Fate: a Fanfic

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Fate: a Fanfic

Postby Lohti on Thu Feb 28, 2008 8:02 pm

Chapter one -Maleficus

Maleficus Shalahex grinned to himself, having prepared his first summoning with a permanent pentacle. the inscence had been double-checked to be of the proper grade, the Pentacle painstakingly drawn over many weeks of toil, and he had studied and composed the incantation for two months. He now stood, on the eve of his sixteenth birthday, ready to receive his lifelong servant tomorrow, as was tradition in his tribe when the young come of age. He would please the old master of the village and prove he wasn't some outcast child who drifted into the village. He had selected a middle-class Djinn by the name of Eglethor, whom had been called upon numerous times in the minor conflicts of ancient asia and even twice by Roman regiments. He had fought gloriously, the texts had said, and with his tribe facing the oncoming threat of the Nosland Empire his battle skills may well come in handy.

Maleficus took it all in proudly, nodded with satisfaction, and set off to get some rest. He'd need it tomorrow.

He lay down, thinking how important the next day was to him. Tomorrow, he would prove once and for all to everyone in the village that he was a true magician. He was sick of the taunts, the scoffing, people calling him "Commoner" instead of his adopted name. Willing the dawn to come would only tire him, so he cast these thoughts aside with ease and willed himself to sleep.

His dreams were, as usual of late, plagued by nightmares. He stood in a cavernous room, left white and undecorated, save for the throne in the center, in front of him, and a cage to the throne's right hand side. There was a figure inside, and he could not help but feel that they were there against their will, that this place had some important connection to him. There was a shadow of a man on the throne, staring in his direction. The figure waved a hand, and a blue neon ball appeared, sailing straight for him. As it touched his face, he felt himself melting away.......

He saw horrid visions of death, mutilated bodies, and carnage. The land was parched in an unnatural fashion, the world left barren and desolate, the survivors fighting starvation and bandits both. He felt horrified, sickened...

And the scene changed to a dark keep under a red and ominous sky, made of slick stone. Battalions of soldiers, or what looked like them, stood in the courtyard. He hastened inside to avoid a stray gaze... or he felt compelled to. He was not certain.

He found the same room the dream had started in, only this time there were bodies all over the floor. and the man on the throne now stood in the midst of them. Trembling as the man, once more shrouded in darkness, looked his way, pointed another hand in his direction and began amassing another ball of magic....

and woke with a start. He looked outside his window. Dawn had come while he lay tossing and turning in his bedroll. With a sigh of anticipation, and somehow, fear, he got out of bed and got ready for the day. The nightmare wiped from his mind by the excitement of the day that was to come.
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Re: Fate: a Fanfic

Postby Proginoskes on Fri Aug 22, 2008 7:25 am

Well you've got me wondering what happens next.
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Re: Fate: a Fanfic

Postby Helseth on Sat Aug 23, 2008 1:25 am

Reminds me of the bartimus triology. that said great start and i cant wait for the next chapter
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