A strange dream

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A strange dream

Postby svenman on Wed Oct 13, 2004 6:40 am

I had a strange dream last night...

For some reason or other, I was travelling in a taxi with two largish pieces of luggage and together with a stranger, with whom I was sharing the taxi. We were driving on a kind of main road through suburban scenery, when we passed a car dealership with a big sign "Aeire" (that being the name of the dealer). There was even a redhead out in the front of the building doing something or other, but with her back turned to us. I thought to myself, "Hey, *this* is the place? I could drop by and say hello from a reader. But her hair isn't as brightly red as I'd have expected."

A little further down the road was a railway station, and I asked the driver to drop me off there. (This isn't a particularly strange part - I live in Germany and travel by train fairly often.) I intended to put my luggage in a locker and then walk the short distance back to Aeire's car dealership to say hello before travelling on by train. So the taxi pulled around to the back of the station building to let me out, for some reason there weren't any railway tracks there nor did I expect them to be. I paid half of the fare (the other half was to be paid by my travelling companion, who would continue by taxi).

I got inside the station building, which was pretty busy with people, about the way a station of a larger city would be here in Europe, and finally found a sign pointing to the luggage lockers. But then I got distracted, because looking outside the surroundings were completely different than before. At last there were railway tracks and a platform, but on the side of the station where the road had been before on which I had come by taxi.

There were also trains which reminded me of Berlin's "S-Bahn" commuter trains but were subtly different, and behind that there was some kind of port or shipping canal which hadn't been there before, either.

I don't remember anything more, I guess the dream must have ended there. So I didn't get to drop by Aeire's car dealership and say hello, but instead I decided to post an account of my dream here. :)
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