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Character: Sammi

PostPosted: Sun May 22, 2005 4:58 pm
by KyuuKetsuHime
For Moperville

Name: Sammi
Age: 15
Appearance: 5'4" Straight hair, flowing down to her waist , the tips beautifully dyed with blue. A pair of dark brown eyes go along with this, being complemented by the combonation of a short black skirt over baggy pants combo, a belly-button length black tanktop, put together with a black trenchcoat.
Weapons: Katana, Daggers and a bow and quiver of arrows.
Alignment: Good
Bio: Sammi's parents' lives were wrenched from her when she was but the age of five. Tormented by the lost, she allowed her hatred to grow and flourish, convincing her that she will avenge her parents, even though she does not know whom actually did the deed. Her mind is riddled with morbid visions and a consistent array of nightmares. Yet despite this, she is able to become cheerful if something funny is to be heard, breaking her from her usual depressing and introverdict demeanor.

PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2005 8:07 pm
by Berk

Name: Rapa Ergoth

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Chimerate (Grey feline with black stripes)

Job: Self-defence instructer

Description: Humanoid with a coat of grey and black fur. Definite feline appearance, including skeletal structure more like a cats than human, especially noticable in the skull due to the placement of the ears and the teeth. Has claws instead of nails and also possesses a tail. 6 foot, well built, but not a tank.

Skills/Abilities: Well trained in close combat, both with weapons and without. Basic gun training, though only with handguns. Like all cats, has excellent senses. Carries an energy sword, a steel dagger, a laser pistol and a forearm mounted extendable energy sheild. It is normally collapsed along his left forearm, but at a moments notice it can extend into a circular energy sheild 2 foot in diameter. Wears a sleeveless shirt and pants, and unless going somewhere he will genuinely need it, he never wears footwear.

History: Born outside the city and never having a reason to go there, Rapa lived fairly peacefully with his family, many of the flare-ups between the humans and the chimerates would only be heard about but never touch him or their lives. After learning how to fight from his father, he left home and started a school to teach others with his brother. Many of his students only use it for exercise while his brother has a larger, more serious class of students, as he teaches them how to use various guns.

Family: Lives with his brother. His parents still live, but not with him.

PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2005 8:17 pm
by Atashi-Cloud
Yay! this counts as the third bio for Celtar, to wait for Cameo and Zred to post theirs.

Berk, I find nothing bad about this...I'm not a spelling nazi, so I'll dissmiss any spelling errors on all bios from here on out, so that no-one gets annoyed with me...^ ^;; I hope the next two are really good, as I've been waiting a great deal and have read their past bios....something awesome is coming up, I just know it...^ ^

PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2005 8:00 pm
by Cameo
Celtar RP:

Name: Brooklyn Ashley Carrera
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Chimera
Type: Cat/hedgehog (half-Jeremy)
Fur color: Goldish beige
Hair color: White-blonde (same as spines). Essentially has the same haircut as Cameo, but spikier.
Job: College student, studying in computer sciences and design (as in architecture).

Physical: Brooklyn looks a fair amount like Jeremy-Grace, both because of her hedgehog/cat DNA and her essentially human face, even though it's furry and wider in the cheekbones than the typical human's. She has pointy ears, a tail, and retractable claws on humanlike hands.
Psychological: Brooklyn is constantly cracking jokes, not all of them funny. She's also a serious prankster, although she knows when to quit and won't be giving people wedgies in the middle of a fight. In addition to that, she's outgoing, friendly, and rather impulsive, behaving a bit like Ellen.

Stuff: Brooklyn owns (and will be carrying) a laser handgun, though she's never actually had to use it. Its settings range from 'Slight Stun' to 'Vaporize,' and the usual for her is 'Heavy Stun' (will knock a person, of either species, out for several hours- causes no lasting harm, and doesn't work very well on aquatic Chimerates.) She also has a personal shield and a portable music player that's essentially an iPod with a few thousand songs loaded onto it, which is often used to tune people out.

Clothes: Usually wears a red, blue, or black backless halter top (taking a leaf out of Grace's book there) and often a specially-adapted black pleather jacket (it has something in the back that keeps the spines from penetrating the outer shell). As pants are usually not a problem, she wears ordinary jeans (almost never skirts) with a cutout for the tail, and sneakers or black pleather boots. All her clothes, most notably the boots and jacket, can regenerate if torn or otherwise damaged.

Skills: Naturally good with computers- and hacking them. Brooklyn has also taken to thwacking people with her tail when they get on her nerves (it's a family habit). Having grown up in a large family, she is also a very good shot with a squirt gun (and consequently with most real guns). She is also trained in martial arts, though not an expert.

Abilities: Exceptional senses, like all cats. Very graceful and well-balanced, also like all cats. Can jump two-and-a-half to three times her height, four if she gets a running start. Also highly intelligent, able to intuitively use almost any recognizale device.

History: Brooklyn was leading a relatively normal life- almost to the point of boredom- when the Chimerate escaped. Wanting some excitement in her life, she talked herself into joining the chase.

She grew up in a typical, upper-middle-class family, born and raised in the City as the middle child of five. Their money- although not truly enough for them to be considered rich- was certainly enough to overcome the difficulties they would otherwise have faced, although there were a few Human bullies to deal with at school. But little Brooklyn fought back, and there was an epic food fight (mainly Chimerates against Humans) one day in fourth grade. Needless to say, she's pretty tough and doesn't take much in the way of racial insults.

Family: Her and her siblings' mom's a cat person, and their dad is a half-hedgehog. Her older sister (Sydney) is a rarely-seen, workaholic journalist, while her older brother (Austin) is in his last year at the university (she attends a different one). She also has two little sisters; a moody, punk sixteen-year-old (Montana) and a shy and quiet ten-year-old (Miami).

Residence: The Carrera family resides in a large (five-bedroom) apartment on the eighty-fourth floor of a high-rise. Sydney, the oldest, has moved out, but she lives on a different floor in the same building, while Austin and Brooklyn both make use of the college residences. Montana and Miami live with their parents, for obvious reasons.

Brooklyn herself has a roommate, a tortoiseshell-furred, brown-haired feline Chimerate named Langley Alderson. They are close friends, despite not having known each other before becoming roomies.

PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2005 8:13 pm
by Atashi-Cloud
*applaudes Cameo energetically*I knew this was what I had been waiting for...this bio surpasses some of my best ones so far...Cameo, feel free to work in the family stuff as it comes up. I'm gonna make sure that everyone takes turns with this, which should be easier than the free-reign of HotF...^ ^;;;

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2005 2:38 am
by Tyveras
For the Celtar RP (If it's alright with Atashi)

Name: Julian Karin
Age: 159.
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Job: CEO of Genetics Inc.
Physical Description: 6'5, blond hair, green eyes, average looking.

Background: Julian started Genetics Inc, over a century ago, and since then it has spread to all the neighbouring worlds. Their greatest achievement has been gene tailoring, by which they can turn humans into Chimerate's and Vis versa. They have branches in the military, and they have for the last century been working on extending the human lifespan. But now with the escape of this chimera, Genetics Inc. is using all of its resources to capture her for testing.

Family: All of Julian's family have died by old age.

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2005 9:17 am
by Atashi-Cloud
Yes, finally the seventh person has joined and posted a all we're waiting for are DM and Zred to post theirs...if they don't, then I'll cut the max down to five and work with the group I already have...^ ^btw, thanks everyone for using this thread for bios, it's been quite the challenge to keep up with reading it so please keep going with it, I'll be glad when we reach page number ten on this thread...^ ^

PostPosted: Sat May 28, 2005 5:39 pm
by DMfromhell
Name: Unknown
Nickname: Jackal
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Job: Merc/Political Assassin

Height: 5

PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2005 2:32 am
by zred92
for Celtar. ive been busy so i havent been able to post this bio.

Name: Nate Gar
Age: 17
Gender: male
Race: wolf chimera
Job: test subject
Physical Description: 5'10, blue eyes, brown hair (in both forms), scars all over body (the most noteable being a gash he has on his left cheek), semi-muscular

Background: Nate was captured and taken to a lab deep in the jungles of Foares and is currently on Celtar. During the time held in the lab, Nate underwent constant experiments and torture, getting scars all over his body from this. one day when he was in his hibernation tank, Nate suddenly woke up, in a really bad mood. Nate transformed to a wolf man and killed most of the scientists and guards who held him prisoner before excaping. In the process, one of the guards shot him, giving him a nice gash on the left side of his cheek. he went far away, hopeing he never had to go back to that place again.

Family: Nate's family was killed in the process off him being captured.

PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2005 7:04 am
by Atashi-Cloud
Sorry to say, but I would find it a bit more suitable, as even though the Chimerate you'll be chasing is going to have a bio, I.....kinda already have it's bio up....^ ^;;; in any case, I'm glad to know that you'd like to do that as a character...Luckily, all you need to change are a few things, and that's it. I'm glad that we have such a wide variety of Chimerates for this RP...maybe I'll create another RP after this one using the same Planets...^ ^

PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2005 11:39 am
by zred92
ok, ive now made it so that he wasnt the one created by science, but he was still tortured. is that ok?

PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2005 12:00 pm
by Atashi-Cloud
Good...^ ^well, you can have him join in by using the ship as a starting point...

PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2005 1:09 pm
by zred92
ok then, already done.

PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2005 4:01 pm
by zred92
For 40k rp (finally am getting it up.)

Name: Tylis Eld
Age: 3250 (his race lives for a freaking long time, ok?)
Gender: Male
Race: Eldar (warhammer 40k version of elves)

Appearance: tall, slender, muscular for an Eldar, brown hair, silver eyes. he wears eldar robes for casual clothes, but when the gem on the collar is pressed, it becomes a full suit of battle armor.

Background: Tylis is a war vetran of many wars (around 250) and is very good in combat. Because of his experience, he has faced almost every foe there is to face and has great knowlrdge of every race. He is the last of his family because all of his family has fought in war. All of them but him have died in battle.

Weapons/Abilities: Tylis has a heavily modified lassault rifle that he built with him at all times. each shot of it doesnt do as mch damage as a regular rifle, but it shoots about 3 times faster, along with that the rifle uses lasers instead of bullets. His battle suit has many weapons, including: flame trowers on the arms, pistols that detach from the armor near the wrists, generator that makes bombs that blow up after 10 seconds after a button is pressed on both sides of the waist, and mini-rocket launchers on the shoulders. The fingers of the armor pointen to form claws that he actually uses of ten in close combat, when he cant shoot any guns (rule from warhammer 40k, no guns in close combat). He is also an adept in ancient elven magic, as he's decendant from the greatest elven wizard to walk the earth.

ok, not how his only actual ability is that he can use magic. all the other stuff is high tech weapons, which there isnt as much of as i thought there would. is u still have problems, just say so. i dont care if u flame my characters. oh, and i have a secret enemy character that ill reveil when i take over the rp temporalily. (DMFH/Michael said that i could do that and that that would happen. he knows wat it is, too.)

p.s i play 40k, im working on a tyranid army.

PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2005 4:19 pm
by UltimateRandom
My chara is part Eldar (If you look I did say augumented human hybrid. The hybrid part is basically Eldar, with some other stuff mixed in, I wasn't sure whether Eldar existed in this universe though).

Like I said, I had an Eldar, Biel-Tan (green!! cool elite units too) army, which is now falling apart (It gets bashed about and I never use it)...

PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2005 4:30 pm
by zred92
i use tyranids for 40k personally. i have a friend who plays tyranids as well. actually, the leader of his army is where i got my secret, evil character from.ill show u later, in the rp.


PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2005 5:12 pm
by TagTamerAJ
This is for the Moperville RP.

Name: Axle Vader Skyre
Age: 16 1/2
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 Lbs
Species: Human
Hair Color: Reddish brown
Eye Color: Emerald
Favorite Food: Fish and Chips
Least Favorite: Spinach
Hobbies: Duel Monsters, Kaijudo, Games of Skill
Hates: Stuck up Magical Girls, My Little Ponies
Known Weapons and Equipment: Soul Edge, Battlizer.

Bio: Not too much is known about Axle, other than that he's evidentally from another dimension.

Personality: Axle's usually quiet and reserved around new people, but once he opens up he's pretty darn cool. He's also been known to have a mischivous side.

Battlizer: The Battlizer is capable of altering Axle's form, as well as providing some cool powered forms. Known forms are:
-Female Form (Most turned into form. Axle also turns into this at random sometimes)
-Turbo Soul (Racer Themed battle form)
-Sailor Soul (Sailor Scout themed battle form. Can actually be used in both female and male form.)
-Digi Soul (Male only Digital fighting form used when on the digital plane of battle)
-Aba Soul(Abaranger themed battle form.)
-Wild Soul (Turns partially into various animals.)
The Soul forms are rarely used except in emergencies.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2005 5:27 pm
by Django
For Moperville RP

Name: Django
Age: 17(birthday!)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6"
Favorite things: Shiny things/jewels and gold, etc. and weaponry.

Looks: Has blond hair, deep sapphire eyes, and glasses. Has a medium build, not chunky, yet not super buff. Wears layered shirts, generally in blue, green or red, with baggy blue jeans. Always wears running shoes, he runs quite a bit, and hates dressing up. Generally has a knife at his belt.

Personality: Casual, friendly, and loves to have fun.Always willing to make friends and try new things. Very good fighter too. (Luckily) Not easily angered, yet the slightest attempt to harm his friends or family always triggers the "Demon Eyes" anger, causing him to go into a mad frenzy, attempting to destroy whatever it is, no matter the odds.

Abilities: Can summon weapons to him, though this proscess is long and complicated. Can only do this to weapons that have his crest on them. Uses ninja arts, and a bit of black magic. His spells tend to focus on fire, but he has a bit of control over water and air as well.

Background: Has grown up as a rogue, having only his friends to help him along. Knows nothing of his parents at all, but was taken in by the Ryu Clan ninjas after his hometown was destroyed. There he learned ninjutsu and a bit of black magic from the Ryu Clan. While learning the art of "Summon Demon" he was possessed by the fiend he summoned and was forced to attack his master. Luckily he was still a novice at the time, so the master was in no real danger because the demons can only use the body to the extent of its powers. One side effect of this remained with him though, from then on if he was angered, his eyes morphed to red and he looses control easily, attacking everything that disturbs him. He studied with the Ryu Clan for three years until he lost his adoptive parents in an attack on the Clan headquarters. During the attack, the "Demon Eyes" anger came upon him, and he singlehandedly defeated all of the enemy ninja. By the time he had hunted down all of them, however, it was too late. After his continual losses, he decided it would be better to survive on his own. As he was wandering the mountains one day, he stumbled upon a portal, in fact, the very portal that lead him to the streets where he found Sammi.

15 spell scrolls(used to inscribe spells upon which are casted with various hand seals)
1 Katana
10 4-point shuriken
4 Kunai
1 switchblade
60 lbs of golden items
1 Wakizashi
6 donuts
13 random sushis
1 jug of Sake (at MV's house in the fridge NO ONE DRINK IT!!!)

PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2005 3:20 pm
by Atashi-Cloud
I'm sure everyone's been waiting for this bio, and I figured I'd start off with it now on a new page. This is the official Bio for Atashi in the Moperville RP. Edit: Added a link for reference to those who are wondering about my character. Please note, anyone that is too young(Dan's prohibition limit, meaning anyone who is considered a child or young teen) to read it should not click it at all...Pictures are added as links in the Bio. Take a look-see if you're curious.

Name: Atashi-Cloud aka 'Kumo'
Age: roughly 19
Race: Lespuko/Human mix with a tad Uryuom(all synthetic)
Height(applies to default, adjusters are in decription of forms): 6'7" Digitigrade; 5'7" Natural
Weight: 129 - 240 (varies due to forms)
Hair: Always a bright powdery-white/silver color and has a small black-tipped bit of hair that always lands dead-center of his forehead.
Eyes: silvery-blue or blue-silver, whatever you see it as, the standard color is that of snow on a cold winter's night under a full moon.
Antennae: They are actually the one strand of hair that forms in front of his forehead, and although cutting it won't hurt him at all, it will provoke a lot of aggression.

Clothing: Usually has a large trench-coat like duster that he wears, and even though it is tattered, if one were to look carefully at it, they would notice that it is made up of several layers of alchemic metal woven into the fabric. This provides the stiffness needed for armor, yet is soft enough to double as a normal bit of clothing. His shirt and pants are always generic-brand stuff and he tends to keep it along the lines of silvery-grey or an off-whitish color. Rarely will you see him dress up in something gaudy or attractive, unless it is the direct result of a battle. He has a small tote-bag that carries his feminine clothes, of which he changes to when his curse is active. Other than the fact that his coat was given a polymimetic structure to change shape for whatever form he is, nothing usually changes much. His shirts have always been baggy so as to not restrict his powers.

Appearance for each form:

Default: Male: Is mostly Kitsunein in appearance, though some very detailed close-ups will reveal close human facial structures, which also includes some more human-like bone-structures in his arms and torso. He has a very light silvery-blue fur tone that graces his body, easily covering himself up entirely. The undertone for his fur is actually just a slightly darker shade of the original, and both fur colors usually extend to his other forms. As he resembles a Fox in most ways, the only issue is his face in this form, as it usually has a muzzle. Oftentimes, he will have it, but unless mentioned as not being formed, assume he has it. He has one distinguishing mark on his body, which is a star-shaped ice scar that penetrates through to his back. This is usually seen in all of his male forms.

Female: A female alternate of his male shape, this form is shorter by about a foot and a half, ruining his mostly intimidating physique by shaping curves to what would usually be hard muscle. Unlike the male form, he has no distinguishing scar, as it would interrupt his beautiful body and thus has been absorbed into the change. This form is originally part of a curse laid upon him that is discussed in his history.
Measurements(applied to all female forms):
Total Body size(changes by half the amount listed): 30"
Bust: 34"
Waist: 22"
Hips: 32"
If you must simply know exactly what size bra Atashi wears, consult this link in the blue box on the right side of the page.
Second pic of Femme Atashi

Human: Male: He looks very much more normal in this shape than anything else, as his hair looks more naturally suited to his more chiseled-out form. His face strikes a very stunningly-close resemblance to Tedd's in being effeminate, but lacks some of the softness as his brows are usually slightly furrowed. His skin tone is rather pale, though not enough to deem him along the lines of never going outside from any sort of skin condition. As he remains relatively the same height in human form, it is interesting to see how differently he reacts to shorter people this way as he is effectively his Digitigrade height.

Female: Variation of the male form, and is a lot more in the ranks of what Tedd would call the 'hot factor' of women. Hair usually drops down to the middle of her back and relatively stays the same style. She is also a foot shorter than the male form, making her height the effective Natural. Has not been known to be too much different in personality, save for lengthened periods of time.

Cheetah: Male: This form is definitely the sleekest of them all, even while male. Even though his raw power is changed to more suit the natural abilities of the form, he is still quite formidable due to his endurance and speed. His markings follow that of the ordinary animal, though fur coloration follows as this: black is the darker shade of his natural fur tone, and the orange and white sections are his natural fur tone. This leaves him looking more like a snow leopard than a cheetah, though it's clearly hard to mistake that due to the distinguishing marks on his face.

Female: This is a variation on the male version, and tends to be less bulky along the line of measurements(take down 10" from each). She tends to look shorter, but both shapes are actually the same average height in Digitigrade height(for Female, not Male). As this form is slightly heavier in weight, she tends to have more endurance this way and also takes a bit longer to slow down(fraction of a second actually). Her hair however, remains the same shortness and style so as not to mess with the obvious drag that would be created while running at top speed.

Jeremy: Male: This form closely resembles Grace's though with the only minor spiked-up style applied to his hair, which makes it look sorta like Vash the Stampede's. His fur tones are the same, save for the spikes are now the same color as his hair, and the marking tone is now his average fur tone. This is his slightly better fighting form, as it can easily do things that he normally can't do in most other forms(save for the dragon form). He has regenerative powers hidden beneath this so that the spikes can be used as slight projectiles/weapons when detached. Luckily, he has not used this form as of yet in the RP.

Female: The variation of the male Jeremy form, this one is a lot like Grace's, though the hair is instead slicked backwards to look like large spikes instead of actual bits of hair. This is the most interesting of her forms as it tends to be shorter and faster than the other Jeremy form, which is actually stronger and more durable. Despite these obvious differences, both forms have extremely good offensive capabilities. Her measurements actually increase slightly from this form(5" total to each section).

Frog: Male: This form looks the weirdest out of all of them due to the fact that her face does not change at all from looking human. This does not, however, excuse this from from being any different than the rest. His musculature has now warped tremendously to suit the water-going shape and is superbly streamlined to reduce water resistance. This also means that not a single bit of fur is on his body, so he will often have to be sitting in a pool, or some other water-like substance to keep from becoming disoriented. He can still breathe air in this form, but loses a lot of his natural dexterity gained in this form as it works better on rainy days, or days with high humidity. His deterity is so sharp, that it could be concieved as precognition with the speed he can react at. This is combined with an amazing jumping ability, though at the cost of pure strength and endurance. He has a very unique pattern for his skin, which is a very oddly soothing water-style mark on his back that is the same tone as his normal fur tone. The rest of his skin tones are based upon the darker tones for his fur.

Female: This is a very disturbingly similar variation to the male form and has a slightly different effect on people. As the Male frog form is soothing, this form is quite nauseating in the fact that her sweat glands are constantly keeping her body wet. This makes it easier to breathe, though also makes it a bigger issue of staying hydrated. Luckily, both forms have retained the ability to absorb water through the skin to help with breathing issues. She is much more agile in this form, but loses a bit of the male form's dexterity. Her measurements also take a small leap in change, giving a slightly different approach to streamlining the body for the water(8" total change).

Dragon: Male: The head is a very startling resemblance to a leviathan, but it has a group of crests at the back that extend backwards and look like a very oddly-twisted pair of horns/plates. The snout is unique as it doesn't have the traditional whiskers appearing, but instead carries two tufts of fur-like material that could best be described as scaly-fur, which extends only a few scant inches and tends to flatten when attacking. The head also has a few plates along the top of the snout, which are an indication of use for battling. The neck is fairly long and large, almost as big as the head, but matches the proportions of a leviathan's snake-like appearance. However, unlike some leviathans and dragons, he does not have wings for flight, and thus is mostly on the ground. The distance between his front legs and back legs is considerable, but judging that they are close than an average leviathan's it can be said that he was built for certain purposes of battle. The arms and legs themselves look very similar to talons, and are quite manipulative in objects and items, though not able to grab a sword without possibly breaking it. The claws are hooked fairly short though, but closer inspection would reveal serrated edges and a barbed tip, both of which are used for purely battle reasons. The tail is fairly long, and extends the rest of his seventeen foot-long length, the tip reminiscent of a fairly decorative spearhead, with two very small spikes on the end that only go out about an inch or so. The actual body looks quite muscularly built, hinting at a more dragon-like figure than leviathan, and the scales are shaped to intricately cover like perfectly made plate armor. This style extends to even the chest and underside, excepting the bottom of the snout which has a similar plate to the top covering it. The teeth are nothing to look at, as they are much less impressive than the scales covering, which look almost like really small barbed fangs covering the whole body. The tongue is just as unimpressive, though it has a very tough resin to it that prevents extreme cold and freezing to surfaces. A close look at the upper mouth reveals a lack of a pilot light, which would be used for fire. This form utilizes a form of ice breath, generated from deep inside a very cold internal temperature that matches the coldest of cold. However, as the scales are built to retain cold, there is no way you could freeze yourself by touching him. His ground to shoulder height is about eight feet if you don't count the size of the spikes. His coloration is that of snow, and he seems to glitter from all points of view no matter where you are.

Female: This form is a lot less masculine looking as the male form and is built entirely on sleekness and aerial streamlining. She has no wings and thus cannot fly, yet is able to move along the ground at a speed that would rival anything the world has yet to see. Her measurements are nearly gone in this form, so there is little to discern the male form from this form, aside from the obvious difference of every sharp point and jagged edge being made sleek and wind-resistant. This form was also built with battle in mind, but a different aspect. The talons are no longer tipped with serrated claws, but keen-edged claws that would rip off your very skin if pressed lightly against it. Her teeth are very impressive, and are so jagged and tough that they would break any arm in half, along with possibly breaking through the bone entirely if enough force is used. This form is shorter, but only by about three feet. This enables a better adeptness with smaller places and better travel through water and more space-cramped areas. She can also use ice-breath, yet it is more concentrated and can freeze anything into a solid iceblock in a few short seconds or half-minute at the most. The tail is the most unique as it has a round edge instead of being completely flat, indicating a use as an extra weapon in battle. Her coloration is quite different, being a deep and dark sapphire tone instead of the usual white and silver tones.

Squirrel: Male: this form lacks a lot in height and strength, but has made up for this with pure speed and dexterity as the strong points and focus of attack. As he has basically lost at least two full feet in height, this form is one of the smallest, requiring him to look up at anyone above his height level. This can usually frustrate him, as height is not much of an issue in his other forms(except for a few notable ones). As it is harder to use his favored sword in this form, he tends to use his powers more, indicating that this form is better-suited to elemental fighting than purely physical fighting. His markings are quite unique to a squirrel and are as follows: usual fur tones, with the markings as his hands looking like they are encased in fighting gloves and his feet completly covered in a bandage-like marking. There is a small band that runs across his tail in this form and it appears at halfway down.

Female: This form follows the same markings, though her hair is different as it is now longer and parted to the side. As this is a variation on the male form, it does possess the same latent abilities, but is easily more focused on magical energies and disturbances than the male form. Her measurements go down in this form to suit her size, mostly as a way of compensating for lack of strength(-10" total to all).

History: Atashi was the youngest out of all the assassins the company had made, and was barely old enough to stand up to Damien when he decided to break Grace and her brothers out. Atashi was among them, and even though he was powerful enough to stop Damien, he was nowhere near skilled enough to defeat him. This was bad, as Damien and Atashi had done lots of sparring practices together to increase their powers. The end result of one fateful sparring match ended with Atashi having to be rushed into a medical ward while Damien looked on in slight sympathy. Damien and Atashi were almost like brothers, as they both resented being given elemental powers and hated being called immortal to no end. During Atashi's time in the medical ward, one of the Nurse's despised Atashi's abilities to cope with everything so easily. She placed a curse on Atashi that swaps his gender by the night of a New Moon, thus rendering him that way for 24 hours.

This caused the rivalry between Atashi and Damien to escalate, and eventually, Damien managed to sabotage Atashi's shape-shifting powers granted him that Damien was jealous of. This resulted in a less-than effective version of what Atashi was supposed to be. He was considered a failure as an experiment and abandoned in a top-secret and undisclosed place. There, Atashi worked his way back to Moperville, only to discover Damien dead and his vengence left fulfilled by the one he had hoped wouldn't have to deal with it, Grace. Recently, he has regained his latent shape-shifting abilities due to a present from Tyveras, and has secretly sworn to repay this debt in any means necesary.

Abilities/Powers: Atashi is an elemental controller. Whereas Damien was given the power of fire to use, Atashi was given the opposite power of ice so that balance could be held. Despite this, Atashi has learned how to use his powers more effectively than Damien has, resulting in a rather interesting conflict. The only problem was that Atashi's powers never grew that much, and Damien's always grew, no matter how much they are used. This was the main reason why Atashi couldn't beat Damien back then, as he never knew that Damien had a limit to how much his body could hold. As Atashi is completely in control of his powers, there is no limit to his ability. This is adversely different from Damien's, which had an obvious limit. His ability to channel power so efficiently could be a result of Atashi's scar, but it hasn't been proven just yet.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2005 10:17 pm
by Tyveras
Only for Moperville.

Name: Tyveras Anquis
Age: 895
Height: 6'2
Weight: 67 kilos
Apperance: that of a teenager 16-17, fairly lean, with brown hair and brown eyes, that can easily be mistaken for black. He wears a long sleeve Black shirt, Black pants mainly to hide how thin, and delicate his limbs look. His skin is as pale as bleached bone, and the fact that he is so thin (Gear called him scrawny) gives him the appearence of being diseased
Weapons: Transmutaing cane, and daggers, and elemental magic.

Abilities: Tyveras uses elemental magic, so first take into consideration that his powers are only limited by his imagination. He can heal himself at an accelerated rate, and he is immortal. His speed, reflexes, strength, are phenomenally increased. The one thing he finds difficult is shape changing, if forced into a shape he can't get out of it, and his magic becomes very restricted. If he willing forces himself into another shape, it may take days for him to gather the magic needed to change back (So far only Atashi knows of this weakness)

Personality: Tyveras can be a bit ecentric, and headstrong. A know-it-all might be a good description for him. But he's polite, friendly, and tries to help his friends. He's quiet, and tends to try and hide his emotions the best he can.

Magic: Magic can be broken into three very simple groups. (Because their are more, and I won't go into detail about these other kinds)
Elemental magic: This is the magic that Tyveras uses. It comes from within himself, and from the world around, which means he draws his magic from the Earth, and all living things. This is the most powerful kind of magic, because it simply keeps the world from falling apart.

Spirit Magic: This magic relies upon being such as fairies, pixies, and spirits, accendentily demon may be used, though this is extremely rare (and dangerous). But this was the most common used form of magic, summoning the magical powers of other beings, and then casting them forward as a spell. Unfortunatly this is also the most unreliable of magic, sometimes the summoning (Beginning of spell) falls to summon the spirit needed, or the spirit just does want to help, or, you bloch it at the last second, and you turn into a toad.

Seal magic: This is rare, and Tyveras has never encountered it before meeting Shotoken. So I cannot say much about it.

History: As told by Tyveras (Abridged version)

"[i]I can

PostPosted: Sat Jun 04, 2005 6:42 pm
by Atashi-Cloud
Thanks, for updates, I fixed a few glaring parts of the bio, and the Dragon form is almost ready to be put up in description...However, I did make sure there is a disclaimer for content in case there are some kids about on the Mayhem forum. Better safe than sorry, I say...

PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2005 12:35 am
by Tyveras
Update on Bio, now with description on magic. If anybody knows anything about seal magic, please PM me.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2005 10:06 pm
by Blackwolf
The Basics

Name: Not known, responds to "Wolf", "Beast", or "Hey you with the face and all the hair on it!"1
Age: Looks 23, but has approximately 330 years of life experience in various universes.
Species: Born human, now human/werewolf
Height: 5'10" Natural
Weight: 213 lbs Natural
Apparence: Fairly tan skin, dark eyes, black dredlocks, always wears some kind of facial hair. Has two visible tattoos, one on his left bicep, and the other on his right forearm.
Build: Compact and muscular, with an exceptionally thick neck and almost ridiculously strong legs.
Occupation: Has done everything from professional sports to warehouse work to private investigation; refers to himself as a Jack (of all trades).

Alternate Forms

Has a half-wolf form with pitch-black fur, acquired in an incedent involving a Dewitchery Diamond (assumed not to have been in the primary universe). In his half-wolf form, size increases to 6'3 inches and 278lbs and his already-prodigious stamina increases even more.


Clothing: Wears only a black, many-pocketed pair of cargo pants that has an elastic waistband, a plethora of pockets, and a very loose fit (to prevent tearing in Half-Wolf form) and sandals.
TF Gun: Has one, but doesn't know how to program it. As a result, only has forms he can convince discredited or mentally unstable scientists will program in for him. They are a pitiful group: half-sloth, half-shrew, hormone-crazed teenager, and a positively amazing (from a programming standpoint) but utterly useless half-dog Fairy form, along with the standard Female Variants I-V and a form he refers to as Alpha Male (think Greg's body and half of Tony's brain).
Weapons Two battered-looking but well-crafted swords, one of which wards its owner against most Asian magic (purchased at quite a price), and another that was originally a simple blade, but was "improved" by a friend/ally (some say love interest) to ward against most European magic.
Miscellaneous Carries a whole lot of de-constituted food, a professionally-complete first-aid kit, a fairly large knife, and a very thin but surprisingly warm navy-blue robe, all in the many pockets of the "magic black pants". Also has a double back scabbard to carry his swords, the straps of which come down to his waist in his human form, large enough that they won't snap when he goes werewolf.


Unarmed Combat/Defense: Not trained in any martial arts, he nevertheless has a nearly godlike control over his "ki", allowing him to perform masterful feats of movement and strength. Is reported to have defended various clients and friends from rather powerful chimeras while unarmed. Has far greater power and slightly improved stamina in the half-wolf form, as well as three-inch-long claws on his hands and feet.
Melee Combat: Has some skill as a duelist, but is usually better off disarming an expert swordsman and defeating him barehanded. Much more adept at using both his swords at once against larger numbers of lesser-skilled foes. Can throw a sword with about 2/3 accuracy and enough power to render the target non-combative. Claws make armed combat in half-wolf a clumsy waste of energy except in emergency situations or against opponents of extreme physical strength and little skill. Has practiced with energy blades/lightsabers on occasion, and is actually more proficient with them than with the swords he carries, but doesn't own any.2
Magic: Absolutely none, surprising for someone so dominant over his own "ki". In all likelihood, never recieved any training in any area and found the "ki" on his own, by accident.
Projectile Combat: Does not carry firearms, but is a decent shot with a handgun or any weapon of similar design.
Miscellaneous: Has a knack for remembering random trivia, is possessed of uncanny intuition, and is said to have written a very large number of pieces of fiction, non-fiction, and prophecy. Very skilled in battlefield medicine. Excellent with languages (except Spanish, which, for reasons unknown, he refuses to learn). Decent pilot of just about any transportation craft. Very skilled at paddling a canoe. Cooks like he was trained at the Cordon Bleu over a campfire, but his cooking in any kind of kitchen has been described kindly as "Poisonous".

Backstory and Other Attributes

Almost nothing is known about this man, mainly because of his habit of skipping back and forth between various universes and time periods. Has spent most of his time serving as an escort or bodyguard for mages, scientists, witnesses, and members of government. Had a lucrative career in professional atheletics in the Beta universe, but is still always on the move or on "assignment", lending credence to the belief that he's employed by some greater power or another as either a peacemaker or an "equalizing agent" for universal balances of force and order. If it weren't for his unique skill, appearance and style, he would probably blend in with the countless other "men for hire" were it not for two personality quirks: he speaks like a Jedi Master and uses his medkit almost as much on his foes as he does on his friends. Will sometimes even train those he defeats in combat; after which they tend to do more dimensional jumping than they had before, lending more credence to the belief that he's employed by some greater power or another as either a peacemaker or an "equalizing agent".

1. He does have a name, or did, or both. Not that he'd ever tell you....
2. There are some pockets hidden under pockets on "Beast's" pants. Two of those pockets hold a pair of blue lightsabers. However, only a very few people in a very few dimensions know this fact, and none of them are talking.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 3:42 am
by Atashi-Cloud
Really good bio...^ ^and, I guess I'm reviving this thread...hurray!

PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 5:37 am
by Django
For Celtar:

Name: Kunisaki

Age: 19

Height: 5' 9"

Appearance: Loose-fitting jacket, black pants, and steel-toed boots. Always carries blaster pistols at his hip, and has a few knives in his pockets, just in case.

Occupation: Pilot/Mechanic

Skills: Can pilot nearly any spacecraft, speeder, or other vehical. Is extremely accurate with his blasters, and loves to have sharpshooting contests with everyone.

Background: Grew up on Celtar. His mother was a mechanic, and he learned most of his fixing skills from her. His father was a pilot for an interplanetary transportation, and Kunisaki often came with him on his flights. Because of all the time he spent on ships, he picked up quite a lot of information on them, like speeds, how to fly them, and many other facts. The skill with a blaster he developed on his own in his free time, shooting against his friends. He left his family at age 16, seeking his fortune as a pilot. He is currently flying his own ship, Gyoukou, with Nate Gar, Julian Karin, Jackal, and [will add others here].