Turning the Tables (12-13-06)

The ongoing story of Chelsea Chattan, a witch, who after a three year absence, returns to her hometown only to find out that things are not always what they seem.

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Turning the Tables (12-13-06)

Postby Murray M. Lee on Wed Dec 13, 2006 8:11 am

Looks like the Hellots are just getting the very start of a nasty surprise.

Since this is, "the big oven," they won't have far to go if they croak.

This isn't all good as the change will probably still be there when her sister pulls off the resurection spell.
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Postby ShardZ on Sat Dec 16, 2006 11:42 am

The irony for me here, is that I just read through Mythos and Magick a few days ago (I'd forgotten that Graphic Smash gave up their paysite status) so I actually know what's going on now. (Well, as much as Jamie's revealed. ;) )

And very nice demons, Jamie. Very Lovecraftian. I'd been trying to figure out what was grabbing Chels from the "shadows" on her skin, but fingers seemed illogical. Now I guess I can see how they were tentacles.

I hope you enjoy your break! (Better late than never, right? :nervous: )
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