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PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2006 10:09 pm
by Sqauto
For Transgenics RP

This is the charater that I had before hand. I've removed some details that are not needed anymore.

Name: Matthew Cox
Age: Around 21
Gender: Male
Height: 196cm (6'7")
Weight: 110kgs
Hair: Brown/black
Eyes: Brown
Race: Human

History: When he was a small child, Matthew saw all members of his family die in front of him after an attack by Group4, who are opposed to the work of his family (high tech). After this he was taken into hiding by members of the team his family. With them, he was trained in the skills needed to fight for what he believes in.

After many years of service to them, he had gained a position of turst. It was then that he discovers that the highests levels are members of Group4. So on his next mission he cut away from them, and has been on the run for sometime since. But he does have a few allies on his side, but only a few.

Abilities: Due to the extreme training that he was forced to undergo, Matthew can withstand things that few people can do (survive high falls, staying under water for extened periods, withstand high damage, high aglity, etc). Matthew also has the ablity to the enviroment around him to his advantage. he is also a master of several types of Martial Arts.
*Note, it is said that Matthew was in a fight with Group4 just after he left, in that fight the building the battle was taking place in was destroyed. This was covered over as an Terrorist act, with Matthew blamed for.

Personality: Is someone that always likes to make people aroud him to be happy, & an all round nice person. He does have a dark side which he battles with internally (with his biggest fear being that his dark side takes control, & he can stop it). This developed with his training, but the actions of Group4 of late had made he come close to the edge.

Equipment: As a master of all types of weapons (due to training), only has need for little equipment, unless light & hard to make (rations, etc).

PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 7:40 pm
EDIT: Deleted until later, when I have a better bio with better ideas.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 9:17 pm
by Xiroth
Transgenics RP character:

Name: Abel Gair
Gender: Male
Appearance: A frail-appearing man of just above average height, blond hair and light blue eyes.

Powers: Phasing.

History: The first product of the 'Invisible Death' project, Abel was considered a failure. While he was successfully able to phase out of the real dimensions at will, rendering him invisible and able to pass through objects of low density, the modification left him mentally-impaired. Though one of the oldest experiments of the laboratory complex, he still acts like a shy child, preferring to stay invisible and play in his own imaginary worlds. After some intial attempts, the team gave up teaching him the skills he'd require for the purpose he was designed for, and left him to his games.

When visible, Abel has an endearingly straight-forward and trusting manner. He is easily frightened and will retreat to his dephased sanctuary. When dephased, he is able to pass through any material less dense than lead unless the item is moving extremely quickly. The scientists have security cameras which can see into his phased dimension, which combined with the lead in the walls would prevent him from escaping even if he was aware that he was a prisoner.

Abel also has a photographic memory, although often isn't aware of the meaning of what he remembers.

More thorough description of phasing (reasonably boring read - I'm only putting it here so that people can refer to it later if specific questions arise regarding his ability): Abel can vary how far phased he is, allowing him to be able to interact with things lighter than lead but still be invisible. I'm going to be basing density off the periodic table, so he can, for example, be phased in enough to interact with oxygen but not enough to interact with carbon. Note that this means that to breathe he has to be phased in fairly far - he usually stays just phased out to avoid affecting photons, making him invisible but not causing him to pass through any kind of matter. I may cheat to simplify things in the future, but this is how I'm looking at doing it at the moment. Note that Abel also has an instinctive sense for how dense something is - if he goes to grab something, he will be able to grab it, although this may have unexpected results on how he is affected by other things.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 10:00 pm
by Cameo
Transgenics RP:
(Mira's my main character, obviously.)

Name: Experiment K214, aka 'Mira'
Age: Approximately 14 (she knows the year she was born in, but not her actual birthday)
Species: Genetically modified human
Height: 5'3
Build: Petite
Hair: Long, straight and black, with electric blue streaks that fade to white.
Eyes: Blue (right) and brown (left).
Skin tone: Somewhat pale.
Gender: Female
Intelligence: High


Clothing: Since it's the only thing she's given for clothing, Mira always wears an overlong white T-shirt, with no shoes or any other articles of clothing except for underwear.

Personality: Mira is very shy, and has a rather serious demeanour; she also learns quickly, and has a near-photographic memory. She would've probably been shy anyways, but years of tests and experimentation by scientists who really didn't care about her as a person made her quite withdrawn. If she's under stress or in a bad mood, her personality changes somewhat- she's not really shy so much as sarcastic and snappy.

Background: Mira was cloned from a DNA sample; it was collected from a female secret agent caught sneaking into the compound. The origin of her called name is unknown. The whitecoats did a lot of tinkering with her DNA, giving her the best possible physical condition, genius-level intelligence, and an attractive face as well. That, and wings.

Her electrical powers first appeared when she was about six. They were welcomed by the scientists at first, but then she threw a tantrum and blew up most of the room's equipment (not to mention giving some unfortunate nearby staff some severe burns). After that, the scientists tried her on mind control drugs: they didn't seem to work. (The drugs affected her actions, but not her powers.)

Generation and control of electricity (electrokinesis). This manifests at random when she gets emotional, shorting out or overloading lights and electronics.

Random Facts:
Mira's different eye colors weren't caused by the scientists; Jennifer Delabrie had one blue eye and one brown eye as well.
Mira is a science fiction fan.
Mira likes to play DDR when she has recreation time.

Secondary character/NPC:
Name: Experiment Omicron-148, known informally as Mike.
Age: 21 or thereabouts.
Species: Genetically modified human
Height: 5'9
Build: fairly tall, and quite muscular
Hair: Chin-length, pale blond and somewhat messy. (Back when he was an experiment, they shaved his head regularly, so that it would be easier to run tests that involved things like attaching electrodes to his scalp.)
Eyes: Pale blue
Skin tone: Light
Gender: Male
Intelligence: High

Appearance: Look, it's a Sim!
*Picture of Mike the Sim*

Clothing: Varies quite a bit, but usually a T-shirt and jeans, a T-shirt over a long-sleeved shirt and jeans, or an untucked button-down shirt over, you guessed it, jeans. Unless he's forced to go somewhere fancy, Mike will avoid wearing anything other than sneakers at all costs (well, he'll wear sandals to the beach and boots if it's mucky or snowy outside, but I meant dress shoes).

Personality: Mike is funny (well, most of the time), and fairly nice. However, he's also nervous, mildly paranoid, and tends to fidget. (Yeah, it's pretty brief, but I had to write fast.)

Background: Experiment Omicron-148 was designed as a spy and assassin, and although he often refused to cooperate with the scientists, his talents and training were, from the results of his tests, quite successful.

He started out life as the newborn son of Tracey and Richard Hallister, who had been having trouble with conceiving a child; they took their problem to an in vitro clinic that was secretly run by the whitecoats we all know and don't love. The whitecoats in question did as promised, using a method of artificial fertilization to create Mike, and when the Hallisters came back for the birth, they reported that the baby soon to be known as Omicron-148 had died.*

Anyways, he escaped when he was fifteen, taking several jobs with a varying amount of legality (and permanency) between then and the present day; he eventually found a stable career, managing to rent a house.

Abilities: Mike is somewhat more muscular than average, but this is only partially because of the genetic engineering (the fitness gained from near-constant spy training will also do that, and he still likes to stay active).
His main powers are telepathy and weak telekinesis, and he often has out-of-body experiences while supposedly asleep, although he doesn't know why; it's always been like that.
Mike can have a telepathic conversation with almost anyone, although it's a lot easier if they're psychically sensitive or have similar abilities.
He can't lift anything with telekinesis that weighs too much for him to normally pick up, but he could combine both strengths and lift, potentially, double the usual amount. However, the more weight he's lugging around and the longer he does it for, the more physiclaly draining it gets, and he'll pass out if the strain gets to be too much (sending whatever was formerly being lifted plummeting to the ground).
While having one of the aforementioned out-of-body experiences, Mike can still use his psionic abilities, but he can't interact with anything physical, he's invisible, and his body is fairly vulnerable (he has to return to it before it can wake up). If it were killed in that state, he would become a ghost, albeit one capable of telepathic conversations and telekinetic manipulation.

Random Facts:
If Mike hadn't been taken by the whitecoats, his name would've been Nicholas Hallister.
Mike's favorite movie is Madagascar (it's a bit juvenile, but it's also hilarious). His second favorite movie is Men in Black.
His favorite band is Green Day, and his favorite song is When I Come Around.
Mike has no idea when he was actually born, but he knows it was in 1984, and he's picked June 14th as his birthday (for celebration/form-filling-out purposes).

*This is a reference to/ripoff of a book I read a few weeks back, but I'm going to be evil and let you figure out which one on your own.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2006 10:06 pm
by Berk
Angel RP

Name: Richard Gareki
Age: 15.
Eyes: Green.
Hair: Dark green, long and tied back.
Appearance: Solidly built, not tall or fat, just big, wears casual clothes, often brown or green.

Personality: Polite but seemingly distant to most, more friendly and relaxed around those who he has gotten to know. Enjoys reading and doesn't get teased, mainly due to him being tougher than most of the bullies.

Angelised: Dark green wings that fade to a lighter green at the tips.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2006 11:16 pm
by Quadraxis
Character for the Firefly RP.

Name: Nicholas Zercna
Age: 25
Job: Computer technician, but prefers to call it 'hacker'
Appearance: A typical nerd. Unfit, blonde hair, glasses, blue eyes, and typically wears shirts of old pop culture origins.
History: Nobody really bothered asking much about his past specifically, only that he was a master hacker and general technician beforehand. He apparently was single-handedly able to reprogram an old video game so that everything was completely different and even had techniques that weren't even in the game beforehand (literally-he never did say why he only did it with one hand though). if you were new to the ship, entered his bunk and found more than three things you recognised, you are probably a history buff.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 2:36 am
by Brylian_Troy
Took me a while to get this one down. Don't ask me why

Brylian: War Thread.

Name: Brylian
Age: Time is not important when you don't age
Race: "catkin"
Height: 5'5 (tall for a catkin)
Allegiance: Felina, the one and only cat society
Rank: Goes by many names, Lord of Felina, Savior of the Catkin and Emperor of the Felinekin
Appearance: Fairly young looking, he has made sure that he genetically has made his body look like a tomcat in its full growth. He wears simple Felina armour with obvious unique shoulder pads and always around his head is a visor.

Image Brylian

Personality: Brylian is by all accounts a fascist. He hates all species that aren

PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 10:02 am
by Atashi-Cloud
For the Firefly RP.

Name: Jodia Drake Jealis(last name pronounced 'Yalis') aka 'Joiddar'
Age: about 20ish
Job: Ship's Mechanic/repair, yeah, that'll work...^^;
Appearance: Jodia isn't much to look at, but she has a rather sensitive nature when people complain about her work with mechanics, as she's rather attached to whatever she works with. Her right hand had to be replaced with a robotic equivalent, though to her this wasn't anything else other than an improvement. Her light blonde hair is always somewhat short, ending just below the top of her shoulders, though it's always tied back into a braided ponytail while working. Even though she has bright hair, it's almost always dirty-looking due to the fact she doesn't always have time to wash up before presenting herself before the others. As for her eyes, it's like looking into an old black and white TV set, as both of her iris' are grey. Her casual clothes are usually the average mechanic's set, a somewhat suit-like shirt and pants combo, with an over-coat like vest that has one too many pockets on it. Her pants also seem to have a varying array of stuff in the pockets, ranging from her work items to a few random bits of food to munch on. Jodia prefers she be called by her real name, but as of late the crew gave her the nickname 'Joiddar' due to her rather sensitive nature regarding the ship's mechanics and anything else regarding such stuff. As for her mechanical limb itself, she didn't really build it, so much as she was randomly tinkering with stuff when it was made. Purely on accident, she made it and since then hasn't been able to figure out how or why she did so. She also wears a glove on both hands to try and cover up her metallic hand. Other than the rather amusing hat and goggles sitting on her head at all times, she isn't that much noticeable except for when it comes to having to fix something. She also takes offense to any and all bad comments about the ship being a hunk of junk, or even just referred to as coming apart as she really does her best to take care of the ship.

History: Jodia has been with the ship for as long as she can remember, and hasn't really known what to make of her relationship with the people on it. As far as she knows, no-one has asked her background other than regarding keeping care of the mechanics and that was the largest part of her life. More of her background is gatherable from the fact she seems to feel upset over taking off her prosthetic occasionally, as something must have been disturbing enough for her to want it on at all times.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 4:38 pm
by VOR
OOCMe: OOH! Bold fonts! I hadn't thought of that!

Also for the firefly RP:

Name: Dr. Natasha V. Yoong (Goes by "Nattie")
Aliases: Miranda Young, Philanthropy Grace Harding
Age: Twenty-nine.
Eyes: Dark Green
Hair: Blonde(usually. Miranda's a brunette, and Philanthropy a redhead), long, usually in dreads, but variable.
Appearance: Gorgeous. In the future, barbie still isn't possible, but she comes pretty gorammed close. Long, shapely legs, curvaceous hips and a perfect butt, waspish waist, and a bosom so busty it busts bras on a semi-regular basis.
Job: Ship's Doctor
Skills: Medical stuff, surgery, ability to get along well with the Alliance's lower-ranking officers, and really good at Aikido.

Nattie's a medical expert, with a specialty in dealing with bullet wounds. She started out on the Core Planets, where she went to school to become a surgeon, finishing all required training courses far faster than the norm. With her new skills and a certificate attesting to her ability to make use of them in hand, she got a job with the Alliance military, and worked in the medical bays on two separate cruisers. Unfortunately, while she performed her duties spectacularly, on her second voyage she met up with a captain who did not know how to take "no" for an answer. The encounter ended up with Nattie being honorably discharged and the captain replacing an eye. She kept the scalpel, and currently has it framed on her wall. She tried to keep the eye in a jar of preservative fluids, next to a sign that said "stop eyein' up the sexy nurse", but the Feds took it as "evidence".

Since then, unwilling to give up on the joys of interplanetary travel and settle down in a hospital on some nice central planet, she's taken up working as the doctor on the only other ships which need her services: smugglers and mercenaries. This is where she picked up her aliases (Though she hasn't used either in a year or two, she does have "valid" ident cards and legal certification for each of them) and her aikido ability. She tries her best to follow the hippocratic oath, of course, but life's not always that simple on the Outer Planets. She joined up with our heros' ship about two months ago.

Nattie's got a soft spot for the Alliance's lower ranking members. While she hates the officers, she misses the grunts a bit, and will try and avoid hurting Alliance grunts whenever possible. In any situation where the crew is up against the Alliance, she will patch 'em up, but she will make sure to lecture them on the error of their ways, and how those two alliance soldiers you shot had families too, you know.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 6:34 pm
by Random_Sage
For the Firefly RP

Name: Adam Redstone
Age: 30
Appearance: Adam is slightly tall and average weight for someone his size. He has dark red hair, which is so shaggy it makes him look like he always needs a haircut, and green eyes. He normally wears long pants and a long sleeve shirt, both of which are always dark colors or white. He carries a pair of reading glasses in his shirt pocket at all times, and almost always seems to have some kind of book with him or within reach.

History: Adam has been part of the crew from the beginning. He works as a pilot, and is a good one at that, but his true calling is as a shepherd. Unlike most shepherds, Adam doesn

PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2006 7:53 pm
by Sqauto
For the Firefly RP.

Name: Tom Waddingham
Gender: Male
Age: 25

Tom grew up on the planet Terra Australias. His family (with a history that goes back to the early days of settlement of the planet) runs a shipping company that stayed out of the war. Tom on the other hand, felt that the war was too import not to fight in, so he joined the Independents at an early age at the start of the war. Hr then fought in some of the bloodest battles of the war (he was at the battles of Sturges, Serenity, and in the New Kashmir campaign). It was in the battle of Serenity that his transport was shot down, and Tom had to fight to survive Alliance attacks for 7 days (they where found on day 8 ). This means that in the war he did alot of growing up, so of which killed the tyoe of person that he was (I should point out that he doesn't like to talk about it much).

PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2006 5:47 pm
by Serendipity_EGS
(Just as a precautionary precaution...)

Here is the info on Serendipity, who is basically "Me", rather than any other specific character, who has not, yet, been in an RP thread, but has been seen in LPW and may turn up at some point in the future...

Name: Serendipity

Age: Appears early 20's

Gender: Male (Normally)

Appearance: Is just over 6ft tall, yet seems light and slightly built, long (to below the shoulder) curly brown hair, blue eyes, not unhandsome (its fiction after all! :wink: ). Wears loose-ish trousers, (pale pastels brown-y tye colour), a dark shirt (lace up, dark blue to black), over which are fairly loose flowy robes, light blue, with hints and trim of red and purple (mostly pastel), also has a scarf, stripy red, a brooch and a necklace. (Where relevant) Is armed (katana-type sword, some magic), but this is hidden in folds of robes.

History/Personality: Not much is known about Serendipity, though he has travelled and is fairly proficient in defending himself. Has been hoping around this and that location, until he ended up here. Seems pleasant, quite quiet, can vary from very serious to absolutley childish.

EDIT Anyone who reads the Newbie thread, on the non-Mayhem board will note that I was turned into a female Anthrofeline/squirrel me. Ser has subsequently been given the power, by Random_Sage, to morph between male and female (FV5) and anthrosuirrel-feline/human forms. His sister Serenity also can (likely as not will stay female majority of time!)

PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2006 7:16 pm
by evilgamer
for kylens bar

Name: Toren Brooks
Nickname: Wiskers
Position: cashire
Age: 26
Gender: male
Physical apperence: Toren is a catguy with orange and white fur, sharp claws and a long tail. Toren has blonde hair with black tips, blue eyes and wheres a black trench coat
Background: was once a mob leader untill he was arrested and charged with murder and escaped from prison
Personality: A rough person a won't take any crap from anyone
Thing or Thursday: exzact change only, if over amount change not given

PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2006 8:08 pm
by Nator
for anything ever

name: Nator X
nickname: who the hell was that
position: in the base killing ur d00ds
age: haha time is an illusion
gender: male
physical appearance: hes just this guy you know
background: goes on the first layer
personality: haha since when do women have personalities
personal whatev: theres something wierd about me you dunno haha

PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2006 10:46 am
by Deiwos
For Kylen's Bar thread. Picture him in a neat little vest and looking something close to a mini butler mixed with some Bar employee

Name: Jyrras Gianna
Position: In charge of on-site maintenance of the on tap pumps, but mainly takes on other jobs as needed to cover the time while things are working fine.
Gender: Male
Physical apperence:
Specias: Anthro- Kangaroo/kangaroo rat mix.
Height: about 4 feet
Background:Jyrras has grown up in a rather nice and full family. However that family consists of 6 older sisters, who have all taken after their mother (a full blood kangaroo). Because of this, Jyrras is half the size of all of them and is very much considered the "baby" of the family, much to his dislike. Because of this and his own social awkwardness, Jyrras only has had a few close friends in his youth. It is possibly because of that reason that he also went into the field of inventing. By the time Jyrras was 17, he was already making a lot of wealth from all his inventions. Is currently working in a bar on the request of a friend.

Personality:Jyrras by nature is rather reclusive and shy, the only exception to that would be when he is in the company of those he feels comfortable with, or if a particular subject catches his attention. A genius and an inventor, Jyrras craves almost desperately to be accepted for his accomplishments and his achievements. He rather dislikes receiving any attention outside of that, and very much dislikes being considered cute. It is for that reason Jyrras wears glasses and tries to promote a nerdy scientist persona. However Jyrras is easily frazzled and will blush at the drop of a hat. He will often hide behind his friends, and it is likely not suprising his closest friends are also types who adore being the center of attention, where as Jyrras prefers to play wing-man in the background. Deeply loyal, Jyrras can always be counted on to help those he cares about. However Jyrras' personal feelings are often kept hidden save for very rare slip-ups.
Thing or Thursday (H2G2 joke): Thurday! Even though I have no idea why!
Current Bet on Lommy (unless he has #1 spot already): ^-^;;

Edit: Added some shots of Jyrras

PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2006 4:29 pm
by nokvok
Alex (For: Myriad Genesis; Status: rejected)

Name: Alexandra Panidra (Alex or Pan)
Age: 23
Gender: female

Appearance: 5'8"; 144lbs; Long red hair, usually stuck up to a knot with a golden hair-needle; green eyes. Muscular but not athletic. She is not the beauty queen, but not the swamp monster either. She barely uses Make up and mostly wears Shirts and Jeans, sometimes topped with a selfmade wool jacket.
A large Silver amulet showing a Goeats head and a snake as well as various silver rings and and bronze arm rings make her appear someone Punkish.

Powers: A raised witch*, she recently discovered that she indeed held strange powers:
She is able to conduit several Rituals and spells:
- A Spell (1-2 Seconds) which blinds for a few seconds.
- A Spell (1-2 Seconds) which forces the Victim to Immediately follow one short order (i.g. "Drop it!", "Freeze!" or "Duck!"). It is a reflex only, the Victim never looses its free will.
- A Spell (3-5 Seconds) which induces Pain (mild/medium, quite resistable)
- A Spell (4-7 Seconds) which induces Sleep (Normal, but dreamless sleep, sleeping persons are easily awoken with mundane means)
- A Spell (10-12 Seconds) which reveals the Victims most surfaced Thoughts to the witch.
- A mini-Ritual (20-25 Seconds, requires a stone) which causes the Victims Muscles to painfully contract so that he is unable to move but free to talk and percive.
- A small Ritual (2-3 Minutes, requires hair, fingernails or blood from the target) which allows to determine a Persons whereabout, the further away the harder and the more unprecise the Ritual gets (10 miles is easy, 1000 is really hard, 10000 quite impossible).
- A Ritual (10-12 Minutes, requires the Victim to be present) which purges the Victims Memories of a certain amounf of time (i.g. "the last 2 days"), no specific Memories can be erased (thus not "Everything you saw here").
- A Large Ritual (2-3 hours, Requires the Targets to be present) which protects or purges the bewitched from Mental influence like Hypnosis, Mind spells or Mind altering drugs! The Protection lasts 33 hours.

All those spells have in common that they could be warded off with enough will power, allthought that is very very hard.
Of course that is not really magic, but a form of Telepathy which she channels this way.
She is constantly working on finding more spells and rituals, allthought this prooved to be hard work.

Background: Alexandra was born and raised in Northern Germany by her mother and Grandmother, both "witches" of an old pagan faith which resolves around the power of the Human mind.
There were no problems concerning her believes since her Mother told her early not to talk too much about it.
All in all she lived a normal youth, with all the little dramas and joys.
At the age of 19 she took part in an student exchange and went to the USA. Quickly finding friends she did well and prolonged the exchange.
It was a year ago when her gift began to minifest.. It started insuspicious with a blinded Mugger, but quickly became apperant when she let her room mate sleep through the afternoon and drop a hated girl in pain, just pay saying the spells she allways had used with no effect before.
Of course rumors spread, a few called it "cool", but even more were afraid.
It took some weeks until Aesir confronted her and asked if they could perform some test and offered her a possibility to train and controll her abilities... Alexandra curious and indeed a bit lost which such kind of powers agreed and after she finished her Exam (Computer Sience) with an average she agreed to spare some time on the Blue Valkyre... that was only a few weeks ago,

PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2006 7:54 am
by Berk
Myriad Genesis

Name: Brian O'Learan
Age: 20
Home Country: Ireland
Description: With red hair and blue eyes, Brian is about 5'4". He is also rather sturdily built and generally wears a pair of cargo pants and a t-shirt, regardless of how cold it gets. He also usually manages to hide a flask of some alcohol on his person.

Personality: Brian is very carefree and doesn't mind a joke played on him as long as it's funny.

History: Shortly after the star passes over, Brian saw Aesir in action when a nearby house was encased within it's rapidly grown garden. After tripping at the top of a flight of stairs and not falling, he recalled what he saw them do a few days ago and contacted them.

Powers: Brian can alter, manipulate and create gravity. From nuetralising gravity in a certain area or target to amplifying or negating gravity, making things heavier or lighter.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2006 5:43 pm
by FerretBob
For the War!!

Age: 32
Original Gender: Male
Species: Ferretkin
Nation: Felina
Vocation: Mad Scientist
History: 16 years ago Elled sent some soldiers to aid Felina in the fight against Gal-Zabor. The unit was completely wiped out by Felina troops. Or so it seemed. One member of the group survived and fled the scene, a mad-scientist were-ferret named FerretBob. After a few days avoiding patrols from both Felina and Gal-Zabor he was finally captured by a real patrol of Felina

PostPosted: Sat Mar 04, 2006 5:55 am
by Atashi-Cloud
Heh, nice Bio, FerretBob. ^^ I wonder what it'll be like if Jodi and FB work together....o.O

PostPosted: Sun Mar 05, 2006 3:34 am
by ehsteve
Character name: Aaron White

Age: 19

Species: Human

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 54kg (90lbs)

Hair color: white

Eye color: silver, no pupils

Personality: Aaron is a silent, kind person of sorts. Rejected by society for his abnormal appearance he has always dreamed of becomming a normal teenager.

Background: Aaron was a known hired assassin, skilled at both silence and the skill at killing he quickly rose to the top of the list. however he dropped after during a job he was caught. he spent 3 years of his life in a torture chamber. After that he would only kill if necessary. He was only 15 when taken into custorty of his questioners. Now he is hunted, fate has played it's cruel game on him for the last time....

Powers: Aaron is particularly adept at a magical ability called "Blue-shift" For short moments his form blurrs and streaks blue as he goes at speeds almost uncomprehendable.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 05, 2006 9:27 am
by evilgamer
for Myraid Genisis

Name: Neal Nearing
Home: Canada
Age: 14
Appearance: Neal has blonde hair and robotic looking eyes. He has a cat-tail and cat-ears that has orange fur. He where

PostPosted: Sun Mar 05, 2006 8:35 pm
by Cameo
For Firefly RP (FINALLY!)

Name: Captain Tristen McCambrie
Age: 29
Species: Human (duh)
Height: 5'4
Build: On the short side, but also quite slender.
Hair: Black, cut short and angled
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Light, somewhat goldish.
Gender: Female
Intelligence: Fairly high

Appearance: Tristen's a little shorter than average, with a delicate build. Until she opens her mouth (or starts shooting at you), she looks a bit like a doll. She doesn't really go for the faceful-of-makeup look and generally wears as little as possible, but she also likes to wear blue eyeshadow when she has the chance to apply it.

Clothing: Tristen's favorite outfit is a black, form-fitting sweater and a pair of gray-toned, baggy camouflage pants with black sneakers. Obviously, she wears other things as well, but the majority of her wardrobe is black and white (with a few accents, mostly in orange, various shades of red, or turquoise). She also likes graphic T-shirts. Finally, you'd have to pay her a hell of a lot to make her wear anything pink or frilly.

Personality: Sarcastic. Snappy. Not all that pleasant to be around, although she can be funny. Tristen can be pleasant, or diplomatic, if she wants to be, mostly when making deals and the like, but she just generally doesn't. (She was a goth in her teenage years.) However, if you can catch her in one of her rare good moods, she's quite nice; similarly, you'll want to avoid her if she's extra cranky.

Background: Tristen grew up on a rather boring planet named Rhiannon that doesn't really qualify as a border planet, but it also isn't part of the Core. In other words, Average Land. Nothing special. Not particularly civilized or particularly lawless.

The McCambrie family wasn't particularly interesting or important; her mother was a doctor- nothing special, just a general practicioner- and her father taught tenth-grade physics at a nearby high school.

Most of Tristen's family stayed out of the Unification War, with the exception of her older sister Samantha (a Browncoat) and uncle Robert (who sided with the Alliance). Tristen herself seriously considered enlisting with the Independents, but- although she was a strong supporter of their side- decided against it because (as she put it) "she didn't believe in them strongly enough to run off and get killed for it." Seriously, though, she'd heard too much about the horrors of past wars to want to get involved in one. Given that the Independents ended up losing, she kicked herself quite a bit over it later, although (speaking as an author) she most likely wouldn't have made enough of a difference anyways.

During that time, she'd been a Generic Businessperson, but finding out that the war was over and the Alliance'd won- she'd never thought they would be a very good government- made her decide that A) life was too short to be an office worker until you retired, and B) she wanted to get back at the Alliance, even in a small way; therefore, she bought a ship, a used Firefly to be specific, got a crew together, and began her life of crime (kidding). Just like Mal and his crew, they'll take jobs on both sides of the law, the unlawful side of which is usually smuggling and/or theft.

Abilities: No superpowers, but she can hold her own in a fight, she's a good shot, and she has better-than-average hearing.

Random Facts:
Anyone who calls Tristen 'Trissy' or 'Trist' will learn very quickly why that's generally a bad idea.
Tristen is almost completely intolerant of annoying noises, as well as all but the most exceptional whistling. She can only stand about a minute or so of said noise until she explodes (metaphorically speaking). Why? Her little brother used to friver her crazy that way.
Tristen's favorite color is blue, mainly turquoise and midnight blue.
Tristen's immediate family consists of her parents (Norah and Michael), her three-years-older sisters Bethany and Samantha (they're twins), and her five-years-younger brother Zachary. They had two cats, Lyra and Quincy, but both are now dead.
Speaking of which, Tristen has a cat of her own, named Felicity, who's a white tortoiseshell and grew up on the ship. When she was a kitten, she had a tendency to try and run off, so Tristen had to shut her in her quarters when they landed somewhere or they'd never have seen her again. (She originally considered a dog, but decided against it when she realized how hard it would be to take the dog for walks and everything on board a relatively small Firefly-class ship.)
Tristen's favorite food is lasagna, although she doesn't actually know how to cook it.
Although she (Tristen) looks quite Asian, Tristen's mother is white and blonde, hailing from Dyton (the planet Badger came from; British accents are apparently common there). She and her sister Bethany take after their dad more, but Samantha and Zachary look a lot like Mrs. McCambrie.
Tristen took various martial arts when she was younger, but her temper was too short for the 'self-discipline' thing and she stopped going to classes when she was fifteen. However, she does remember most of the fighting techniques, partly because she had a bit of a tendency to get into fistfights as a teenager.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 05, 2006 10:06 pm
by sven8705
Firefly RP

Name: Hayle (pronounced "Hail")
Age: 34
Species: Umanhay.
Height: 6'0"
Build: Muscular, but trim.
Hair: Brown, hangs down to his shoulders, usually slicked back.
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Tan
Gender: Male
Intelligence: High
Education: Low
Job: Enforcer
Clothes: Wears t-shirts and jeans, and can often be seen with a cowboy hat on. Has black boots.

Personality: Hayle is fairly aggressive, but he has a sense of humor. He looks out for himself above all, but he does what Tristen tells him because the pay is better than what he used to get.

Background: Grew up on a border planet as a farmhand. He didn't know his parents and quickly fell into a life of crime. A group of bandits came and razed the farm, but Hayle managed to sneak onto the ship before they left. When he was found, he was beaten to an inch of his life, but before long he was making a great contribution to the team and earning a substantial cut. He even got his own room.

Abilities: A good fighter, has a variety of weapons (Not as much as Jayne Cobb), but enjoys his Buck knife above all of them.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2006 9:44 am
by -Rusty-
For Firefly RP as well, as I seem to have lost track of the dicsussion/intro thread

Alexander Briody
Age: 32
Species: Caucasian human male
Height: 5'9"
Build: Short and muscular. "barrel-chested"
Hair: none.
Eyes: one blue eye, and one empty socket.
Intelligence: High enough to find the nearest whorehouse, bar, or fight.
Education: Ex-Alliance military, defected during the Indepence War. Wanted by the Alliance for war crimes.
Job: Hurting people. Breaking things. Getting hard-to-reach information.
Clothes: browncoat, brown leather boots, ad black alliance-issue BDUs with a black T-shirt.

Personality: Easy-going and relaxed. Loves to party, loves to get drunk or stoned on whatevers available, loves a good bar brawl. Just don't piss him off, because the man holds a grudge and has a particulalry nasty brand of payback.

Abilities: Good at sneaking up on people, has Alliance Marine Corp NCO training, keeps cool under fire, good marksmanships and hand-tohand skills. Not one to face his enemies in a fair fight.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2006 11:32 pm
by Grim Atescu
Firefly/Serenity RP:

Name: Trivaz
Real Name: Travis Owens
Age: 28
Race: Native American
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, long
Distinctive Markings: tattoo of a raven with wings spread on his back, long straight scar running down his left forearm, triangle tattoo under his left eye, spoked wheel tattoo on his right palm
State of shavenness: Clean-shaven
Weapons: two Bowie knives, whatever guns he can bum off of people
Abilities: Trivaz can fire almost any gun he comes into contact with, and he's a fairly good cook.
Background: Woke up a year ago last Unification Day with no memory of his past life. This is probably a good thing, since Travis Owens was one of the worst womanizers and criminals on his home planet - and he was on the run from organized crime. Since waking up, he's determined that the fingerless glove with "Theresa" stitched onto the back was to remind him of a former lover; she was actually his sister, who drowned when she was six years old.
Clothes: A black shirt and faded jeans, a leather jacket that looks faded and worn, hiking boots, a pair of fingerless gloves.