Ben (23rd Sept)

The ongoing story of Chelsea Chattan, a witch, who after a three year absence, returns to her hometown only to find out that things are not always what they seem.

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Ben (23rd Sept)

Postby HiFranc on Sat Sep 23, 2006 12:01 am

How's Ben going to react when he finds out what happened to Diane? Where is she, by the way?
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Postby ShardZ on Sat Sep 23, 2006 1:21 pm

Cynthia and Diane were portaled out earlier by Sebo. It's really too bad that all the others (minus Paul and Jubal) were portaled to the castle as well--but it would have been an interesting twist if they had been attacked. I'm guessing Sebo only had enough power to either maintain the illusion or portal some or all of them to the castle? Of course, leaving the others completely alone in Mel's courtyard might not have been the best idea, either...

Oh, and Ben will probably be mad to no end, and rightfully so.* But will he be blinded enough to focus his attack on Mel (again) or will he be able to turn that anger against the ones who were truly responsible for hurting his family?

*At least, breaking down into a weakened pile of shock and self-pity just doesn't seem to be within his personality. Just a guess.
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