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Psion RP

Postby Xiroth on Tue Sep 12, 2006 9:13 pm

For the Psion RP.
Name: Nathan Lytel
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 65kg (145lb)
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Light brown
Typical dress: Nondescript T-shirt and either shorts or pants (depending on the weather).

Personality: Though an intelligent boy, Nathan far prefers the physical life over the academic one. An accomplished athlete, he's regarded as an up-and-coming star in his home-town's Aussie Rules football league club, where his speed, stamina and quick hands are appreciated in his position as ruck-rover (he got into the sport when it swept the globe in a world-wide phenomenon when he was 7 (OOC: Because I really don't know enough about American football to be able to write about it)). He is somewhat resentful that he's being forced away from his club and home-town friends given that he needs no special training and his powers do not effect non-psions, but his parents have insisted that he go to the psionic school his older brothers are currently seniors at.

With little interest in following his classes, Nathan enjoys the fact that since he has no control over his powers, he needs little training in them and can instead utilise the time that his class-mates spend on that outside playing sport. He typically spends little time with the more academically-inclined of his class-mates, since there are few common interests. He enjoys wrestling, but will sometimes step in to try and stop fights which seem to be becoming serious, particularly psionic ones.

Powers: Nathan is an antipath. As such, he and a small area around him cannot be directly affected by any psionic power. A small scar down his left cheek from a sporting injury proves that his antipathy even applies in cases where he might prefer it didn't, such as psi healing.

History: Growing up with older identical twin brothers isn't easy; if they're psychokinetically gifted, it's only going to be harder. It was therefore fortunate that Nathan's antipathy emerged not long after he was born, preventing the brunt of his older brothers' pranks. However, he has certainly remained well aware of the limitations of his gift
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Postby Miss_Sidhe on Wed Sep 13, 2006 1:49 pm

For Edge of Abyss: City of Twilight RP

Name: Zarin Beagan

Age: 19

Species: Half Neqa'el, Half Human.

Hair Colour: Image

Eye Colour: Image

Fur Colour: Snow Leopard

Height: 6ft 2

Other Description: Zarin's general appearance is largely humanoid although with unnaturally pale skin and natural dark outline around the eyes. His ears whilst on the side of his head as normal are distinctly feline and furry. He possesses a feline tail aswell. Teeth are sharper than average. His eyes as can be seen in eye colour are slanted and feline with eliptical pupils. From there on out he's feline with legs below the kneecaps, arms below the elbows being completely covered in fur. Feet are flat on the ground like human feet but tend to merge into a paw shape around the toes. Hands are humanoid entirely in shape but bear pads on the palm and have retractable claws. His *ahem* matches the fur colouring :shifty:

Father: Edward Beagan

Mother: Maeshara of the Neqa'el

Distinguishing Features: Lower back holds a birthmark resembling three fresh red scratches diagonally across although they are not scratches and hence never heal. Left ear is pierced with a silver hoop bearing an enamelled old fashioned book illustration looking sun. There is a matching hoop in his right nipple.

Likes: Salmon, Doing charcoal portraits usually of really peculiar things that most people concider morbid like tombstones and dead animals and things, Celtic music in particular the Irish harp of which he owns one, Gingerbread, Fantasy fiction.

Dislikes: Water. He showers when he has to but he doesn't enjoy it, Those types of dogs that are really tiny and fluffy and yap all the time, People pulling his tail, Being called a Neko/Cat Boy/Furrie/Furry. He's not. He's a demon. Having feline features is simply coincidental to the race.

Clothes: Skinny-hipped black denim jeans, black t-shirt with silver writing in a demonic language handwritten on it. Loose oversized cream shirt with light silvery-grey pinstripes on it, black sneakers

((History to follow soon))
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Postby Cameo on Sat Sep 16, 2006 4:25 pm

Psion RP:

Name: Zachary Lucas d'Alessio
Age: 14
Species: Human
Height: 5'7
Build: Tall and thin
Hair: Strawberry blond, just beyond ear-length, a bit messy
Eyes: Gray
Skin tone: Light
Gender: Male
Intelligence: High

Appearance: Zach looks like a fairly normal guy, although his hair color and style, combined with reasonably-attractive-in-an-androgynous-kinda-way facial features, have led people to mistake him for a girl on a few occasions.

Clothing: Usually wears either jeans, cargo pants, or cargo shorts (on hot days). Zach always wears either a fan T-shirt (i.e. one bearing some recognizable aspect of a thing he likes; for example, he frequently wears a Serenity shirt) or one with a humourous and/or geeky design or phrase on it. In cooler weather (read: mid-September through the first week or two of May), he'll wear a light-coloured, unbuttoned button-down shirt over the T-shirt.

In uniform, he wears the shirt and pants, as well as a wide variety of ties (most of which are black and white, in various designs), and avoids the blazer as much as possible.

Personality: Zach is an odd mix of two personality types: a dreamer with lots of ideas and creativity but his head in the clouds, but also an off-the-wall, energetic (some would say hyperactive) goofball. He's doesn't usually act like both at once, but on the occasions when he does, he comes off rather like a mad scientist (although he's never made serious attempts to invent things, since he doesn't know enough mechanical stuff or where to find affordable parts).

Background: Zach was born on March 31, 1998, to Daniel and Jessica D'Alessio. His mom liked the name Zachary, whereas his dad preferred Lucas, but they were able to compromise and go with Zachary Lucas (although most people just call him Zach anyways).

His childhood was unremarkable, aside from the skill he had at escaping from cribs and playpens and even his car seat at least once. This amazed and exasperated his parents and older sister Madeline.

His preteen and teen years were also fairly unremarkable save for one thing: In sixth grade, he got a crush on one of the more popular girls in his class, but was afraid to tell her so because he feared making an idiot of himself by being turned down. This repeated itself with a different person in seventh grade... but this time, the crush-ee was male. He wasn't a part of the in-crowd, but Zach still feared being rejected and looking stupid, mainly since he didn't have the slightest idea if the other guy was gay (or bi) or not.

Unlike a lot of psions, Zach's powers didn't show up with a bang (either metaphorical or physical); when he was eleven or so, he just started knowing things without being able to explain how. Sometimes these were random facts related to conversations he was participating in or hearing, other times they were handy things such as where his parents had hidden the junk food (due to concerns that their children were eating too much too fast, they'd moved it all to a locked cupboard that was promptly nicknamed The Vault).

However, the first time this proved to be more than simply a (strange) part of life was when Zach's little brother Alex snuck into his room and stole one of his comics; Zach knew immediately, and he was able to prove that his brother had the comic (since he knew where it was), but he couldn't verify either its status as being rightfully his (he wasn't in the habit of writing his name in his comics or putting any other kind of identifying mark on them) or the way he came to know being something besides having searched Alex's room. As a result, the comic just ended up confiscated.

After a couple of other 'he-couldn't-possibly-have-known-that' incidents, the D'Alessios put the pieces together: Zach was a psion. (The reaction this got from Madeline: "I always KNEW he was a freak!") His parents decided to send him to the nearby high school for psions; although his powers hadn't caused any problems so far, their line of reasoning went, there was always a possibility that they would so long as he didn't learn to control them.

And so here he is, rather annoyed at his parents for "making a big deal out of nothing." But he'll come around eventually.

Abilities: Clairsentience... I think it's been explained enough.

Random Facts:
Zach never really grew out of playing with Lego; he wasn't as interested during his late preteen years, but he never became disinterested enough to either put his collection in storage, sell it, or give it away (either to family members or charity). He didn't bring all of it here, since it's pretty damned hard to transport all that, but he was able to take numerous minifigures and smaller constructs (both commercial sets and things he built himself).
Zach is often seen with an iPod; he likes to have music at least in the background most of the time.
Zach is bisexual, as mentioned above.
The combination of Zach's overactive imagination and tendency towards hyperactivity when bored lead him to do very random things (anything from challenging a classmate to a 'swordfight' with oversized spoons to jumping around on a convenient couch) when sufficiently bored.
Zach's birthday is March 31.
Zach's sister Madeline is currently 19, and his little brother Alex is 11.
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Postby Cybur Netiks on Sun Sep 17, 2006 8:46 am

keenfans RP (and any other rp for that matter)

Name: Cybur Netiks (male, main persona) and "cyburella" (feminine side of cybur netiks)

Age: unknown, but that's only because no one ever asked. best guess is 17.

height: 5' 8"

weight: 120 lbs

gender: confusing. Cybur Netiks, being the main persona, is male. Cyburella would be female, since she is the feminine side

hair: brown

eyes: brown

intelligence: Cybur Netiks isn't really very bright at all, he just seems smart because his feminine side happens to be a genius.

Some confusing details: Cyburella and Cybur are technically the same person, but for some odd reason, and nobody seems to question this, others can interact with them as if they were different people entirely. It is almost an elliott/ellen relationship, but, a little different. Cybur can be seen by himself, since he is the Main persona, but if Cyburella is around, you can bet cybur is nearby, cyburella is the feminine side of cybur, and thus cannot exist without cybur, although cyburella is totally tangible and self aware. Cybur would seem to be a narcisist of sorts, trying to 'pick up' cyburella (this annoys cyburella to no end) But that is probably just the side affect of getting the low end of the intelligence of the persona.

Personality: Cybur sorta likes to be by himself, But when Cyburella wants to go do something (which is always) he inevitably gets dragged along. Cybur netiks does use the intelligence more than cyburella (borrowed i guess would be a accurate term) because he loves to tinker with electronics. Cyburella on the other hand, is an athelete of sorts, being a skilled "nintern" (ninja intern) for hire.

Abilities: Cybur netiks can build stuff. Cyburella is a nintern. nuff said.

Nintern for hire: Cyburella is currently looking to get some contracts going for her nintern skills. mainly trying to get in with some evil organisation (working with the bad guys removes moral hinderances) but would likely accept a contract from good guys as well

one weakness: Cybur stays out of conflicts, not having nintern skills, but still has to be around when cyburella does her thing, so he builds contraptions to protect himself.. he may be his own weakness. Cyburella on the other hand, only has one weakness, only a fully fledged ninja can defeat her
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Postby nightshadow on Mon Sep 18, 2006 2:26 am

For the Psion RP (to be introduced later.)

Name: Matthew Teitre
Age: 25
DOB: June 7, 1987
Powers: Telepathy.
He can delve into one's one's mind with not too much effort. he can also trasmit and recieve messages.
Hair: Slightly long(To the middle of the neck), brown
Eyes: Blue.
Attire: He wears mostly black, though he will where a totally white outfit on occations.

History: Matt was you average kid for his age. He had just finished high school and was getting ready for collage when his psionic powers began to manifest. This caused a rapid change in his collage choise. Matt went to a more psi-accepting collage instead, and eventually found work at Nosotrodaum Acadamy.

Matthew majored in Algebra, Biology and Chemistry. He teaches Algebra I Honors, Geometry I Honors, Biology Honors, often art and two freshman telepathy classes. Many other teachers say his schedul is too full, but he does just fine with it.
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Postby Jonixlord on Mon Sep 18, 2006 2:45 am

For the City of Heroes/Villains RP:

Name: S.H.H.H (Super Human and Humanoid Hunter) or Shhh. (Get it?)
Gender: Male...atleast, that's how he was supposed to be referred to.

Archetype: Stalker
Origin: Technology

Personality: Usually doesn't talk unless he needs to. Will only kill threats or targets, unless the situation calls for something else. Shhh is very cold and calculating. Has an inner monologue. (^_^;

Appearance: Face similar to this only the spider's legs go all the way around his head and intersect on the back. Also, the spider'e head is gone while the white block remains. The eyes are the same shape, but more shaded as they are really just lenses that adjust to the light or dark of his surroundings . Shhh wears a 1950s, detective-style, brown overcoat with a black shirt underneath and Grey pants. He's about 5'10". He has one black glove. The other hand is robotic.

History: Shhh is actually a killer android or killdroidthat was created by a generic mad scientist whom we shall call Prof. Killkovich for convenience. He was created 6 years ago and kept in stasis up until 9 months ago. Killkovich decided to release him and reak havoc upon the city, but Shhh had a different plan. He murdered his creator and escaped. Since then, Shhh has been scouting about the city with an ameteur villain group, being their sentry and trump card.

Powers/Skills/Oddities: Shhh's powers are all stealth-based (duh!) He can hide in any large shadow and immediately be undetected. Even light won't be able to reach him. This is because of a pigment emmiter he has that releases and chemical into the air that absorbs all light within a certaina area. Unfortunately, this makes an aura of darkness around Shhh that makes him detectable in a large enough beam of light. While in the shadows, he can strike out with his robotic hand when it sprouts a 1' blade from his knuckle area. He also has many different heat and night vision lenses he can lay over his "eyes." He can lift about a ton and he can run at 30 mph in short bursts. Prefers to use CQC as to long range seeing as he has no long range abilities. When he's not lurching about the city shadows and being stealthy, you can hear Shhh make a beeping noise every couple seconds. His personality is known to glitch out some times and he will speak kindly to people that he sees, but only for short amounts of time and very rarely.
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Postby Atashi-Cloud on Mon Sep 18, 2006 11:54 am

Character Bio for the 'Resurrected' Bleach RP.^^;

Name: Lorelei Isencrafte
Age: looks 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: about 175-190, depending on the amount of food she's had recently
Eyes: Grey/silver
Hair: Bright Strawberry in tone
Build: similar to Matsumoto, but a little bit smaller.

Appearance: Lorelei looks the part of a powerful reiatsu user, and her skill with Kidou is only dismal due to how much she loses focus. Her hair is a deep strawberry-red color, falling down to just at her shoulders. Her hair is commonly tied to the side with a ring in it, or kept untamed at her back. Her only other distinguishing feature is that she carries the large Zanpakutou of hers at her side, or just plain holding it, as it's hard for her to use in any other style.

Zanpakutou: Shiikeiki, of which she does know the name, but has no idea how to release the Shikai...which renders the whole purpose of knowing the name useless. The Sword itself is large, almost a foot larger than Ichigo's standard Zanpakutou and the thickness of every normal Zanpakutou.

Avatar: The avatar of her sword has been seen once by her, and only by her so far...Shiikeiki is...well, a fairly imposing clay imitation of Lorelei with guns built into her hands, much like how Megaman's are built. Shiikeiki is also hell-bent on pushing Lorelei to her breaking point, to learn more of the sword she wields. So far, all that's happened is learning of the name, the rest is going to take her the rest of her experience in the Academy to figure out.

Background: Lorelei was taken in because she demonstrates a great power of using kidou, despite that she can mess up a simple spell with ease. When they do go off, she has great results and often amazes others with what happens, even if the successive spell does absolutely nothing. So far, she's been labeled 'The Reiatsu Gal', due to her unpredictability with Kidou.
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Postby Jonixlord on Wed Sep 20, 2006 4:58 pm

for Bleach RP:

Name: Mandon Altora
Age: 83 (looks to be in his mid-twenties. That's how SS roles, sucka.)
Gender: A manly man in all of his manlitude
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215 the last time he checked
Build: Beefy with a pinch of flab

Rank/Status: In last year of Shinigami school.

Appearance: Mandon has dark skin, black hair the is cut very close to his head, and Hazel eyes. He looks the part of the muscle for the group. In his life, he enjoyed wearing trendy clothes and likes to carry on that tradition by wearing dark, intimidating shades.

Personality: Even though he looks like he'd kill you as soon as he'd shake your hand, Mandon is a pretty deep and philosophical guy. Very nice unless you do something to him. He tends to hold grudges.

Zanpakuto: It's name is Yuttarishita Kagerou (Calm Dragonfly). It is a relatively broad blade and has a more european look to it's craft. Mandon has no idea why. He has just recently been able to learn to respect his zanpakuto and wants to ask its name soon. His blade has an english hilt with the two prongs at the base of the blade. His shikai, when obtained, allows him to use the wind to attack opponents as well as repel incoming attacks. The latter he might still have trouble with becuase it has to be very precise. The released form of his sword is slightly longer, maybe half a foot, and has one side weighted for stronger momentum when fighting.

Skills: He's not too shabby when it comes to combat, using his large size and powerful swings to overwhelm his opponents. His kidou could use some work. He can only use the Fireball spell, and even then, not very strongly. he prefers to stick with hand to hand and weapons fighting. Speaking of which, he's very good with HtH.
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Postby Jonixlord on Wed Sep 20, 2006 5:07 pm

For TingYi's RP:

Name: Mitchell Joseph "Joey" Ashlin
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11
Build: Beefy
Occupation: Mechanic and part-time Pilot
Class: Low
Appearance: Buzzed, dirty blonde hair. He's usually in a pair of blue jean overalls and a white shirt.(He likes to think of himself as a mixture of Mario and Duke Nukem.) He has green eyes. A little too much body hair for his own good.
Items: He always carries around his handy dandy toolbox/first aid kit. It contains bandages, a wrench, a screwdriver, and some advil.
Skills: He can fix a car given the right tools and time. He can also fly light aircrafts. He's not too shabby in a fight either.
History/Role: Joey is the younger and poorer of two twins. He also happens to be the one who got the visions to get to the mountains. His brother has always been the smarter and better of the two. Joey decided to get his pilot's liscense because it seemed like a smart thing to get. (He had just seen the movie "Airplane!") Afterwords, he went to college to get a his mechanical degree. He is currently single and lives in his brother's apartment.
Personality: He doesn't really think before he speaks. Sometimes, he has a moment of clarity where he will say something incredibly deep and understanding. Usually after them, he belches and laughs.

Name: Vincent Augustus Ashlin
Age: 34 (one minute older than Joey)
Occupation: Vice-Chariman of a large phone company.
Class: High
Physical Appearance: Same statistics as Joey except his hair is longer and combed back into that of a snobbish haircut. Also, he's a little heftier than his twin.
Clothing: Can usually be seen in a slick business attire.
Skils: Nothing to really brag about. He's an okay poker player and he enjoys fishing.
History/Role: He's always felt to be mroe superior than his brother and usually tells him so. He hasn't gotten any visions and he doesn't know why his brother needs to go somewhere or why he needs to follow him. He thinks it's just some stupid idea for a vacation, so he goes along with him. Vincent is very happy with his place and his job.
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Postby Dayantis on Thu Sep 21, 2006 11:23 am

TingYi's RP:

Name: Dirk Spence
Age: 28
Gender Male
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 10st
Eyes: hazel
Hair: dark brown

Appearance: Ashton wears a white overcoat and casual clothes underneath (jeans, T-shirt and the like). Anything comfortable in times like these. He carries medical materials in his overcoat, and also has a briefcase of medical equipment, and quite a lot of technological stuff in there too. He is a trained medical professional.

Personality: A helpful and caring Doctor, Dirk always seeks to help others. He trained to be a doctor in order to help people, and has not faltered in this goal. After patients began to dissappear, he became ever-concerned about the current situation in the world, and vowed to find out just what was going on.

Dirk, although not privy to the visions himself, noticed groups of people heading over the mountains, seemingly without aid. He decided that, given the current situation, he should band up with a group and go with them. This was out of both curiousity of their destination, but more importantly to give help; in times like these, he knew, Doctors were scarce, and he felt he would be needed.
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Postby TeddVerres on Thu Sep 21, 2006 2:52 pm

TingYi's RP
Name: Benjamin "3 Eyed Varmint" Henderson
Age: 25
Height: 6'2
Weight: 189 lbs.
Gender: Male
Eyes: Green
Hair: Spikey Brown
Attitude: A jokster, Benjamin is the kind of person who keeps laughing long after the joke is over and will laugh at things no one else finds funny. He is a partying type, and general insults his fellow rebels in a joking manor. However, when he is sniping, he's all business. His muscles relax, and his heart rate drops to near nill. He shuts off all his scences except his eyes. Sometimes, when he's truly in the zone, has taken pentazemin, and his special herbal tea, he cna be legally dead for about half a minute.
Build: Tone and Muscular, but not beefy
Clothing: Ripped up tank top, grean and brown camo cargos, white sneakers, a modified old Springfield '06 Sniperifle slung on his back, flask on hip
Back Story: His great grandfather was a sniper, his grandfather was a sniper, his father was a sniper, so it was destiny that Benny was going to be a sniper. His family had always fought in wars or been assassins. The men in his family where snipers, the women where stealth experts. The only boy, and the youngest of 4 children, his father was more than happy to hand his grandfathers weapon to his son. His son trained day and night, leanrign the stances, finding good hiding spots, battle in urban, marine, and even jungle enviroments, being taught the families secret nerve calming muscle slowing herbal tea, and the like. When the demons took over, he spent his entire time on the run with his gun. He was unfortunate enough to see 2 of his sisters slaughtered at the demons hands and 1 captured. He joined the resistance in an effort to find his remainign sister, and kill the demon he witnessed slaughtering his sisters.
Weapon: Modified Springfield '06, modified to accept more ammunion and increase fire power, range, and accuracy. He only has 30 bullets for it, and the rifle can only hold 10 at a time. Despite the rigerous modifications, it is still bolt action, and must be manualy re-cocked after each shot.
Odd Facts: Benny's gun was first used by Lt. Gerald Henderson in WWI to put a bullet between the eyes of a German Commander.
Benny's nickname, "3 Eyed Bandit", comes from him seemingly becoming one with his rifle.
Benny once OD'd on pantazemin, nearly dieing, but now is careful that he only takes 1 at a time with a swig of his family's herbal tea.
The Henderson famiyl herbal tea can be drinken by anyone, but it can be dangerous if you don't foolw 3 main rules:
Don't Operate Heavy Machinery(Sniper Rifle Not Included, but must be well trained)
Don't go to sleep(Breathing Slows Until Death)
Don't Drink Alcohol(Once Again, Breathing Slows Until Death)

Name: Melissa Coopmore
Age: 19 (She's Legal, Folks! BADABING!)
Height: 5'9
Weight: 121 lbs.
Gender: Female
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Long Brown
Attitude: Relativly quiet, she has a violent explosive temper, usually resulting with a man with a fist imprint in his face. However, when not building explosives or loosing her temper, she can be found reading romance novels. Secretly, she desires male companionship, but she can't stand overly fowl mouthed, crotch picking, macho morons.
Build: Decently Curvey
Clothing: White Tanktop, Green Gloves, Green Cargos in which she keeps her tools, Red Sneakers, Red Headband, Goggles (kept usually on her forehead, but worn while she works), a bag in which she keeps her explosive components(Half dedicated to mechanical components, the other half to chemical components)
Back Story: Originally working in demolitions for a small construction company, Melissa was the best in her field, able to stratigically blow-up any building that required so, even creating her own explosives from chemicals she purchased on eBay. Fellow workers joked that she was so good, "She could blow the shorts off a man and he wouldn't even feel it". Hearing this joke resulted with more than a few men having their shorts blow off. And I'll be damned if they didn't feel it.

Eventually, Melissa couldn't handle the constant barrage of date requests from the morons in her profession and quit to pursue other fields in which she could use her particular talents. She is currently between jobs.

She never really questioned the demons rule(she didn't like it, but worked with it), altough she's wondered what life would be like without them, scince all she's had to go by on the subject of what life was like before it where stories told to her by her Great-Grandfather.

Equiptment: Her bag contains enough meterials to make 5 1kg explosives, un-controlled, yet stable, each weighing a KG each. Or, he can make 10 medium explosives, or 20 speciality(controlled, one way, signal, ect.) or 20 small. She also carries 30 vials of a stable explosive compound, each in liquid form, in vials(green), 20 specialty(for use only in trick explosions, one ways, signals, ect.)(yellow) 10 stable but high explosives(red), and 4 vials of a highly un-stable compound that is currently untested, but seen to have explosive tendancies double that of the red stuff. It's clear, and kept in a special little lead lined box. The bag, in total, weighs 15 lbs. rougly(more accuatly, 6.64 kgs). She carries the actual tools she works with in her pockets.

Her bag also contains her favorite romance novel, which she reads while no ones looking.
Odd Facts: Melissa knows how to make a small explosive compound(about half the power of regular) out of Window Cleaner, Baking Soda, Talcum Powder, Toothpaste, and Oregano
Melissa only loved one man before, but he took advantage of her, running off with her explosives kit after they slept together. She chased him down and beat him to within an inch of his life. Retrieving the kit, he left him to the authorities. He was to afraid to finger her, and wound up with the death penalty(badabing)
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Postby Berk on Thu Sep 21, 2006 9:51 pm

Name: Kyori Banshi
Age: That and a bit. (Looks late teens.)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5"
Build: Stocky for his height.

Appearance: Kyori has short, spikey black hair and grey eyes. His shinigami outfit doesn't deviate from the normal by much. He is also rather well built for someone his size, this is from muscle though, not fat.

Personality: Kyori can be fairly reckless at times, rushing in when he should hold back a bit. He's also touchy about his height and can be quite willing to get into a fight to show he's not to be taken lightly because he's short.

Zanpaktoh: Kyori's zanpaktoh, Shinto Dosekiryuu (Silent Avalanche), is a bit shorter than most, which suits his height rather well, but is also broader, giving it a bit of an 'oversized machete' look. The guard is diamond shaped with a grid pattern etched in it's surface. He doesn't know it's name yet.

Abilities: Best with cutting techniques, Kyori's kidou are effective, but nothing amazing. While he can't preform a flash-step, he can usually manage to move fast enough to block an attack that uses flash-step.
Berk: Logically breaking the laws of logic.
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Postby Dayantis on Sat Sep 23, 2006 6:46 am

All my RP characters:

Yet Another Grim RP

Name: The Tailor
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Height: 5
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Postby Miss_Sidhe on Sat Sep 23, 2006 9:04 am


*reposted from the Keen Fans thread to Bios for the purpose of Keenfans RP II *

Me in the Keen Fans Thread wrote:Anyway profiley profile. Even though I'm not on the official KeenFans RP thread I am still in the comic.

Name: Miss Sidhe (her real name is in the Sidhe tongue and completely unpronouncable by mortals. To the point that any attempts to pronounce it result in immediate loss of conciousness)

Race: Sidhe

Age: 224

Height: 4 inches

Skills: Gender changing (herself and others), Turning into a fairy (others), Size changing (She can grow to human size), Night-Glow (Means she's glowy in the dark), Forgetfulness (a spell that wipes the memory), Confusion (a spell that renders the person very stunned and muddled and hence unable to properly fight back), also she's quite good at controlling animals to do her bidding.

Appearance: As seen in the comic. Purple hair usually worn in a high ponytail, lavender furry feline ears and tail, purple eyes, purple lipstick, a purple leather teddy (as in the underwear not the plaything), purple fishnets, purple shoes with fetish heels (not usually seen due to scale)

Description: Nobody knows where or when Sidhe first appeared in the Keenverse. She just suddenly showed up one day working for Dark. Whether he managed to somehow capture her and force her to do his bidding (this is possible if you know her weakness) or whether it was a mutual deal from the start nobody knows but she is absolutely not to be trusted. As most of her Sidhe sisters (her clan are always female) she is a trickster spirit at heart and loves nothing more than messing up the foolish mortals.

Weakness: Thats for her to know and you to find out
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Postby OzLionHeart on Sun Sep 24, 2006 6:40 am

OK, this is my first attempt ever at posting a bio, so I hope I've got this right...

KeenFans RP 2.01

Name: OzLionHeart (yes, he will answer to
Image Image Image Image
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Postby Squirrelyish One on Mon Sep 25, 2006 11:02 pm

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Postby Avenara on Thu Sep 28, 2006 10:51 am

Classmates RP

Name: Kiyoshi Seijun
Nickname: Kiyo
Age: 16
Status: Unknown
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 89
Build: Skinny
Hair: Light Blue
Facial Hair: None
Eyes: Light Blue
Skin tone: Pale
Gender: Male
Blood Type: A Positive
Place of Birth: Iwaki, Fukushima, Japan
Date of Birth: October 1, 1987
Moon Phase at Birth: 58% Waxing Gibbous
Day of the Week: Thursday
Roman Zodiac Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Hare
Chinese Element: Fire
IQ: 183
Special Power: Mimic

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Postby TingYi on Sat Sep 30, 2006 9:40 am

For classmates and the bar. ^_^

Name: Tansy Ragwort
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Postby Piebunny on Sat Oct 07, 2006 9:25 am

For the Keenfans RP 2.01:

Name: Piebunny
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Build: Average
Height: About 1.5 metres
Hair: Sort of chestnut brown
Skin tone: Caucasian, slightly tanned
Eyes: Hazel-ish
Clothing: Generally prefers simpler clothing, though has a tendency to wear stuff louder than a Slipknot concert. Owns a pair of boardshorts that can melt the eyeballs out of one's head.
General Personality: Kind of a cheapskate. Enjoys making awful puns and playing Weird Al music. Actually celebrates Weasel Stomping Day. Also, a bit of a fruitcake. Any similarities with OzLionHeart's bio are purely coincidental. :shifty:
Physical abilities: Really nothing special in the physical department. However, he can transmute any liquid into any other liquid.
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Postby A Fan on Sat Oct 07, 2006 9:02 pm

For the Discworld RP:

Name: Hermaphrambigu
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Postby AkaraAri on Sat Oct 07, 2006 9:42 pm

Name: Mirahnuh Ari
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Path: Magic Swordswoman
Height: 5'5
Weight: 115 lbs.
Hair: Blue long ponytail that comes down to the small of her back.
Eyes: Grey
Skin Tone: Very light/white
Build: Average
Intelligence: Average-Above Average

Personality: Mirahnuh is rather anti-social. She rarely speaks unless spoken to and even then has a tendency to not answer. She always keeps her sword with her. Has a tendency to not speak even to stick up or defend herself. Rather cold, only the most caring and patient of individuals could hope to make friends with her.

Appearance: Mirahnuh dresses in the school uniform and that is generally all that she is seen in. She also always carries her sword with her.

History: Not much is known of Mirahnuh's history except by Mirahnuh. What has been confirmed is her parents are dead and a cousin helped her get into the academy after having some 'problems' at her old school. Problems that included a suspension that caused her to get held back a grade because it was during finals week, and later an expulsion. Due to the cousin's influence and a nice community, they managed to smooth and smooth it over enough that she could actually get accepted into the academy.

Random Facts:

-Mirahnuhs sword is a straight-blade Katana handcrafted, and on the tip is inscribed "don't argue what is pointless"
-Mirahnuh is rather skilled with her sword even at her young age.


Defense magicks, physical enhancement, combat martial arts, potions, conjuring
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Postby A Fan on Sun Oct 08, 2006 8:29 pm

Keenfans RP:

Name: <A_Fan>
Gender: the moment
Species: the moment
Build: Average
Height: 6 feet (Approx. 1.8 m)
Hair: Brown, normally
Skin tone: Caucasian, nerd-pale
Eyes: Hazel, normally
Clothing: Hawaiian shirt, Cargo Pants of Holding, and unenhanced eyewear.
General Personality: Alternates between trying to make sense of the chaos around him and contributing to it. Loves it when people understand his references.
Abilities: A Fan can (and will, frequently) use his imagination to manifest anything of which he is a fan. This includes (but isn't limited to) Katamari Damacy, Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo, Homestar Runner, any of 48 different webcomics, and Magic: the Gathering. You have been warned.
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Best EGS Video. Ever.
Remember: You can't spell combustion without two O's
I had to remove my personality test graph from my sig. You can still see it by clicking these sentences.
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Postby Avenara on Sat Oct 14, 2006 12:50 pm

Magical School RP

Name: Nadia Sadiki
Age: 15
Status: Single
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 115lbs
Build: Average
Hair: Emerald
Eyes: Purple
Skin tone: Medium
Gender: Female
IQ: Average
Path: Ring User
Sword: Emerald
Classes: Defense Magicks, Physical Enhancement, Combat Martial Arts, Potions, Conjuring.


Nadia grew up with Mirahnuh. Ever since her 2nd birthday when they met for the first time they have been inseperable. While Mirahnuh is quiet and appears emotionless, Nadia always seems to know what she's thinking. Nadia is, quite frankly, Mirahnuh's missing voice. She tells people everything she's thinking...and then what Mirahnuh is thinking as well. ;) Of course, this often gets them both into trouble...


Nadia absolutely HATES that she has to wear clothes. Perferring to be naked whenever possible, this leaves her wearing very little when not in school uniform. She loves long hair, but doesn't like the feel on her neck so she pulls her hair up in pigtails. Every inch of her is an expression of her thoughts and her feelings. Her body is very animated, full of gestures and poses to express even to the most oblivious person what's on her mind.


She's incredibly emotional. One minute she's happy, then next in tears, and the next screaming in a raging fit. The thing with that is being so damn vocal about everything can lead to a lot of trouble for herself and her childhood friend Mirahnuh. Normally, luckily, she's a very happy and flamboyant girl. Despite good intentions this hyperness tends to be overpowering and oppressive to those around her, but Nadia honestly doesn't mean to be overbearing. She's just being herself.

Facts & Fluff

Nadia hates to be touched, and thus hates clothes. The only two people in this world that can touch her without getting a fist in this face are her mother and Mirahnuh.

Nadia will never pull her punches, each one is given full strength behind it and meant to be a one hit knock-out. For this reason most people don't want to spar against her...but the reason is she doesn't even like to touch people long enough to hit them so she figures if she can knock them out with one punch that's the best course of action.

While seeming to make friends easily, Nadia does not accept people as her friends easily. At the moment only her mother and Mirahnuh have her loyalty, everyone else is simply someone to be pleasant towards.

Nadia Describes Herself and Mirahnuh

Nadia wrote:Nadia near roars with laughter at her friend's polite quietness. She stands up. "Hi. I'm Nadia Sadiki. I'm a ring mage who hates clothes and being touched. I like to be with my friend Mirahnuh and cooking. My birthday is November 9th, making me a Scorpio and my blood type is O Negative. I like hamburgers and noodles, but I don't like blueberries. I'm 15 years old dream of someday being a great adventurer with my friend Mirahnuh."

She then points to her friend. "This is Mirahnuh, she's a magic swordsman who doesn't like to talk. She likes to train. Her birthday is the same as mine so she's a Scorpio also and her Blood type is B Positive. She doesn't care what she eats, is 16 years old, and I'm not allowed to tell anyone what she aspires to." With that, she sits down promptly and waits for everyone else to be done. ^_^

Nadia wearing her normal clothes:


Nadia wearing her school uniform (Note the look of unhappiness at having to wear so much on her body ;) ):

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Postby Avenara on Wed Oct 25, 2006 8:58 am

Magical School RP

Name: Tristan Raphael Amerling
Age: 14
Status: Single
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 147lbs
Build: Athletic
Hair: Dark Blue (Magic Dyed)
Eyes: Aqua
Skin tone: Tan
Gender: Male
Path: Magic Swordsman
Sword: Rapier
Classes: Evocations, Magicks of Defense, Physical Enhancement Magicks, Combat Martial Arts, and Nature and the Manipulation of Its Elements

Fighting Style

His fighting style is very graceful and flowing. He rarely jerks and if he has to move fast it usually has an interesting flow to it. Most of his attacks are either water based or mimic water's movements.


Tristan is a buff pretty boy with a warm face and a lanky body. His hair easily comes to his bottom and is kept loose while in class. When he's planning on fighting he'll braid it all the way down and knot the end to keep it from unwinding. As for clothes, he wears a dark blue robe with the sides slit. The slits are wide enough that you can see his pants which are skin tight and black. He wears slipper shoes on his feet that are also in black, but no socks so you can see his ankles. Over his heart, the Japanese symbol of "Water", the element he takes after so strongly.


He's calm most of the time, collected, and persistant about the things he wants. When there is something he wants in life he tends to try and get it using subtle means and if that doesn't work he'll just take it outright and pray the whole "Better to ask for forgivenness than permission." rule applies.

Tristan to be pretty passive and laid back. His aura is one of peaceful strength. A wise man once likened him to water, he goes with the flow and in that current draws strength to become an unyielding force to pound his enemy into oblivion. As a rule of thumb, Tristan is as graceful and even lanky as a water creature, almost flowing as he moves.

His personality is the same, until you break one of his morals and then he can become as hot tempered as steam or as fridged as ice. Either way to invoke his wrath is never a good idea...although like water it takes a lot to make him shift to angry...and perhaps just as much to cool him off again. So it's best not to get him to the point of outright aggression.
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Postby Avenara on Fri Oct 27, 2006 2:15 pm

Myriad Genesis

Name: Lilian Dana Razvan
Nickname: Lily
Age: 22
Status: Single
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 99 lbs
Build: Skinny (She
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