new coloring scheme

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new coloring scheme

Postby jennHi on Tue Mar 23, 2004 11:21 pm

Hi Aerie!

I've been a follower of QoW ever since you submitted a picture to Sexy Losers and have very much enjoyed the strip, through the highs, lows, vision plan problems, and tech support. One day I'll be able to afford to donate to keep this running. Your strip is great and I will continue to follow it to its happy ending!

That said, can I just make a comment on the new style of coloring? I really liked what you had before you adapted this new style. It was crisp, clean, and resembled good animation coloring. The new style is washed-out and blurry and makes me long for the old style, especially since that old style is carried on every page on the top left corner. Kestrel and company look extremely pale and like they're in a dream -- and well, I'd be disappointed if the whole run of strips ended like Newhart.

You said before that you were experimenting but that was some time ago. It looks as if you've adapted this as your new style, so that's why I've held off till now. Everyone else, please feel free to flame if you really like the coloring. In the end, I'm just one opinion.

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Postby Adam The Alien on Wed Mar 24, 2004 5:17 am

Woah...I hadn't noticed there had been any kind of real change...I kind of just excused it as different lighting or somesuch temporarily, based on story or time of year or...yeah...stuff...(of course, it could just be because the lighting in my house has been rather funky as of late, and I've primarily been awake at night, so I'm beginning to forget what sunlight is like).

That said, I think it works depending on the situation...using recent examples because I'm too lazy to go back and actually see when the change happened. In the most recent strip (3/22), I agree that it felt lacking. During the recent few Seamus strips, though, I liked it. It seemed to compliment the environment, what was going on, and the warm-colored backgrounds (whereas with the 3/22 strip, it did not work well with the cool colors).

::decides that's a good place to stop, before anyone figures out he forgot what he was talking about after "woah"::
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Postby Necro Underachiever on Wed Mar 24, 2004 4:55 pm

The colors, especially Kestrel's Hair and eyes, do seem brighter. I'm not sure what it is the result of. Sometimes oddball color combinations can have side-effects. I know in photography, having lights and darks together without some sort of diffusing light source will have the effect of making the darks darker and the lights lighter.

As it pertains to coloring on a computer... nope, no clue...and I'm not even going to venture a guess, because I'll just end up looking like a huge dope when (not if) I'm proven wrong.

A question about coloring via computer. Do you run into some of the same issues that you would run into from "conventional" coloring techniques?
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Postby Ery on Thu Mar 25, 2004 9:09 am

I did notice a bit of a change to a less razor-sharp art style lately. I can't really say if I prefer it or not, both styles look great to me. I liked the sharpness of the old style, but the new style seems to promise more depth of mood and expression.

I've been *really* impressed with the quality of art in QoW, most webcomics that manage to update even half as often look like hurried sketches by comparison. I'm amazed Aerie can manage to churn out such a well drawn/colored/shaded/laid out/etc... strip with such regularity when certain other graphically talented webcomic artists are lucky to get one comic a week out.
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