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Postby Amon Star on Sat Jul 07, 2007 3:52 pm

Warhammer 40K Kill Team RP

Name: Raygen
Age: 21
Description: 5'5" tall, powerful build. Dark hair, eyes & skin. Male.
Personality: Violent, racist, sexist & debauched. Is a vice ridden bully. Acts stupid, but is actually quite intelligent & knows not to back chat a superior, to much.
Background: Born on Necromunda in House Van Saar territory. Orphaned from an early age by a mutant, was raised by the local gang leader. Became his lieutenant by age 15 by killing everyone else that wanted the position. Joined the Imperial Guard when the whole gang got recruited. Is only surviving member. Got picked for the Ordo Xenos when he killed an Ogrin in a drunken brawl.
Equipment: Hellgun, serrated gang knife, collection of severed right pinkies, autopistol, frag grenades, 1 melta bomb.
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Postby PurpleGerbils on Tue Jul 10, 2007 6:49 pm

My character to practice with...

Name: Galatae
Age: 23
Description: Tall, thin, long white hair, gold eyes, and pale skin. Female. Appears intelligent, but... Isn't.
Backround: Galatae was born into a rich family that spoiled the brat since she was tiny. She bought her way through life until her parents abrubtly cut off her allowance. Now she's broke, annoyed, and unemployed.
Personality: Sarcastic, rude.
Species: Looks human, but is 1/4 unicorn. Don't ask how that happened. The only thing that indicates that is her hair, and she's otherwise human.
Clothes: White dress and pink headband.
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Postby Guessmyname on Fri Jul 13, 2007 4:27 am

Team 13 RP

Name: CJ
Age: 16
Appearance: Male. Denim jeans, Eagles of Death Metal T-shirt. Bit short, light-brown hair that hasn't been cut for three years.
Personality: Sarcastic, good natured, bit of a coward. No-one actually knows his real name (CJ is his initials). Likes Rock and Jazz music, no matter how old it is.
History: Prior to the outbreak, CJ didn't do much. Come the outbreak, CJ was in the Lower Sixth at St. Lucia High. After quite a lot of chaos and fighting, he took the cricket bat from his school, the kitchen knife from home and found the Browning on a dead policeman (which he had to decapitate first). He since joined a group of survivors who proceded to the safety of Crealey.
Any relevant skills: Good shot with a pistol. Good runner, and good with computers. Quiet, good at sneaking around (often walking up unnoticed behind people, startling them unintentionally)
Equipment: Thick leather jacket with large collar (protects neck and covers mouth), shinpads, kneepads. Browning 9mm pistol, large kitchen knife, sledgehammer and a police radio. Sunglasses

K-Site RP
Name: Tashi Obara
Age: 26
Hair: Long, red, messy, tied back.
Eyes: Blue
Appearance: Female, tall, thin and wiry.
Class: Enlisted
Weapon skill: Sniper rifles. Owns an Accuracy International AS50 (see here), along with a knife, some grenades (frag and smoke), a pistol and other equipment (radio etc)
One Special Skill: Good shot
Bio/history: Born in the bunker, her parents remember what pre-war life was like. Taught to doubt everything without proof, but to keep her thoughts to herself. Hair is actually a light brown - she lost a bet and has to dye it that way now. Sensible - doesn't drink, doesn't smoke and is nearly always calm. Has a rather dry sense of humour.

Elements RP
Name: Joanna Killgore
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: 6'2" with brown hair and blue eyes. Usually wears white clothing
Personality: Somewhat eccentric, with a quirky sense of humour that combines to give the impression that she has little sanity. Is actually quite smart, but tends to act on random impulses.
History: Not much, beyond having a combination of good school grades and too many detentions. Born in England, moved to Toronto because she felt like it, though her mother was canadian, so she's also exploring her roots whilst she's there.

Element: Ice
Appearance: Turquoise hair and eyes. Doesn't feel the need to change when the 'transformation' occurs.
Random Facts: Can't ice skate to save her life
Cpl Obara of K-Site and the Art Pirates
Joanna Killgore in Elements RP
GM of The W40K Kill Team RP and A Cursed Few RP

Amateur writer and comic artist My Deviant Art Page, The Projector Club

I take refuge in the fact that one of these days, I'm going to snap and kill all of you.
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Postby Amon Star on Sun Jul 15, 2007 2:10 pm

Mossy Knoll RP

Name: Archie Walpole.
Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Age: 57
Height: 5' 3"
Hair: Brown.
Eyes: Brown.
Appearance: Normally dressed in expensive yet tastefully clothing, Archie looks like Winston Churchill, complete with the cigar, paunch & pocket watch. His stature may not be impressive, but his force of personality is.
Personality: Arrogant & domineering. Though not cruel, he rarely thinks about the opinions of others. He ruled his family strictly, using his force of personality to force anyone else to back down. He justified this to himself because they have no material needs thanks to him.
Background: Archie Walpole came from a well off family in Gal-Zabor. When he was old enough, he became an exporter of goods to the surrounding nations. This made him even richer, which is just as well, as he has expensive tastes.
He married at the age of 38, though before that he was quite a ladies man, to a woman half his age. Their first child, a son, came two years later, a with a daughter five years after that. Life went relatively smoothly until 4 years ago, when his wife died in an accident. This was a lot more devastating to the children than it was to him.
Recently, Archie has decided that Mossy Knoll will make a great place to retire. With his money, arranging safe air transport is no problem. Of course, he takes his family with him, regardless of what they say in the matter.

Name: Daniel Walpole.
Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Age: 17
Height: 5'8" (Appears shorter due to slouch)
Hair: Brown.
Eyes: Green.
Appearance: A lanky teenager that is normally sloughed over with his hands in his pockets. Generally dressed in jeans & t-shirt. he has recently been cured of his acne.
Personality: A shy, studious type. He's spent all his life living in his father's shadow. He spends most of his time studying anything he can get his hands on. After his mother's death, with has mainly been necro/yogamancy.
Powers: Is intelligent & knowledgeable. Also knows some magic, mostly necro/yogamantic.
Background: Not much can be said about Daniel past. He grew up wanting for nothing material, studied hard & realized early on that he should just agree with his father about everything. He was devastated when his mother died, but didn't grieve as openly as his sister. When his father announced suddenly that they would be moving to Mossy Knoll, he tried to persuade him otherwise, that his school work was important. His father just replied that he would hire him a tutor. And that was that.

Name: Anne Walpole.
Race: Human.
Gender: Female.
Age: 12.
Height: 4' 11"
Hair: Blond.
Eyes: Blue.
Appearance: Will be a real head turner when she fully matures. Her clothes range from expensive dresses around the house to jeans & t-shirt when she's out causing trouble.
Personality: A spoilt little trouble maker. Very fiery, she argues with her father a lot. She also deliberately gets into trouble just for the attention. Or for the sake of it. Or because she's bored. Or...

You get the picture.
Background: Where Daniel tried to conform, Anne rebelled. From tantrum to running away (a few days at most), she always has been a handful. Of course, the worst punishment she ever suffered from was reduced allowance. Didn't stop the shouting, however.
She cried loudly throughout her mothers funeral. After this, the fights became more regular. She reacted to the news of the move in her customary fashion by screaming, then running away. She returned just as her family was on the way to the airport, her bags all packed for her.
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Postby Marshmallow on Thu Jul 19, 2007 9:44 pm

Hmmm, since I guess I kinda need one for defending the Fort...

Name: Marshmallow, One, Imp
Race: ... Dust-bunny..?
Gender: Female
Age: Appears 6-ish, actual age indeterminate
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies, but always much lighter than she should appear

Appearence: Childlike face and body. Her eyes look purple from afar, but on close inspection they are clearly multiple shades of purple, blue, green, and red. Her hair is light blue, quite thick, and is usually pulled back into a ponytail that can reach to her knees. Her ears are long, brown, floppy, and rabbit-like; the left one sports a gold hoop-earring and a gold stud-earring. Her usual apparel is a jade-green girl's tee and baggy blue-jeans that are specifically designed to accomodate her rabbit's tail. Her feet are usually hidden by the jeans, but yes she does have rabbit's feet (just not lucky ones!). She also wears a gold-and-jet medallion (think Lucia's pendant from Lunar 2) that is only present on the actual Marshmallow, aka One.

Personality: Free-spirited, playful, curious, mischevious, and loyal to whichever cause she's currently devoted to. She would willingly forgo her dignity (to a point) if it meant keeping up the morale of those around her.

Backround: What exactly "Marshmallow" is, is up for debate. At some time in the distant past, a woman named Mae discovered a crystal-like object. Oh, it was pretty and shiny and made all sorts of interesting things happen when it was attached to objects, but Mae really didn't have time to experiment with the crystal. She gave it to Saeth, a sort of friend of hers, who after her own initial delight in the crystal faded, became bored of it and lost it under her couch.
Time went by, and one day the most unusual thing happened. From under the couch crawled a rabbit-like form composed of dust, cat hairs, and couch lint; the basic ingedients of the common dust-bunny. Saeth, both amused and disturbed by the sudden animation of the dust-bunny, picked it up, dropped it in a bag that had the remains of some cookies in it, and brought it to her soon-to-be son-in-law's mother, Aoi, who had the reputation of being a genious, if not slightly crazy, scientist.
Upon arrival at the lab and removing the creature from the bag, both Saeth and Aoi were shocked to discover that 'it' had not only eaten the remaining cookies, but taken on a humanoid shape that faintly resembed Saeth's. Even more amazing was that, visablly embedded in the creature's chest, was the crystal that Saeth had lost a year before.
Tests were preformed on the creature, but the results were baffling. The crystalline Core seemed to defy all logic and known science, but also gave off a radiation similar to the type that Saeth's son, a test-tube bred and born child derived from several unstable DNA sources and imbuded with a phenomon known as "D-cell", constantly emitted.
The creature quickly picked up the common language and earned the name "Marshmallow" after it's fondness for the puffy treats was discovered. Testing continued for over a year before Aoi threw up her hands and finally admitted that she couldn't figure out how the creature came to be. Saeth, at a loss for anything else to do, brought the creature back home with her, where it continued to stay with her and her family.

Abilities/Neat Tricks:

-- Divide -- Marshmallow can, in theory, divide herself into an infinate number of copies, and each copy can, in theory, divide itself an infinate number of it's own copies, which can also divide itself into an infinate number of it's own copies... and on down the line. However, anything past the initial twenty copies tends to be a bit lacking in both mental and physical powress; and anything past the inital fifty is hardly worth the effort. The size of the copies will always be obviously less than the original, but will not reduce once the form reaches 5 inches tall.
To divide, she must be put under physical pressure; hugs, glomps, tackles, stuff falling on her, running into things fast enough, or being hit hard enough.

-- Combine -- Marshmallow can recombine with her copies; the result in which 'One' becomes larger with each recombine; however the mass of One rarely ever matches what it should when consitering the copies; the Core seems to enjoy ignoring basic pricipals of physics.
To combine, they must be pysically in contact.

-- Share Core -- At will and whim, Marshmallow can break off peices of her Core and 'share' it with others; it can animate inanimate objects, give animals/animaloids a humanoid form, and 'changes' humanoids in odd ways.

-- Internal Pocket-dimention -- An off-shot of the Core's blatent defiance of the laws of physics, Marshmallow seems to be able to pull and place random objects from/in her pockets that normally wouldn't fit.

-- Core Link -- By leaving a peice of her Core somewhere, Marshmallow can return to it with ease; even over long distances or cross-dimentions.

-- The Power of Cute -- A sort of 'defence mechanism', Marshmallow can emit an aura of pure 'cuteness' that can entrance most threats and allow her to escape.

Combat: Unless someone is consitering throwing copies of Marshmallow at an opponent as a distraction or employing an entire legion of them to stun with Cute, she is basically useless in a fight. Instead, she is best suited for infiltration missions in which she is free to cause whatever annoyances and mayhem that she can. Her teeth are very sharp and durable; ideal for gnawing through computer wires, shoelaces, table legs, and her bite is quite vicious.
I have:
One TF gun, five cans of unlabelled soda, one empty cracked open can of unlabled soda, a cookie (with shiny foil wrapping), one dead fish, a squirrel teddy, a fire extinguisher, a Cadian Pattern Lasgun, one portable Deus Ex Machina with one use, one plasma grenade and its instruction manual, some jell-o pudding cups (courtesy of Ti-Phil), and a voodoo doll of Grace in her half-squirrel form.

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Postby Piane on Fri Jul 27, 2007 5:50 pm

This is my first post on EGS Mayhem, so I thought a bio whould be best

Name: Piane Grimtotem
Race: Tauren (From WoW)
Fur Colour: Black
Eyes: Purple
Favoured weapons: Firearms, Blades
Gender: Female (even though I'm male in RL)
Height: 7'
Current junk: A sniper rifle, a combat shotgun, and two combat knives
Current avatar: Shizuo from Durarara, ready to kick Izaya's head in.
Current theme song: "21st Century Schizoid Man" By King Crimson

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Postby Amon Star on Mon Jul 30, 2007 5:24 am

Davian Civil War RP

Name: Reginald Beek
Race: Dogman
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Occupation: Medic
Appearance: Big & strong. Looks like a humanoid St Bernard. 6' 2". 228 pounds. Blood Type O.
Personality: Loyal & gentle to his friends, vicious to his enemies. Wants to be a Combat Medic, but can't because of his race.
History: The biggest of his litter, Reg could easily have become a bully. Luckily for his siblings, this was not to be & he become their protector, not tormentor.
The Beeks are a military family, so Reg & his siblings didn't have much chose about there career path. Though of average intelligence, Reg is determined when he wants to be, so did reasonable in his studies. He chose to be a medic because it would allow him to help the most people.
Contacts: Has his family connections, who are reasonable respected in military circles.
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Postby Cheez on Sat Aug 04, 2007 9:37 am

Davian Civil War RP

Name: Rufus Isaac (Nickname- Ox)

Race: Bullman

Age: 26

Sex: M

Occupation: Heavy Support

Appearance: Large, even for Bullman standards. Heavily muscled. Thick orangey-red fur/hair, large, upwardly curving horns. His hair grows over his eyes, but he keeps his fringe trimmed. He has a scar on his nose. Brown eyes. 7'0 tall.

Personality: Violent and stupid, but loyal. Will unquestioningly obey an order. Brave and enjoys fighting.

History: Joined up because it was either that or go to prison. He'd been arrested for several violent crimes. Previously, he'd worked for a gang in Matobav, doing low level grunt work.

Contacts: Has friends in low places, thanks to gang conections.
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Postby Rakuras on Thu Aug 09, 2007 12:29 am


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I'm supposed to put something here?!!

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Postby Amon Star on Thu Aug 09, 2007 5:54 am

For Jesse's DnD Parody.

Name: Mourn Moondown
Age: 170
Sex: Male
Race: High Elf
Class: Wizard
Allignment: Neutral Good
Stats: Really good Intelligence, very good Dexterity, good Constitution & Wisdom, average Strength, below average Charisma.
Skills: Can cast up to 6th level magic, has a toad familiar (Wartsworth), can make potions, scrolls & wondrous items. Knowledgeable.
Personality: Curious & thoughtful. He likes to travel as it broadens the mind & allows him to see new things. Prefers learning by doing. Quiet.
General Appearance: Tall & robust by elven standards, but not by much. Has pale skin, slightly weather beaten, silver hair & grey eyes.
Clothing: A blue rode & sandals.
Bio: Started travelling when he finished his apprenticeship. He has recently arrived in a small village in southern Central Mayhem.
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Postby RichM90071 on Thu Aug 16, 2007 10:07 pm

Edit: this is already out of date. Current version is listed on the EGS Mayhem wiki. Possibly this post should be deleted. Let me know and I will do so.

[Sorry this is so long. I couldn't think of any shorter way to explain it all.]

He Who Lurks in All Shadows

That's his full title. Usually referred to as "the Lurker in the Shadows" or simply "the Lurker" in dialog.
"RichM90071" is a rough approximation of his name in the human mode of communication. If something more easily pronouncible is needed, he will answer to "Richard."

Race: shadow-folk, "the Lurkers on the Boundaries," distant relatives (or perhaps descendants) of Nyartholep. Due to philosophical differences, he left his people aeons ago, and hasn't had much to do with them since.

Occupation: Anthropomorphic Personification. "Discovery" is the closest English approximation. He represents the process by which Darkness becomes Light, Chaos becomes Order, and the Unknown becomes the Known.

Age: not humanly measurable, but greater than 20 billion years
Height: usually about 5'11"; Weight: negligible
Hair: not really but may appear so; Eyes: yes; Sex: no, but normally appears male (thus the use of "he" rather than "it")
Appearance: When he wishes to interact with the physical environment, he shapes the local shadows into a semi-solid, vaguely-humanoid form.

Interests: finding things out and writing things down. He's planning on applying for a job with Hist Div over at Fort Mayhem. May apply for a reporting job at the station they're setting up to compete with MNCAN.

*Fourth-Wall Aware* Basically, the fourth wall doesn't exist for him. While in a thread, he can "see" the actual posts. He is aware that I exist, and mostly knows whatever I know. He thinks of me as his "meat avatar" on that plane of existence humans so laughably call "the real world."

*Lurk in the Shadows*. He's a very accomplished lurker. He registered on the Keen Forums in October 2004, and lurked nearly three years before making his first post. He can lurk anything, anywhere on the Internet. When he shifts a portion of his attention to a thread location, the message *The Lurker in the Shadows lurks in the shadows* is posted. Those sensitive to the supernatural may notice his presence. When he "leaves" the message *The Lurker in the Shadows turns his attention elsewhere* is posted. [Edit 8/17/07] The Lurker keeps track of his lurking in this blog. All pages linked there should be considered character knowledge.

*Threadscan* While in a thread, he can scan its entire history. Like Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen, he perceives time as a long, extended present. Sometimes he loses track of when "now" is supposed to be.

*Delurk*. The Lurker steps out of the shadows, taking on a human-like form. These "shadow-avatars" are something like a genius loci, semi-bound to the location where they manifest. A shadow-avatar can leave the location it's bound to, but the Lurker can't manifest in that location while it's gone. Usually he just Relurks and then Delurks elsewhere. The shadow-avatar can manipulate objects the way a human would.

*Relurk* The Lurker abandons his form and merges back into the shadows. His Shadow Items (see Inventory) go with him, but he can't carry physical objects like that.

*Multi-Locate* Can lurk multiple locations at the same time, and can have multiple shadow-avatars active at the same time.

*Pop* The shadow-avatars are not very sturdy. Any damage or excessively rough handling can cause one to *pop*. When that happens, his awareness returns to the shadows. He loses any items, Shadow or otherwise that he was wearing or carrying. If this is done in malice, it is a kind of banishment, and he cannot manifest a shadow-avatar in that location until he's invited back.

*Glinda's Gag* As Glinda told Dorothy at the end of The Wizard of Oz, sometimes you have to find out things for yourself. GMs/moderators/whatevers can invoke Glinda's Gag to keep him from sharing his insanely overpowered character knowledge with other characters. When RPing, he tries to use common sense -- he's here to record stories, not derail them. However, if the whatever wants to make specific subjects off-limits, he will abide by that.

When not in use, these items are stored "in that space where shadows go while waiting for the lights to dim."

Shadow Items:
These are basically semi-tangible manifestations of the Lurker's thought processes. They help him record his impressions in a form that human-like creatures can perceive. They can be manifested with the shadow-avatar. They can manifest in multiple locations at the same time. They can be *popped*, upon which they return to the Inventory.

Glinda's Gag -- may appear as an actual gag around his mouth to keep him from sharing things that Characters Were Not Meant to Know.

Shadow-Cam -- records audiovisual impressions, which can be downloaded to the Laptop. Autonomous -- it can float around and operate itself. Can operate in Lurk mode.

Shadow Copier -- copies text from the Tome of Shadows, makes copies in human-readable format. Works with the Laptop as a scanner. May copy ordinary documents as well.

Shadow Laptop -- accepts input from the Shadow Cam and the Shadow Copier. Can burn DVDs or other digital media readable with human technology. Can interface with human electronic equipment. Has full access to the real-world Internet.

Shadow Mike -- Works with the Shadow Cam

Shadow Pen -- Used with the Tome of Shadows. Uses liquid shadow as ink.

Shadow Sunglasses -- Okay, these just protect his sensitive shadow eyes from the light. His shadow-avatars usually wear them.

Tome of Shadows -- Tome-sized notebook he uses to write things down in. It's in a private shorthand unreadable by other beings. It vaguely resembles Cyrillic. When you try to read it, you get the feeling it's reading you back. It has an unlimited number of pages. Can be used in Lurk mode -- you may hear scritchy noises coming from the shadows.

Regular Material Items
An infinite number of carrots. (from Jenerix525)
[Edit 8/17/07] An empty soda can.
a flashlight (from Jorlem)
Infinite Scroll of Doom-Ish. With pen. (from littlebeast)
a can of mackerel (from Cheez)
a newbie pack, containing a TF gun, a squirrel teddy, a dead fish, a cookie wrapped in scotch tape, and 5 cans of unlabeled soda (from Nikolai)
some rope. "They always have rope wrapped around 'em in the movies and they always end up usin' it." (from Boondock Saints by way of Fishstix)
a bag of salt-n-glass cookies (from Cheez)
shiny hubcap (from Cheez)
a pair of water-rimmed sunglasses (from Nikolai)
Yarnball of Distraction (from Kalga)
He Who Lurks in All Shadows, EGS-DF Hist-Div, Combat Historian. We write history and make it, too.
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Postby The Lord Ernie on Tue Aug 21, 2007 2:22 pm

Name: Lord Ernie
Age: Looks to be fairly young (He doesn't say)
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Description: Highly eccentric he never seems to stay in one place and alot of the time what he does say makes no sense. Roughly 5'11"ish. Long brown hair. Always wears velvet purple robes and a bizarrely complex crown. His robes contain multiple pockets which have contents unknown.
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Postby Azerisii on Sat Aug 25, 2007 1:45 pm

Name: Lerani Au'riel
Species: Fehlone
Gender: Male
Preferance: Elvish. He prefers the more human like races, but not actual humans themselves.

History: Raised in the Temple of Autanuriel in Ryani City, Lerani hopped the first ship off Eard (his home planet) and ventured into the universe via the Pluto Space Ark. Through several terrible encounters with human kind, he found himself stranded on a decrepid space station in the outer reaches, with only an odd portal to an alternate version of Earth (Mayhem) or a slim chance at leaving on one of the very occasional ships passing through the docking station...
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Postby seturon on Wed Sep 05, 2007 11:42 pm

Name: Seto Nur
Race: Nychta - undead
Current Residence: Earth sector 1
Gender: Male
Size: Small
Eyes: Grey
Hair: White
Age: 284
Weapon: Schin-Rahn (pronounced Sin Rah) Sword
Special Abilities: As a former Nychta, Seto can wield with great efficiency any kind of sword or combat based magic. However being undead has lowered his rate at learning new powers. Also being undead has allowed Seto an increased will allowing him to press his will onto others, if only slightly.
Bio: Born to the Nur Nychta family, Seto ultimately lead his race to being enslaved by the Cor'Mekkian, a race of powerful shape-shifters. Sent to Earth with a fellow surveyor, Seto joined forces with the humans of a small desert town in the old west. There he was killed for his betrayal. Years later he returned to life no longer living nor dead.
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Postby KrazyKatBoy on Fri Sep 07, 2007 6:05 pm

Name: Daniel Satra
[Pubic files presumed destroyed/non-existant]

Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 113
Eyes: Black
Skin: White
Hair: Bald
Gender: Male
Residence: Unknown

Not much is known about Mr. Satra, not to the public anyway. His house, a small two-story, has been thought to be abandoned, as no one has come out for years, however lights, heat, etc. continues to run (NOTE: The house is off the grid, could have left in a hurry, systems would still work).
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Postby KojiMuffin on Sat Sep 08, 2007 11:06 am

*scampers in* Hmm!

Name: Koji "Muffin" Hikari
Age: 21, but looks 17 due to overabundance of cuteness.
Sex: Predominantly male.
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 112 lbs
Eyes: Bluegreen
Hair: Black
Species: Kitty! (Well ... basically human with kitty-ears and a tail.) Occasionally becomes bunny.
Profile: A bisexual and somewhat androgynous (read: girly) catboy who likes to crossdress, gender-bend, and generally screw around with gender roles, primarily his own. He also likes snuggles a lot, and has ambitions to one day acquire the powers of Schr

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Postby Brylian_Troy on Sun Sep 09, 2007 10:54 pm

Cute Character Koji ^_^, mesa like!

Image Image Image
My art thready =^-^=

I have a deviantart! Mew!

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Postby KojiMuffin on Mon Sep 10, 2007 3:58 pm

*purrs* Thanks! ^^

... now, if only I had a suitable picture to use as my avatar ...

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Postby twilightdusk on Wed Sep 12, 2007 12:52 pm

For "Masters of chibi-puppetry"

Name: Eric
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Blue eyes, black hair, glasses, 5'4'', not too fat, not too skinny, usualy wears black and green.
Personality: Anti-social, Eric has no close friends and makes no attempts to make friends. do not trust people easily.
History: Wishing for someone to talk to, but not trusting even his family enough to talk to them, Eric walked through his house looking for something humanoid to talk to (or preferably a blank journal, but he knew there were none in the house). after searching his room and the main rooms of the house with no succes, he decided to see if there was anything of use in the attic (where his parents kept old dusty items from their childhood, as most do). Before to long, he finds a strange looking doll, verry small, with a head larger than the body and a ring around it's wrist. at last finding something suitable, he brings it into his room and starts listing everything in his life that troubles him. it felt good to finaly have something to talk to, it was as if it were alive...did it just blink? at some point in his ranting the doll had somehow come alive. it reached for the ring on it's wrist and gave it to Eric. still confused, Eric put the ring on his ring finger. when he did, a small amethyst apeared in the center of the ring, starting the bond between himself and the doll.

Name: Akuri
Gender: Female
Appearance: 2'5'' tall, head is 30% of hight, green eyes, blond hair
Personality: opposite form Eric in every possible way, Akuri is verry cheerful, with a persona that would attract many friends if she were human. When around Eric, she is always trying to cheer him up and always has a wide smile on her face.
Stats: -strenght: 2
-endurance: 1
-block: 3
-speed: 5
-Special: 4
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Postby Kalga on Wed Sep 12, 2007 1:18 pm

This is my bio for the Masters of Chibi Puppetry

Name: Allen North
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Allen has scruffy looking brown shoulder length hair. He has large oval glasses with a orange tint. Normal clothes include large, button down shirts, black dress pants, and a green sports coat. Wears puppeteer ring on the left hand middle finger.
Personality: Laid back, and particularly lazy. Exceptionally smart, yet is sarcastic and isn't particularly good in school. Always seems like he knows more than he should, yet never tells anyone more than they should. The kind of person all teachers hate. Isn't particularly liked by classmates from his old school either. Hasn't gone to a day of school in his new town, due to moving, and laziness.
History: Kugutsu has been in his family since his great grandmother, and he always knew he would inherit it, but did not know of it's abilities. When he was 14, and cleaning out his grandmothers house after her death, he gained the ring which controls the puppet. Recently moved to town, about a month ago.

Name: Kugutsu
Gender: Female
Appearance: Green, shoulder length hair, and clay colored skin. Green Eyes. Wears winter clothing, with one of them Russian hats. Two and half feet tall.
Personality: A violent and sadistic puppet who lives only for battle.

-strength: 3
-endurance: 5
-block: 2
-speed: 3
Special:The ability to summon up too five large kitchen knives at a time, and psychically control three at a time, the other two held in the puppets hands. They are a foot long, and the one held in the left hand is serrated.
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Postby EkiEki on Thu Sep 13, 2007 9:46 pm

Bio for Masters of Chibi Puppetry

Name: Aron Livx

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Long(middle of black length) messy faded black hair, black
eyes with rings around them. Aron wears a white shirt and black pants. He has a special jacket that makes him look kinda like a killer. Without it he looks like a mix between a seme and an uke.(Like, he has a kinda effeminate face, but is still tall. Not that I ever said he was gay.)
Personality:Aron is a very strange lad. He can be morbid while still being calm and joyful. He enjoys messing with peoples heads and saying random and or vulgar things to draw attention to himself.

History: Aron found a puppet on the ground and took it with him to sell or maybe keep it if he found it had no value. While he was cleaning it, the puppet activated and now he has his very own chibi puppet Pal!

Name: Sinkada ((It's Japanese-esqe I say!))


Appearance: A Blond haired blue eyed dress wearing boy.

Personality:Sinkada is curious, naive, and as sharp as a butter knife. He also has an air of effeminacy around him as well but, he does not hide it like Aron does

-strength: 2
-endurance: 2
-block 3
-speed: 5
-special Yellow discs of power at the ready. -Inventory


Total Exp: 860
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Postby LostLenore on Wed Sep 19, 2007 4:26 am

Name: Katie Blackbird

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Katie has long auburn hair and fair skin. She usually wears bohemian-looking clothing, mostly stuff she bought from thrift stores and altered. She's particularly affectionate of bracelets and is never seen without at least one.

Personality: Katie is a nonconformist. She's a bit shy, but friendly once one gets to know her a bit, and loyal to the death once she warms up to people.

History: Katie moved to Moperville when she graduated, after having an argument with her parents. She doesn't really know anyone yet, nor does she know what she wants to do with her life. She works in retail and spends a lot of her free time at the mall or just wandering around. One day she saw some strange looking people (or were they animals?), and she's been keeping an eye out for more ever since.

Hobbies: Sewing, singing, painting, writing mysteries, and playing video games

(Note: Katie may or may not be adapted to fit certain RP's)
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Postby NM3 on Thu Sep 20, 2007 6:59 pm

Name: NM3 (Nick Meredith Jr.)

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Appearance: Usually clad in a Trenchcoat with a suit underneath he has been known to instead favor his Father's Ring Gear.

Personality: Headstrong with a touch of arrogance. He has been known for bouts of paranoia due to his family history.

History: His history begins with his Grandfather's. During WWII his Grandfather Richard Meredith came in contact with a strange force that forced him to do his work for awhile as the Masked Vigilante RM.

He eventually decided to forget what happened until his Son Nick Meredith discovered the costume and it's history. However he displayed no aptitude for Fighting Evil Men so he instead wore the costume and wrestled under the name NM Savant eventually retiring with a string of wins and titles under his belt. Which leads to his son Nick Meredith JR.

NM as he was called had no aptitude for Wrestling or School. But did enjoy the comics he frequently read. Including one based on his Grandfather. His life changed on day when he was being horribly beaten by another boy and fired a bolt of energy at the boy,killing him. He had inheirited his Grandfather's powers. He then found out about him and took the old costume and donned the name NM3 and left home to fight what he sees as the good fight.

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Postby Author-Man on Fri Sep 21, 2007 10:46 am

Pre-approved bio goodness fer Steel Spork Inn.

Name- Wolfie (no relation to the 'Wotch' character).
Age- 24.
Height- 5'11"
Weight- Don't ask. It may result in Maulingness.

Appearance- A bit taller than average. She has slightly-longer-than shoulder length black hair. She wears a loose fitting green T-shirt, and grey sweatpants. Oh, and did I mention she's an anthropomorphic wolfgirl? 'Cause she is. She has dark grey fur, and stuff like that. You get the picture. Her eyes are green.

Personality- Wolfie is happy. That is the only way to describe her. She's like a big, anthro puppy. She loves sugar, especially in cookie form. Give her a cookie and she'll love you forever. Make a Lassie joke and she'll maul you. Also, on a related note, she only speaks canine. No English whatsoever. Hence the sensitivity when it comes to Lassie jokes. She's still a nice person, though; she'll at least attempt to warn you when you push her patience. But be careful, as she has no qualms about biting if you piss her off enough.

Abilities- She's much, much stronger than she looks. She has really sharp pointy teeth, and really sharp pointy claws. That's pretty much it, but she doesn't need much more. She's a friggin wolf, what more do you want? Also, can speak with dogs.

And another!

Name- Bob. Just Bob.
Age- 25.
Height- 5'6"
Weight- A suffusion of yellow.

Appearance- Bob wears flowing, sky-blue robes, and a wide brimmed tan coloured hat. His face is shrouded in magical shadow, except for his eyes, which are gold and have a slight glow... That's about it. No one really knows what he looks like under the robes, hat, and shadows, and he isn't telling.

Personality- Bob is, to put it mildly, a pervert. A real jerk of a pervert. He seems to actively try to anger women at times. Otherwise, he's fun loving and laid back. He hates fighting, and will only do so if someone else starts it or he deems it funny. Likewise, he'll only use his magic when needed or humorous.

Abilities- Bob can use a wide variety of magic. Mostly he uses offense based magic, though he knows enough defencive magic to get by. He also is trained in the use of mage sight, which has many applications. This includes seeing through illusions, and seeing through clothing.
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Postby twilightdusk on Tue Sep 25, 2007 6:40 pm

for Parthenon high

Name: Torkell ((will likely think of better name later, going with this for now))
Apparent Age: 15
Actual Age: 4
Domains: weather and electricity
Gender: male
Build: between thin and average
Hair: yellow
Eyes: glowing yellow
Other Appearance: wears comfterable fitting clothes, not too tight or too loose, usualy nothing more than a yellow or blue shirt, pants, and shoes.
Personality: verry erratic in nature, sometimes trying to keep to himself, somtimes trying to get into the spotlight. sometimes wishing to ba alone, and the next second talking amongst his friends at the center of the conversation. when stopping to think about he, he usualy attributes his personality to the domains which he is part of, weather being shifting in nature and lightning being seen as fast and sometimes random. He also assumes that once he learns control of his abilities, that his personality will solidify somewhat, and untill then he will just go with the flow so to speak.
History: the forces of nature see storms at sea causing shipwrecks, tornadoes on land killing thousands, and also see lifegiving rain and sun ad part of the same powers. requiring a figure to control thoes powers, the forces created Torkell, with the potential power to control stoms to not kill innocent people and provide rain and sunlight to thoes in need of it.

however the forces overlooked one drastic detail, though Torkell had the power to control the weather, he had little idea of how to use it, and was easily swayed by the weather into doing little more than amplifying existing conditons, for better or worse. after trying for four long years to control his abilities, Torkell learns of Parthenon High from a conversation, carried by the wind. the weather itself being in a calm mood at the time, Torkell was able to think about what he just heard, and realized that this might be what he has been looking for, that this may be what he needs to finaly control his powers. some lighting sparking around him with his exitment, he begins preperations required to attend the school (creating a body to attend in, figuring out the language and so on)
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