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The Official Forum and Rules Here

Postby DarkShive on Mon Sep 13, 2004 5:48 pm

This forum is for random topics, roleplaying, games, etc. The following rules apply here:

- Please don't post any swears or anything that you would think a protective parent might cover their child's eyes from.

- Please don't engage in flame wars; try to be considerate of others.


The following has to do with trolls and inappropriate postings:

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a bit of a request. If you witness someone posting something that is inappropriate for this particular board, do not respond to it. If you are happy that I am deleting said inappropriate posts, do not post about that either. Ignore said posts and those who post them as though they were a skin disease that can only get worse should you pick at them.

Remember: if someone's state of being is in such a state of ruin that they have to irritate and annoy others unprovoked in order to feel better about themselves, odds are that they're not going to listen to reason. The problem in the lives of these people go deeper than your words can reach, and unless they themselves do something about it, there's little we can do but ignore them, delete what we can, and go about our own business. Anything else is positive reinforcement for attention junkies who are evidently missing something important in their lives.

Edit: Removed connections to old, related comic this spawned from. - AP
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