost and forgotten ancient world. Not needing to fund his research or have a need to actually make money on his adventuring, Ashton was free to follow his great grandfather's dream. After accompanying his father on a number of treasure hunts, Ashton finally went out on his own ruin crawl at the age of 19.

His first attempt was a royal failure. He almost got killed three times. Once by traps, once by natives and the third time by wild animals. He got almost nothing out of it, but he refused to give up, and continued his research, and spent the next 5 years of his life researching and scouring the ancient ruins of the world. In those 5 years he uncovered very little in the way of treasure, but he had found something even more valuable. In a few of his temple runs he had uncovered ancient and long forgotten texts and scrolls. Scrolls depicting ancient spells and magics, long forgotten to the modern world. And after spending long days and nights in his study translating the old books, he finally was able unlock their secrets.

His collection of ancient books and spells began to snowball as he used the magic he had to help him dive deeper into the more dangerous ruins. It was not long before Sister Celestine contacted him after an excursion on Kenya, asking him to come to America and join her. It took him a good long time for him to make his decision, after all his passion was adventuring, not super dressing in spandex and fighting criminals. But after a while, he finally realized that, at the very least, this could be a learning experience. After all, Great Grandpa Ashton would never pass up the opportunity to work with and study someone who could fly or shoot laser beams out of their eyes, so why should he?


~Ashton is extremely intelligent and fluent in many old and ancient languages and some modern ones.
~He has a variety of books and spells that can be used for a wide array of purposes
~While no gunslinger, swordsman or kung fu master, Ashton is a decent shot, can handle his own with a machete and has a mean right hook.

~While numerous, his spells do take a bit of time to cast. Also he has to flip through his books and recite the incantations
~He is a jack of many trades, yet a master at none. In a straight fight with someone one on one he will end up on the losing end unless he can think his way out of it
~He is inquisitive and curious to a fault.

Recidivism Institution

Name: Franco Vincensi (Frankie V)
Gender: M
Age: 31
Race: Human
Height: 5'10"
Build: Healthy
Hair Color: Jet black
Eye Color: Brown
Time on World: 5 years
Theme Song: Smooth Criminal, by MIchael Jackson

Appearance: Frankie is a dapper fellow that wears pin striped suits complete with a fedora, a tie and suspenders. He carries a shoulder holster with a revolver on him that he hides under his suit jacket. He has naturally olive skin and he doesn't shave as often as he should and thus has developed a permanent 5 o'clock shadow. And despite the lack of proper cleaners, he makes sure his suits are always clean and he always looks his best.

Personality: Frankie is smooth, charismatic and powerful in personality. What Frankie wants, Frankie gets. He is a gentleman to the ladies and loyal to his friends but brutal and sadistic to his enemies. But all in a perfectly gentlemanly way.

Background: Frankie grew up on the streets in a sin infested city. His family was poor and it was not long before he found his way into a life of crime, stealing milk from the local grocer and sausage from the butcher. This quickly grew and expanded as he grew older and he joined his first gang at the age of 14 and by the time he got his license he was rum running. His charisma and power presence garnered him many friends and he quickly ran up through the ranks until he had his own gang, which ran a good portion of the city. He had influence everywhere and was deep into the pockets of local police and politicians. With a cigar in one hand and a dame around the other, it seemed like nothing could bring Frankie V down.

After arriving on the planet it was not long before he was able to re-establish himself. In the short time he was here he forced his way into control of a local gang and expanded its influence. He has no grand goals of "world domination" at the moment, but is quite pleased with his little domain in the world.

Home Dimension: Frankie is from a world that is very similar to the earth of the 1920s. A global depression has set in and people bask in alcohol and gambling. In order to help stave the increase of such debauchery, the government makes drinking and gambling illegal, which only fuels the fire of organized crime.

Abilities: Frankie has no powers outside of his incredible charisma and force of presence. He is a good shot with a gun and has an eye for business.

Inventory: In addition to a nice selection of suits Frankie also brought with him his trusty revolver and a decent selection of bullets. And, if the GM will allow it, a Tommy gun as well in place of the room that a tent would take up. A tent? Please. Frankie knew he'd get shelter before the day was up.

Crime: If you don't know by now you fail at reading comprehension. But for the sake of completion, I'll say racketeering.

How you got caught: Frankie never was a huge gambler and only drank socially. The only weakness his friends would say he had would be dames, and it was a dame that would spell the downfall of Frankie V. Getting too close to one pretty face he let his guard down and she ended up ratting him out to the cops. They went for a date to the movies but when he walked in he found the entire theater swarming with FBI with guns armed and pointed. With no way to talk or fight his way out of this one he just smiled and raised his hands saying "I hate dames"

Second Children

Name: Isaac Winters
Age: 14
Birth date: January 17, 2005
Gender: M
Build: Average
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian. Good ol American Mut

Appearance: Isaac's black hair is combed neatly back and is not too long, and not too short. He wears plain and simple collard shirts and slacks when he goes to school, he has to look proper. When not in school he wears only simple and bland tee shirts of white or sometimes black and short.

Personality: Isaac is an introvert who longs for the touch of others. He is too shy to make friends and is scared and nervous when people speak with him. Equally nervous around both boys and girls, Isaac tries to keep a close distance from everyone he meets because he is afraid they will only hurt him in the end. The loneliness he feels hurts him, but he believes that this numbness is much better then the pain of abandonment he can feel by someone who he gets close to.

Genome Ability: His subconscious desire to bee close to people yet still be a distance away has manifested itself in the form of several tentacles. By rapidly replicating his cellular tissue, Isaac has the ability to create several tendrils of muscle tissue, each with its own nervous system that are connected to Isaac but also can move on a subconscious level at times. These tendrils are not visible until Isaac wills them to be (whether consciously or subconsciously) when they will sprout from his back and sides and spread out in front of him

Background: Isaac never had a chance to attach to one location socially as his family was constantly moving. His mother had champagne tastes and beer pockets and his father was way too lazy to do anything but the short buck. because of this, the family is constantly moving across the countryside as his father goes from one get rich quick scheme to the next.


Name: Robert Luke Larson
Age: 16
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5'11"
Build: average
Hair: Light brown and slightly longer then normal. His hair covers his ears.
Eyes: Blue
Gender: Male

With the exception that his hair looks like it's about a couple months overdue of a haircut, there isn't much about Rob's appearance that would upset parental figures. He has no piercings, no tattoos, and his shirts are simple and usually show insignias of local sports teams or places he has visited. He wears jeans and sneakers and has rather simple tastes, though he does love jackets.

Rob is artistic, calm, and a thinker. He takes the time to notice the small things in life. The birds chirping in the trees, the piece of paper blowing in the wind, the balloon caught in a tree branch that is dancing with the aid of a subtle breeze. But he also knows that such ideals are best found in books and in idle chatter and have little place in the real world.

Rob has a very calm personality and is known for geting others to relax and cool down by talking to him. But even he has his limits and if he gets annoyed enough he will explode in a burst of short lived rage. This is a rare occurence and those who know him well know usually get a little frightened and worried when Rob gets angry, because it "isn't like him."

Rob grew up in a loving and close family with his parents and his baby sister. Most of his extended family, aunts uncles and grandparents, live in the same town he is in or very close by. From a young age he had a fantastic imagination, always telling stories and making up all kinds of adventures. He also has loved to talk since words first came out out of his mouth, going on and on with his parents and grandparents.

And as soon as he could pick up a pen he began to write. They were mostly simple little boy fantasy stories, putting his imagination to paper, but as he got older his stories got grander, as did his dreams of becoming an author.

Super power!:

After being altered Rob has gained the ability to focus energy into solid matter, causing it to explode. He must handle the objects with his hand and they must have a certain density and firmness to them, so flimsy objects such as paper or cloth won't be affected. Nor does it affect living matter. However, he has no real control over this and every solid object he touches seems to explode.
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Re: Character Bios[Create a New life here.]

Postby Xepharon on Sun Aug 23, 2009 1:38 am

Name: Nyerra Ahlmstein
Gender: Female
Age: unknown, appears to be in her twenties
Description: A catgirl. That is, human save for the trademark ears and tail. Both ears and tail are matching in color to her hair, which is a deep crimson red, reaching to her mid-back. Her skin is a very pale complexion, and her frame is rather lanky. For now.

Abilitiies: Can shapeshift but only between three shapes.
Fe form, which is her form that matches her description. She isn't very strong at all in this form, only as strong as less than the average human, but speed and agility are incredible, unmatched by any human.
Ne, the second form, appears more as an anthro-feline. A definite mix between a large cat, and a human. This form has fur, and most matching her hair, with a faint "tiger-stripe" pattern appearing. Strength is more than the average human, and so is agility and speed, but only barely. This form is well rounded. With vicious claws and sharp teeth, this form is well suited for hand to hand combat if needed. Her reaction time and logic are far higher in this form, and is great for many forms of combat overall.
The Ly form, a completely feral cat form, resembling that of a tiger. Strength is unmatched by many, but her speed is poor, though her agility is higher than one could gauge by merely looking. The Ly form is the only form incapable of speech. Her claws can slash through most things, save for hard metal, and anything harder than that.

Very little is known about this girl, save for being found "Somewhere Else"
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Re: Character Bios[Create a New life here.]

Postby psycho_BUNNY on Tue Aug 25, 2009 9:58 pm

Name: Lionel Hartford
Age: Teen (In HG Wells he was about 15)
Height: 6'
Weight/Build: Husky
Eyes: A strange grayish color, that looks either blue-gray or green-gray.
Hair: Ash-blond.

Appearance: Lionel is the epitome of the gentle giant. His stature is reminiscent of a lineman's; indeed, he played football as a defensive lineman before transferring to this school. He tries to make himself seem smaller by being quiet and reserved; he is vocal, however, when he is passionate about something or when he becomes focused on a subject. Usually, Lionel is expressionless. He wears glasses of a higher prescription than either of his parents. Usually dresses in t-shirts and simple pants, from no-name companies.

Background: Lionel is an only child in a middle class family. His parents care very much about him, and always thought of sending him to private schools, but had never quite gotten around to it. They can't afford the tuition of the private school fee, but the school offered him a scholarship for Written Arts.
Lionel desperately wants to be a writer but doesn't yet know what he would write. His original "dream" was to be a creative writer, since he loves any writing or literature class. However, he has similar interests in art, philosophy, psychology, political science, history, and some science. He is quite significantly above normal proficiency for his age in all subjects but math, in which he is about average.
Lionel is hindered by slightly low self-esteem, but compensates for this by writing on his free time and through his interest in school. There is something traumatic in his past that makes him so quiet, but he can't remember it, having blocked it out since. He does receive disturbing dreams that give him glimpses of what happened, but he almost never remembers the details of them for very long after they occur.*

Personality: Lionel is somewhat jittery around strangers, fumbling slightly over words when he first meets people. He is an ambivert, though this nervousness around strangers does show some introverted tendencies. An extension of this is that he is much more eloquent on paper than aloud. When he speaks, Lionel is often laconic or simply not as cogent as he is when writing; when excited about something, he can become irritatingly verbose. Lionel is almost never angry, yet also rarely laughs. Angered, he will remain totally silent. When amused, about a chuckle or two is all that can be had from him, but he smiles rather easily. Though he can be slow to make friends, once he does, he finds that they are always very close.

Major: Written Arts
Specialization: Creative Writing; Drawing
Supplementary: Liberal Arts
Theme Song: "One Last Breath" by Creed

* The details of Lionel's "traumatic experiences" are being developed by psycho_BUNNY. They may be found at his deviantArt site.
o Lionel's Past: Part 1
o Lionel's Past: Part 2
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Re: Character Bios[Create a New life here.]

Postby mst3kman on Sun Aug 26, 2012 9:47 pm

Name: Jack Vyner
Age: 30
Race: Human (Cyborg)
Height: 6'5"

Jack grew up in a planet size city called Colayto (Co - Lay - Tow) where his father was the founder and CEO of the city's #1 cybernetics. He never did have friends growing up, his father always said that he didn't need friends. They'll just hold him back or pick-pocket him. He spent most of his time with the robotic friends that he reprogrammed from his father's older mechanical models. When he was nine years old his father began to replaces parts of Jack's body with machinery in order to build the perfect synthetics. After sixteen years Jack is now only 31% organic. His limbs, several organs, all of his bones, his nerves, all replaced with cybernetics. He's made of the most advanced technology, all the money he could ever need, as well as being feared by many civil folk. Because, not only is his father one of the most powerful men in the business world, but he's also one of the top 10 Mobsters in the city. Jack has taken many traits from this, he's easy to get violent, impatient at times, doesn't like disappointments at all, is used to getting what he wants, and can be very cold and vicious if need be. But he's also kind to those he cares for and very loyal and protective. He prefers to use his humor and sarcasm and wits to get out of trouble, and is a very very very heavy drinker.

Basically he's great to be friends with, and horrible to piss off.
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Re: Character Bios[Create a New life here.]

Postby Sanchay on Mon Aug 27, 2012 5:59 pm

Name: Foresnapps, called "Force"
Age: 5, looks about 20
Race: Unnamed alien species
Gender: Technically male, but (Warning, NSFW) alien anatomy is weird.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 230 lb because tail.
Build: Let's just say he's cut.
Eyes: Bluish silver with no visible pupils or whites; highly reflective
Skin: Snow-white, luminescent in daylight. His spikes, tail tip/pod, and brow markings are jet black
Hair: None, but he retains his headspikes for a sort of "mohawk" appearance
Distinguishing features: Oddly-shaped muzzlebeak... thing... for a face, with three nostrils. Long tail about 2/3 of his body length with a flowerpod-like spore emitter. Digitigrade stance, three digits on each hand/foot (two fingers and thumb, and only two toes touch the ground with the inner toe higher up, kinda of like an ostrich). Fingers and toes are long and thin, and very delicate and sensitive, with no external claws, though the tips have a very hard callus layer beneath the skin where nails should be, and serve the same purpose. No teeth. Dark blue/navy colored tongue is pointed at the tip, like a bird
Wardrobe: Long-sleeved shirt that covers halfway over his hands, somewhat low neckline; white with a logo on it (I have yet to figure out what this logo is). Black jeans that cover over his feet until about halfway down, waist is cut down the back a little for his tail to fit comfortably; leather straps were sewn in a way to go over the tail when worn to prevent his pants from falling off. No shoes, but wraps his hands and feet with bandages
Equipment: More bandages; migraine pills; vitamin powder (like the kind you coat lizards' food with); small, crumbly stones to aid digestion.
Talents: Empath; he can convey his own feelings, as well as those of nearby individuals, to another person, rather than talking. His tail pod emits paralytic spores; the recharge time is incredibly long, so he tries to use it only in emergencies. He can read and write in English, as he was born and raised on Earth (his handwriting is very scripty XD).
Personality: He's not just quiet. He is mute, vocal emissions limited to chirps and croaks, and even then, it's not very useful as he can use images and emotions to show what he wants to. He has a sort of aloof air to him though it's probably aided by his silence more than his actual attitude. He is gentle and delicate when handling things, and can work on sensitive equipment

Bust picture (click for larger image)

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Re: Character Bios[Create a New life here.]

Postby Lord Nightmare on Sun Sep 02, 2012 7:56 pm

Name: Martin Davis
Age: 24
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140lbs
Build: Thin
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Caucasian, very slight middle-eastern cast
Hair: Brown, wavy, tends to stick up and forward no matter how combed
Magic: Mild Pyromancy (enough to summon a flame, and ignite combustable material within about a foot of himself, limited amount summonable before needing rest)
Equipment: Leather Hiking Boots with small boot knife. small fanny pack with food bars, a tool kit (which he carries everyhwere), and a small first aid kit. Canteen w/water.
Personality: Good with building technology/maintenance. A stickler to detail, but somewhat of a klutz; Unless something is written down or he has practiced it extensively, he will sometimes screw things up by omitting or mixing up steps. Sometimes panics under stress.
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