Stupid People Games...

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Stupid People Games...

Postby Adarael on Mon Sep 27, 2004 3:26 am

I just gotta say, thumbs-up on the past two comics. It's really rare that I see anyone scalpel through the layers of dress-up that've been put on female (or male) behaviour, particularly of the 'pay attention to me, I'm so ugly/fat/alone/untalented' variety.

No, it's not very PC of me to say I think that behaviour is retarded, unproductive, and self-damaging (or perpetuating of pre-existing damage)...

But fuck me, that behaviour honestly takes up about a quarter of my day, every goddamn day. Hooray for more people realizing it's an idiotic game. Well done, Aerie.
-Adarael, Patron Angel of Tuesday
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