So, once upon a time I was an android girl.

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So, once upon a time I was an android girl.

Postby Malanthyus on Tue Feb 26, 2013 4:11 am

In roughly 2 months, I turn 33.
In all honesty, I didn't believe that I'd still be existing by this point. It sort of makes you feel introspective, and yeah, I know that tends to happen a lot more around the big three O, but it's almost like it's taken this long to really sink in that I'm not 'young' anymore.

And yes, I know, immaturity lasts forever.

That said, before I showed up under this pseudonym as such a pretentious jerk that was attempting deicide, on the previous keenspot forums I had an avatar named "Android 05", or later "Androidgirl 05". Yes, I played a girl, and I was a 24 year old man in the navy at the time, killing time rping on forums under egs. Ryvaken, Jedi Errant, Tobias Drake. Names lost in the dark, and gone away with the original forums more or less. Friends and gender benders and silly drama. Points of contact for a very lonely, and very disturbed man.

Not that I'll admit to all that much having changed between now and then. ;)

After the forum implosion, tried to remake but I never quite got back into it, and the "Malanthyus" identity was one of those cool ideas I never quite followed through on, and in my willful ignorance, I actually managed to harm a webcomic creator I enjoyed in attempting to , well, god killing isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Will this be my last post on this avatar? Oddly enough I doubt it.

If I'm really honest, I"m not sorry for my actions, even some of the prickish ones, they were at least a little fun along the way, I simply wish I'd caused less harm than the minimal amount I did.

I look back to look back, to wonder at the archaeology that's condensing in this tiny corner of what is growing to be an interconnected consciousness of the human race. I wonder how long it will last, and if anyone will care to hold onto the events that transpired here.

As it is, the events I really cared about, were really involved in have gone to the delete file of forever, those moments are completely gone, and left only in my very questionable memory.

So if this thread was going to be about anything, I suppose I would ask you, what do you treasure remembering, that -isn't- on the net anymore?
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Re: So, once upon a time I was an android girl.

Postby OzLionHeart on Tue Feb 26, 2013 7:05 am

Welcome back. I turn 44 next month, so I think I can relate.

On playing a girl - it's fairly common here (almost to the point of being a tradition) for guys to play at least one female at some point. I've played (and am playing) a number of females. Currently, I'm playing at least five girls (none of them human), in the Fort Mayhem thread.

Don't stress too much about the mistakes you've made. Just pick out what you can learn from them, and move on. Otherwise, you're going to be spending all your time bogged down in regrets and second thoughts, and never make any forward progress.

Jump in and have some fun - that's what Mayhem is about.
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Re: So, once upon a time I was an android girl.

Postby Alex_Mage on Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:15 am

Back about 13-ish years ago, give or take a year or two as my grip on time has always been fuzzy, I was really starting to get into anime and video games, especially Pokemon, and has just discovered fanfiction.

Oh, fanfiction, the things I could say about thee... But I digress. In my pursuit of more and more fanfiction to sate my hunger I happened upon The Dark Pokemon Fanfic, Pokemon Master by Ace Sanchez. After reading most of it, as it hadn't been finished, I decided to go to the GuestBook and leave a message on how much I enjoyed it.

To my surprise there were people posting over and over in this little GuestBook, roleplaying in their yet developing, utterly insane world. And so... I trolled them. I didn't even know what trolling was back then but that's what I was doing. Eventually I went from troll to villain, from villain to... Well, I'd be reluctant to say hero, as none of us fit that very well.

There was god-modding in near every post, our writing was terrible... But we had fun. We pulled pranks, we fought wars against a race of Klingon/Kingler hybreds called Kinglons, we were constantly dying but then would simply leave hell via the fire escape... That's just the tip of the iceberg.

The perfectionist in me is very happy that little GuestBook is gone, though most of me is sad to see it go.

My points are, well, I started as a troll. I was being stupid and messing with these people but would eventually befriend them. I still talk to some over Facebook. I did some stuff that I very much regretted shortly thereafter, but looking back now I'm glad I made that plunge. So I guess I would say that you shouldn't look upon those mistakes and assign value to them by themselves. Try to look at what path they led you on or at what you learned. I'm fairly certain you could find a silver-lining! :D
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