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Postby Ankhareon on Tue Dec 04, 2007 3:52 am

For D-Tech Test Drive RP

Name: Cole Gourdin
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Bio: Cole entered D-Tech straight from university where he studied politics and management. He was rather unpopular due to a controlling streak where he would often use others for his own gain without a second thought. there was little he didn't try to learn, however anything he viewed as not being of practical use he paid no interest to. He idolizes Alexander the Great as a brilliant strategist and mastermind but not so much Stephen Hawking who, though he respects, is frustrated with as in his opinion, Hawking should be able to deal with his handicap much better than he already does. Cole always appears to be a charming, polite person however he would tend to use others as resources and retained few real friends (mainly the more clever people who he couldn't just discard). He is very computer literate and takes pride in a his ability to manipulate the internal systems of a network. He has managed to glean a small fortune by taking minimal amounts from numerous bank accounts, and has therefore never been caught because the theft of 5 cents is not considered a noteworthy crime. When not participating in a conversation he initiated, he tends to be quiet, reserved and lost in thought. He applied to D-Tech program due to a fascination with the technology and it's applications.
Appearance: Cole has unruly, short jet black hair (it tends to lie almost but not entirely flat, as if taunting hairdressers who would oppose it, this may be why or because Cole always cuts it himself, though he never does anything else to it) with dark blue eyes. He is caucasian, of slim, somewhat wiry build with long fingers. he is roughly 6ft tall and tends to dress in blues and blacks, usually buttoned shirts and long pants, though he will never dress completely in one or the other. He keeps a multi tool on him at all times (like a swiss army knife crossed with a PDA), usually in his pocket.
Savant Skill: Cole has a tremendous problem solving ability - logical yet imaginative he is often able to come up with multiple solutions for a single problem. He is by extension a brilliant strategist which has lead to him becoming quite manipulative. He takes a lot of pride in this quality and will become incredibly agitated when faced with a problem he cant solve.
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Postby Amon Star on Wed Dec 05, 2007 1:38 pm

For Chronos Prophecy

Name: Jeremy Parker
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Home planet: Gavaria
Duty: Defensive commander
Personality: Gallant & gentlemanly, is how Jeremy would LIKE to be described. In reality, he does always live up to his own standard, but he has his moments. He's also fairly intelligent, if not excessively educated, & has a keen tactical mind. He also tends to get irritated & sarcastic when faced with stupidity or childishness.
Appearance: Blond hair & blue eyes. He keeps his hair free flowing & shoulder length & has a well groomed goatee. He dresses in quite extravagant, stereotypical pirate garb. Red doublet, brown pantaloons, blue cloak & purple hat with a light blue feather. He almost always has his plasma sword at his side.
Special abilities: N/A
Background: Young Jeremy was inspired by pirate tales. he would lie awake at night, staring up at the stars, imagining he too was sailing the great void of space. At the age of 15, he ran away from home to do just that, by smuggling aboard out going cargo ship. As fate would have it, this ship was attacked by pirates. Jeremy begged to be allowed to join them, which they accepted.
That was four years ago. Jeremy has since clawed his way up latrine duty, through raiding crew & finally to defensive commander with dedication, competence & loyalty.
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Postby ButcherShopVegan on Fri Dec 07, 2007 1:42 pm

Name: Haplo (name may change or last name added)
Age: 25
Gender: male
Race: human

General appearance: around 5'11", 200 lbs, has messy black hair, blue eyes, scar above left eye and right side of nose. He likes to wear heavy dark robes.

He is normally a lone wander but will travel with random groups he meets. When he is traveling with a group of people he is very protective of the group. He is normally a peaceful person, but in strong emotional situations his evil side starts to come out (note: not split personalities). When he gets like this he will stop at nothing to protect his friends or defeat his enemies.

All that is known (so far) of his past is a rumor that after losing his family and friends in an attack on his reality, he lost it and destroyed his reality's Earth fighting the attackers.

Powers: Is a magic user. Normally he can only use protection and healing magic, but when his evil side comes out, his magic turns destructive.

Fighting Skills (other then magic): Skilled with knifes and short blades. Only basic unarmed fighting skills.

Tips for this character or help with the name would be appreciated.

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Postby Amon Star on Wed Dec 12, 2007 9:04 am

For Moondale RP

Name: Pablo (Inky) Spence

Age: 30

Sex: Male

Affiliation: Myrmidon

Opinion of Other Affiliations: He has no problem with Magical Girls, provided they're a part of the military. He doesn't approve of the Moondale paramilitary force, or para-militants in general, but is impressed by their achievements.

Personal History: Inky was born to a poor immigrant Italian family in Brooklyn. However, no matter how poor they were, they were still better of here than back home. This was often repeated by his parents & helped to established a huge sense of patriotism in the young lad.
In order to best serve his country, the then Pablo joined the military when he was 18. Being naturally quite physically talented, he did well in his training. Also, his bravery & calm under fire was soon recognised, causing him to be singled out for special forces training.
It was in this capacity that he earned his nickname. It was in one of his earlier black-ops mission & Pablo's unit had an aquatic target. Pablo came up his the idea to use an ink cloud, not as cover, but as a diversion. With the target's attention distracted by such an obvious ruse, it would make their real approach easier. This plan worked & Pablo has been known as Inky ever since.
When the Brute menace started, Pablo once again jumped at the chance to prove his loyalty. He was one of the lucky one to survive the Myrmidon process. he has since then battled Brutes a few times. In these instances, he always tries to use stealth & cunning, as opposed to a frontal assault. He was assign to Moondale when martial law was declared because of his skills at subterfuge & his willingness to obey ANY order.
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Postby Jhones on Wed Dec 12, 2007 4:17 pm

Hi there. This is my character that I introduced in my first post in the Bar thread.

Name: Jhones

Age: Physically looks 25, but he has stopped aging beyond this point, it's rumored that he's over several thousand years old. (He even has joked that only he really knows how long Eons are.)

Gender: Male

General appearance: Jhones looks like a sloven bumb. He wears a dirty brown duster that is apparently as old as he claims he is, over a tan short sleeved shirt. He wears black slacks that are tucked into a pair of dark brown boots. He has messy, unruly dirty blonde hair he barely keeps in check with a brown bandana and is a habitual nonshaver, resulting in a good few days growth on stubble on his face.

Background: A wanderer who appeared one day out of nowhere. He's generally tightlipped but sometimes lets slide sarcastic snippets or insults about young people acting like idiots, even if the person in question is known to be several hundred years old.

Relationships: Due to his abrasive attitude, Jhones is not a very well liked person by anyone who can even stand his presence for a few moments.

Special abilities: Jhones has clamed himself to be something called a "Solar." Though he makes quick to explain that he is not an angel, but an awakened person who was chosen by something called the "Unconqured Sun" to represent it in the world of men. As such Jhones has been infused with immense power, ranging from self admitted agelessness to fantastically diverse abilities he calls "Charms." The power or "Essence" that Jhones channels during his bouts of activity have been known to warp, re-write, or even outright ignore established laws of physics and reality. Though Jhones says that it's not that big a deal.
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Postby Amon Star on Thu Dec 20, 2007 4:04 am

For Moondale RP

Name: Ann Meyer

Age: 24

Sex: Female

Affiliation: Military Magical Girl (Moondale Magical Girl, Moondale Anti-Brute Squad, Myrmidon, Moondale Civilain, Military Grunt)

Opinion of Other Affiliations: She has a lot of respect for Moondale. She disagrees with the declaration of Martial Law, but like the opportunity to help out the people of Moondale. Use doesn't have much respect for the Military as a whole, but is willing to judge people as individuals.

Personal History: Ann was born a to a wealthy family. Her father was senator of their state & as an only child she was doted upon. However, that didn't stop her running with a bad crowd & constantly getting into trouble. She did this not out of malice, or as a cry for attention, but because she couldn't stand the stuffy lifestyle her parents lived.

This all changed when the Brutes came. A combination of factors caused Ann's father to lose his position & his wealth. Ann's mother, who's been having affairs for years, promptly divorced him & married his former friend, who happened to be his new boss, senator & one of her many lovers. The happy couple promptly sent 14 yr old Ann of to Boot Camp.

Life was tough their for a rebellious young woman. However, Ann survived & somehow prospered, learning some much needed discipline in the process. She eventually passed & moved on to flight school, with the intention of dropping out of the air-force as soon as the government had paid for her flying lessons. Her awakening change that. This happened before she had finished her training course, causing her to be re assign to the Moondale Martial Law Unit.

Ann isn't to happen about her status. As for as she's concerned, she's a pilot who's also a decent marksman. She has no desire to wave bits of metal at monsters. In addition to this, being a Magical Girl that ws previously part of the Military means she has very little chance of legitimately getting out of the outfit. In fact, she's been planning on going A.W.O.L. ever since she got given this assignment. She does her best to hind her true feelings & intentions, for obvious reasons.
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For any and all RP under the Discordian law.

Postby Eddie Vinci on Mon Dec 31, 2007 10:46 am

Name: Eddie "Eddweyrd" Vinci

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: six foot, four inches

Hair/Eyes: Green/Black (respectively)

Occupation: Ex-mail room clerk, Avatar of Eris Discordia

Description: Just your average, run-of-the-mill guy who died in a freak accident involving a hamster, a pipe bomb and some fossilized fruit cake.
Eris Discordia, the Greek goddess of chaos and discord decided that she was bored, so in her infinitesimal mercy and grace, she decided to beat his chard, broken (and nibbled on) corpse with a shilighly cut from the tree of life. Effectively bringing him back to life as a Phr3aker, a being borne of divine will. He then got bored and decided to hitchhike across the dimensional nexus. Leading him to this strange and magical world known as [insert town name here]
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Postby The Sin Eater on Sun Jan 13, 2008 6:56 am

This is a general description of the character that appears in the random RP's I'll be poking around in at first. If I've posted this in the wrong place, I will edit, and thanks for reading.

Name: "Godot"

Title: The Sin Eater

Age: Indeterminate. Appears to be somewhere in the mid to late 20's.

Gender: Male

Hair/Eyes: Light brown

Height: 5'9'' or 175 cm

Occupation: Sin Eater, Temp for the agency "Antagonists R. Us"

Appearance: Generally wears grey and/or black dress slacks, shirt and a turtleneck sweater, along with a long over coat, reguardless of the temperature. Occasionally he will accessorize with gloves, a scarf, or once in a blue moon ear muffs. Godot has a light complexion and a very plain, forgetabble face, he has a medium musculature, and people are hard pressed to remember him, even after having met him repeatedly.

Race: Sin Eater

"Special abilities": Can eat Sin. Is already dead, so can't be killed or ultimately harmed/altered by "death" style magic or technological effects. Can be blasted, mangled, mutilated, tfed, etc etc, just doesn't ever actually die; and will eventually 'reform' at some point.
Seems to have a basic understanding/knowledge of magic or technology in the given reality he happens to be in at the time. He could pilot a plane badly, or fill the radiator on a car with water, but couldn't build an engine.

TF-RP: Tedd(/Tess) Forces
Name (Counterpart): Damien

Age: 20

Gender: [Male]

General appearance: Has a reverse color scheme skin tone to the original damien, and Dark (navy) blue hair and Hazel eyes. He tends to wear a battle scarred Uryom Battle suit.

Background: This Damien comes from a reality where the Uryuom invaded earth and have conquered most of the human race. He was created as a last ditch effort to stop the Uryuom's ultimate biological mass genocide weapon: Grace Sciuridae.

Special Abilities: This version of Damien has the same regenerative abilities of the Comic, half his physical strength, The same level of freezing powers as the original had Pyrokinesis, and actual combat training.

Personality: Damien is noticably lacking in a god complex and is the effective leader of the resistance forces in his reality, although overly pragmatic and serious, he has a good heart and cares about the people that have raised him.
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Re: Character Bios[Create a New life here.]

Postby mind-controlled-bunny@_@ on Thu Feb 28, 2008 6:55 pm

Well I already posted one of these bios here but it seems to have been eaten...
anyway the next two bios are related to him (not by blood)

Name: Dr. Mathew Thorne or as he prefers Dr.Mad Thorn
age: 40 somethings
height: 5' 6"
appearance: he looks older then he is, probably because of many to many experiments gone wrong. His hair is down to his neck and looks like it has never met a comb before. The hair is white and eyes light blue. When he experiments he can get a crazed look on his face. wears odd clothing and most of the time on the wrong body part. shirt for pants, underwear on head etc. Though If Jonathan or Janet have anything to say he'll leave dressed like a normal human being. also he uses a pink umbrella for a cane occasionally. and in case you are wondering he is a human being... we think...

personality: he isn't the certified Doctor kind of doctor more of the self claimed Mad Dr. He experiments a lot has some memory issues (again from his experiments gone wrong.) and has just about a million crackpot experiments planned for a few seconds then just winging it.

history: ain't much to say but experiments and explosions, then successes that turn into explosions.

Name: Jonathan Paige
Age: 20s
height: 6' 3"
hair/eyes: fire red
appearance: tall and fit from needing to do all the heavy lifting dr. thorne cannot. wears jeans and t-shirts a lot.
personality: he is protective of his sister, and very stubborn. If he thinks he is right he will not admit to anything else, which often why he gets into fights with Dr. Thorne. He and his sister currently are low on cash so will accept odd jobs.

job: assitant of doctor thorne

history: He is the twin brother of Janet , who both have run into hard times and found work with the professor.

Name: Janet Paige
Age: 20's
height: 5' 7"
hair/eyes: red, her hair is mid-back length
appearance: slinder figure that always seems to smile even in bad times.
personality: Cheerful person, who often takes care of her brother despite him trying to protect her. Nice to most people even Dr. Thorne, though her brother thinks she should be more severe when he does dumb things.

job: student
history: twin of jonathan blah blah blah...
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Re: Character Bios[Create a New life here.]

Postby broken_hero on Fri Feb 29, 2008 9:47 am

For: TF-RP: Tedd(/Tess) Forces

Name(counterpart): Casey Joel Cross (Goes by Casey, and calling him CJ just annoys him)
Image<- This is the closest he comes to having a counterpart (I used this guy as the basis for the character). (I have a sketch of what Casey looks like in this game, but i haven't scanned it yet. When I do, I can put it on my deviant art page.)

Age: 20

Gender: Male

General appearance: Before his Portal hop, he was edging towards husky, but a month in the apocalyptic ruins have made Casey much leaner. The only clothes Casey brought with him were an orange t-shirt, a pair of cargo pants, an already thoroughly broken-in trench coat, and a fedora from Marshall's. His month on CR-428 have made these clothes even more tattered than they were before, but Casey has been able to scavenge articles of armor from dead troops.

Background: Casey Joel Cross was an average guy in a boring world that considered EGS and all related things fictional, but where stuff like the Aperture Corporation (from the game Portal) are real. Casey is sleepwalking his way through college, and one day he volunteers to test a version of the Aperture Portal Gun. After being sent through deathly puzzles, something weird happens and he exits a portal on the ruined world CR-428, after which, the gun breaks (roughly 3 or 4 weeks before the action happens in the RP so far). He is forced to scavenge for food, supplies and weapons in the ruined city, in hopes to fix the portal gun and return to his world. He also has to avoid the periodic bombings of the city.

Relationships: On his world, Casey was pretty much a typical loner: bad at making friends, lonely, etc. However, his month of isolation on the ruined world have forced him to change. When he meets new people now, he can't help but try to be friendly with him. (I was thinking, after he meets up with the main team, he might end up with a crush on the bubbly Grace, due to her vitality and sheer hilarity, but with her troubles with the Tedd-Ellen-Grace triangle, he wouldn't want to act on his crush. Up for debate.)

Special abilities: Casey's time on in the ruins have made him an effective scavenger; he is conversational in the German language; his minor mechanical skills have developed slightly while trying to fix the Portal gun as well as the broken particle weapons he finds on soldiers; he has limited knowledge of the martial arts of Judo and Karate from college classes from before his accident. Since Casey comes from a more "realistic" world, he is slightly more resistant to damage than the others. This is as much of a superpower he has. He doesn't heal any faster, though. (This resistance will help him survive falls, Hammerings (as women can't access Hammerspace in his world), and other stuff that might kill him if he encountered it in his world)

Magic: None, as far as he knows.

Equipment: 1 broken Portal gun; 1 aluminum baseball bat; 1 suit of cobbled together damaged armor lifted off corpses of soldiers.
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Re: Character Bios[Create a New life here.]

Postby Death_Denied on Wed Apr 02, 2008 5:54 pm

Well it all started back when.... I'm sorry?.... You say this is where you MAKE characters, and not where you go into some long sob story about how they watched their (insert random family member here) Get killed/kidnapped/transformed before their very eyes? ..... My bad. (Yes, I know I'm not funny. Just work with me here.)

Character for: Seems he's only goin' in Grassvale. Possibly. Maybe.

Name: Zazzt

Age: 27

Gender: Male. Or he's a guy. Whatever kind of terminology you prefer.

Appearance: An extremely tall (Somewhere in the vicinity of 7 foot) humanoid wearing a strange type of black armor, that in low light seems to glow a sick green color. His armor seems to be of a medieval style, with certain similarities to plate armor. (Namely, it is divided into plates, and makes the wearer look much bulkier than he actually is.) The exception being (because you can't have a character without exceptions), his rather odd looking gauntlets, which appear to be some strange metal that is all one piece, yet seems to move very easily and bends without joints or breaking. His arms are freakishly long and drag the ground when he walks casually. (They're about 10 feet long, should it matter.) He also has a really high density, and weighs almost 2 tons. This causes him to walk extremely slowly, and causes most surfaces to break if he doesn't step REALLY carefully.

Background: Zazzt is from a strange and secluded race of enormous plant people that surprisingly values uniqueness and friendship. This causes a few quirks. (He doesn't eat or drink in the conventional sense and wonders why things have mouths.) He talks through a series of strange vibrations made in the general area of his feet. This is amplified through the armor, and results in it sounding like *almost* regular speech. If you listen to it for too long however, you rapidly get a very numb feeling in your feet. Just because that sounds funny. He walked out of his village one day for a reason, even he isn't really sure about, but he hopes to find interesting people along the way as he is even more interested in unique things, that he simple wasn't seeing in his village. This however is just a side track. He really has no idea what in the name of all things holy he's doing out here.

Special things: Due to his immense density, he is almost impossible to move unless he wants to. He is also incapable of running, as doing so would require him to move all 2 tons of him at a speed he just simple can't do. Yet. Also, the density in the rest of his body seems to be freakishly absent from his arms. They move with surprising dexterity and with extreme speed. If endangered, he can have his hand up and closed around your throat in the space of a heartbeat. Also, due to him being a plant, he has no need for traditional forms of food or drink. He does however, carry around with him a small vial of greenish fluid that looks disturbingly like the glow from his armor. A small sip can last him for several days, as his people are related obscurely to cactus', needing very little moisture to maintain life. Also, he can hyper grow specific parts of his anatomy, namely his arms, (I saw where your mind went there. :wink: ) to allow him to reach creatures he otherwise would not be able to, whether it be due to ranged implements or whatever. Specifically, he can grow his arms to a maximum of 70 feet, giving him more than enough reach to attack even the farthest away of enemies.

Magic: Nothing we would know about, but he may get some, depending on what mood I'm in. (And because come on, a giant cactus black mage? Who wouldn't want that?)

Items: 1x Suit of strange armor, 10xVial of Green Fluid, 1x Pair of strange gauntlets, and 1x Journal (to record the people he meets).

((Oh, and since he may be in several different Rp's at once, seeing as how I'm lazy about character generation..... Hey, don't laugh. >> *cough* Anyhow, he can, and probably will evolve as a character in different ways depending in which direction I send him. So if I act completely out of character, just give me a gentle hammer pounding to the head. I'll remember real quick. And please, no hammer slams IRL via Fed-Ex. They aren't fun, and the shipping guy usually upgrades the size of the hammer.>>'))
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Re: Character Bios[Create a New life here.]

Postby Ankhareon on Wed Apr 02, 2008 10:00 pm

Retconned characters

Andrew "Andy" Kazan
Age: 17
Race: Gravity God
He has a gravity suit giving him gravity powers or control over them at least - he can bend, increase or decrease gravity en par with Half-Life 2's Super gravity gun. This means he can walk on walls, jump and run very high/quickly, he's naturally extremely flexible and has the ability to shift gravity for others. His scimitar is an alternate model to the one in the other Grav god picture and is not turned on currently. There's no real difference other than shape and it still possesses the ability to implode whatever it comes into contact with.
His history up until about 10 is the same as Anya's, growing up in a family of Gravity Gods, until they were separated during training. He however stayed on to complete it, despite being immensely saddened by his perceived loss.
By the time he finds his sister seven years have passed, he is now close to graduation, and a very experienced trainee - the equivalent of a squire.
He sides with Anya when she is marked for death and the two escape utilizing their combined abilities to avoid everyone who would try to catch them.

Anya Kazan
Age: 17
Race: Gravity Goddess
Abilities: Limited precognition- She can see the near future (within a few minutes) or the further future given enough time to conentrate
She can also send objects forward a second or two in time, though it usually ends up splicing them or causing them to fall apart (not always completely). This can also be done to part of an object, severing that part.
She once travelled to a parallel universe after time travel gone awry
She has been known to jump forward up to a day in time then snap back to where she left
Anya, as all Grav God children was enrolled at a young age (about 10) to train as a warrior using one a gravity suit. It was going well for a whille however a few days in the training facility was passed by by a regiment of soldiers from the immortal empire, and to compound the bad luck, she had just screwed up royally and was falling away from the facility at speed. In the confusion she was not found and assumed dead or captured. Her family was both heartbroken and furious that their daughter was missing along with some very valuable tech.
She was found, battered and bruised, her suit beyond repair by a group of Temporals - a race of beings who cracked the code of time and can look into the future, much like the guy in Next only it's not a trait they were born with.
Their area being an inhospitable one, she was taken into one of their cities before any one could find her.
There she stayed, having left her old life behind, never learning to control gravity, but instead learning the secrets of time itself. Not that she didn't remember from whence she came, in fact for the first few months she thought of nothing but. However as years went by she grew more accustomed to her new home.
As if to be difficult the status quo shifted again when she was reunited with her brother Andy after encountering a Grav God platoon near her village. Naturally the two were ecstatic, eagerly recounting their own histories from the point they were separated. Anya happily consented to return to their society expecting to be welcomed with open arms.
Unfortunately, the society was not so happy to see her seeing her as a traitor for having left them and stolen an expensive suit. After what would no doubt have been a thrilling escape from the clutches of the Gods of Gravity the two were on the run. It wasn't long before they attracted the attention of every civilization there was and ran out of places to hide - even the Temporals could not risk sheltering them.
Their final stand came as the armies of the world came bearing down on them, trapped and wounded, Anya did something very stupid indeed. She attempted to travel through time.
Now temporals Never under ANY circumstances attempted this because should calculations be off by any degree the effects could prove fatal. Her calculations of course were off, and instead of punting the two through time, they punted the two into an entirely new universe (here). While incredibly lucky however Anya was left with the temporal equivalent of the hiccups - every so often she jumps forward in time up to a day ahead then snaps back after a while to the point where she left leading to some very disorienting moments for her.

You'll note it's far more in depth than Andy's because her's is more interesting
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Re: Character Bios[Create a New life here.]

Postby Author-Man on Thu Apr 03, 2008 3:24 am

Okay, a note I've been meaning to make for a while. Characters for general use (such as the Fort Mayhem things, carrot..?, and LPW) technically belong in the off topic bio thread. That is, the thread specifically for RPs that don't have disc threads to post bios in. This one is more for a backup archive type thing of bios all in one place. I don't so much mind posting off topic bios here as well (they are bios and this is a bio thread). But there's not much point in stickeying the other one if no one uses it because they don't understand what it is.
Just my two cents on a personal pet peeve.
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Re: Character Bios[Create a New life here.]

Postby Kalga on Tue Apr 15, 2008 5:34 pm

Thanks for that. Now I know which one to post them in. I never knew, so I kinda just guessed one at random. >.<
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Re: Character Bios[Create a New life here.]

Postby theopenandclosedbook on Sat May 24, 2008 11:36 am

Gender: Male
Race: Immortal human
Items: The Mythic Lexicon, the clothes he wears (A black lost boys t-shirt, a pair of Black faded jeans, a pair of DC trainers, A wide brim vampire slayer style hat and a black trench coat)
Backstory: After a boring start to life, he created The Lexicon, a mythic book that he has binded his life to (but the book is invincible so he can live forever if need be) He now travels for adventure and seeks he fortune. The book gives him basic magic and powers
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Re: Character Bios[Create a New life here.]

Postby Kalga on Sat May 24, 2008 2:36 pm

My characters for the Frink! Restart

Name: Radovan "Van" Dragoslav

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Species: Squirrelkin

Height: 5'9"

Fur: Walnut Brown

Hair: Mahogany Brown

Eyes: Brown brown brown! EVERYTHING IS BROWN!

Clothing: He wears Black dress pants, and a large belt, with holsters for two guns, which appear to be S&W 500s. He wears two crossed bandoleers over a white shirt. Atop Van's head is a wide brimmed dirt brown fedora, matching his floor length jacket. He gives off the air of a Old West Gunslinger.

Personality: A Common example of a Anti-hero. He's in it for the money, fame, or reward. Van is a smart alec womanizer, who would rather run then get caught in a losing battle. His allegiances lies with the highest bidder, even if his friends lie other places. He is witty, and employs liberal use of sarcasm.

History: Has a similar past to Kira. Orphaned early, but was brought up with a squirrelkin family. Was hired by ship to serve as gunner, for despite his lack of technical skill, he has a innate sense for where to shoot. When a off-world ship, The Lady of Plunder gave him a job, he eagerly took it. When the ship was taken, he tried his hand at captaining, but failed due to lack of people in his crew. He is currently frequenting the bars, trying to find a good pirating job. No way was he taking that farm boy to such a remote place...

Speciality: Shooting things, and he isn't a half bad cook.

Other items: None right now.

Name: Kiva

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Catkin

Height: 5' Even

Fur: Blue (Kiva: Russian Blue, thank you.)

Hair: Dyed light purple

Eyes: Brown

Clothing: Normally wears clothes that don't move, and offer pockets. This normally takes the form of some form of flightsuit. When off duty, she wears attractive flowing clothes. All of this accents her nice slim, but reasonably curvy frame.

Personality: She can be brash, or rude at times, but generally has the good of the team in her mind; even if it is the back of it. Despite not being raised by catkin, she retains some of their fierce honor code. She begun learning of her catkin heritage about the age of 15, but still has a lot to learn, and desperately wants to find a new ship with another catkin on it.

History: Born on a traveling cargo vessel, she was orphaned at a very young age, having nothing but a name. When she was five, she was taken in my a elderly lemurkin couple. When she was 15, she took off on her own, working as a pilot at a local shipping yard. The more skilled she became, the more and more shady the jobs were, until she took her first job of piracy. She fell in love with it. She began to take more and more, until she became a member of the pirate ship Lady of Plunder, until it was stolen by other pirates. She and another crewmember tried starting their own crew, but failed, and are now looking for a new ship to crew.

Speciality: She is an expert navigator, and not a bad pilot herself. Knows a large pile of star maps by heart.

Other items: None right now.
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New life

Postby Foxkin on Thu May 29, 2008 6:12 pm

Character name: TK
Age: 16
Species:Human/Arctic Fox (Ears and Tail)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair color: Brown
Fur color: White with black tips
Eye color: Deep Forest Green
Dress: White long sleeved shirt with sleeves rolled up to above the elbows, Blue jeans, and Glasses
Background: TK has since forgotten his actual name, no one really remembers it. The nick name TK was imbued to him when he was young and even his parents use it. He's grown up a fairly normal life with some odd friends here and there. The choice to look at his birth certificate is always present but he chooses not to because he believes that his original name isn't who he is and TK fits him much better. Currently attending Moper ville south, he is new to the school and hasn't met any one new yet, in his classes he just does his work and stares out the window, not making any attempt to meet anyone.
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Re: Character Bios[Create a New life here.]

Postby vkthsu on Mon Jun 09, 2008 6:38 am

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Re: New life

Postby BahamutWings on Tue Jul 08, 2008 7:54 pm

These are all the unused character bio's I have. (C) BahamutWings.


Name: Randon Whitewind
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Forrest west of Cornelia
Species: Anthro Wolf
Class: Blue Mage/Mime(Mimic)
Special Abilities:
Copy Enemy Ability (When magic or a special technique is used, Randon uses his natural Blue Mage ability to copy and use that spell/special ability anytime hence forth.

Appearance: Randon Whitewind

Equipment: Randon usualy keeps his sword on his belt, and thats realy the only piece of equipment he's ever realy needed/owned.

Bio: When Randon was about eight years old, his mother died, and he was left alone due to his older brother's leaving to find there own family and way of life. He wandered around aimlessly through the forest all winter, desparately looking for food, but all he found was an old sword and a nice belt, together inside a hollow tree. He tried it on and found that they both fit perfectly and he took that tree to be his new found home. He then used his natural instict of hunting to find his prey and take it with ease due to the sword.


Name: Sora Ookami (translation- Sky Wolf)
Appearance: Sora Ookami
Age: 115
Species: Wolf Demon
Gender: Male
Shadow Step (Sora can walk into and out of any shadow in a twenty meter radius of the original shadow he steped into.)
Silhouet Cover (Sora covers himself in artificial darkness to hide his identity. This technique only last's while Sora is consious, and the only downfall to using this is that his fur gets darker and must be washed every time he uses it.)
Spiritual Power (Sora is able to use his spiritual energy to strengthen his fighting capabilities. In example, when Sora is fighting, he emits a light blue aura around his fur and gains anywhere from 2x to 5x power depending on him. But every time it is multiplied the arua gets a little bit brighter.
Wind Blast (Sora summon's up a small green ball his hands then releases it into a swirling wave that cut's on contact and then blast's the target away with the power of wind (Sort of like Street Fighter's famous Hadoken attack). This technique is amplified when using Spiritual Power.)
Dark Sora (When Sora feels very strong emotional anger or desparation the following happens) Dark Sora

Bio: (How he is related to the plot) Sora had been trained for about 80 years before he was released from his School. Having no where else to live, he wandered though the land looking for work or just people who would give him some free food. One day he found himself at the village Inuyasha had stoped at, and then the strange disapearance happened. Coincidence? I think not, and now Sora want's to help, even though he does not know the people personaly.

(Back Story) When Sora was 15 his dad went off to fight a war between his family and a rival family (gang related). Five years passed, and he had not come home and his mother would never tell him where he was. His mother was diagnosed with cancer, and died two years later. Sora desided that with no place to live, school/martial arts dojo was the best option. When he enroled at the School, he met up with his only life long friend Unari. He was a good friend and Unari even saved Sora's life once.

Added a technique and a better bio, added another character.

Name: Unari Kitsune (translation- Howling Fox)
Appearance: Unari Kitsune
Age: 115
Species: Fox Demon
Gender: Male
Icy Wind (Unari produces a chilling wind from his left or right hand, causing the target to either drop in tempurature very quickly, or freaze instantly. The odds are 80-20.)
Ice Shotgun (Unari charges a great amount of Icy Wind into one of his hands, then releases it into a frozen ball that when hits a target, scatters multiple smaller ice bits in all directions.
Ice Spike (Unari fires multiple rapid fire ice spikes out of the palm of his hand that pierce on contact.)
Spiritual Power (Unari is able to use his spiritual energy to strengthen his fighting capabilities. In example, when Unari is fighting, he emits a light yellow aura around his fur and gains anywhere from 2x to 5x power depending on him. But every time it is multiplied the arua gets a little bit brighter.

Bio: Unari grew up with Sora at school, and desided to go with him on his quest to no where. Along in there travels, they both encountered many hard ships, such as rouge bandits, demons, and the ocasional itch that they just couldent reach on there backs. They went through it all together, and they wouldent have it any other way.

Unari's father kicked him out of his house when he was thirty years old, and told him that if he was ever to set foot in this house again, he would kill his own son himself. The reason for this was that in Unari's sleap, a demon managed to posses him and he destroyed the village they lived in. Unari tried to explain this to his father and the whole of the village, but none would believe him, even his own mother. He was exiled and feared in that whole area. He desided to go to school and live there for a while.


Name: Thorne, Zippy
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Rank: Genin
Appearance: Zippy
Home Village: Hidden Steel Village
Kekkei Genkai: Hagane Sukin (Zippy can make his skin turn into solid steel, thus giving him the ability to use his steel type Justu and strengthen his physical power.)
Weapons: Usualy fights with his fists and the ocasional Jutsu
Height: 4ft 2in
Weight: 85lbs
Personality: A carefree child that loves what he does, being a ninja and all.
Likes/Dislikes/Hobbies: Butterflies and fuzzy animals/ Bad people/ Colecting and playing with his manny different types of small lizards.
Family: A grand mother in her late 40's and a grand father in his late 50's. Zippy also has an uncle or two and an aunt that he never realy knew.

(Zippy knows all the basic jutsu that can be learned at the academy i.e., Clone, Transformation, Substitution etc.)
Fox Style: Stealth Jutsu (Zippy can turn himself invisible for a set period of time)
Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu (This Jutsu is very week and can only make a small fireball)
Metal Style: Steel Spike (While in Hagane Sukin, Zippy can summon a spike from either his body or from the ground)
Metal Style: Metal Absorption (While in Hagane Sukin, Zippy can touch metal and make his body more dense to make himself more powerful and to take less damage)

History: Zippy was born an unusual young boy. He had the ears and tail of a fox! Though he apeared strange, he was no diferent, personalitly wize, that any other boy his age. He went to the academy and was emediatly spoted by the older and meaner kids in the room, but, almost like our blond hero, Zippy was saved by Iruka sense. Thank goodness, at least the teacher liked him!
Strengths: His family alwaise gave Zippy suport as he was not born a normal child. This was his strength.
Weaknesses: When someone makes fun of his ears or his tail, it alwaise causes him emotional damage.
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Re: Character Bios[Create a New life here.]

Postby Atashi-Cloud on Thu Jul 17, 2008 3:59 pm

Uhm...not to spoil your character biography dump, Bahamutwings, but the 'unused bios' actually go in a thread different from this one. I made a separate one for that porpoise, so please put them in the proper thread.

also, below is a new Bio for MKRP;

not-completed image of character below.

Name: Jodi Darsol Darrelless (yay, name change...xD)
Age: 22-23 (originally 16)
Gender: Female
Height: 6' even
Origin: Asquia, planet of the Celtarian Solar System
Hair: mousey brown, tied back into a ponytail constantly, reaches to her back by human standards
Species: Anthrophomorphic Bottlenosed Dolphin, lacks arm-fins and leg-fins
At-a-glance: Humanoid dolphin that sports a completely water-resistant prosthetic and knows machinery well. Has goggles on for claimed sight-correction purposes.

Appearance/Features/Personality: She is obviously a land-based dolphin anthro, judging by the fact her tail and flukes are positioned like what one would see on a catgirl or other similar anthropomorphic creatures. Unlike the rest of her species, she lacks the accustomed mini-fins that accompany her forearms and forelegs, making her somewhat an oddity for her kind. She still has the usual dorsal fin on her back, along with the blowhole normally used for underwater study and work(it covers up completely and is nigh-unnoticeable when not in use). The most obvious set of features is her sleek appearance(despite being around a D-cup, which is marked in Dolphin society as a slight stigma) and cool grey skintone, along with the elongated snout that gives her a similar facial structure to a Bottlenosed Dolphin. Her tail goes in length from her waist(centered on her back) and goes a foot and a half past the bottom of her feet, usually kept arched while on land to prevent falls and keep balance properly centered while walking. While in water, her tail falls down into place between her legs and serves as natural propulsion, enabling her to work in aquatic environments easily and efficiently. Despite being aquatic, she doesn't need as much water to keep her skin moist, resulting in longer times working outside water environs and allowing her to stay on land for more than a week before requiring a couple hours in water. She also has the ability to use echolocation, but rarely bothers with it unless she absolutely needs to see something farther away. Her standard attire is a swimsuit top and bottom, paired with cargo-style shorts for out of water environs. She really dislikes wearing anything else other than those, and will try to avoid any possibility of wearing more than those. Jodi is also a very amiable and gentle person, and it takes a lot of stress to get her angry and bitter. She also loves to play around, especially with her technological achievements when they're finished.

Personality(recapped): Gentle, outgoing and amiable, although quickly turns to bitter and angry when stressed out heavily. Oftentimes a little on the nerdy side, but recognizes the need to explain to others along with occasionally giving out personal advice gathered from her years of being an 'outcast' of her society.

Abilities: Jodi is an amazing technological mind, able to piece together things from just their component parts. Due to her ability to use echolocation and the improved sections of her mind from being part-dolphin, she is considered a genius amongst the scientific community for her contributions and is skilled at discovering new and inventive ways to make robotics and machines useful for others. Her skill is so focused into machinery, that despite being so specific she has made breakthroughs on things like transformative alternatives to standard costuming prosthetics along with devices that can slow or reverse time. The only difference is that she rarely builds those kinds of machines, and are often personal-use items that she'd never disclose to the scientific world. This renders her as very secretive about personal projects, while being obviously outgoing during commissioned works. Since her forte is first and foremost centered on robotics and machines, she is skilled at repair and freestyle building along with advanced mechanics.

History: Jodi worked abroad a lot of her life, going to each site and living her life outside the domed cities she'd often visit. Since she didn't always work inside the domed cities underwater, she's had plenty of experience talking with local wildlife, including several varieties of squid and octopi that were non-anthro or non-mer. She's also able to use her native language as well, although reserves that for emergencies since it is a fairly simple communication system. Right now, she has been working on a trans-dimensional device and somehow managed to land herself in Mossy Knoll without a way to return.
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Re: Character Bios[Create a New life here.]

Postby Kalga on Sat Aug 30, 2008 5:08 am

For Moperville 2.5

Name: Anna von Jager
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Place of Birth: Nice, France

Physical description: Anna is 5'5", with a good figure for a human (not sure what else you guys got here); 34DD with a near perfect hourglass figure . Her eyes are blue, and her hair is purple; which she admits to dyeing. It's arranged in a mid back hairstyle, with bangs ending right at the tips of her eyes. She normally dresses in t-shirts and baggy pants, done up with a belt or two, both of which are used; and not just hanging off her waist. She wears thin red framed oval glasses, which is constantly adjusting, due to them being a bit over sized.

Personality: While fairly outgoing and bubbly around girls, she is absolutely terrified by guys; and can only manage a stammer about them. Anna is quick to run when faced by guys, and hang out almost exclusively with girls; leading some to believe she is gay. She is hesitant to talk about where she came from, and doesn't like revealing more then her city of birth. She doesn't like talking about her mother at all, and is hesitant talking about her father, outside a basic overview. Her hobbies, likes, and dislikes are fair game though. She has a interest in many odd things, for her, such as Seventies and Eighties rock. Anna doesn't understand how mp3 players work, so she has to make due with older types of music, like CDs.

Brief history: She was born in Nice, France. Her father leads a equal rights union for women, which is how he met her mother; who she doesn't like to talk about. Getting really good grades in school, she was selected for a transfer program. She had always wanted to see America, so she accepted, and got sent here.

Abilities: Anna is fluent in English, German, and French. She is unusually skilled at throwing weapons, but not to a expert level. She claims it's just her guilty pleasure; being able to throw knifes at things. In truth, it's to keep the boys away. She can play the bass guitar, and owns a red Fender Bass V

Weaknesses: Most glaringly, crippling androphobia. She's also very bad at technology, and not too good with pop culture, least not within the last 20 years. Anna doesn't enjoy having her body type, and a fear of wearing skirts.
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Re: Character Bios[Create a New life here.]

Postby Dreestith on Sat Nov 15, 2008 9:54 am

Human and Feline
Height: 5'4
Weight: 120 lbs
Identifying mark: the Scar on his forehead, which not only signifies when he's able to use Magic, but the emotion he's feeling as it glows (normally a soft pink)
Hair Pattern: (more so fur) Zig Zags across his not so massive body.
Personality: Quiet, and fine tuned.
Appearance: (Imagine Tedd's face.) Brown hair, long enough to need to be held in a pony tail which hangs down to his shoulders even being held up, with bangs long enough to cover most of his scar, unless it were to glow, he has a slender build, and will usually be seen with no shirt, and wearing loose blue jeans.
He has a star shaped Scar on his forehead, which is the source of his magic, the scar was put there in one single battle, which he had won, and since he won, he became an honorary member of that tribe whose chief he had defeated. They put the star shaped scar on him, not knowing that he had the magical prowess unlocked by it.
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Re: Character Bios[Create a New life here.]

Postby abbii on Sat Dec 27, 2008 1:32 pm

Character name: Kai Iona Catherine McShane (formerly Kai Oban Kerian McShane)

Age: 18

Height: 5'3"

Hair color: Purple (naturally blonde)

Eye color: Blue

Background: Kai was born to a pair of liberal hippie parents who lived for a short while on the road in a small farm just outside Edinburgh. Although born male, she had always always felt herself to be female and since the age of 3, dresses in feminine and androgynous clothing. Luckily due to her Androgynous name, appearance and the accepting disposition of her parents, she has had no problem living as female. She has often traveled with her parents all over Europe, meaning she can speak German, Dutch, French, Gaelic and due to her father, Welsh.

She has a gift (as her mother puts it) where she can leave her physical form to appear at any point within 100 miles as pure energy, whilst simultaneously being able to interact and be aware in her physical form, in affect making a non-autonomous invisible duplicate.


Character name: Canna 'Kernal' David Ness McShane

Age: 18

Height: 5'3"

Hair Colour: Green (Naturally Blonde)

Eye Colour: Blue

Background: Kernal is Kai's twin Brother. Like Kai he has a High IQ and speaks several languages. Unlike his sister, he has a gift for computers and has been coding since the age of 12. This has earned him the nickname Kernal, after the linux kernal.

Unlike his sister, he has no gifts, but his knowledge of technology makes up for this.
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Re: Character Bios[Create a New life here.]

Postby zerras on Sun May 03, 2009 7:44 am

-For Use in Fort Mayhem-

Name: Sonjya [Prime 87]
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Class: Sniper

Appearance 5'10, 145 lbs. Wears glasses, athletic build, brown eyes with shoulder length brown hair that is tied back to keep it out of her face. Urban Camo with a boonie cap when expecting trouble, but when at rallies, she wears a White Beret and carries a Ceremonial Sword.

Theme Song: "Those with Fear" -Tricossmoa

Associated Weapons:

Laser TSR

H&K MP-7

G-9 Mico-Nuke Grenade
-About the size of a baseball, armed with a spoon and pin. When it detonates it results in a 1 meter tall mushroom cloud and incinerates anything within a 20 cm Radius.

Ceremonial Mono-filament Sword


Logos Mastery

Expert Marksmen

Fire Support:

Carpet Bombing drops a series of bombs on a targeted location, instantly dealing huge damage to everything in the area. Rank 1 drops a single cluster of bombs at the specified point, while rank 3 drops two clusters of bombs 25 meters apart, in a horizontal line perpendicular to the direction your character is facing. The radius of each cluster is 15 meters, so the zones will overlap slightly with rank 3. Excellent to use anywhere large clumps of enemies can be found. Control Point defense is ideal, as there are often several targets within bombing range of a single cluster bomb.

Ion Beam fires a beam of light onto a targeted enemy. The damage done is much lower than with Carpet Bombing, and the primary advantage is that it stuns the target for several seconds.

Flame Wall drops a line of napalm onto the ground which burns for 10 seconds, dealing heavy damage to any enemy units which stay within the burn radius. Very powerful when enemy units are clustered together and standing still.
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Re: Character Bios[Create a New life here.]

Postby wolflike on Tue Jun 16, 2009 10:58 am

Full Name: Lorne Anadon Logan
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140 lb
Abilites: No special abilities, but very good reflexes and fairly strong.
Equipment: A TF rifle modified to fire plasma beams and various traps (caltrops, oil slicks, smoke screens, flahsbangs, etc. Things that don't harm people, but hinder their progress). The TF beam takes ten seconds to recharge
History: Lorne grew up in a small midwestern town called Dale. He won a local trivia contest, the grand prize for which was free chauffeur service for a month, which is how he met his driver, Liam Carmichael. In the month that followed, Lorne and Liam traveled around the U.S.A., and had enough crazy adventures that Liam decided to give Lorne free chauffeur service whenever he needed it (provided it didn't conflict with a job that actually payed). Lorne was dropped off in one of the Western states, where he wandered into the desert intending to have a vision quest, but only managing to get himself lost. He wound up in a nameless frontier settlement where he received the TF Rifle from an old cowboy in exchange for two rounds of top-shelf bourbon. He beat a hasty retreat when things got out of hand, courtesy of Liam whom he had called as soon as he could find a place to get his cell phone charged. Liam drove him from there to a civilian air base where he hitched a ride on the first plane out.
Description: A young man of average height and sleight build, Lorne has strikingly green eyes and scraggly dark brown hair. He wears a hemp baja over a white undershirt, a pair of slim, boot-cut jeans held in place with a black leather belt and white sneakers. He doesn't look like much, but has proven to be wily and clever, and fairly fast and strong for a guy his size. He has exceptionally bad luck and tends to klutz his way in and out of situations.
Full Name: Yutsuko "The Heron" Murakami
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Height: 5'1''
Weight: 92 lb.
Abilites: None
Osprey: Nickname "Ozzie". A miniature flying platform that utilizes jet propulsion, shaped like a crescent moon. Yutsuko rides it in a standing or crouching position, using magnets in her boots to engage and disengage herself forcefully, along with handholds on the front and sides to steady herself at higher speeds. Ozzie is equipped with machine guns and a grenade launcher in the front and a smoke screen in the back. It can be remotely controlled as well, using a control embedded in one of Yutsuko's hands; she can see where she is flying through the visor over her right eye. Ozzie is generally reliable, but prone to minor malfunctions, such as breaking handholds and weapon jams.
Hummingbirds: Small, remotely controlled flying devices that are outfitted with cameras. They can see in infrared and nightvision and are quite handy at scouting unknown locations, but not much more. In a pinch, the propellers can be used on opponents, but of course the device is destroyed in the process. Many times, a hummingbird will not make it to it's opponent before it's ripped to shreds by whatever monstrous weapon they happen to be utilizing.
Wasp: Small, remotely controlled weapons equipped with small, weak front and rear deflector shields in order to make them slightly more battle-ready. Yutsuko cannot track them through her visor, and so must keep them in her vision, or be mindful of the area she is sending it into. These small weapons can fire short bursts of plasma and are fitted with explosives, along with self-destruct devices. If one of them explodes, the resulting blast will be 7-9 feet in diameter.
Plasma Pistol: Yutsuko's trusty plasma pistol; it never jams and can fire ten shots in rapid succession before it needs to recharge. Recharging takes between 8 and 15 seconds depending on how much heat has built up. The Plasma Pistol initially hurts a little more than a paintball, but can leave first to second degree burns depending on the proximity of the attack.
Sticky Mines: Yutsuko must plant these herself. Once planted, they are armed and will explode when Yutsuko activates the proper detonator.
Combat Knife: Standard issue stainless steel combat knife.
Small Med Kit: Stocked with bandages, needles and stitches, peroxide and other things Yutsuko might need to patch herself up quickly.
History: Yutsuko grew up with a band of desert nomads who trained her in the ways of combat, makeshift technology and survival. She participated in her first raid of a military base at age ten, and by age twelve was well-known and respected among the Gobhan Raiders as an eager, excitable girl who reveled in fighting and stealing from their oppressors. She was exceedingly clever with machines, especially remote-controlled ones and designed the Hummingbirds, Wasps and her crowning achievement, the Osprey. When she came of age at 17, she was sent on a quest to find a suitable place for the Raiders to migrate to. She found one, but when she returned she found that her comrades had been ambushed by the military. Only a few had survived, and even fewer of these were well-trained in combat. Leading a detachment, she lead them cautiously into the unknown.
Description: Yutsuko is short and scrawny, but her stature betrays a distinct wiliness in close and medium range combat. She has short, black hair that frames her round, cute face which is partially obscured by a pair of heavy-duty square glasses. The right lens is outfitted with a removable visor that wraps around the side of her head. She uses this visor to project the cameras from Ozzie and the Hummingbirds onto the inside of her right lens so she can see where she is maneuvering them without obscuring her vision. Her torso is clothed in a white cotton undershirt with battle-scored metal body armor over the top of it. Over her right shoulder is draped what appears to be a shoulder pad made of a series of black metal squares; in actuality this is the strap that contains all of the sticky mines she uses for hasty demolitions. Her hands are clad in leather gloves. Her left arm is in fact a realistic-looking prosthesis procured from a military base. Inside her left hand are the primary controls for Ozzie, controlled by the movement of different fingers. Her belt is outfitted with myriad remote controls, an auxiliary control for Ozzie, a holster containing her Plasma Pistol and a small field medical kit. She wears olive green shorts rolled up to mid-thigh and combat boots that go up to the middle of her shins, her combat knife is sheathed inside her right one.
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