Manifestations late due to server glitch

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Manifestations late due to server glitch

Postby ThomasKDye on Sat Jun 19, 2004 1:32 am

And it's a shame that one of my first announcements has to be that MF is late this week only because the server has hiccupped again. I go to the FTP site and the new one is up, but according to the HTTP site it's not there. Hopefully you'll be able to see it before too long. Keep checking. If it's still not up by late Saturday I'll write an important missive to the KEENSPOT folks. Thanks for your patience. :)

EDIT: After hitting refresh a few times, it seems to be up. If you do not see the current comic, try typing ... 40612.html and hitting the "next" button. Thanks again. :)
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Postby Tim Tylor on Sat Jun 19, 2004 2:05 am

It's coming through for me now. This has happened a lot these last few weeks, so I think there must be a bug in the server. It's usually up after a few hours, though.
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