QoW Update - Comic for 9/08

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QoW Update - Comic for 9/08

Postby Aeire on Tue Sep 07, 2004 10:13 pm

Is now up
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Postby T'Renn on Wed Sep 08, 2004 3:38 am

Applicant: "Do you really NEED twenty gallons of my... *ahem* to sell me insurance?"

Insurance Agent: "No, not really, but we've found that filling up that drum weeds out the less serious applicants."

Applicant: "Er, I see." *looks around* "So, shall I bring it up here, or..."

Agent: "Oh heavens, no. Throw it away."

Applicant: (Indignant) "Throw it away? I was weeks filling that."

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Postby GrassyNoel on Wed Sep 08, 2004 6:03 am

I wonder if Felix drinks sake? Cos if he does, and he's just finished a bottle, he's bound to reach for the first bottle that looks like it contains sake.
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Postby Auburn_Vixn on Wed Sep 08, 2004 7:19 am

I like the doctor! He looks a little bit like Tom Green...only kewler! :D
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Postby Starman Matt on Wed Sep 08, 2004 7:54 pm

You mean he's actually funny?
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Postby Ambystoma4 on Thu Sep 09, 2004 12:36 am

I'm getting that she thinks the doctor looks like Tom Green if he looked more like a cooler.
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