One week left to vote for liberty!

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One week left to vote for liberty!

Postby pharmmajor on Tue Oct 28, 2008 2:58 pm

We're seven days from the election, people. And we need a candidate who will bring real change. McCain is a lunatic and Obama is a socialist; neither of them are the right choice to lead this country. We need to break away from the two-party stranglehold that's screwed the United States over for decades. We need Bob Barr.

Here are just some of the reasons why Barr is the right choice for president:

1.) He will stop providing government benefits for illegal immigrants while reforming the immigration policy to encourage more productive aliens to apply for citizenship here in the US.

2.) He will repeal the Patriot Act and other policies enacted by the Bush Administration that have hindered our constitutional rights.

3.) He will reduce excess government spending by cutting wasteful programs and putting an end to obscene bailouts, thereby reducing our taxes.

4.) He encourages drilling for oil here in the US to reduce our dependence on foreign sources.

5.) He will institute a plan for withdrawing troops from Iraq as soon as possible.

6.) He promotes private choice in Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and retirement accounts.

7.) He supports the rights of each state to determine individual laws regarding drug use, drinking age, and same-sex marriage.

8.) He opposes forced unionization; the decision to join a labor union is the choice of each individual and should not be forced.

9.) He will eliminate federal government control over our monetary supply and place it in the hands of the free market.

10.) He will reduce government inferference in our school systems and return educational choice to parents, where it belongs.

11.) He will put an end to eminent domain.

12.) He will end the racial spoils system created by affirmative action and other quota programs.

13.) He opposes any laws that restrict the Second Amendment rights of the American people.

14.) He will reform health care policy to focus on those most in need, provide greater patient choice, and offer a higher quality of care at lower cost.

Vote for liberty. Vote for Bob Barr.
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